Don’t Believe Everything You Hear: Popular Misconceptions About Afro-Textured Hair And Haircare

December 14, 2012 ‐ By Tuere Randall

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Looking back over the past few years, we can confidently move into 2013 knowing that there is a wealth of information readily available at our digital fingertips on the world of kinky/curly haircare. Products have evolved and changed to suit our needs. New niche lines have been developed to address areas of concern that had previously gone neglected. Black haircare, as an industry and as a movement, has made a lot of progress.

But some habits, and thinking, don’t go down so easily. There are still a number of beliefs, some old and some relatively new, that are misleading, false, divisive or simply will destroy our hair if we don’t pay attention.

Here are ten of those popular misconceptions.

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  • chanela

    i know one thing that’s not a myth. non black women don’t have to do diddly squat to their hair! how come everybody got easy to deal with hair except for black women? come on now god!! smh

    (btw yes i KNOW that non black women do things to their hair as well, but it’s nowhere near the amount of money and time spent though. they don’t do anything to it to make it grow,they can abuse the hell out of it and it would still be down to their ankles, and they can walk into any salon in the world with absolutely no problem or rejection.


    • coco

      it’s because somewhere along the line, blacks began thinking that their hair wasn’t appropriate and that something needed to be done to it…there is nothing wrong with it…leave it alone…it doesn’t always need to be styled…we are too conditioned to think that it should hang down like caucasians when in fact it “hangs out”…lol…and btw I have some white, jewish, and hispanic friends and they all have a lot to do to tame theirs as well in order to fit into the way the rest of society looks…I personally think that God made us all different because it’s more interesting that way..not all birds or flowers or animals look the same..learn to appreciate the differences..we are all humans, just different packaging..stay up sistah be proud of the cloud…no one else has it!!

  • lightbrownis

    So glad you put these myths too rest . . . black women always like to talk about the next woman’s hair, instead of us comparing notes and learning from each other. Natural or Relaxed!

  • Just saying!!

    I’m really frustrated. I can’t seem to figure out my hair. I keep losing hair and I don’t even know if I’m washing right honestly (spoiled by the hairdressers lol). I just scrub as much as possible. But I always seem to have breakage. There was a brief time I didn’t but I don’t know what I was doing. I’m just annoyed because my hair was longer when I was younger and I was natural! I for want to have to keep trimming my hair all the time and starting over! Beside you don’t have to trim right away anyway right? My ends haven’t gotten bad yet. I just want my hair to stop breaking and I know it will get long! Maybe I just need different hairstyles…

    • Miss Anonymous

      Lol I know what your talking about with being spoiled by hairdressers. What I did was wash my hair in sections to keep it from tangling, detangle before I wash and after I condition. I also just recently let my hair actually dry some before doing bantu knots. More dry for me equaled less hair coming out for me. You dont have to trim your hair all the time but you can do a search and destroy where you just snip off ssk’s and split ends. Yes I know doing a search and destroy takes a long time but trust me your hair will thank you for it.

    • CarlaKah

      Try all of this at the same time for ONE month and it will make a huge difference!:

      *co-washing (only washing with a soft conditioner) every 2 weeks in combination with a hot oil treatment (warm oil in your hair that you rinse out the next day. so NO shampoo)

      *oiling the scalp with natural oils (olive oil, castor oils etc)

      *rinsing with fruit juice once a week

      *3 liters of water intake per day

      *eating fish (max 3 ounces) 3 days a week/meat (max 3 ounces) 1 day a week/ 3 days vegetarian/vegan

      * cook with vegetable oils like olive oil

      * eat a pound of vegetables a day + 2 portions of fruit

      * stay away from sodas and other sugary goods

      * 5 nuts (for instance walnuts) a day

      *exercise at least 30 minutes, 3 times a week

      *vitamine supplements for hair&nails

      * Make sure you get you fibres from grains as well (high fiber cereals, whole weat bread etc)

      * wrap your hair a satin scarf every night and rub a little oil around your edges every morning (to get the blood flowing).

      * sleep at least 6 hours per night

      * Try to limit or completely avoid coffee, black tea and alcohol.

      * Do not comb your hair every day or even touch it. Try to do a style that your hair can hold for at least 3 days. Switch up a tight and strainting style with 5 days of rest .

      You might lose weight in the process but the high intake of fibres, vitamines, water, omega 3-6-9 and exercise will help you body get clean, your hair breath and your blood flowing. I guarantee you that your hair will look better and feel better after doing this for a month.

  • Ooh La La

    I remember when I first started to learn about my hair and started a “hair journey.” I cut my relaxed ends off and began doing the co-washes, using leave-in conditioners and the whole bit. Honestly, I just got frustrated, especially with detangling and two-strand knots. I thought back to when I was elementary school when my hair was long and healthy, and I just began to employ those methods again, and my hair has been better for it ever since. I realized that my hair just likes to be left alone. I wash and deep condition twice a month. I flat iron it after and use lightweight leave-ins on itOther than that I wrap every night and its working well for me, despite the face that method seemed to be what everyone is telling me not to do.