A 12-Year-Old Girl Who Was Accused Of Being Pregnant Actually Had A 19-Pound Tumor Growing In Her

December 14, 2012  |  

If there was ever a reason to start going to the doctor more regularly, the story of 12-year-old Jackson, Fla. resident might have you inspired to do better. What was supposed to be a fun-filled summer for the daughter of Janet Roberts (child’s name withheld of course) wound up being one of anguish and confusion. The 12-year-old’s classmates were gossiping all over town for months that she was expecting a child, an allegation that seemed more and more likely to be true after her mother, Janet, started to realize that the girl’s stomach was growing. Though the young girl denied that she was pregnant, with a large belly, Janet Roberts didn’t believe her, so she stocked up on pregnancy tests and got to work, according to First Coast News. “I tested her every two weeks and it was negative,” she said, “then I said ‘if you’re not pregnant something is going on here.'”

And something was definitely going on there. Roberts proceeded to take her daughter, who just turned 12 in August, to the doctor, and what they found out was that she was not with child, but with a massive tumor. “It was 19 pounds, well 20 pounds in size,” said Roberts, “but because of her size, they had to drain two liter bottle of it before they could pull it out of her.”

The young girl was rushed to emergency surgery at a nearby hospital where the tumor was removed. While it was a benign one, doctors are very worried that the tumor could come back in the future. They are keeping an eye on her stomach and her mother wants the young girl to seek counseling to not only get over the health scare, but to get over the way her classmates ridiculed her for months, tearing up her reputation:

“She has a hard time dealing with what happen to her. She’s writing notes about what happened and how the people treated her…Before you judge a child by how he or she looks, get to know that child.”

For those who want to see the tumor–it’s NSFL: not safe for lunch–you can click over to First Coast News to check it out and be astounded by its size…

This is the young lady now, sans the tumor and trying to get back to normal after a very tough year.

Photos courtesy of First Coast News and The Daily Mail UK

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  • Beauty-Queen

    Uuum, OK I agree the Mother needs to attend counseling with her daughter for the misunderstanding of accusing her of being pregnant. However, why so much disrespect towards the mother? Children lie all the time, & as someone said she could have been raped & suppressed it. Also there’s been rare cases where girls got pregnant from fooling around & didn’t have their hymen broken. Not many people have health care so she did what she thought was a solution to the problem. In hindsight now she can say after 2 tests a large belly can be something else other than pregnancy. I’ve heard of many cases where girls hid the pregnancy right up to when the baby was born.

  • Kit-K

    I bet the counseling wasn’t even the mother’s idea, but one of the doctor’s. It was probably stated to her that way so she would allow the child to go.

  • mimi

    So MN you withhold the child’s name but publish an unblurred picture of her?

  • NYC Gal

    I’m so happy that this child got to the hospital to remove that tumor.

  • casandra

    I am sure most teenage kids don’t come out and say, “yes mom I having sex when asked. With that being said, I think because you don’t know unless you are in that situation, I would have taken her to the doctor when I thought she was. It takes a village! When you know better you do better.

  • theblackbutterfly

    I completely concur with Trish_B. While I’m glad that the mother is not afraid that to have her daughter see a therapist, because there are so many people that remain afraid of therapy. At the same time I do feel that the mother needs to reconnect with her daughter because having your child take a pregnancy test multiple times when she knew she had not been active, and may not even have a clear understanding of what it meant to have sex is a lot. What baffles me when I really think about this story is, what if they little girl had been bothered or something, and spending weeks on testing her instead of seeking additional assistance and guidance is a lot to process. I wish this little healthy healing. I am sorry to hear that she had to experience such cruelty from her classmates, but I do hope that people learn from this story.

  • Taunya73

    This is why, sometimes, people just need to shut up and mind their own business.

  • I would have tested her too. What if the child was raped and didn’t understand what was going on or had suppressed it? They would have tested her at the doctors office.

