You May Need To Tone It Down: How Your Facebook Behavior Is Embarrassing Him

December 26, 2012 ‐ By Julia Austin


There’s a nice surprise element to Facebook: you can post something on somebody’s wall, and by the time they get to it they realize that all of their friends have already seen it! In many cases, this can be funny. It’s a great tool for your prankster friend to play a joke on you “in public.” But, that same surprise, public element in a relationship can make your boyfriend often feel embarrassed and completely helpless. He can’t control what you post on his wall for all his friends to see. But, believe me, most of it he wishes you hadn’t!

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  • chanela

    dannnggg all of these are soo on point!!!!

    i know a girl who posts pictures whenever her boyfriend does something sweet for her. i also know of one who posts every detail of an argument that her and her man are having…. then they continue the argument in the comment section.

    the WORST thing ever is this new trend of couples taking naked pictures under blankets or just naked pictures period together and posting it on facebook. WTF?!?!?!?! why!?!!?

  • clove8canela

    Facebooking from across the room has got to be the most egregious one. I can’t believe there’s people out there who really do that.


    All valid points MN.
    Readers Jsyk…if you share friends with your mate your posts still show up in their(as well your friends) newsfeed even if its not yet been approved on his wall; just as items you hide from timeline are present in newsfeeds even when not visible on your wall. Not theory or conjecture, fact…we really need to do better about getting butt hurt over bubblegum journalism, and feeling the need to condemn/insult those who are appointed here to entertain and occasionally inform. IJS its not a good look for ‘adults.’ I am sure there are ways to contact the authors or administrators that don’t involve public tantrums. ->this is a suggestion for ALL who lack restraint in their commnenting.

  • Kaori

    I firmly believe that when two people are in a relationship, it is best to keep it off of social networks.


    “I’m so proud of fill in boyfriend’s name here for fill in accomplishment here”

    It’s a nice sentiment but this always ends up looking like you’re either A) Trying to reaffirm to yourself that your boyfriend is accomplished/impressive/successful and need everyone else’s affirmation to believe it or B) Trying to show off.”

    Eh, I have to disagree with this one. Acknowledging someone’s accomplishments is fine if you keep it short and sweet and don’t ‘humble brag’.

  • mac

    Some of y’all so pressed to scroll down here and point out a mistake. I believe what she said was, he can’t control WHAT she posts. He can delete it after the fact or limit who sees it, but can he control what she chooses to post? *drumroll* No.

    • YouNeedAnEditor

      To his wall, the answer is, “Yes.” *side eye*

      • mac

        lol and you feel the need to continue to post about this, why? Even under a different screen name. (That Mika character is obviously you, try using a word besides “premise”).

        Did you even read the rest or were you too shocked and appalled by this supposed discrepancy to continue?

        • YouNeedAnEditor

          1. My previous posts were deleted and I posted again with a different login using my name and another e-mail address as I tried to troubleshoot the problem. It was only later that both posts appeared. So don’t give me any lip about a “character,” Sherlock.
          2. I did read the entire post before I commented. Did you?
          3. My initial point still stands– this article lacked relevance on the PREMISE because all Facebook users can prevent people from posting on their walls, period. Did you read the first slide before you jumped on me making note of this?
          4. Get your life. And some standards. Like MadameNoire should. I return to this site hoping to find the quality that once was, until they started to cater to the lowest common denominator, like you. Any woman doing this silly stuff listed on the slides in this article is only embarrassing herself. We could have used a much better article in its place.
          5. PREMISE PREMISE PREMISE Mwahahahahah

          • mac

            MN, when did y’all start letting 12 yr olds on this site?

  • mac

    Some of y’all so pressed to scroll down here and point out a mistake. I believe what she said was, he can’t control WHAT she posts. He can delete it after the fact, or limit who sees it, but can he control what she chooses to post? *drumroll* No.

  • Mika

    A Facebook user CAN control who sees posts on their wall, even before they are posted. Your premise is wrong.

  • YouNeedAnEditor

    ~You deleted my previous comment, MN. Was it because I called you out on this fail?~
    FAIL, MN. A Facebook user can, indeed, control who posts to their wall and which audience can see posts. My settings are adjusted so that I have to approve all posts to my wall for my friends only to see before they are actually posted. This goes against the premise of your article, and is a glaring incorrect statement on your first slide.
    I don’t know why I keep coming back for your “journalism,” MN. Step it up.

    • mac

      Because all will be lost if you stop coming back for their journalism. *cries*

  • Editor

    FAIL. Facebook users can, indeed, control posts to their wall, unlike your statement in the premise to this article. I have my settings adjusted so that I must approve all posts to my wall before their appear to my friends.

    Y’all are so sloppy, MN. I don’t know why I come back for your “journalism.”