These Are The Real Hot Topics: 15 Of Wendy Williams’ Shadiest Moves

December 20, 2012  |  
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Wendy Williams has built her career on being the chick that you love to hate. She throws shade, hates, back bites and generally acts a fool on screen — and off. So, in honor of her propensity for controversy, let’s take a quick look at 15 of Wendy’s shadiest moments.

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The PETA Ad Campaign

For a TV personality that claims she’s “real” and a “shock jock,” this seems rather phony to me. Wendy knows she throws down on ribs and would wear fur if it were in style. When asked about this PETA campaign, Wendy said, “I don’t really think that fur is the mark of success anymore.” If it were, I bet she’d be rockin’ a chinchilla. It irks me that she’s using a serious campaign to get a little publicity.

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Bills, Bills, Bills

Wendy Williams recently made headlines when she ordered 12,140 shoes from Max Harvest International Holdings. They delivered the shoes but Wendy never delivered the $419,000 she owed for them. What’s worse is Wendy hasn’t said one word about why she hasn’t paid up or sent back the shoes. Now they have to sue her to get their money.

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Wendy Made Whitney’s Death About Her

When Whitney died, Wendy Williams got on camera and teared up for the audience saying that the same thing almost happened to her. But back in 2003, Wendy dogged Whitney out about her crack use. It got so bad that Whitney said “If this were back in the day in Newark, I’d meet you outside.” Whitney refused to go on the show up until the day she died.

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Wendy Built Her Career on Starting Mess

Whitney isn’t the only one who doesn’t like Wendy’s shady ways. Back in the day, Wendy made a living digging up dirt on celebrities and putting them on blast on the radio, even if those rumors turned out not to be true. Diddy, Mariah Carey, Usher and Tyler Perry have all said that they’ll never set foot on Wendy’s stage.

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She Tried to Ruin Black Celebrity Careers

Back on Hot 97, Wendy Williams was famous for starting rumors that rappers like Tupac, Diddy, Eminem, LL Cool J and Usher were gay. It’s the reason why her haters list is so long. Those were the kind of rumors that could ruin a person’s career and she didn’t even think twice about trying to take those brothers down.

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She Called Beyonce Dumb

We’ve all heard about this by now but this is a real classless move by Wendy Williams. Bey has a lot of fans and this may be one instance in a long line of trash talking that could put Wendy off TV.

Her Crazy Up Top Situation

I’m sorry but it needed to be said. There is no more concrete evidence that Wendy Williams is losing her mind than those ridiculously tig bittie implants. She’s already top-heavy and it looks like she’s about to tip over.

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She Capped on Sisters Who Don’t Get Plastic Surgery

Not only has Wendy had lipo, a nose job and a boob job but she capped on sisters who Didn’t want to get those procedures done:

“And being black? Ugh, please. My people will not go for any kind of surgery. We are supposed to be natural. Ugh, whatever.”

Don’t hate on me because you’re not comfortable in your own body. I’m fine doing me.

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She Is a Crab in a Bucket

Wendy may not be outing people on the regular but she still tries to tear other brothers and sisters down. We may not all agree with Kenya Moore lying about her past relationships on Real Housewives of Atlanta, but Wendy tried to ruin her career by saying:
“I don’t believe that’s your house. I don’t believe that’s your aunt on the show. I don’t believe that your real mother left you in a baby basket when you were young. I believe nothing that you say.
“Now it seems like there is no reason to watch the show. That lying, Kenya, is not very pageant girl like. You’ve even cut off your speaking money, when you get paid for speaking engagements, because now no one wants to hear from you.”

People lie and act on reality shows all the time. And reality shows and appearances are how Kenya eats. She’s just trying to make her paper like you. Why get on TV and say that no one should hire her again because she can’t be trusted. Black folk have enough trouble without fighting each other on the way to the top.

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She’s Getting Too Big for Her Britches

Right now, Harrah’s Resort is suing Wendy Williams for not living up to her contract. She was supposed to make a two-hour appearance at The Pool at Harrah’s Resort in Atlantic City, New Jersey. But she left early, didn’t get on stage like she was supposed to and sat in a cabana demanding wine and champagne and to be left alone. If she doesn’t watch it, she’s going to find herself going back to radio.

