Will This Be Better Than ‘Meet The Browns’? Tyler Perry’s OWN Series Named

December 13, 2012  |  

Source: WENN

In October, we found out that Tyler Perry and Oprah were partnering together on exclusive television series and projects for the daytime talk show mogul’s network, OWN, and The Hollywood Reporter has just released the concepts for their first two shows.

The first, The Haves and the Have Nots is “a drama about the dynamics of the affluent Cyrer family and the impoverished family of their housekeeper, Hanna, and the obstacles and secrets that exist within both.” The second, which is a multicamera comedy, is titled Love Thy Neighbor, and will be set at “Love’s Diner, where every day the menu serves up good food, great laughs, valuable life lessons and a lot of love for its zany neighbors.” Sounds very Lifetimey.

As expected, TP will write, direct and executive produce both the comedy and the drama, as he always does, but additional writers and producers are expected to be added to the mix. Production will begin early next year and the series are both expected to debut in mid-2013. OWN investors have a lot riding on these shows, as Discovery Communications CEO David Zaslav, explained the potential for OWN’s growth at the UBS Global Media and Communications Conference in London, December 4 and said:

“The cherry on top is we got Tyler Perry.”

Hopefully these series will be all they want them to be.

How are you feeling about these concepts?


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  • IllyPhilly

    Just get us on scripted TV!! The colorful faces on TV are fighting and acting like grown teenagers on “reality” TV. I wanna see some real acting. Scandal is the business btw!

  • Ce1999

    I’m not really a fan of his comedy, but I’m interested in the drama show they named. I’ll give it a shot.

    • Shirl

      My thoughts exactly. I’ll check out the drama but the comedy, not so much.

  • White people don’t have to sabotage our success because we do it to ourselves. Black folks hate to be happy for other black folks but swear you want to see more of our kind on tv. Same with the movie sparkle. We don’t support our own unless it’s rachetness like these reality shows and degrading rap songs.

  • honest

    why do black ppl hate on Tyler perry? how many black ppl were getting work from Steven Spielberg and all them other white Hollywood ppl before Tyler perry came up in the game? NOBODY…most of the black ppl you see working now hasn’t gotten work in 10 yrs…Tyler perry reopened the doors for Black Hollywood….projects like Think Like a Man which he had nothing to do with are accepted because of the many faces he had portrayed…ppl like Steve Harvey and Kerry Washington, and Tariji are getting more chances and work because of the work Tyler Perry is doing to get our ppls faces out there…stop hating on your own kind…you never here the Spanish market disrespecting there own, or the Asians or Bollywood and thats why white America respects them and gives them work…we need to start encouraging our own instead of attacking each other….if Spike Lee had ask to meet and speak with Tyler on collaborating for different project ideas instead of verbally attacking him black Hollywood couldve been on a higher level…

    • MsM-town

      While i think TP is ok @ what he does lets not act like hes a savior.plenty of good movies have been produced written & starred in by blacks. Hughes bros, spike lee, john singleton, mario van peebles have all been doing there thing for a while.TP found a market & ran with it.his plots are always predictable & he really cant shake the “madea” from most of his work that he puts out. TP cannot produce black classics like love jones, jasons lyric, brown sugar, waiting to exhale, soul food, best man, etc. Man the 90s were the ish for putting out quality films for us to see (hell r&b music was much bettr too). TP can take his coonery somewhere else.i still dont see how oprah jumped on the TP bandwagon, of all the black filmakers she could be supporting..oh well

      • Tyler not only gave black people jobs but he gave them to people who were not known in the industry who couldn’t break in hollywood. That’s what separates him from spike lee and others. Also he isn’t having trouble breaking from madea he said he promised his mom he’d do madea until people didn’t want to see her anymore. Also the movies you named are all love stories. Tyler focusses on real life issues with a message.

  • Prissy

    I absolutely loathe Blacks who support this 2012 minstrel man that is Tyler Perry is CRAZY!!!

  • Nikki

    I knew it was gonna happen sooner or later. Good for them!

  • sounds like a house of payne spin off


    I wish them nothing but the best, if they succeed all blacks will benefit, with more programming geared toward US!!

    • honest

      i would love to write for Tyler Perry…

  • Cleo

    I’m sorry but I don’t like Tyler perry, and if Oprah wants to turn the own network into something she needs to enlist some writers with actual talent

    • NONEYA

      Dont watch, its just that simple! When you own, your own network then you can hire who you want, til then have a seat!

      • Cleo

        This a blog I can voice my opinion correct?? Don’t come at me while I’m stating my view.

        • NONEYA

          Yes, its a blog and you can state your opinion and I can reply back stating mine!!

        • Shirl

          If I never read/ hear the phrase have a seat again it’ll be too soon. You have a right to your opinion even if it differs from mine.

  • Meyaka

    I’ll check it out.