‘I Won’t Address Trash’ — Except She Does: Evelyn And Shaunie Respond To Gloria’s Claim There’d Be No BBWLA Without Her

December 11, 2012  |  


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I mentioned in my roundup of knowledge shared during part one of the Basketball Wives LA reunion last night that Gloria Govan got a little full of herself and starting yapping away about how there would be no show if she and Laura didn’t come to LA and agree to be a part of the series. Knowing that Shaunie O’Neal is the, term used loosely, brains behind the entire Wives franchise, I’m sure a lot of people were looking at Gloria like, girl, stop playing yourself. And it appears two of those such people were Shanie and her sidekick Evelyn Lozada, or is the other way around?

While getting into last night’s drama, the two made sure to correct Gloria’s fallacy, with Evelyn stating:

Shaunie then jumped in with a retweet and:

We already know the Govan sisters are no friends of Evelyn and Shaunie’s so this isn’t a complete surprise, but the truth is no one is really winning taking credit for this show. If Shaunie’s the reason for the spinoff, why are you employing your man’s sidepiece (Laura)? And if Gloria is the one who should be taking credit, how is it you get the least camera time and have been reportedly fired? It just doesn’t look good either way. My main reaction to this response, though, has already been captured by one tweeter who told Evelyn:

I see @IyanlaVanzant needs to go in on @EvelynLozada again! She still hasn’t learned

Word. She might wanna mind her own Basketball Wives business.

Is Gloria talking out the side of her neck claiming to be the reason for the LA spinoff or is she kind of right?

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  • Rosetta’s stoned

    Can we please address how Bambi put Gloria on blast for her hoe behavior and gloria didnt deny it? SHEEEESH

  • Yvette

    Dear Evelyn the meaning of staying in your lane means to shut the fu@# up! Dear Shaunie clearly you didn’t hear yourself telling you to put your phone down. I mean seriously are these 2 in high school still? In my opinion Evelyn is a lost cause and will never “get it”. All that time and work that Iyanla VanZant dedicated to her was a waste. Maybe she will wake up one day and realize that the mature thing to do is just not respond to foolishness. As for Shaunie, she is doing what she always does…..talk mess then hide behind her bodyguard Ev. I have to say about Laura and Gloria is go away please!

  • “If Shaunie’s the reason for the spinoff, why are you employing your man’s sidepiece (Laura)?” Cuz Shaunie is a woman about business. I’d employ my ex’s ho too if it’ll bring the $$ in. You think Shaunie gives two shits about Laura Govan? Boo please.

  • Haylee

    Gloria and her sister needs to have a seat even if they have to set on each others lap. Gloria is trash and so is her sister known for sleeping with other womens men that is their claim to fame. If they take both sisters off the show neither one will be missed good bye.

  • Gurl Bye!!

    I see Gloria still hasn’t woke up from the grave she jumped out of to film the Reunion Show..because she was looking paler than theTales from the Crypt. She should be grateful to have the little piece of relevancy that she has…we all know the real reason that she left Miami…scared of Shaunie much….? lol

    • Dont Trip

      so true, the only reason y Gloria has this show is because she got ran out of Miami

  • realadulttalk

    Gloria’s the reason for the show–Laura is now rich and can buy and sell folks. Would everyone let the Govan sisters live their delusions of grandeur please???

    • Tamz


    • Fiedah

      I wanted smush her in the face when she said that! She said it so matter of fact like it was really the truth! Bish please! She’s hella boring and nobody watches the show to see her.

  • Say What?

    It’s funny that Evelyn was trying to give Shaunie props while everyone else is blaming Shaunie for making the existence of these no class, loose @ss, c@ck guzzling, coochie hustling, trifflin women known to the entire generation. This chicks claim to fame is sleeping with multiple married men and throwing water. She needs to invest all the money she’s made into filling her house with nothing but chairs so she can stay properly seated!

    • Ms_Mara

      lol @ throwin water.

    • c@ck guzzling huh? lol!

    • realadulttalk

      I am done at coochie hustling…I can’t!!! Lmao

    • Couldn’t have said it any better myself….

    • Yvette

      @say what..I literally just fell out of my seat laughing at your comment. I agree 100% with everything you have said. It is past time for her to have those seats!

  • JaneDoe

    Come on son the only reason Evelyn went on that damn show was for publicity.. I can’t stand Gloria.. She really think she is somebody talking about if it wasn’t for her.. I highly doubt that

    • MLS2698

      Wait! So, when I first saw BBW Gloria was taking up for her sis, but now she is saying her sister DID sleep with Shaq and the storyline is built on them? Maybe I’m lost because I’ve only seen a couple of episodes. * shrugs *

  • Lana

    A lot of these women on BBW have big egos. I’m sure that maybe some things were said to Gloria to has her up for doing the show. So she may have felt that it was ‘her’ show because she is the only wife to have been on BBW Miami and now LA. But I agree with the author of this post everyone involved needs to work on not taking themselves too seriously. Did anyone even take that comment Gloria said seriously???

    • realadulttalk

      Gloria is crazy! She only recently became a wife –Jackie and Malaysia were the only original wives of this show. I’m pretty sure Gloria took that comment seriously–did you see the show? The way she said it was so snarky!!

      • JaneDoe

        As if she was dying to say it.. I don’t even think it was called for especially in that particular conversation

        • realadulttalk

          “Well in reality”–oh I thought Bambi was gonna b-slap her. I can’t stand Bambi–but I wanted that slap to happen!!! Is that so wrong?? Lol