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She Tried to Cap on a 7 Year Old

Eden Wood is one of those little pageant girls that they dress up and parade around stage. I don’t really agree with putting girls in grown women’s clothes, but I had to give it to lil’ bit for standing up to Wendy.

While she had Eden on set, Wendy tried to criticize the baby’s swag and asked “Do I recognize extensions in your hair?” That’s when Eden snapped back, “What about your hair?” And Wendy had to say she wore a wig. That’s a bold 7 year old.

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She Might Be on Her Way to a Lil’ Kim Transformation

When some black celebrities get paid, the first thing they do is separate themselves from their roots. Wendy changed her nose, got liposuction and lightened her hair. If she goes any further, she’s going to end up in the tabloids for her face and her attitude.

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She Got Fired for Fighting on the J

Wendy Williams throws a lot of stones for someone who lives in a glass house. Back when she worked for Hot 97, she attacked her co-host Angie Martinez. The fight started because Wendy was trying to out her co-workers relationship with Q-Tip. Later Wendy says that she wasn’t really fired for assaulting her co-worker but because Diddy was pressuring the station to let her go because she started rumors about his sexuality. Whatever Wendy.

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Hypocritical Behavior

Bethenny Frankel worked hard to parlay her reality show sting to a career as a talk show host. But after the first Bethenny show, Wendy went on the record saying that Bethenny “should keep her private life private” or she could “hurt her loved ones”.
Really Wendy? That’s exactly how you established yourself: exposing everyone’s private lives to anyone listening on the airwaves. The list of people Wendy has hurt with her career is too long to list.
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She’s Not ‘Shamed to Shade Positivity

Remember back in the day when Tyra Banks took her wig and her makeup off on her show? She did it to empower the millions of girls out there and let them know that most models and actresses look average before they put their face and hair on.
But recently, Wendy tried to turn the positivity around and said that Tyra banks just did that because she was running out of ideas and that anyone who doesn’t opt for plastic surgery and wigs to look better was just jealous and couldn’t afford it. According to her, everyone could use some hair and surgical help:
“Because if I said to that person, ‘I got the doctor and I’m going to pay for it. Choose three things you want to do,’ believe me, they would get it done. They are very jealous and scared.”

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  • colinmincy

    Meg Butler is a tired hater. Next.



  • Enfyniti

    people have the right to speak their opinion, even if it pisses people off…i.e. 1st Amendment…she aimed to make it by getn under ppls skins and she manages to do just that….only peeve I have is that if your gonna spend tons of cash on plastic surgery…u should not look like the lost audition tape of an applicant of RuPaul’s Drag Race (love u Paul)….ijs….

  • baybeK8s

    I was through with Wendy when she disclosed Method Man’s wife had cancer. Wendy should have reached out to her. It was not her business to tell.

  • Guest

    She is uncouth, strange looking & messy. But sometimes, she says what folks are scared to say. Beyoncé is pretty dumb. She’s not the only one. But, she has the means to live well in it. *shrug* Oh well….

  • Kenteke

    Beyonce lacks intelligence and should stick to singing, blinking and smiling. Diddy, LL Cool J and Usher have questionable sexuality and Whitney and Bethany were/are messy. Where are the “lies?” Wendy admits very publicly that she is a mess. This whole article was ridiculous.

  • Erin

    THANK YOU!! Someone else, besides me, thinks her boobs look like floatation devices. Thank you!

  • Allyce

    Wendy is a modern day Rona Barrett. (look it up young folk) Whoppi forgave her and has been on Wendy’s show at least twice that I know. It’s entertainment. Celebrities need to get thicker skin. Wendy says things that most folks are thinking. Forever a fan.

  • MissTruthHurts

    Beyonce IS dumb…lol..So stop it. That b*tch isnt articulate at all, I cringe every time I hear her speak in interviews.
    Oh and f*ck all you BeYAWNsay STANS in advance. Drink bleach & die slow…lol!

