‘I’m Embarrassed I Allowed A Deceitful And Hateful Person In My Life’: Kenya Moore Speaks On Fake Relationship

December 12, 2012  |  

Source: WENN

While I am happy to see the Real Housewives of Atlanta‘s Kenya Moore is embarrassed about something — as she should be — I’m not totally sure I’m buying the story she’s telling, or more like selling. After he on-screen boyfriend Walter exposed their relationship as nothing more than a romance for the cameras Monday, Kenya was adamant about defending herself against his story, tweeting:

“Everyone is so quick to jump to conclusions when people lie. Look to someone’s motivations.”

After a follower told Kenya if Walter’s story isn’t true then she needed to speak on it, the reality TV newbie said that she would be releasing an official statement later in the day, and according to TooFab.com, they’ve received the official response from Ms. Moore, which says:

“The truth is and has always been that I want to be in a loving, honest, long-term relationship with someone who genuinely loves me for me — Walter’s recent statements are completely false. I am embarrassed that I allowed a deceitful and hateful person in my life. He says he ‘did it for fame.'”

“I’ve been humiliated enough by appearing desperate for a man to marry me who now admits he had his own agenda. I urge viewers to stay tuned because the truth will come to light. I am moving on from this situation and hope he can as well with respect and dignity going forward. I have heard the fans and my friends loud and clear … I can do better than Walter, and I will.”

Were it not for that, “I urge viewers to stay tuned” line, I’d be more inclined to believe this statement is genuine, but if all was revealed during taping of the show, why is Kenya devastated and embarrassed now? Didn’t she know this was coming? Perhaps at the end of the season, Kenya decided to finally move on from Walter, who never really seemed to have been on her to begin with, but if I have to choose one person who I think is actually telling the truth in this situation, I’m going to say Walter.

Oh, and interestingly, Wendy Williams will also have an exclusive statement from Kenya about this situation later today. Sounds like an even bigger ratings plug to me.

What do you think about Kenya’s response to Walter saying their relationship is fake? Who do you believe?

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  • macadae_me

    Wow, I agree with the other comments
    that Andy Cohen should take responsibility for some of the drama that surrounds
    Kenya this season. I know this is one of Bravo’s biggest cash cows and it is
    clear they set Kenya out to be the crazy evil queen, but at what cost? I still
    like to watch this show, and Nene is my favorite of them all. RHWOA is also one
    of my DISH co-workers favorite shows, as she keeps me updated on the drama. I
    missed this week’s episode but thankfully my DISH Hopper was there to record
    it. I’m bad with setting daily timers so instead I set it to record the season
    and since there is over 400 hours of HD DVR space I have enough room to record
    the rest of the season without worry. I think the in the Walter/Kenya drama I’m
    going to go with Walter’s story, it doesn’t make sense for him to lie about the

  • White Orchid

    Wonder if Kenya’s aunt was in on the lie, too, when she introduced them?

  • kay

    Kenya is thirstier for fame than a man walking through a desert! She knew that man did not want her nor did she care! She didnt realize time would sell her out. She wanted fame and he was an easy target. Whenever she talked about marriage he had a sudden case of bronchitis and “aint nobody got time for that!”
    On behalf of all Kenya find a row of chairs and have several seats!!

  • scandalous7

    sorry Kenya, but there is no way we can believe you at this point

  • ayoolo

    I 100% believe walter..she just trying to flip the script and do damage control..to not look, sad,tired and grappling at straws for fame….get counseling and a nine to five honey..pathetic.

  • Chocolate12

    Chubby Checker??…. I’m dead

  • V. Staccato

    Kenya is an “actress”. Everything that she does and everything she says is SO inauthentic. It was obvious that all the drama she created was prompted and disingenious. She’s a phony from head to toe. I also love how pissy she gets when someone calls her Miss America, as if Miss USA is somehow special. The Miss USA pageant is rife with girls who eventually sleeping with Trump in order to continue having “careers” in the public spotlight.I’m sure Kenya is not above doing just that. She’s an opportunist, a terrible actress/liar and she’s too old to enjoy creating drama in such a public manner.

  • Meyaka

    Girl come on,Walter was never there for you,how many half answers do you need before you get a clue?

  • Yeppers

    And im still shaking my head…. She could of picked someone better looking to lie wit… he and Greg look like nursing home roommates both of them look so tired all the time like old lions laying in the safari heat.

