Your BFF Is Not A Good Look! Celebrities With Super Suspect Sidekicks

January 11, 2013 ‐ By Brooke Dean
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When it comes to celebrities, it’s sometimes hard to separate their real lives from what we see on TV. In the case of reality shows in particular, women that would never normally hang out together are thrust into situations where they have to pretend to be BFF’s, knowing they secretly hate each other. When it comes to the following pairs, the celebs on this list are actually choosing to hang out with these people because, well, they’re their friends in real life. The saying goes we should be careful of the company we keep, and these celebs should take a very close look at who their ratchet sidekicks are…unless of course they are two ratchet peas in a pod.

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  • rozkeith

    Gayle is Oprah’s friend. She shares in her life because she can be trusted. Gayle has a career and family of her own. If you had a true friend you would recognize it.

  • royaltee

    @Jazmine this is a forum for people to express how they feel about the piece..stop telling people to lighten up. If they feel some type of way ok whatever it’s none of your business. and the author of this piece has her own personal bias toward some of the people n this list so thats why people say this article is trash…because it is. But everyone is entitled to their opinion even if it is trash…you lighten up!

  • Staci B

    Bad gal RIri’s (notice the sarcasm) friend needs to sit RIhanna down somewhere & tell her the truth about Chris Brown, seriously!

  • Coco black

    Melissa and Rhi Rhi are cousins……

  • Cha Cha

    What is up with that blonde hair, blue eyeshadow and pink lipstick that Nene is wearing… ?

  • Lorajei

    Well for starters, I don’ know how the headline ‘Your BFF is not a good look’ fits in with stories and pictures of celebrities who have good relationsips with their friends …i.e. Coco and Soulgee. I also dont understand how a writer could contradict themselves so quick. How do you say nohing is wrong with people hiring their friends and getting their 15mins of fame when the first few articles you bashed Gayle.. (who been working behind the scenes and had money before Oprah expanded her career) and you bashed Shekinah- who can be a lil “too much” and a big “hater” but obviously someone who Tiny values as a friend who she could be trying to help her get her 15mins of fame. As for the Lil Reese article, I dont know why you have the picture to the left of “Jo-Jo” a 19 year old from Chicago who was alledgedly killed by someone of Chief Keef entourage where his death is also under inverstigaion from having a youtube video of Lil Reese saying he’s going to kill him.

    • Jazmine

      Again, it’s all for fun. Lighten up. Why do people get so mad over blogs/articles that are clearly written in jest. Find a different cause to get all up in arms about. Geesh!

  • Nikki

    Uh… what’s wrong with being “country?”

  • Nikki

    Uh… what’s wrong with being “country?”

    • MM82

      Thank you, I said the same thing . Funny thing is everyone says the same thing about my friend from New York. They think she talks fast.

    • MM82

      Thank you, I said the same thing . Funny thing is everyone says the same thing about my friend from New York. They think she talks fast.

  • danni

    All I want to know is who put the bright pink lipstick on NeNe that looks a mess!

  • jade nicole

    I got tired of clicking I stopped at 6. BFF implies then being friends for a long time and hanging with each other outside of the cameras. Why is Nene and Marlo on here along with Stevie J and Joseline? Also I think Tiny hair alway looks nice except for those tacky braids she had in her hair.

  • Chief Keef & Lil Reese are two peas in a pod… and I think the boy on the left in that photo is Lil JoJo, the boy who was killed and Chief Keef and Lil Reese were on Twitter laughing about it

    • Kaori

      I read recently that a guy wearing a Lil JoJo memorial shirt was gunned down.

  • Yvette

    This list is hilarious especially Emily and Chrissy. I too have always thought that Emily is afraid of Chrissy.

  • Brian2234

    Things may come to those who wait, but only the things left by those who hustle.

  • Fifi

    Brooke; you are the one that needs to sit down. This whole piece has been nothing but malicious with no facts or substantive points to back up your ‘so called’ work! Clearly it was a slow day at the MM office, with no editoral supervision.

    • Jazmine

      Give me a break, it’s all for fun and jokes. Some folks are so serious sometimes. Lighten up.

    • Suchalady

      Thank you.