‘I Keep It Natural’: Brooke Bailey Claims Her Hair And Her Assets Are Authentic

December 12, 2012  |  

Source: Twitter

Whether you like “Basketball Wives LA” rookie Brooke Bailey or not, two things that are difficult to deny after watching her on this season of the show is that she has a banging body and a gorgeous mane. Interesting enough, two of the assets that Brooke is most known for have been the topic of many conversations, as many have speculated that her hair is enhanced by weave and that she’s had work done to her body. In an interview with Vibe Vixen the 35-year-old video model finally addressed those speculations, and frankly, shut them down.

On whether or not she wears weaves

 “My hair has always been naturally long. Currently it touches my back bra strap. On the show, my hairstylist has added pieces for my side ponytail or braided looks, but I keep it natural otherwise.”

On if she has breast implants

“I have had a breast augmentation. That’s it. I was a D cup before my breast augmentation, and after I had my first 2 children, I decided to restore my breasts match my youthful body.”

Im not sure if her statements will silence skeptics as many feel that his photo suggests she’s had more done than she’s letting on, but truthfully a breast augmentation is just a modest way of saying breast implants. To each his own though (or in this case her own), right? It doesn’t seem like Brooke would outright lie about having work done to her body considering she’s always had a pretty “live and let live” attitude about women having work done to their bodies. going under the knife. She told the site: “I’m all for plastic surgery. What’s good for the next girl might not be good for me. I don’t feel like that means that you’re insecure because you want to improve your beauty.”

Whether she’s had major work done to her body or not, Brooke looks pretty amazing for her age. Who knew she was 35?!

What do you think? Is Brooke being modest in her description of the surgeries and enhancements she’s had done to her body?

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  • Sunshingyrl

    No she’s 35…we attend junior high together(Webster Junior High School)in LA….she was super skinny though so YES she has had plenty of work that I’m sure of…also she always had long hair so I believe she has tracks here and there but its mostly hers…The only thing that I can vouch for as being staged is her name…..its definietly not Brooke…its Lashawn

  • Breast augmentation does not mean implants! as some other comments have already said. Some people don’t need or want implants they actually just want a “lift” or even “reduction” especially people who have had more than one kid.

  • I had a breast augmentation and it was actually a reduction. but the surgeon called it an “augmentation. Personally she didn’t need to explain anything. People will think what they will. Y’all know with us, if your hair is past your eyebrows, somebody claiming you wearing a weave. It’ll be alright.

  • Jontel

    Brooke herself shared the info of what kind of implant she choose for her breast in a convo with Draya on one of the episodes & I guess they didnt ask about her behind because that looked a lil deformed when she was showing the girls her night wear line.

  • well we know the hair aint real; i can tell clip ins and extensions. And if the breasts were altered surgically, then they are not natural cuz they are no longer in their natural state. But when u got money and a good doctor you can fool anymore; I could care less cuz she still gets on my nerves when I watch the show, real or fake. Dont matter

  • She probably had a baby at 17. I’m 35 with 17 year old….you can’t add

  • Angela Ingram

    I want my breast augmented LOL. I had 2 kids and I am 46yrs old. I need my youthful look back!

  • Guest

    Whether it was a lift or implants, bottom line is it’s not her natural state. If you had them lifted to reflect a more youthful look, then you didn’t want them looking their age which is out of it’s natural state. Last time I checked hair pieces weren’t natural either!!! She should have stated she’s has minimal enhancements!!!!! That’s closer to the truth!!!

  • awet

    i always thought her hair was real!

  • rosetta’s stoned

    Thats obvious. It looks natural. Damn have things gotten so fake that people cant tell the difference.

  • All this is well and good, but why is she 35 wearing side ponytails?

  • silkynaps

    On the show, I really thought her hair was natural. If her hair was fake, it was the best wig/weave money can buy and it was installed by a magician because it lies flat and hangs smoothly without those tell-tell lumps and weird hairlines that tracks and wigs leave.

  • Miss_Understood

    She does look great for a 35 year old or even a 25 year old…I’m just tired of these women lying! Whether it’s airbrushing, a s s shots, breast implants, a “few pieces” in their hair, etc. they are still adding things to accentuate their beauty. Don’t try and tell these little girls, who want to look like you that you are 100% real and simply blessed with good genes because it only makes them feel worse.

  • nick

    Whether or not everything is real or fake on her someone is gonna have something negative to say. Give it a goddamn rest ppl! i’m not standing in her corner, but yall are acting like its impossible for her to really be shaped that way and have real hair. Talking bout pictures from years ago and ish…get a life! FYI people get older and get fat. Her a$$ can certainly be all hers, and her breasts.
    And really, you shouldn’t be checkin cuz regardless of if she’s shakin her behind(real or fake) for loose change it don’t have nothing to do with you and yours!

