Leave It Alone: 10 Books That Should Not Have Been Made Into Movies!

January 7, 2013 ‐ By Esi Mensah
Source: Warner Bros

Source: Warner Bros

When will these movie producers learn? Not every amazing book will become an amazing movie. Some books are just filled with way too much literary genius to be accurately portrayed in a film. Even the books that aren’t literary genius still can be difficult to portray in movie. So why do these film producers even bother? Well, they always seem to think that theirs will be different. Instead, it ends up failing just like the many movie adaptations before it. In these cases, the situation was no different. Here are some movie adaptations that failed to impress not only those who read the books, but probably those who did not even read the books.

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  • Shawna K

    Beloved was an awesome movie dude what the hell ya’ll talking about!!!!

  • bigdawgman

    I didn’t know they made Black Like Me into a movie. Wonder if they would do a re-make?

  • Guest

    With the exception of Tom Hanks, the reality is more that the people who starred in these movies were just as big of a problem as the movies themselves. Most of these movies starred barely talented actors/actresses, couple that with bad writing and the final product should not have seen the light of day. I love Ms. Oprah, but she has always (with the exception “The Color Purple”) made some horrible choices when it comes to what movies she starred in and produced. It seems the more ignorant and illiterate the characters the more she wanted it made. There are so many inspirational stories about black people overcoming and succeeding against the odds that could have been told. She seems to always want to tell the ones that slap the dignity and pride right out of our mouths!!! Don’t even get me started on Ms. Tyler Perry!!! God who does he think he’s fooling!!!!!!!!When I watched the scene with him arguing with his wife in “Why did I Get Married” I nearly puked because it was so AWFUL!!!!!!

  • rzakia

    Good list. Now you guys should do a to 10 list for the best book to movie adaptations. I know I can’t wait for the new Great Gatsby to come out. That was one of my favorite books in high school.

    • A good example would be “To Kill A Mockingbird.” I read the book && saw the movie at a very young age (I think it was my 6th grade Talented Development class), && I must say that [even though I enjoyed the book a tad bit more] the movie was quite good.

  • LiiSH

    For Colored Girls was a pretty good movie considering 1) Tyler Perry’s inability to accurately develop characters 2) The transition from fragmented choreopoem to structured film plot. What works on a stage or in a book may be hard to translate into a film (Especially such a nonlinear story). The crazy thing is, all of the negative feedback the movie received seemed to be based off elements that made the play what is was. (Melodrama, fragmented) He didn’t add too much (he did tweak some things for cinematic purposes). Maybe some people were not familiar with the stage performance.

  • Their eyes were watching God and Beloved in my opinion are good movies.

    • Shawna K

      I agree with Helen!!!!!! Beloved was an awesome amazing film. Really….Its education man….any knowledge is good knowledge

  • Zettai

    Shoot, I wanted my money back after watching Catwoman on cable. Horrible!

  • autumnbreeze

    I agree with everything except For Colored Girls… that was an amazing movie.

  • lisa

    i liked for coloured girls

  • IllyPhilly

    They tell you to pick your ten favorite scenes from the book and make screenplay from there. It’s all on the scriptwriter. I agree with most on this list.