Three Female Diners Receive Their Bill–And An Insult: Called “Fat Girls” On Their Check

December 13, 2012  |  

Nowadays, I think we can all agree that you can’t count on quality customer service anymore, but you would hope that the people who are supposed to be serving you wouldn’t go out of their way to humiliate you. Unfortunately, that’s what happened to Christine Duran, Christina Huerta and Isabel Robles when they went out for dinner together recently.

According to the Huffington Post, the ladies checked out Chilly D’s Sports Lounge, part of the Cameo Club Casino in Stockton, Calif. where they were surprised to find that someone at the restaurant, when inputting their order and printing out the bill, labeled them ON the check as “Fat Girls.” When the women saw it, they couldn’t believe their eyes. In an interview with ABC affiliate News 10, Christine Duran commented on her initial shock:

“I got the bill, and I was like, why does the receipt say, ‘fat girls?’. At first, her friends didn’t even believe her. “[Huerta] was like, ‘You’re lying,’ And I was like, ‘No, I’m serious. Look at it.’ She was like, ‘fat girls?'”

The women didn’t receive the serious response they were hoping for from employees or management either. When their waiter came back and they confronted him about the insult on their check, he claimed to not know anything about it, and that another man, named Jeff, handles the checks. When a manager was called, he arrived to their table to hear of the incident, and almost started laughing. And if that wasn’t bad enough, the women were disappointed that he didn’t offer to cover their meals, but instead gave them the Kanye shrug and told them he could take a percentage off of their bill, but that was about it.

In the video done by News 10, the women definitely seemed upset by what happened, with Isabel Robles in tears saying, “It’s not funny…I can see it over and over again. They called us fat girls. It’s something we’ve got to deal with…” But hopefully the lengthy apology provided by Chilly D’s on their Facebook page might provide them some sort of relief for the very disrespectful incident.

“I completely understand why they were hurt by what was written on their receipt and that type of treatment isn’t tolerated. Also there will be no tolerance in the future, guaranteed. Everyone is welcome in our establishment, my family built this business so that the community of Stockton would have a safe and fun place to hang out and come together. My hope is to heal our newly tarnished reputation so that everyone feels safe and welcome again. And if these ladies would like to meet with my family and I, so that we can personally apologize, we would really like to do that, because we do not want anyone to have an experience like this.”

This is like the umpteenth time that someone has been called something negative on their check after patronizing a business. Whether it’s a racial slur or just a nasty judgement, it’s occurring more and more these days. And what really bothers me is how many people have commented on this story on the Huffington Post and declared that the women were too sensitive, and that the worker (who was a newer employee and has been suspended until management finishes their “investigation”) was only calling it how he saw it. They were in physical appearance, “fat girls,” so why get pissed off when someone else takes notice of it, right? Wrong. When people come into a place of business and spend their money and are minding their business, they shouldn’t be joked about and embarrassed because you can’t find anything better to do with your time at work. That ish is extremely tacky and unprofessional, and whether or not people believe them to be fat, it wasn’t the employees place to point that out for them. Just bring the drinks, the food, and get some business already…

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  • hahaha

    from a tall chick who has been ridiculed up until about well never..for being tall I don’t give a finnuckk about some fat chicks who weren’t discriminated against but had someone write three fat girls on their tab? give me a fugging break. Yes I know some people can’t help being fat there were three fat chicks…clearly I know not all of them had “medical issues” and if you dislike this comment or have something negative to say it’s probably because you’re over weight..and as someone who needs to lose 15 lbs to be her correct bmi trust I know that I need to lose 15lbs because I eat too much not becauase of some medical condition

  • Valerie

    Its sad how distorted everybodies view is of the difference between right and wrong is. Didnt your mothers ever tell you if you dont have anything nice to say dont say nothing at all. Same rule applies I dont care if the girls looked like precious the bartender had no RIGHT to put that on there bill. #BOOM

  • CarlaKah

    sorry but the manager would get a call from corporate. And I would not pay a damn thing .

  • no wonder

    lol @ wanting their bills COMPED……lol…lol

    • brienn rockhill

      I would have gave them a gift card to come another time… But you pay for the food you eat

  • if you cant deliver professionalism in your job, you do not deserve to have it. it doesn’t matter if they “deserved” the comments or that they are “too sensitive”. you know if you were on the phone with at&t and the person handling your account referred to you as being the lady with the man voice you’d be livid.

  • sorry but that is just rude and i would have not paid the bill. can not believe we now live in a world where being disgusting to customers is ok…

  • sorry but that is just rude and i would have not paid the bill. can not believe we now live in a world where being disgusting to customers is ok…

  • chanela

    hold up… where did they eat dinner at?!?! $22 for 3 people?