    • Kay

      So mutiple tests every 2 weeks even though she said she wasn’t active isn’t a bit excessive to you?

  • Meshari_Drake

    Counseling is excellent for the girl. But like she said she can get over the classmates , but hte fact that you as her mother didnt believe her hurt her a little more inside. your first instincts shouldve told you to take her too the doctor havong her stock up on pregnancy tests wasnt making any diffrence what so ever. But i hope the tumor never returns. & shes gorgeous.

  • Thank God her mother got her to a doctor and they found the tumor! I just hate that this beautiful child had to endure torment on top of being sick. We parents need to teach our foul-mouthed kids about themselves…Oh wait, they learn at HOME.

  • Shirl

    Mother of the year award goes to…I hope the mom realizes she played a huge part in the bullying. Imagine your child coming to you distraught and you drag her in the bathroom and make her pee on a stick..SMDH

  • Crystal

    I had a condition almost similar to this and it did make look like I was about 6 months pregnat. Mines was a cyst around my falliopian tube.Thankfully I was able to have it removed and 14 years later I’m still doing ok. I’m glad everything turned out ok for this young lady.

  • ANTMilf

    Mom needs to be slapped! She didn’t believe her own daughter when she was trying to tell her that she wasn’t pregnant, had to stock up on pregnancy tests to pee on and all came out negative, I believe the girl needs more counseling because of what her mom put her through, believing other kids over her own child! Plus I’m glad they got that tumor out and hoping it doesn’t come back.

    • IllyPhilly

      Fronthand and backhand slapped.

    • IllyPhilly

      Fronthand and backhand slapped.

      • ANTMilf

        Let’s include a foot in the mom’s a** too!

      • ANTMilf

        Let’s include a foot in the mom’s a** too!

    • beck0974

      That lady should lose custody of her child. Even if she thought her daughter WAS pregnant, why the hell didn’t she take her to the doctor or even the health department?? Ridiculous on all counts.

  • Trisha_B

    I love how her mother said she wanted her daughter to get counseling for how classmates were treating her, but doesn’t she think she had a play in how her daughter feels. I mean, your daughter was telling you she wasn’t pregnant & you didn’t trust/believe her. You made your daughter pee on a stick multiple times every 2 weeks (when she should have just brought her to the doctors). I say that’s more damaging that your classmates making fun of you..That tumor was huge, i’m glad they were able to remove it & i hope it doesn’t come back in the future. She’s a pretty girl

    • Guest360

      Let the church say “AMEN!” lol. I was just going to write the same thing. I’m sure how the children treated her hurts her and yes she should go to counseling for that. However, when your own mother doesn’t believe you and in fact, makes you take MULTIPLE pregnancy tests every few weeks, that’s got to damage your spirit just a little more each day. THATS what she needs the therapy for. She’ll get over the schoolyard bullies but can never erase what her mother put her through.Taking her to the doctor should have been the FIRST thing she did whether she thought she was pregnant or not. She needed medical attention regardless. Why it took so long I will never know.

      • BAPS

        And there’s no telling what the mother was saying to her daughter during those few weeks of pregnancy testing…some parents like to fuss and cuss at their kids; I can imagine. But like Trisha_B expressed, I’m glad she’s getting counseling.

      • L-Boogie

        Thank you. I hope her mother makes up for that bullish.

    • SheBe

      I agree completely. The only thing that I can come up with for the mothers denial is that the child may have a history of not being honest. But let’s be real. Even that thought can’t save the fact that she was somewhat negligent in her child’s care. My first thought would’ve been the doctor.

    • mskailuakona

      Agreed 100%. So easy to blame her young daughter’s classmates but what ’bout her not trusting her daughter week after week doing home pregnancy tests? This mother needs to ask for forgiveness from her daughter. I am THRILLED the doctors were successful in removing this huge tumor which would’ve killed this precious 12 year old not even a teen yet.