  • kat

    say what u will, but i will always be a fan

  • Dee444

    Welll….we know that Wendy gossips about others, that’s why we tune in to gether opinions. Of course it’s a turn off for me when she makes fun of icons like Rev. Al Sharpton or when she begins talking about those “Housewives” shows (that I do not watch). That’s a no no for me. I also wonder about her relationship to her husband. I read somewhere that her employees find him off putting.

  • silksoul

    Well Eminem isn’t black, so his name shouldn’t have been mentioned under category 6.

  • carolyn bratton

    Wendy Williams is telling it like it is. Beyonce is dumb. The only thing she can do is shake and over work her publicist.

  • carolyn bratton

    Sorry but wendy Williams told it like it is. Beyonce is dumb. The only thing she can do is shake and over work publicst.

  • Stephanie

    I think Wendy has a very low self-esteem… Usually people who have a low self-esteem have a tendency to put others down just to make themselves feel better. After all the surgery she had I think it is becoming quite obvious and I saw a picture of her when she was younger (in her teenage years); she wasn’t the best looking girl I have to admit – my theory is that she might has been a victim of bullying around that time and she herself became one. Moreover, Wendy doesn’t seem to be a very happy in her life; I think she has a lot of anger, bitterness and sadness deep down inside. According to me it’s time for her to get some therapy, get some help and fight her demons.

  • Jacjac

    It’s none of my business but I don’t think Bey is that smart either. There’s just something in the way she talks. Plus, her father admitted that he wasn’t really interested in her education and focused on her career.

  • LizzyBeth80

    to be fair, Peta is NOT really a serious campaign/business. They are filled with lies so as an animal rights advocate, I try to stay far away from them. I like what Wendy stands for though, and she seems really down to earth.

  • amir bey

    Why folks follow her is still a mystery……

  • Melissa

    Whoever wrote this article is doing the same thing they’re accusing Wendy of doing. You can’t be mad at her for “trying to tear other brothers and sisters down.” while you’re tearing her down and ripping her apart in your article.

    . You’re insulting her shape and the size of her breasts, instead of embracing the fact that all women are different and beautiful. If she and anyone else for that matter wants to get plastic surgery or wear wigs then that’s their choice, what does it have to do with you? Why do you feel the need to put her down for supporting plastic surgery?

  • KT

    Why would one of the things on this list be about her plastic surgery? For a website like this one, who is always praising feeling comfortable in your own body, I was really surprised! If she didn’t like how she looked, then why not? What’s so bad about this? It’s like you guys are doing the exact thing you call her out on. Kettle kettle black black!

  • randomtandem

    when Wendy was on the radio she used to rock fur ALL THE TIME! and she used to clown PETA and say she would whoop they @s$ if they ever tried to throw red paint on her coat! She has fur coats, boots, throws, shawls EVERYTHING!

  • randomtandem

    yeah Wendy used to rock furs all the time in her radio days! fur coats, fur boots all that! she even commented on Peta before saying she would whoop someones a$s if they threw red paint on her fur coat! she LOVES fur coats! she did that ad campaign solely for money and publicity!

  • kds0116

    I’m sorry, it’s about time somebody read Wendy. Love her, but she seems to only mention black celebs names when she is trashing them, while all in the next breathe promoting white celebs, even bringing recognition to unknown white celebs. She must read this online magazine because I see she is on hot topics trying to damage control acting like she down with the sisters and brothers and talking about the show is going to be addressing racism every chance they get. Whatever Wendy. As they say, a dollar short, a day too late. I didn’t know that about Diddy. No wonder she was trying to promote him so much for AI and X-factor

    • yleid

      That’s because she works for that RACIST channel FOX 5….

    • yleid

      That’s because she works for that RACIST channel FOX 5….

  • Jazzy

    I can’t MN is bashing Wendy for talking smack about Kenya Moore when you added the same Kenya Moore to a list of people you’ve lost respect for in 2012… hypocritical.

  • enoni pond

    i love wendy shes funny as hell,but most of the things you pointed out that she said was true ,beyonce does sound dumb, heck i even thought half the men she called gay ,i thought they were befor she said it,but shes not shady ,just to real sometimes for people

  • You come off as being a hater… What Wendy did on radio years ago was no different than what bloggers like yourself are doing today.