  • Meyaka

    I would have his job… He was rude and malicious and it’s uncalled for. If people hate their jobs and life so much what don’t they just quit it all? A patron should never have to deal with this kind of foolishness.

  • I’ve been a waiter before. We use terms like that to distinguish the guests. For example if there is a table filled with black people, I usually say deliver this iced tea to the fat one or the one with the green shirt. Not that it should be an excuse but still.

    • Trisha_b

      Why say “fat” for one person then do color for the next person? Why can’t you just use color shirts for everybody at the table? Seating arraignments who sitting at the end, middle, right/left side? Why do you have to use someone’s physical look to do that? I would feel extremely uncomfortable if i knew i was described as the black girl w/ the pimple on her forehead? No tip for you!

      • It’s a distinguishing characteristic. Being called fat when you actually are fat isn’t insulting. Being called skinny when you are skinny isn’t an insult either.

        • Trisha_B

          You don’t know people’s self-esteem. If you have a medical issue that makes you gain weight, it is an insult b/c people automatically think you’re fat b/c you’re over eat. If your skinny & don’t feel comfortable w/ that, hearing someone call you the skinny girl can be an insult. You never know what’s going on in someone’s head to say certain things.

          • It’s not the same. Growing up I was skinny, i’ve heard A-Z when it came to sinny jokes. But the minute you make a fat joke all of a sudden everyone wants to get overly sensitive. If you cant take it then. Don’t dish it out. People like monique made jokes for years about skinny women, now all of a sudden she’s tryna lose weight. Oh please. I’m not saying these two women made fun of skinny people(obviously I wouldn’tknow)

            • guest

              Thank you. I am SO over fat people whining about everything from having to pay x-tra for two airline seats to not being able to shop at certain retailers to actually being called “fat”. Enough already.

              If you are fat its your own fault, stop blaming a sluggish thyroid. People are fat largely due to lifestyle choices.

              • b-please

                Well that’s not over generalizing at all, because every fat person is that way because of lifestyle choices..yep……………………

              • guest

                Smh, you know, you’d probably be singing a different tune if you were fat. What if you made the choice to live a certain lifestyle (since being fat’s a choice right? no one has you know..any medical problems?) and you were discriminated because of it? Would you start whining then? Being overweight isn’t healthy, but who the hell am I to judge? I’m not going to treat them a certain way just because they are that way. EVERYONE deserves to be respected, and if refraining from calling someone fat is a way to show some respect, well I’ll do it, because what am i gaining from calling them fat. I wouldn’t want anyone calling me things I don’t like. (even if it is true)

                • guest

                  Yes, it is a lifestyle choice…please name a common medical condition that would cause a person to be morbidly obese. (Hint: its not a sluggish thyroid)

                  I would never disrespect a fat person, nor do I treat them differently but the reality is that each and every one of us is judged and discriminated for something at some point in our lives. Be it skin color, hair style, style of dress, level of education, etc.

                  Fat people do not get passes or sympathy just because they are fat.

                • brienn rockhill

                  Stop with the medical problems… No one has medical problems that makes them that tricking big… At what point can poor diet and excercise come into play?

            • Trisha_B

              I’m a skinny girl as well & i hated people pointing out that i’m skinny. What’s the reason to talk about someone’s physical look. i bet a different tune would be coming if the waiter had put the nappy hair one & the relaxed hair one….& to Guest i was watching a TLC special on giants, those who have tumors on their brain next to the gland. One lady, instead of growing tall she got fat since the tumor grew after she went thru puberty. She said she hated that people would judge her b/c they believed she was just over eating, when in fact she had a medical condition. Don’t be ignorant!

              • Nappy along with fat are words that have been geared towards making people feel bad through society and the media. Be honest, you would be offended if someone reffered to you as the nappy headed girl. Versus the straight hair girl. Now it’s unclear whether it was in fact printed as an insult, or just a way to tell people apart. But mind you at least here in america, we’re one of the fattest countries in the world, where a state fair speciality(forget the state) had fried butter on a stick. I’m not kidding either. I get it people have medical conditions, but if you’re fat own that ish. Rather than letting it hurt you. But if you don’t like it change. Btw this is the country of mcdonalds,fried chicken,fried oreos,fried snickers,fried butter on a stick etc…. Now you really wanna say all these people have medical conditions? Lol

                • Danni

                  Come on now…. It was to insult because it said fat girl 1,2,3. How can you guess who had what if everyone at the table is fat ?? It didn’t say fat girl with red hair or anything like that.

