See My Days Are Cold Without You…Nelly Rumored To Have Split With Ashanti Over Cheating

December 12, 2012  |  

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A mere two months after Hip-Hop’s favorite secret (that actually isn’t that much of a secret) couple Nelly and Ashanti were seen hugged up and having at amazing time at the 2012 Angel Ball, the two are reported to have called it quits. A source exclusively revealed to that Nelly is actually the one who put an end to the relationship because of Ashanti’s inability to be faithful and her dishonesty about past infidelity.

It seems that Ashanti’s good girl image went down the crapper once word began circulating that she’s pretty “popular” among men in the industry. The source went on to say that for years Nelly ignored the rumors that the songstress had slept with celebrities such as Jay Z, Nas, and her producer Irv Gotti, who is actually a married man and openly admitted in a radio interview with Wendy Williams that he had an affair with the Glen Cove native back in 2007.

It was also rumored that she had some involvement with producer Chink Santana who played her love interest in the video for her 2004 single “Don’t Let Them“. The producer also played a leading role in Keyshia Cole’s “Should’ve Cheated” video, which triggered the circulation of rumors that Ashanti and Keyshia disliked one another because they were both romantically involved with the married producer; however those speculations were never actually proven. But, it seems that this very rumor is what caused Nelly to say enough is enough.

It is believed that Keyshia’s new duet with Ashanti “Woman To Woman” is based on more fact than fiction and is actually what pushed Nelly over the edge and that the two ladies have squashed their beef because Keyshia is now happily married. The source revealed that this is what caused him to begin questioning the nature of the relationship between Chink and Ashanti again and made it hard for him to believe her claims that the relationship was platonic. Again, allegedly.

We can only hope that these rumors aren’t true and that whatever the situation is, the two can find it in themselves to make amends and move on so we can get back to talking about how they’re a secret couple again.

Check out the video of Ashanti and Keyshia performing “Woman To Woman.” Does this strike you as a true to life scenario or do you think this is just a rumor?

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  • maria

    Ashanti is a untalented slut…sleeping around to make up for “I cant sing dance or act”

  • pretty1908

    Cheating is cheating…no one knows the extent or nature of their relationship. A lot of favorite singers and artists have sucked and freaked their way onto the billboard so im not surprised by people suggesting ashanti may be loose. I hope it isnt true, but eeh

  • Me, Myself & I

    I thought Nelly & Ashanti made a cute couple but if the rumors are true then it is what it is!

  • Meyaka

    But nelly I tought she was just your “homegirl”? That’s what you get,it’s her kitty and if she wants to wipe the floor with it,it’s her choice .

  • mac

    These comments….can you say double standard SMDH

  • Y’all women kill me justifying Ashanti’s alleged cheating smh…Some of y’all good as well know if the rumors were about Nelly y’all would be calling him everything but a child of God…..they BOTH have expressed in interviews how they prefer to keep their love life private…… It’s not like she was the one yelling from the roof tops that Nelly was her boyfriend either smh ….

  • Ay

    I’ve read some interesting gossip items on Ashanti over the years, sleeping with male and female execs to get her album out, random guys to finance her lifestyle. We know she slept with a married Irv Gotti. I’m not sure how she still has fans considering how hard we go on hoes…….

    • Ms. Kameria

      Well either she wasn’t doing something right (in sleeping with the execs) or sleeping with the wrong ones, because she is still wack. She can’t act, and can barely sing. I still to this day believe she got exposure because she is “pretty”.

  • Trisha_B

    Whenever a couple becomes public, rumors start flying. Nelly & Ashanti have recently started to be seen w/ each other more, so it wouldn’t be right if a rumor didn’t surface eventually…Nelly wasn’t the only one keeping mum about their relationship. I never heard Ashanti speak on it either, so i don’t get how Nelly is to be blamed.

  • Kellz from the A

    Ashanti is one of those low key industry groupies. I been hearing that she was thirsty for jay z as recently as earlier this year. On the flip side, Nelly is acting very sensitive for a guy that doesnt even claim their an item….

    • Meyaka

      No one in the world is thirsty for jay-z. Lmaoooo

  • Co-Co Diva

    But he’s not even claiming her….o_0 confused face

  • Britt

    If this story would have said Nelly cheated on Ashanti, the comments would be SO different. If Ashanti was that uncomfortable keeping their relationship a secret, she should have broken up with him. I heard rumors about them dating when I was in high school, now I’m two years removed from college.


    These two dated?!? How long was she waiting around with him??? Wasnt she with married Irv Gotti…she cant be taken serious I guess

  • TeahMonae

    In the famous words of Chris Rock, “I’m not saying it’s right…but I understand” lol

    I’m not saying its okay for Ashanti to cheat if that is even true, but come on, dude hasn’t even publicly acknowledged her and they’ve been “together” for like 10+ years!

    • Pivyque

      Nelly actually said that it he wasn’t the only one in the relationship that wanted to keep it a secret or something to that effect. If she didn’t want it out there because she was creeping, then it makes sense as to why she wouldn’t have a problem with it… Just a theory tho.

    • Na Na

      Thank you! They need to make a song called enough is enough. These men crack me up wanting you to faithfully play the “friend” role. Dude you know we’re together but since you want to act like you don’t know I don’t know either and I’m free to do me….him and her IF I choose!

    • Guest360

      I was about to write the same thing lol. I mean Nelly has called her a “buddy” for nearly 10+ years. Maybe she was getting a fix on the side of a relationship that was only playing out in private. Or maybe she’s lowdown dog but for some reason I really don’t have it in me to blame Ashanti for anything. Their whole relationship was suspect from the get go. It’s one thing to keep things private. It’s another thing entirely to deny you’re mate for 10 YEARS and now you want to claim you’ve been hurt? Why you mad? Sucks that it took a cheating scandal to out the worst kept secret tho lol

  • JaneDoe

    And they will be back together in 5, 4, 3…. If its not a rumor