    Also, calling Beyonce dumb is not shade. Everyone knows Beyonce isn’t that bright

  • tamar paoli

    The most shadiest thing Wendy has ever done was announcing on her radio show that Method Man’s wife had cancer when Method Man and his wife didn’t even let their own family know she had it and they had to hear the news from Wendy’s big mouth

  • Wow I guess this author doesn’t like Wendy…I DO so this article was dumb

  • J

    Does anybody realize that this peta pic is a phony! Who’s body did she put her head on!

  • gracie

    Leave Wendy alone. She says it like she means it and I look forward to watching her show more than I look forward to visiting this website.

  • Mr. Silk

    Its funny reading people defend this broad. Go read what she said in regards to Method mans wife, that sh*t was very wrong and completely uncalled for and Meth got at her for it. If your spouse was going through the stuff Meths wife was going through and some hack broad put it out there, you wouldn’t appreciate it either. Read the stuff she said about Nas. Only people like her can identify with her.

    • blkbrrybetty

      Yes!!!! I glad someone bought that to light… shorty goes too far and that aint entertainment!

  • Likklebit

    Actually that point about Kenya’s mom and ‘aunt’ also occurred to me. But If it’s not true, the truth will eventually come out like Walter (hehehehe!!) But Wendy is entertaining and as someone has posted, she would have been sued by someone if it were all lies.

    • blkbrrybetty

      She has a few on going lawsuits

  • Angel

    Curious question…In this article many times it stated that she is/was trying to ruin someone’s career….so what exactly is this positive article doing to her career?

  • Seems like the writer of this article has a bone to pick with Wendy Williams. People in the industry don’t like Wendy because she doesn’t kiss up to them. She exposes their fakeness. And where is the fact check? Wendy did not have a nose job.

    • blkbrrybetty

      Ppl in the industry haven’t liked her for years & it AIN’T because she’s not kissing their behinds, believe that!

  • sammi

    I call BS on some of the incidents in the article. They accuse Wendy of going Hollywood and getting lipo done but Wendy got lipo after her son was born 12 yrs ago while she was still on the radio, hardly hollywood. Also, when she and Omarossa got into on her show, Omarossa asked if she got her nose done and Wendy said No, as much as she puts her own cards out like how she has eaten out of the top of the trash, I doubt she would lie about a surgery. Also, it says Mariah wont set foot on her stage. During the radio days in 05 Mariah in fact did an interview on the radio show and they got along fine. If something happened between 05 and now that we dont know about then I dont know. I didnt know about the shoe thing, if thats true shame on you Wendy. What the heck u need with 12, 000 pairs of shoes for anyway. Some of which u may never get a chance to try on let alone wear more than 10 min in a lifetime. I did hear about the incident she was paid to appear and demanded champagne and left. Smh. She betta stop.

  • ch

    Come on- this article is very mean and petty. Wendy is just outrageous and deliberately controversial. She’s a strong, smart woman and you can learn from her. It’s all part of the entertainment business and these celebs have no personal interest in each other…nor us. So don’t get ruffled on their behalf.

  • Ifuaskme2

    I’m surprised PETA allowed her to pose with all that horse hair. There’s a bald pony out there freezing.

    • weaveoligist

      Learn your weave hunny its not horse hair it 100% human if you dont know about it dont speak about it. Hourse hair is not used.

  • LiiSH

    Wendy has burned alot of bridges in the black community but it isn’t salting up her game. She has moved on to TV-land and white world with her antics and they greatly appreciated her trash talk. I have read several Wendy books, and she is a serious ish started. But thats her job I guess.

    • Marais Morris

      you must not know about KARMA. it just hasn’t caught up with wendy YET.

  • rzakia

    This article is disgusting. Meg you seem to really hate Wendy Williams. This is not healthy. You need to find something else to obsess over. Obsessing over a grown woman who isn’t physically or mentally hurting anyone is ridiculous. I can’t believe you’ve dug up 15+ reasons why Wendy Williams is a horrible human. Sweetie you need to stop caring about what Wendy is doing if it’s causing you so much grief.

  • Geez! what did Wendy do to you?? You really sound like a hater with this article. Very disappointing MN. Save the suggestive stuff for your own personal blogs.

