Cynthia Reacts To Kenya Bending It Over On Peter: ‘The Only Booty That Shook Peter That Night Was Mine!’

December 13, 2012  |  

Though no one had to guess what Phaedra thought about Kenya pushing up on her hubby while in Anguilla — remember, “don’t put your paws on Apollo”? — everybody was wondering what the wife of the other man who Kenya seemed all too willing to bust it open for was thinking about her behavior.

Contrary to the look of enjoyment that appears to be on Peter Thomas’s face while sandwiched between his wife and Kenya’s booties, he was quick to respond during the airing of this suspect episode Sunday night, saying that he was not down with the foreign booty clapping. Surprisingly, Cynthia seems to be more down with Kenya’s behavior than her own husband, which is even more interesting considering the scuffle these two had at the Bailey Agency on episode 1. On her Bravo blog, Cynthia wrote:

“I was not really bothered by Kenya dancing with Peter. We were all dancing and having a good time. Yes, the little “bend over booty shake part” was a little extra, but overall I thought it was pretty harmless. I am a really secure woman, and the only booty that shook Peter that night was mine!”

I’m trying to figure out how rubbing your butt on someone else’s husband is less inappropriate than pushing someone in the pool, but that’s precisely what Cynthia is saying. She commented on Kenya’s island interactions with Apollo, writing:

I’m with Phaedra on this one. The “let’s throw other people’s husbands and wives in the pool game” is a no-no. As married folks, there have to be some boundaries that need to be respected. Also I can’t say I am a fan of the “who would swing with whose spouse” game either.

Porsha, who we already know is no fan of Kenya’s, also spoke on the desperate wanna-be somebody’s housewife’s behavior, writing on her own Bravo blog:

 I was speechless seeing the former Miss USA dropping it on another husband and propositioning a married man for sperm. *Have several seats.* Gross!

And as far as Phaedra’s reaction to Kenya pushing Apollo in the pool, Porsha said:

I would have done it a little differently. I just feel that my reaction to another woman pushing my man would have been to kindly shove her in the lovely pool as a return favor instead of allowing my husband to return the playful gesture. Boom! I simply feel it was in bad taste as she said, and for me watching that again on TV, I completely see why Ms. Parks felt disrespected. However, I have to give Ms. Parks credit for shutting down the indecent proposal offered by Kenya, asking whether she and a friend could have a go at her husband. Side Bar: It’s funny who thinks they’re a great role model.

Here’s a refresher on the Anguilla booty popping, if you need it. Which act do you think was more inappropriate, Kenya pushing Apollo in the pool or dancing up on Peter?


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  • TooMuuch

    haha aint nobody even looking at cynthia like damn.

  • Get It

    im trying to figure out why cynthia isnt in front of her man shaking her butt like who goes behind guy and does that?

  • lynn

    Apollo is smelling himself. He shouldn’t have encouraged that flirty behavior with Kenya. And when she asked about the friends as a gift, he asked about head or sex…..Ummmmm sir you shouldn’t have to sale for clarification on what she meant, everyone knew what she meant. Apollo could have shut it down and decided not to #suspect

    • lynn


  • The behavior of Kenya is totally unexceptable, and she ought to be ashamed of herself. She pretends to have class but doesn’t. What do you expect????? This is scripted tv not real reallity!!!!! The average AA female would have addressed the situation in a totally different way, if you know what I mean!!!!!!! It’s just entertainment folks.

  • Ladybug94

    I think both were equally inappropriate. I don’t like pool throwing anyway. Was she even sure that he knew how to swim? I hate when people do that to others an Apollo was equally wrong to put her over his shoulder and dive in the pool with her, he seemed to like it.

  • this whole season so far has been pure drama. I really think Kenya should sit down somewhere, she’s doing too much, these others need to pick a side. i actually stopped watching because of all the negativity, and i thought you had to be married to be a housewife?

  • Shelly Howard Summers

    All of it was distasteful towards the wife..and that dancing was totally a “no-no”. Cynthia should have been in front not another female rubbing up on your husband’s front! SMH to the mess!

  • KAY

    Its just out of line how these women treat each other ,they have no filters with that so to expect they have boundaries as far as messing and flirting with each others husbands would be asking too much. Phaedra is cool but if a woman would have put paws on my husband I would have put paws on her! There are certain things you just dont do. Kendra is just classless and thats all thier is to it!

  • CairosMom

    Why isn’t anyone looking at Apollo sideways? Him jumping in the pool with Kenya over his back was suspect!!! That whole scene was awkward to watch!

    • Cleo

      I think Phaedra knows Apollo is creeping soo idk…I’ve always given him the side eye

    • pretty1908

      I said the same thing… check both sides ! Kenya was out of line , but Apollo is her husband so she needs to check him first and foremost. While Phaedra can be very funny at times, I find her shallow and insincere. And that thong bid….. you are an attorney and a mother…where is your grace. Kenya is proof that beauty doesn’t get you everything.

      • SunshineBlossom

        Idk… I took it as a passive aggressive way as letting Kenya know whose got it. Although personally, I would have done it behind closed doors instead of letting everybody see it.

      • ssummers

        Phaedra wearing that thong showing her buttocks was um…..words can not describe cause now you have not only the women looking but all the married men looking. WTD! I agree she should have checked her man (behind closed doors of course) and then made up! *if you know what I mean* She shouldn’t have to prove anything to Kenya. You are married to the man–his not your boyfriend! Which means you already HAVE him. Kenya have issues with her “begging self”….smh

    • SunshineBlossom

      Thank you!!! *hands over logical comment of the year* like seriously, there is no way a devoted husband would do that. And she is lucky because if that were me… I would have pushed her in the pool.

      • pretty1908

        thanks love !