    • JaneDoe

      DWL… Old Lions laying omg.. Make it stop

  • Say What?

    Let me get this straight. You’re not embarrassed by your childish behavior, clinging to your outdated beauty queen status nor the fact that you’re in your forties, yet have the acne of a thirteen year old, but you are embarrassed that you got played by Yogi the Bear? Chick you chose him and if you had chosen to smooth out your attitude rather than just your crust @ss feet you’d have better options! All the mansions on this show and ain’t nobody offered her a seat yet?

    • ChrissiC

      lmao at Yogi the Bear

    • that’s just cold right there. *giggles*

    • kierah

      She can have a seat at Chateau Sheree!

      • Ashley

        LMBO!!! at yogi bear and chateau sheree!

  • MsFancy407

    I believe her. I think they really were dating, and she really was desperate for a ring BUT I think after seeing this week’s episode he wanted to shame her the way he looked shameful. He allowed himself to sit there like a fool as she gyrated herself on flirted with other men, and now he wanna do tick for tack. Sucker. Lol. She a little rough around the edges, due to insecurities but ALL women have done certain things that don’t effect who they REALLY are. She is a woman who received a title little girls dream of and she has real woman issues. #TeamKenya

    • Yeppers

      Wow you believe that?? U must be one of them stans that believe anything a person says… Walter was acting like that on tv because HE DIDN’T CARE! THEY WASN’T DATING!! She on tv rubbin and all over other women’s husbands like she don’t have no decency and class..asking Phaedra can Apollo have permission to fk her. I would have whooped her a$$!!. I don’t Stan for indecent hos… Sorry i don’t feel u.

      • SunshineBlossom

        I agree, NO real man who is REALLY in a relationship would let their woman grind on another man, that is a recipe for somebody to get dropped!

      • MsFancy407

        Well I didnt ask you to “feel me”, I just stated my opinion. I dont “stan” for anyone, but I do understand its all in the name of entertainment so I dont take it too personal. Lol. I wouldnt have whopped anyones a$$ either, because my husband would have not went as far as Apollo did. I dont fight for respect, I earn it. Be blessed youngin. Oh, and if he did it for his 15 mins of fame and agreed to it, why out her?? Bitterness, will do it. Dont be fooled by men who take advantage of a situation, look to come up, then when their image is looking funny, they clown the woman.

    • BAPS

      He admitted they dated for a few months in the past. I honeslty believe there is a requirement that a woman, if not married, has to be in a relationship in order to be on the show, as well as some other things; it was a great opportunity for her but she didn’t have a man, so it’s believable that she asked him to play the role to get the part. What does he have to lie for? His actions/behavior and response to her during the taping of the show proves it all; actions speaks louder than words.

      • MsFancy407

        I’m not agreeing with her b/c of the actual dating part. Im agreeing with her about how people can be so spiteful. He knew what he signed on to do, they cut his butt a check, so he should have played his part. Lol. We all know reality tv isnt a 100 percent reality, but I believe he mouth should have been shut! I want to enjoy the show and all its foolishness, not hear that sad behind truth.

  • NikkitaMichelle

    I don’t believe her. I think Walter told the truth. All of the other “housewives” have boyfriends, husbands, or at least children. They are not all alone and Kenya is all alone. I believe her ugly attitude has something to do it with it.

  • Kaori

    The whole show is fake. I watched an episode of season 5 last night out of boredom.

  • me

    I must say, I don’t agree with Wendy Williams about much at all but I did agree with what she said about this. One thing she said was that she blamed Andy Cohen for this – we are only four episodes into the season and this sort of tea is already being spilled. All of them should have had to sign agreements to keep their mouths shut, including Walter. Two, she said that now everything about Kenya is called into question. Was her mom really a monster? Is the woman in Atlanta really her aunt? Now we don’t know what to believe at all. I really don’t see how she thought acting like this would help her brand. I never imagined a woman who I thought was so attractive and regal as a kid would turn out to be another tackhead hoodrat. SMH. She disappoints me more than Marlo and that is saying something. At least she just was what she was. LOL

  • Jaytee

    “The truth is and has always been that I want to be in a loving, honest, long-term relationship with someone who genuinely loves me for me”… And what made Kenya believe this man loved her. He barely paid her any attention. He never agreed to marrying her….wait he never asked her to marry him. She dragged him into her life…

  • Jaytee

    “The truth is and has always been that I want to be in a loving, honest, long-term relationship with someone who genuinely loves me for me”… And what made Kenya believe this man loved her. He barely paid her any attention. He never agreed to marrying her….wait he never asked her to marry him. She dragged him into her life…

  • Yeppers

    Sooo we need to stay tuned in to see u act even more FAKE to get the real story….. Ahhhh what!?!! The man have already said his part of the situation was fake so what’s real about it anymore??? Chile…. I don’t know WHAT to say about miss Kenya. She have embarrassed the herself enough… Please have several of them things called. SEATS!!!

