Are Ya’ll For Real For Real? Celebrity Couples Who Might Be Fronting For Publicity

December 17, 2012 ‐ By Meg Butler
Photo Credit: Kyle Blair/

Photo Credit: Kyle Blair/

Brandy: One of the OGs>/h2>

Let’s start this list with one of the phony relationship OGs. Brandy was one of the first black celebrities to do a reality show and she was one of the first to get caught in a lie. Brandy pretended that she and her baby daddy were married to maintain the good girl image that helps her record sales. In 2004, she came out with the truth to create a little buzz just in time for her 2004 album Afrodisiac to drop. Could she be doing the same with Ryan Press? There was a lot of talk about wanting him to put a ring on it before her latest LP hit and since then he’s been virtually MIA as has her diamond.

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  • adrienne gellman

    The picture of Kayne West and Kim Kardashian here leaks how indifferent Kayne West is to Kim Kardashian with his totally blank facial expression as he stands beside her.

  • Jay

    Um Chad’s comment just looks like pizza is calling him o.O

  • Aliyah Herbert

    The real word for Taylor Swift is that she just TUSTY.

  • chaka

    yeah, this is a very stupid list. -___-

  • Marcia Etienne

    Just because they don’t live together doesn’t mean their relationship is fake! They’re probably just waiting until they get married to move in together

  • Marcia Etienne


  • RealTalk

    Please Chris brown career was poppin before RIRI, thank u
    And of course he don’t feel the same way about her this is a get back attack just wait for it, she better keep poppin them songs or she’ll start to feel that attack, LMAO

  • Jamie

    I think that Khloe and Lamar’s relationship is real and so is Kristen and Rob’s!

  • JessieMae

    Who did the research for this article???

  • duh

    Brandy only came out with truth because the ex boyfriend put it out on blast on Wendy Williams radio show. She had no choice but to. duh

  • We will never know what is really going on with these celebrities. There is a reason why they hire publist, image consaultants, and arrange photo shots. There are so many who are gay, bisexual, in affairs with people other than their wives, in open marriages. We don’t know any of these celebrities just the image we have been sold. But who cares anyway.

  • Who are you all to be judging other people’s relationship. You should all find something better to write about that will uplift and educate people. You are adding to the the world’s problems. Gossiping may sell but FFS, who the hell do you think you are?

  • iagreewitchu

    I think several couples are missing. We all know Hollyweird got lots of goldiggers out there who’d rather have a baby and play married than actually find a true mate….. and lots of men who need a woman (E Murphy) to make it seem like its all good.

  • Oh and Taylor Swift is the Hollywood beard. Her guys need someone to make them look hetero and she needs material to write about. Win-win.

  • I knew Rod and Kristen were faking from the jump. And just when the Hunger Games is about to take a ump all over them, then a BIG SCANDAL happens to get people talking about them. Don’t be surprised if they “break up” again now that the franchise is over.

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  • MissAmerica

    No beyonce and Jay-Z and Simon Cowell’s constant relationships and George Clooney.

  • IcalloutBS

    SMH…. Even though I like Her, Taylor Swift is still in the (Hoe Hall of Fame)!

  • I honestly don’t think Kristen Stewart & Robert pattison are fronting. Kristen Stewart is notoriously private, shy & awkward in front of cameras. Also, I think Jason DeRulo & Jordin SPARKS relationship is real. Ya’ll seem to be hating on a lot of couples. Are you jealous?

  • Ms. Kameria

    Is is just me?……Why would any woman want to admit, much less brag on Twitter that she slept with Lil Wayne?…..Do they get awards, money, a record deal, a movie role, a certificate or something?… I’m confused.

    • No but they do get a welcome packet from the CDC. “what to expect now that you’ve caught roachitis”

      • Ms. Kameria


  • Pearl

    So I MUST live with my boyfriend before we are officially and truthfully dating ? Just because Jason Derulo and his gf aren’t in d same house they are lying ? Child they aren’t married so why should they live together ?

  • Ay

    GREAT post. People act stupid like they don’t know PR relationships exist. You clocked a lot of the ones I was thinking of. OAN: I believe Taylor Swift is a beard…….

  • Maddie

    I don’t see how Brandy still has fans?!?! She has go the most fake b*tch on the planet!!!! And a murderer who still fakes about being sad about the situation I might add

    • f’reelz


    • Grow up

      Why would she fake? Murderer? People act like she intended for it to happen. It was accident the media lied over. It tore her life apart. Look what it did to her career and her as a person. I highly doubt she would fake about it. Bet I bet you don’t go shouting murderer on a Gucci Mane post or any of these rappers. Seems like you just have a personal problem with her. What happened is between her, the people involved in the accident, and God.

  • mia

    Kanye & Kim I agree with and I called this from the jump. They don’t seem sincere in the slightest.

  • mac

    Wait because Jordin & Jason arent married, their relationship is fake? Why should they live together if they aren’t married? “Old fashioned” people do still exist *gasp*

    *rolls eyes*

    • mac

      Wait because Jordin & Jason **don’t live together, their relationship is fake?
      Why should they live together if they aren’t married? “Old fashioned”
      people do still exist *gasp*

      *rolls eyes*

      • chaka

        and that is exactly why I think this is a very stupid list. once I saw jordin and Jason, I was done.

  • Ms_Mara

    I think it’s kinda tacky to start scrutinizing all these couples now. Who’s to say that some of the more “solid” married couples aren’t arranged? We’d never really know…

  • unque43

    That’s great that they each are buying their own homes. Why would they move in together. They can visit. I think you are wrong on Jordin and Jason

  • y’all need to get the camera’s out of these peoples bedrooms just so you can have something to write about.

    • unque43

      totally agree with you Jessica!

    • Ay

      These are all public relationships. Open season.

  • You assume Taylor Swift has slept with every person she’s dated. Some people do just date without getting physical..its exists!

    • i know right? people just gonna assume this girl done slept with 13 guys, probably because that is what they would do. not everybody is loose like that.

      • scandalous7


      • james jones

        however, she just might be.

  • realadulttalk

    Is anyone still talking about Rita/Rob? And did anyone ever really talk about her? Most focused on him–major fail.
    Hasn’t Brandy been doing this for awhile now? Since Never Say Never she’s used her relationship to sell music.

    I’m not sure Keyshia is in love with anyone but Keyshia. I’m not sure the relationship is fake–I’m pretty sure the relationship is doomed.

    • Likklebit

      I agree with you on Keyshia & Daniel’s relationship. That marriage IS doomed as neither is willing to compromise and that’s what marriage is all about – you give and take. Not sure they’ll make it in 2013 as they’re not willing to put in the work.

  • Na Na

    I don’t believe that Taylor Swift is a front. I think that she is really just a confused RICH girl who just doesn’t know how to take it slow and date….but just about everyone else I agree with. lol

  • Maldrie

    I knew from jump Kenya’s “relationship” wasn’t real. You could tell there wasn’t any chemistry and she was always trying too hard and always pushing up on someone else man. Like really?