I Knooooooooow You See It–Or Not: Do These Celebrities Actually Look Alike?

December 12, 2012 ‐ By Clarke Gail Baines

Natalie Cole and Kenya Moore

A colleague of mine actually just pushed this comparison due to the heavy Kenya Moore coverage we’ve had recently. I have a feeling that she thought these two looked similar because of the fact that they both have light eyes and chocolate skin, but their faces however, in my opinion, are nothing alike. Plus, I love me some Natalie Cole, she’s such a sweet person. But Kenya on the other hand….? Not so much. Hey, I’m just saying.

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  • Destiny Campbell

    Paula Patton looks more like Whitney Houston than Alicia Keys.

  • Sandbrn

    With Natalie and Kenya it all in the eyes and lips.

  • Jordan Washington

    Idk if they’re on the list, but I think that Hillary Swank and Jennifer Garner resemble each other. I remember how I used to confuse them for each other.

  • Ashley

    whomever is writing this article needs a serious EYE EXAM–If you didn’t see that Mario and Chris Rock, Leelee and Helen Hunt and Kenya Moore and Natalie Cole HEAVILY RESEMBLE each other your clearly blind

  • shay lanay

    Blac Chyna was actually a body double for Nicki in a music video of hers.

  • Aright JR Lofton-Cheaves

    OMG Mario Chalmers and Fabolous EVEN HAVE THE SAME GUM LINE!

  • promise

    paula looks better on cam than she does in pictures, when I saw her in precious she took my breath away. Shes so beautiful

  • promise

    paula looks better on cam than she does in pictures, when I saw her in precious she took my breath away. Shes so beautiful

  • you forgot Shannon brown & Chris Brown. TWINS!

  • t$$$

    I always thought paula patton looked like a younger lighter virsion of whitney houston and u forgot nelly furtado and Courtney cox

  • apoint2bemade

    Chris Rock and Mario,very much look alike. Helen Hunt and Lee Lee Sobieski, definite look-a-likes. The rest, nah. Anyone can bear resemblance based on angles and lighting. MN, FAIL.

  • Alex B

    Nicki looks like a young Pam Grier and you forgot ASAP Rocky and Chad ochocinco

  • RealityCheckSista

    Sara Lyland is a dead ringer for Mila Kunis, the
    only noticeable difference is the eye color but other than that I
    thought they were sisters!

  • ctelle

    I don’t see the Alicia and Paula one or Chris Rock and Mario

  • chanela

    they forgot that both alicia keys and paula patton are also both white and black… oh wait i forgot about the one drop rule. nevermind!

    • Destiny Campbell

      Their HALF black so they definitely would qualify for this list even though they look nothing like each other. In fact, paula looks like Whitney Houston who is FULLY black.

  • Alot of them do have resemblance

  • Catt20

    so nicki and chyna look alike???? ….. there both fake from head to toe. Blonde wigs, drawn on eyebrows (dramatic stripper make-up), fake booties, the eye lashes, Fake boobs ….etc… they made them selves in to their idea of a beautiful woman……. enough said !

  • Catt20

    alicia and paula are mixed breeds so thats why….

    • Na’vi

      mixed breeds!!! really now? smh. just call us mixed folks mixed please.

  • AfricanBambi

    No, Mario Chalmers looks JUST like that guy that played in the movie “The Cook out” with meagan good and them.

    • Black wifey

      yes, Mike Epps 🙂

  • IllyPhilly

    Regular folk in the hood look alike. Maybe it’s from families being split up and sold during slavery. IDK.

  • sboogie2nite

    Fantasia and Kandi Buress

  • Kenya Lavan

    Mario and Dr.Ian from celeb fit club look identical idk where they get Chris Rock from.

    • Kenya Lavan

      And what that girl from footloose remake and Jennifer Aniston, they look just alike too

  • sammi_lu

    A older pic of Natalie Cole when she was much younger, side by side with Kenya’s would have been a better comparison. I always thought she resembled Natalie Cole.

    • biglittlemason3

      So so true, Natalie and Kenya definately look alike.

  • Kaf

    I think with minaj its chaka khan, they look more a like

    • biglittlemason3

      Absolutely agree….everytime I see Nicki, I say, a baby Chaka Khan!

  • Trisha_B

    I don’t think Nicki & Blac favor each other, they just have similar styles. Nicki favors a young Chaka Khan a lot (of course when her look is minimal). But the Fab & the other guy, & Alicia/Paula slightly resemble each other. Everybody else favor each other a lot



    • RHONDA


    • biglittlemason3

      You took the words right out of my mouth……I always thought Paula looked like Whitney with the exception of skin tone. Same pretty smile, and facial structure.

  • afrodisiaq

    Natalie Cole & Kenya (Miss USA= Ugly Stank Attitude) Moore do have similar looks and you would have had better luck putting Blac Chyna with Lauren London.

    • m. lisa

      so funny and true! lol

  • Leelee Sobieski and Helen Hunt look like mother and daughter. Kenya Moore and Natalie Cole, look like mother and daughter. The one guy favors Chris Rock. The others, no resemblance.

  • I wouldnt want to be told I looked like NM or Blac China, to me, neither of them is very attractive with or with out the plaster cast of makeup. And Paula and Alicia only look alike side by side to me. But Chris Rock and Mario REALLY look alike…

  • I though the girl from modern family was milas sister the resemblance is crazy

  • The only thing about Nicki Minaj and Blac Chyna that has any resemblance is the blond hair.

    • Ms. Kameria

      Yeah. I looks like they might have gotten their wigs from the same section in the same beauty supply store. Maybe they caught a “buy 1 get 1 free” special or something.

    • GoatBack

      same fake booty

      same bleached skin

      same deep dimples on the cheeks


      • yea Nikki n chyna kinda do look alike

    • Steups

      the writer of this article should never ever ever compare alicia keys to paula patton….paula is a decent wonderful joyful person…not a homewrecking over-singer…

      • Destiny Campbell

        She’s a home wrecker but Swizz Beatz isn’t?

  • Ms. Kameria

    Ok. I see it a little bit. Some of these people favor. Natalie Cole and Kenya Moore are so pretty, and I think Blac Chyna was trying to look like Nicki in that picture, but they’re both pretty for what they are. I’m just upset that it took me almost 10- 15 mins to look through this whole article.

    • Bahamas242

      I know this is an old post but I went to college with Blac Chyna and she always looked like that before Nicki blew up. I remember when I did see Nicki on the Diddy video remix HELLO I thought it was black chyna and my boyfriend it was not her. Then we found out it was Nicki, but crazy thing is Black Chyna ended up being her body double….