  • I say it was fake cause she was really disrespecting walter on their trip flirting with other men in his face and say she ready for marriage acting like that i don’t think so she didn’t want to be the single lady on RHWOA so she borrowed a man lol get your life kenya cause u something serious lol no need to come out with a statement (lie) cause u busted

    • Nikki

      And in the teaser for next Sunday’s episode when Nene says that she and Walter don’t seem like a couple to her she lashes out!

      • Yeppers

        Exactly because they wasn’t in on the scheme only Kenya and Walter… So of course when she up here grinding on other people husbands and asking for permission to fk other people man in front of the man she brought… It caused RED FLAGS TO GO UP… She not only a bad actress she stupid as hell. She didn’t think the other cast members who she lied to as well aren’t going to be like HOL UP..u keep Talkin bout this man is serious and then actin like this IN FRONT of him????. Especially Nene!!

        • SunshineBlossom

          Thank you!!! You are absolutely right, and you know if NeNe could see that she was faking the relationship, the show was a wrap.

  • Kitsy

    Say what you will, the truth is, if it were not for Kenya a lot of people would have changed channels on RHOA because the other stories are a snooze-fest. Kenya injected new life into the show. I’m only upset that Bravo didn’t impose some type of clause in their contracts that prevent participants from revealing crucial or damaging details before the end of the season. I believe that Bravo and Andy Cohen need to pursue some type of action against Walter for ruining the show.

    • Yeppers

      U believed that mess!!!? Chile and how is someone ruining something by giving us the real story?? I’d rather not follow a FAKE story line….I don’t know about u.

      • Kisty

        Oh, I believe him, completely. What I’m saying is, it has ruined the show because a lot of people are already saying their tuning out now that they know her story was fake. Kenya’s antics and relationship with Walter was a major reason people were watching. Now…*shrugs* I don’t mind he revealed it, but he could have waited to the end – he actually should have been legally barred from doing that type of expose til after the season.

    • KJ23

      I don’t know about others, but she makes me not want to watch the show. Even before this revelation. The moment she was acting extra on the first episode I got completely turned off to the series. Her and Kim. The only reason I watch it now is if I’m completely bored.

  • Mia

    It’s got to be a sad, sad day for a so called “beauty queen” when you get dissed by Chubby Checker. Prayers for Kenya…

    • littleoleme

      LMAO! Chubby Checker!

    • me

      LOL … THAT is who he looks like! I kept trying to figure out who he reminds me of. LMAO!

    • kierah

      Chubby Checker – minus the all stone wash denim outfit, of course!

  • SunshineBlossom

    Kenya is faker than Joseline’s silicone a$$.

  • realadulttalk

    Of all the things on that show that should embarrass her–this farce of a relationship should be at the bottom of the list. I think anyone who watches the show already knows Walter wasn’t into her like that.

  • WhatIMean

    Karma is a mutha, Kenya. You were soooo ugly on this show and dude basically told the truth, which explains the crazy in the face looks he gave you everytime you brought up marriage. I heard the live radio interview and dude was tellin the truth. It’s scripted reality TV, nothing is surprising.

  • JaneDoe

    Babae. You should be embarrassed of your behavior and how you made yourself look on national television

    • nikki D

      While deployed over here in Afghanistan this just made me really laugh! So true!!

      • JaneDoe

        I’m glad.. Happy Holidays Nikki D

      • Stay safe!

      • SheBe

        Thank you for your service and Merry Christmas!

        • Mia

          Cosign! Happy holidays Nikki D.!

  • Nikki

    As hard as I’m trying to believe Kenya, I can’t. Of course I want to see her happily in love with a great guy… (I wish that everyone finds their soulmate) However, I don’t see loving chemistry between Walter and Kenya. Look at how Kim & Kroy or Kandi & Todd interact. Look at how Greg chases Nene. That’s the love that I’m talking about. Sorry, Kenya, I tried.