Forgive and Forget? Ice T & Coco Acting All Happy and Stuff At Event

December 11, 2012  |  
Source: WENN

From TMZ

All is forgiven between Ice-T and wife Coco after pics surfaced last week of her getting real up close and personal with another man — or at least it was during an event in NYC on Monday.

If you’ll recall, Ice went on a Twitter rant ripping his buxom wife by saying he felt “disrespected” by pics of her hugging and kissing rapper AP.9.

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  • realadulttalk

    This is not his gf-it’s his wife. Marriages go through ups and downs (most of us just aren’t celebs). You don’t just divorce someone after one thing goes wrong–if you do then you never loved that person to begin with. They should be putting on good appearances–I’m sure things are not quite as sweet at home though. I wish them the best–I’d have died 1000 deaths if my ex-hubby’s transgressions had been all over the internet.

  • Sharon

    ummmmmmmmmmmm ……………………..Madame Noire, I know you probably won’t read this, but why do you all continue to write all this foolishness? I guess you don’t find anything exciting about black women so…………….write this.

  • Meyaka

    He better be happy,where else is he going to find a h0e that flexible?

    • Tamz

      You know what…lmfao

  • Kitsy

    Hmmm…from the time this story broke I’ve been feeling like its some type of publicity stunt. I have a hard time believing that she took these photos and Ice knew nothing about them. I mean, they’ve said constantly on their show that they go everywhere together and have rarely spent anytime apart. So…when and how was she able to take these photos (on separate occasions) without him knowing? Also, say what you want about her public image, I really don’t think she’s the type to cheat on him. I call BS on this whole thing.

    • Tamz

      That’s what I said when the original story was posted that this was a publicity stunt since their new season starts soon!!

      • realadulttalk

        If you are referring to Ice loves Coco–that show is currently about midway through the season. IDK I actually like these 2 together–Coco is a bit vapid but she actually seems really sweet. I won’t deny the publicity stunt though–they seem so in love with each other. So either they really are in love or they are the best actors ever and need some awards ASAP.

  • Black men tolerate anything with their white women. SMH

    • Ann

      I agree with you totally Sandra. You cannot tell me if that was a black woman, he would have left her. They do put with a lot of stuff from white women and don’t have one problem with it. They can call them the “N” word, pay out a lot of money in divorce cases, child support or just give them money in general and have a great big smile on their faces doing it. They put them on a pedestal as if they are so perfect and don’t do any wrong.

      • Yes and that’s very unfortunate. I still need to understand why some black men have so much hatred towards EVERY BLACK WOMAN.

  • Cleo

    Ice is typical of course he would take her back lol

    • get real

      I mean how stupid is for spouse’s to work thru a problem? Hillary Clinton is so typical. Vanessa Bryant (Kobe’s wife) is so typical. And just about every other couple in USA history that has workout a problem. FOH lady.

      • Meyaka

        While Ice may not be typical, Hillary and Vanessa sure are.

      • Fresh45

        I know right. That was just a ridiculous comment. Why would he throw away a 10 or 11 year marriage over some pictures? Yeah the pictures were very disrespectful but they weren’t marriage ending,especially not a marriage that has lasted as long as theirs.

  • Lana

    So they can’t be happy? I understand the photos were wrong and there may be some underlying issues but they are married and they may believe in working on their issues between themselves and not walking around mean mugging.

    • get real

      Thank You. And I bet “Cleo” thumbed down your comment.

  • Megbabe

    Stunt queens. Who watches that stupid show? Coco is soooo gross.

  • StephLuv

    Ice is waiting for the episode to air while privately getting the lawyers ready. Keep it pimping Ice!