Serena Williams Declines to Comment on Wozniacki’s Impersonation

December 13, 2012  |  
Credit: AP

From EurWeb

Serena Williams has so far declined to comment on her “friend” and fellow tennis player Caroline Wozniacki’s headline-making impersonation of her, which involved padding her shorts and top.

The 22-year-old Danish tennis player has been getting an earful since a video surfaced of her impression at last weekend’s Roger Federer Tour in Sao Paolo, Brazil. Wozniacki came out on the court, strutting around as Williams — who also participated in the exhibition event but was not in the stadium at the time.


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  • GymJunkie43

    How about Serena imitate Wozniacki by holding up a giant 0 – as in the number of prestigious tennis matches this girl has won

  • get real

    What if Serena had smashed her @zz in while rocking blonde plats? Serena would be getting ate for lunch. Every website she would be N word this N word monkey b***h that.

  • andrea

    White women have always been jealous of black women and our natural curves. No implants needed lol.

  • get real

    In typical blk women “I’m scared to critisize” whites fashion. She says nothing.

    • Dee

      If she criticizes her, everyone will say she doesn’t know how to take a joke, she’s just another angry black woman. She has 15 grand slam singles title to Caro’s 0. She doesn’t have to say anything, she lets her wins do the talking for her.

    • Yvette

      @get real…if you really think Serena is/was scared to say something, clearly you don’t watch tennis because Serena is known for goin’ in on folks who piss her off. I think she is learning that the best thing to do is what she does best and that is kick @$$ and take names ON THE COURT!!!

    • C’mon son

      In this act of blatant ignorance and disrespect in a society that’s already against African Americans succeeding, the negative onus would most definitely be put on Serena for simply defending herself. Sometimes it’s best to keep quiet lest foolishness presents itself. You should take note.

  • Dee

    Novak Djokovic does impersonations of other players and he gets laughs. Partly because he is a guy impersonating women but he also doesn’t use props, he just imitates their ritual before serves. She went wrong when she stuffed her top and her bottom, and to an outrageous amount. She should stick to being a pretty loser, cos that’s all she’ll ever be.

  • Cleo

    Serena is too busy counting her coins and trophies, this bama will just fade into obscurity like she was before this….UNKNOWN!

  • Yvette

    Wozniacki is an insensitive idiot and I’m glad to see Serena take the classy route and not comment on this foolish woman’s antics.

    • kierah

      I agree. Very classy and mature of Serena to just let the scenario play out without adding fuel to the fire.

    • pfeiffer87

      It’s the best thing she could’ve done. Just makes Wozniacki look like more of a fool.

  • silkynaps

    If Wozniacki wants to impersonate something, why doesn’t she impersonate Serena whooping that @$$ on the court…

    • Yvette

      I know that’s right!!!

    • DatsLife

      I wonder if whites get angry when black women wear blonde weaves and color contacts. Is that a racist impersonation?

      • silkynaps

        I know I shouldn’t care, but that I get angry when black women do that…