  • chanela

    i couldn’t believe it when she talked smack about black women for NOT getting chopped up. um why on EARTH would we want to look like her?? ewww

  • Smh, and people actually let Wendy take over their brains.

  • ANTMilf

    Sorry but I can’t with that PETA ad, my eyes!!!!!!
    Plus my late mother called her a modern day Hedda Hopper when she watched her show.

  • Negress

    Wendy is Wendy. The menu for today is a choice of two: take it or leave it. If you’re not doing things in the dark, no one can bring it to light.

  • LaPorsha

    I think that Wendy is JUST FINE the way that she is…First of all she actually has a JOURNALISM degree unlike 99% of the talk shows out there…She paid her dues in radio & now has a talk show which is obviously successful because it’s on it’s 4th season now…She has a clothing/shoes/accessory line out, working on a self-help book & I think she looks FABULOUS for a BIG girl like myself…I think her so-called “shade” is entertaining but it’s HER OPINION…Yes she has a HUGE platform but she has been pretty OPEN & HONEST about her personal life (talks about her past drug addition & that she had a miscarriage)…& she LEADS WITH FACTS before she gives her opinion or sources the rumors…I think that people need to give Wendy a break because she is just doing her JOB…& WELL!!!!!

  • Dom

    I was intrigued when I first saw the title of this, and as an admitted Wendy fan I wanted to see if any of it had merit. Nothing. This list was a pathetic attempt to throw shade at Wendy. Her breast implants? Really, that’t the best you can come up with?

    Also, as a frequent viewer of hers, I’ll say that many of the quotes you attributed to her were taken out of context. You sure do know quite a bit about her, for someone who seems to dislike her so. All in all, do better, Meg. This was a really shoddy list.

  • IJS

    So what she called Beyonce dumb… if she’s dumb she’s dumb… get over it… Bey can sing but she didn’t even graduate high school… Wendy maybe throwing shade but she got as far as she has doing it and she has a college degree. The reason I love her and Kathy Griffin is that they poke fun at celebrities in a celebrity obssessed society. Give me a break they the are regular people who’s job is to entertain us… they are not gods and as such we should accept their flaws as well as their talents. Only 12 yr olds get mad when you poke fun at their celeb idols… grow up MN.

    • realadulttalk


    • Res

      Maybe Bey should be a former coke head with fake breasts who people constantly says looks like a man putting down black women then she could be down with Wendy. She didn’t graduate from high school but to say she hasn’t handled her business is beyond ridiculous. Wendy went to college and still be came a drug addict so what exactly is the point here?

    • chanela

      so? tons of people that are successful didn’t graduate high school. they aren’t dumb. you mean to tell me that albert einstein is stupid then? exactly!

      • Rosie

        No because Albert Einstein continued to self educate himself. That is the problem with the uneducated famous people they do not have the thirst for knowledge like Albert Einstein did. Look at Eddie Murphy uneducated and doing the same crap as far as movie roles. He needs to go back to school and study theater with all the money he has he can afford it.

        • chanela

          go back to school and study theater for what? people are in school studying theater to be able to do what hes already been doing for almost 30 years. what is going to school gonna do for him? what can a teacher teach him that he doesn’t already know about acting?

      • Marais Morris

        bob dylan only has a high school education [never went to college] yet he is smarter than a whole lot of people who went to college and beyond. i know two stupid people who [both] have advanced degrees. it’s shameful to hear either of them talk; they are both so stupid, have limited vocabularies, not well read either. yet their perseverance and repeat courses eventually led to advanced degrees. this is what one defines as “BEING EDUCATED BEYOND ONE’S INTELLIGENCE”. wendy is lucky and funny like a comedian so she has gone far. but bright [?], she is not so she should leave beyonce alone. so what if beyonce is not smart; she sings well and knows how to handle money. beyonce is not smart but at least she is not mean the way wendy is, nor does beyonce hate being black the way wendy does. and beyonce never used whitney’s problems to elevate herself in the entertainment world.

