Can You Guess Whose Cute Kid This Is?

December 11, 2012 ‐ By Clarke Gail Baines

Who is this baller baby with his gold chain and sweet sweatsuit? You’ll have to guess!

This baby boy’s father is a pretty popular rapper who rolls with folks like Lil Wayne and claims to be from Compton (though recently there has been some speculation that he’s pulling a Rick Ross and lying about his past). He’s Vietnamese and Jamaican and likes to rap about money and loves to put out mixtape after mixtape after mixtape. His mother is a former exotic dancer (she actually might still be one) from Miami’s King of Diamonds nightclub, who has been a body double for folks like Nicki Minaj. These two are currently still in a relationship, and most of us originally saw them together in one of his most famous music videos. There were rumors that the two were engaged, but they were vehemently denied later by the now 23-year-old rapper.

Sooooo…whose cute baby is this?

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  • BryHindrixx

    Ummm… @ Blac Chyna’s “Baller Baby Momma” shirt.. Smh.. Anyway.. The baby.. is so adorable! <3 <3 I'm sure they'll enjoy their beautiful bundle of joy.!

    • BattleRudee

      lol her shirt pretty much says gold digger

  • realadulttalk

    Too cute!Now I have to go sit in a corner and repeat “you do not want a baby-stop playing”

  • Kaori

    I clicked on a YouTube video where Blacchyna was doing an interviewing, and, uh, she seems about as smart as a bag of rocks. Either that or she was intentionally playing the ‘dumb girl/woman role’.

    Those two are going to be some interesting parents.

    • kahlijr

      lol. go figure. who willingly plasters “future baller baby momma” across their boobs???

  • Trisha_B

    That baby is adorable! I wanna nibble his cheeks lol. He looks a lot like Tyga, but has a little bit of Blac Chyna’s features…I wish Chyna would tone down her look. She’s soo pretty when she’s not wearing make-up, no wig, & just lip gloss. I guess it’s apart of her “blac chyna” look/persona

  • mochaaa

    I can’t take tyga seriously after that video lol. I wish he would’ve stayed like that tho we need a few non gangster rappers. Cute baby!

  • toocute

    Bi racial kids are just too frickin gorgeous.Lil man is going to be a heart breaker

    • Prissy

      This beautiful boy is BLACK. He is NOT Bi racial. AND you seem like a self loathing Black person. SO Black kids can’t be cute without the oppressors DNA?? Get a life.

      • Kaori

        I don’t agree with what ‘toocute’ said, but the baby isn’t ‘Black’. You can’t ignore that ‘Tyga’ is half Vietnamese.

      • toocute

        You sound mad.Mixed kids tend to be beautiful.Oh well get over it

      • kahlijr

        in all fairness, too cute didn’t say he wouldn’t be cute if he were’nt mixed. second, it doesn’t make you self-loathing to think that many kids who are mixed are cute, especially since plenty are. likewise, there are lots of black, not bi-racial kids out there who are also gorgeous. and i didn’t think she was saying otherwise. some of ya’ll need to look inwardly on who’s throwing out the hate lol.

        • kahlijr

          i take this back. Prissy is clearly right about too cute. my bad!

    • Cleo

      Bahahahaha I’ve seen some pretty jank biracial people… His dad being one of them (Tyga)

      • toocute

        You sound mad?Just stating facts bi racial kids tend to be gorgeous.It’s rare that you see a regular black baby that is breathtaking

        • realadulttalk

          You must be biracial–you’re pushing this way too hard. Ugly people appear in every race.

        • kahlijr

          u don’t really believe that do you??? my daughter isn’t biracial and she’s gorgeous! u should look on the “pretty brown girls” FB page for a heapin load of beautiful black babies. i’m starting to think the person that called u self-loathing earlier might be right. u do realize u just insulted every black woman on here with your comment that “it’s rare that you see a regular black baby that is breathtaking.”

  • sabrina


  • bluekissess

    For Tyga to be Vietnamese and Jamaican he still looks like a critter to me. That baby is so cute though. Congratulations to them.

    • Trisha_B

      Are you implying that since Tyga is mixed he was suppose to be cute or something? lol

      • bluekissess

        Yessss! That’s exactly what I’m implying.

        • Trisha_B


  • littleoleme

    Precious little baby. He’s so cute.