    • nick

      steady tearing people down SMDH. If she says that’s what it is then you say kudos to her and keep steppin. Sometimes i swear madame noire folks need to fully recline to a horizontal position. Cant even tell yall to have a seat.

  • She looks good for her age? She is only 35! When did that become old? It would be different if she were 50. Geez. I know some 45 year olds that look better than some 25 year olds! Age has nothing to do with it. It is called eating healthy, working out, and taking care of your whole self. Get a grip Madame Noire.

    • Suchalady

      Same thing I was about to say. She looks amazing for 35?! Umm ok, didn’t know that was old…

    • agreed! 35 is nowhere near old.

  • She’s at least had some implants. I don’t care how sky high the dr. pulls the tatas they don’t become perfectly round basketballs after two kids without the help of some saline/silicon. Of course she weaves it up. Most black women in the industry do. There’s no way you can fry, dye, curl and straighten black hair every day without damaging it. So I don’t blame them for wanting to protect their natural locks with a sew in.

    I say all that to say its her damn business. If she wanna say she was gifted by God for her 30″ Virgin – Indian Remi and her plastic chest that’s her business.

  • Whitley

    First off,that’s not Brooke’s hair and you can tell it’s weave. I saw a photo of her when she was younger and she had a nice length of hair. Her boobs are butt are fake,I recently saw a photo from her in 2006 and her body is fake..

    • pretty1908

      yes mam…. she was skin and bones on those pics

      • Ms. Kameria

        Her body could have gotten like that from pregnancy. Didn’t she say she had 3 kids?…..Don’t you gain weight from pregnancy?

        • I had no back side until I had my second child and my breast tripled in size after my first child….some people are just haters

          • Ms. Kameria

            Oh Ok. I’ve never had kids or gained (or lost) weight like that. I was just asking….we’ll rather assume that’s what happens.

        • pretty1908

          I have seen the photos and she was thin after those children…yes you do gain weight from children but that isn’t the case.I feel that if you are going to go and pay for your curves why be ashamed to admit. Its your business, but don’t be a size five one week and come back the next week an 8 and not expect people to be puzzled . She does look good regardless.

  • Meyaka

    I don’t care,She looks really nice tho.

  • realadulttalk

    A breast augmentation could mean a lift. Please differentiate between your OPINION and actual FACT.

  • TeahMonae

    “…. a breast augmentation is just a modest way of saying breast implants”

    I disagree with this statement because an augmentation could mean having your own natural breasts lifted but doesn’t necessarily mean that you had anything artificial (silicone or whatever they use nowadays) added. Nevertheless, she is a very beautiful woman and doesn’t look as plastic as most in that industry.

    • realadulttalk

      Exactly! And when I look at her body as a whole–it doesn’t look fake to me. She’s not a small girl…she’s built like my cousin…exactly like her actually. And my cousin has t&a for weeks on end.

      • TeahMonae

        Yeah, she does look natural. I just want to know the secret to having the flat stomach while keeping your curves cause when I lose weight I lose it everywhere!! T&A goes right with the lil pouch I’m trying to get rid of. lol

        • realadulttalk

          I have no t or a…I cannot help you. Lol

        • Its called lipo on the stomach, and fat injections into the azz. VERY popular surgery, and guess what the fat injections don’t show on ex-rays/mri’s ask Kim K she knows.

          • Kim K has booty implants. She will NEVER reveal that on her own show. Come on, that doctor could have got those x-ray results from anywhere. We don’t believe you Kim. Nice try.

            • She might, I know Nicki surely has implants. The thing is fat injections don’t leave that tell-tale sack in the x-rays.

            • awet

              i don’t think she has implants, but she definitely has booty shots!

    • Htpnksuga

      Sad day when reporters are now interviewing with questions on whether or not ones hair is real. It even more sad that every black person with long hair absolutely can’t be there own hair. Even saider when one feels the need to let people know they are wearing their own hair.

      • nikkid

        I so agree! I had a breast augmentation and it was actually a reduction. It still was work done to my body but it helped my back due to my frame. The hair thing really gets me having natural curly hair does not mean you have to be mixed or its weave. Nothing wrong with weave and I think it keeps you versatile!! I get so tired of people having to justify or explain! I so do not envy their world.

      • I agree with you Htp…I thought this blog would be fun and maybe even empowering but lately Madame Noir writers have been really hating on people of color. Being very un-supportive.

    • Hehe

      Augment means making bigger. Breast augmentation is a euphemism for breast implants.

  • JaneDoe

    I believe that the hair is real. As far as the booty you just can’t tell with these women now a days. I remember her from Candy Girls and back then I thought she was so pretty. Now, not so much..