        • Suuzie

          I think Beyonce is very smart and just how smart she is we don’t really know because who on this board has had a conversation with Beyonce? Wendy always bragging about her college degree, but for some one with a degree she needs to improve her vocabulary. There has been many times she can’ pronounce words off her cue cards and many times she use words that evidently she doesn’t know the meaning of. I wish someone would do a compilation of all the times she has used the wrong word or didn’t know how to pronounce a word and then we can all see just how dumb this college grad is. Bill gates in the riches man in the U.S. And he is not a college graduate. Beyonce is more entertaining and has more money than wendy and wasn’t stupid to get hooked on drugs and she didn’t have to buy a man.

    • Rosie

      Yeah when Beyonce speaks you can tell she does not have any kind of education. Wendy Williams is just telling it like it is and some people cannot handle it.

      • Marais Morris

        wendy is always mixing up the nominative and subjective cases trying to sound intelligent. for example, wendy will say “Give the book to SHE and I” as if that is smart just because it sounds [to her] like educated grammar when, in fact, she is just downright WRONG! and even she will admit that she was dumb herself while in college and was only let in because of her parnts’ money and influence. wendy was in a REMEDIAL program in college named after one of the Kwanza principles. and it was really embarrassing just last week when wendy could not even pronounce the word “algorithm” [BECAUSE SHE DID NOT RECOGNIZE IT AND DID NOT EVEN KNOW WHAT AN ALGORITHM WAS…..]

      • Suuzie

        Please share how you can tell Beyonce doesn’t have education? You sound just as dumb as wendy. Beyonce has a southern drawl because she was raised in Texas and a lot of northerners automatically assume some one is less intelligent when they hear that southern drawl and to stereotype someone because of their accent is really what I call dumb.

  • Dom

    I was intrigued when I first saw the title of this, and as an admitted Wendy fan I wanted to see if any of it had merit. Nothing. This list was a pathetic attempt to throw shade at Wendy. Her breast implants? Really, that’t the best you can come up with?

    Also, as a frequent viewer of hers, I’ll say that many of the quotes you attributed to her were taken out of context. You sure do know quite a bit about her, for someone who seems to dislike her so. All in all, do better, Meg. This was a really shoddy list.

  • Dom

    I was intrigued when I first saw the title of this, and as an admitted Wendy fan I wanted to see if any of it had merit. Nothing. This list was a pathetic attempt to throw shade at Wendy. Her breast implants? Really, that’t the best you can come up with?
    Also, as a frequent viewer of hers, I’ll say that many of the quotes you attributed to her were taken out of context. You sure do know quite a bit about her, for someone who seems to dislike her so. All in all, do better, Meg. This was a really shoddy list.

  • York

    This article is mad childish and petty.

  • thunderbold

    I am surprised at Madame Noire. This is a strctly I hate Wendy page. . Wendy has faults just like celebrities out there have their faults she is only a human being from New Jersey. A lot of celebrities need a shout out because they think their crap don’t stink. She is entertaining and I wouldnl’t be surprised how many celebrities watch her show secretly. I laugh at some of the stupid and bold things she says SMDH. and how she contradicts herself. What I do notice is how other entertainment shows copies off her style and the gossiping trend. So if you don’t like Wendy, don’t be like her with article like this. And by the way , didn’t you ran an article about ditsey celebrities too.

    • York

      I love it when she says something COMPLETELY opposite of what she said the week before and follows up with, “because I’m a woman and we’re fickle and have the right to change our minds!”

      I was so opposed to her at first but watching the show, she really does say what everyone else WANTS to say!

    • chanela

      has faults? she IS a fault. that “woman” is horrible

    • Guess

      Probably Beyonce pacing herself & trying to blacklist WW because she dissed her narcissistic arse. Quite sure Bey has the power to do so. I don’t always agree with WW, especially when she ignores the obvious with her favorites. But, she says what ppl are thinking much of the time… Beyonce is not the brightest bulb in the pack & she IS incredibly inarticulate.

  • Out of the box

    Isn’t this article hypocritical? The author is doing the same thing they is accusing Wendy of doing…throwing shade on another black person.

  • Y’alls that love her can have her. She’s all about the business and the gossip. Yes, that is what she’s known for. But sometimes she just throws too much shade behind what she’s reporting. That’s my problem. That’s my issue with anyone in her business–which is why I don’t fraternize with too many gossip shows or websites anymore. What’s the point? Maybe she’s serving scalding hot true tea, but once again–“it’s the way”. It’s the WAY she does things.


