Blame It On The Single Parents: University Of Texas Professor Says That’s Why Black Students Fail

December 12, 2012  |  

From The Grio

A professor at the University of Texas has sparked controversy following remarks that black students are failing academically because so many are raised in single parent households.

In an interview with BBC’s Radio 4, law professor Lino Graglia said “I can hardly imagine a less beneficial or more deleterious experience than to be raised by a single parent,” Graglia said. “Usually a female, uneducated and without a lot of money.”

He went onto to say, on average, prospective black college students score 200 points lower than their white counterparts in SAT tests. According to the 82-year-old almost three-quarters of black children are born outside of marriage, which stifles their success.

Graglia made his comments to Chicago-based, British born journalist, Gary Younge, as part of a special report on affirmative action in the States. “How well do these kids do in maths and reading is basically it and they do less well,” he said. “And race or segregation or history wouldn’t matter one bit if that was not the case.”

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  • get real

    Are u folks really going to buy into this white supremist mindstate? Keep in mind this dude is 82 yrs old. Blk women are always the ones who cosign this mentality “he is right”. A recent test was done on academics and out of the 132 countries tested, the USA finished 122. So white folks aren’t as smart as u think. Or let me guess it was the blk scores who made the USA finish 10 spots from the bottom? Y’all better get for real and stop letting white propaganda move u.

    • We need A change

      White propaganda or not single parenthood is bad for our communities. Regardless of whose fault it is, we need to pick up the pieces and put some stability in our children’s lives. Met a mom with 4 kids all with different last names. So oldest kid has seen mom run through 3 “serious” partners, none of whom is around now. She can’t even keep the kids hair combed much less contribute meaningfully to their educational development. A 14 year old girl told me her body count of 4 wasn’t too many. When I told her she could get cancer from HPV she told me “you gotta die somehow.” When she gets pregnant in a couple years you think her kid is going to college? It sucks when white people put us on blast but just because it came from them doesn’t mean it’s not a problem we need to face in our communities.

      • get real

        I agree. White folks get more gov assistance then anybody but u see blk folks blasting them for it? There’s more white men in jail for rape then anybody but do u see blk folks blasting them? White folks are the biggest pedophilies in the world but u see blk folks blasting the white community for it? Mass murdering is a major problem in the white community but are blasting them for it? Y’all seem to think all white folks are raised in 2 parent Beverly Hills homes. Come down South and look at poverty that these white folks are in.Need I keep going about the problems facing white folks? Stop letting them make u think that your inferior and everything is Utopia with them.

    • Gye Nyame

      Please, stop trying to make us seem so simple minded that just b/c a white man said this we believe it! We agree with it b/c its true, and when Bill Cosby said it the black community wanted to have a lynching party for him. We don’t like accountability, and facts are facts. When ever anyone speaks out about this if they are white, then they are racist crackers or if they are black they are uncle tom sell outs. We throw around labels and get upset when people point out the obvious, but it doesn’t change the fact that we are losing ground as a race and something needs to change.

      • get real

        Just like a blk woman to run to defend these d-bags. My whole point is he could care less about blk test scores his motive is to keep that “blk inferiority complex” out there in the minds of blk women like u who can’t see through bs like this. Bill Cosby? Plz, where is he when the Trayvon Martins of the world get their heads blown off by racist white folks? So u Republican minded “white folks plz accept me” blk folk can keep that Bill Cosby argument. Because he knows his place. Ever notice how BillOprah are always around to critisize blks but never say anything negative about whites? Because they know better. Enough of this “blk folks can’t get it together” nonsense.

  • Guest360

    He’s absolutely correct. I’m tired of some women pushing fathers out of their children’s lives because they’re bitter and I’m tired of some men not knowing how to (or choosing not to) wear condoms and knocking up anything that moves knowing full well they weren’t going to be taking care of a baby. Until we realize the value of stability in the home where both parents play in equal part in their child’s development (or stop having unwanted babies altogether), we’ll always be lagging behind. If it’s not a necessity for you to raise your child on your own DONT! Wrap it up. Use birth control. And if a pregnancy does happen, leave your ego at the door and work to make a better life for this child. Why we as a people haven’t gotten that is beyond me….

  • maggie

    He is right. No contest.

  • Nikki

    While there are people who are exceptions, he is right. And I know you guys are going to rate me down for this, but it’s the truth. Less money=less resources

    Every kid needs a stable mother and father figure in their lives. If a mother or father isn’t around, then the child needs a mother figure or a father figure. It makes a HUGE difference in the person you become especially in relationships!

    • urbansnake

      I think he is on to something as well, but he needs to look at the totality of black culture instead of just the small group of under achievers. I know too many achievers, just like me, who were raised by single mothers. I think what he means is that the environment in which the child raised, not so much the singleness of the parent, is more the reason. but he is on to something.

    • Pivyque

      No thumb down. He makes a good point.