            • brienn rockhill

              You do have a valid point… Big people make fun of skinny people… So why get all bent out of shape when they do it back? If your sensitive about it then they obviously need to do something about it being that they are not comfortable with their extra baggage… Me I have a few extra pounds and Idc what people think but I don’t get all bent out I shape when I hear a fat joke

  • sammi_lu

    I think this whole thing is being blown a bit out of proportion, I doubt the waiter knew that this would print on the receipt, or that it derived from anything malicious. Would everyone be up in arms if the receipt said ‘skinny girls’? On any given day if we were asked to recall specific encounters with other people, the way we perceive or describe those people would be just that, the way we remembered it. A simple apology from the waiter and a keen manager knowing that comping a $25 tab was nothing in the grand scheme of things, would have easily remedied this.

    • bluekissess

      It is a big deal. The waiters job is to serve and make the guest feel comfortable. Not to pass judgements. I’ve personally seen waiters who handle the money and tips. It’s disrespectful. $25.00 or not that hard earned money isn’t really appreciative when. Saying things like that

    • olivia

      What he did was rude but I saw this on TV and those girls are obese, not “chubby”, “thick” or “healthy”. There really are not too many other ways to describe them.

      As a waiter, that was probably the way that he was able to keep track of what orders went to what tables. Not excusing his actions but…

      • sammi_lu

        Exactly! The only reason to me that this was wrong was because it was caught, and the girls were clearly offended by it. I overheard at a bar one bartender tell the other who had come to help, that a round of drinks my friend ordered was for “the real tall black girl”. Someone else may have found some reason or another to take offense, but I shrugged it off, hell my friend is indeed tall at 5’10 and clearly black.

        • Live_in_LDN

          ‘Tall black girl’ is not an insult so you can’t compare the two. I worked in restauants and the bill normally has the table number on it so they went through extra effort to delete the table number to type in ‘fat girls’. They were being malicious.

          • thakidnevalies

            “Tall Black Girl” is not an insult, but “Three Fat Girls” is?

            There were, in fact three fat girls at a table in a restaurant. No malice intended.

            • Live_in_LDN

              Please go outside and be like ‘Yo fattie’ to the first overweight person you come across and please document their response. You must live in cuckoo land.

              • thakidnevalies

                Nice try… go back and try to come up with another more appropriate analogy.

                Yelling “yo fattie” to a random obese person on the street and documenting that three fat girls are sitting at a table are not the same thing. The waiter did not call them fat to their faces nor did he do it out of malice. Poor judgement yes, malice, I think not.

                He simply described what he saw sitting at the table: Three fat girls.

                • bishplease

                  exactly!!! I am a tall black girl and I am constanly referred to as tall people always asking how tall I am and ish like that I mean EVERYONE…so just like tall is a characteristic and it’s ok for people to constantly bring up your height whether it’s ridcule or not and it’s a characteristic that you cannot change why is it that if someone is fat if we say something about it…we are being malicious..fat is a characteristic to describe someone whether it’s mean or not…like it is now yes he should have covered thier meals and yes that waiter or whoever should be suspended for a couple of days but going to court yeah right they would never hold up in court give me a break

                • Live_in_LDN

                  Nope nothing wrong with my analogy. You must be a natural born arsehole as this doesn’t seems normal to you. Do you remember the case where a prson got called ‘dumb ni**er’ on a reciept at a pizza restuarant? Using your logic that wasn’t malicious either as it wasn’t to their face? Yes a racial slur is a lot worse than being called fat but my point is to counter yours that ‘the waiter did not call them fat to their faces’ so apparently it was okay? That just proves they were too spineless to do it to their faces but they proably got a big laugh out of it in the back. Also you can’t use that argument ‘oh he said that to identify them. He described what he saw’ as all restaurants have table numbers. That is how they identify tables and orders, with numbers. They were going out of their way to be d-bags.

                  • thakidnevalies

                    seeing as how you are a gaping c u n t, (and probably a fat one at that) I will break it down for you:

                    Those chicks were FAT, they were described appropriately. Get over it.

                    Nevermind table numbers or anything else your dumb a55 is hollering about.

                    • Live_in_LDN

                      You sound like you’re throwing a tantrum. Grow up baby. Look at how many people liked my comments and how many fake accounts you needed to sign up for to like yours…You fail to bring any sense or logic to the conversation so you crumble and start cussing like a toddler.

    • IllyPhilly

      “When people come into a place of business and spend their money and are
      minding their business, they shouldn’t be joked about and embarrassed
      because you can’t find anything better to do with your time at work.”

      Costumer service, point f**king blank and I’d be a smart a$$ if I was them and gets me a lawyer to buy some more tacos for my fat girl a$$. (Not a fat girl FYI, but hearing, “damn she got two midgets in her pants” referring to the booty butt cheeks I have isn’t flattering either)