The Thirst Just Got Too Real: Shemar Moore Slobs Down Sweet Brown On WWHL

December 13, 2012  |  

Source: Bravo

This ish is so bad we had to make up a new phrase for what took place on “Watch What Happens Live”last night — NSFL: Not Safe for Lunch

If you didn’t already know Shemar Moore was a thirstball from the last two articles we posted of him slobbing down random women on TV shows, it ought to be more than confirmed for you now that the “Criminal Minds” actor not only locked lips with Sweet Brown, but transferred liquor directly from his mouth to hers. We’re not saying anything’s wrong with Sweet Brown but she does have that case of bronchitis and already told us, “ain’t nobody got time for that!”

The craziest thing about this entire spectacle is that Shemar Moore lowkey had to convince Sweet Brown to let him slob her down. What was supposed to be a simple round of shots, turned slobberiffic when Andy Cohen was one shot short and Shemar improvised by telling Sweet like three different times, “I’m gonna put it in my mouth then put it in yours.” She was looking at him like,” what?”, while as a viewer I was thinking two things: one, haven’t we seen you do this already? and two, if somebody doesn’t wipe those juices off Sweet’s mouth I’m gonna be sick.

Unfortunately, the thirstiness didn’t stop there because by the end of the show, Shemar ended up topless, giving Sweet Brown a lap dance. We can’t make this stuff up.

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  • <— #deceased


    I’m sorry, but I thought it was hilarious! Especially when Sweety Brown said she had a G.E.D -in response to Shemar looking for an Educated Woman!

  • chanela

    how fun!!! all she did was talk on the news about running out of a burning building and now she gets to be on tv! lucky lucky lucky!

  • DreaW

    Wait doesnt he have a wife!

    • no he doesnt he talked abt his dating life on the show

  • Soulsis

    Thirsty? How about Generous? No shade for Shemar just kindness.

  • Mimi

    I saw it live and laughed my behind off, they were all a bit toasted. If you watch the show you understand the vibe and-Shemar, Aisha Tyler and Sweet Brown were great fun. I never really followed Shemar but I do know he is the star of one of the top shows on TV–hardly thirtsty in my book.

  • Faith

    Shemar Moore is just as foolish as Andy Cohen.

  • RJA

    So i’m the only one that wish I could switch places with Sweet Brown?? LOL

  • RJA

    So i’m the only one that wish I could switch places with Sweet Brown?? LOL

    • sabrina

      LOWKEY, I’M RIGHT THERE WITH YOU!!!!!! (Judge me.)

    • SunshineBlossom

      LAWWWDDDDD YYEESSSSSS!!!!!! I’m with you girl!!

  • kb

    Best shot eva!

  • joy

    He didnt slob down her throat at all her. All he did is to kiss her it look like he try to pour drink in her mouth from his mouth but didnt slob down her mouth like that. Come on now pay a close attention to it.. But I dont like it at all I wonder if he is a stripper? smh

  • kierah

    He got pretty boy issues…

    • AlrightyThen

      I always thought Women-folk were the intended demographic for lower-back tats. JS….Hmmmmm. #Overcompensate to Veil True Nature Much?#

  • Kaori

    Is there an editor on this site? The show is called ‘Watch What Happens Live’, not ‘What What Happens Live’!

    This seems as nothing more than comedy to me.

  • sammi_lu

    LMAO! total thirstball!

  • olivia

    I wish this dude would go away…seriously. I can’t even see his looks, all I see is total corniness.