    I watch Wendy and dont agree with everything she says, but she says whats feels and dont give a damn…one thing I can say if she really like you she doesnt throw you shade “as she calls them friend to the show”, she hasnt touched Coco and Ice T’s latest drama ’cause she likes them. And, the ish she said about Whitney turned out to be true…..

    • blkbrrybetty

      She used to ride in that same boat but now she on tv. she the pot and Whitney is the kettle

  • Ms. Latina

    Meg ? why you mad tho :-(( .. sounds like your HATING

  • Ay

    Wendy Williams, shady is thy name.

  • Ki

    Wendy does her job well ! Got the editor salty. Lol

    • Chenoa

      Hahaha exactly!!

  • heyheynow

    Some of Wendy’s stuff is entertaining but sometimes she’s much too much especially with that whitney houston shade….but the only thing I have to say is why is it that black women always have to look out for one another..people who have hurt me most in life have been other black women…as I grow in my career I will help other sisters out but if you don’t like some one you don’t like them just because kenya is black doesn’t mean wendy couldn’t call her out wth…this a problem white people don’t struggle with do you think the people on that fashion police show don’t throw shade at other white women because they are white? hella no if wendy throws shade that is her job sometimes she gets a little too deep like plastic surgery and talking about natural hair but she doesn’t have lift up every black woman..sorry

    • Out of the box

      The difference between us and the white community is the adversity we have faced. Whites have been victims of racism, double standards, and injustices in the US

      • Out of the box

        oops! I meant whites have never…

  • Ms. Cambri

    Ya’ll forgot when she shamed black natural hair! Ugh how dare she put down a beautiful black woman holding it down in hollywood. I didn’t like her the first night I heard her.

  • navronis

    uuuum are you not doing the same thing with this article. pot calling the kettle? Let Wendy speak her opinion.. agree or disagree she is to be supported as well and is very entertaining.

    • Nicole Peters

      I agree with this 100% I read the article and was dismayed. Sure Wendy has stepped on a lot of toes to achieve her stardom, but the fact still remains is that she did it! She has risen higher than a lot of HER haters would have ever thought she would go! And the fact remains is that she is hasn’t said anything libelous and reprehensable that would have her pulled her reprimanded. She isn’t doing differently than Joan Rivers talking about every person on the red carpet. My grandmother often had a saying , “Those who don’t like, don’t look.” Change your channel if you don’t like her! I’m a Wendy fan!

  • kierah

    Wendy is doing her job and saying stuff that most people are thinking.

    She is just pure fun like Hedda Hopper, Cindy Adams, Ted Evangelista and Liz Smith before her. The difference is that she spilled tea on the Black community. She found a niche and worked it.

    If she was making up blatant lies, she would have been sued by now for libel. Oddly, that has never happened.

    • Chenoa

      I totally agree with this. Whoever wrote this article is doing the EXACT thing they’re accusing Wendy of doing. Not good.

    • realadulttalk

      I actually preferred Radio Wendy–she was gangsta with her approach. One reason I don’t listen to radio now is that the personalities are arse-kissing the artists instead of saying how they really feel. Right or wrong-Wendy tells you how she feels.

  • Ms. Bee

    I hope she’s not allergic to Bey-stings, cause they’re coming for her.

  • Ms_Mara

    Back in her radio days, she was the queen of the ‘blind item’ and the “How you doin'” rumors. It doesn’t seem she’s changed all that much since then. But I really LOL’d at what the little girl said to her. Eden Wood: 1, Wendy:0.

    • realadulttalk

      Most of her blind items came from The Panache Report–the site still exists and still does blind items–check it out for self.

  • thatonegirl

    I normally don’t agree with putting another sister down but Wendy has really tried it the past couple of years. I can understand reporting on celebrity news that’s true but making up RIDICULOUS, malicious and blatant lies about someone is down right messy. Karma is indeed a Bi*&h. Go in Madame Noire GO IN!!!!!

    • Mike

      For the universal truth of life in 3 pages, Google “TruthContest” and Click on “The Present”.