Who’da Thunk It? 15 Black Women We’re Surprised Dated/Married White Men

December 12, 2012  |  
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We did the men, now it’s on to the women. We scoured the interwebs and our own treasure trove of celebrity knowledge to bring you 15 women who shocked us just a bit when they stepped out with white men.

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Maya Angelou

African-American author, poet, feminist, producer, civil rights activist and overall amazing woman Maya Angelou has devoted much of her life to giving an honest look inside black culture, particularly from a female point of view. So it might come as a surprise that during one of the most racially tumultuous eras in American history Angelou married aspiring Greek musician Tosh Angelos in 1951. Though the marriage ended in 1954, the couple did give birth to Angelou’s only child, son Guy Johnson.



Eve E had no qualms about getting her swirl on with mogul and race-car driver Maximillion Cooper. The couple, who met in London in 2010, have been going strong for nearly three years, despite a little hateration here and there. Eve spoke to Hot 97’s Angie Martinez recently about her relationship: “We learn a lot about each other but people came at me like, ‘I can’t believe you’re dating a white dude and you don’t like black dudes no more.’ I’m like, ‘I love black men, it just so happens that my heart went this way right now.’” Thatta, girl!


Sanaa Lathan

Life imitated art (or maybe art imitated life) when Love & Basketball star Sanaa Lathan began dating music executive Steve Rifkind. Though the two got their co-habitating on, their relationship ultimately came to an end. While this lovely lady is currently back on the market, we have no doubt that she will find one hell of a mate of any persuasion she chooses. Hey, maybe Simon Baker is available? Those two definitely had some chemistry.


Alice Walker

In 1967, nearly three decades before she would pen the Pulitzer Prize winning tour de force that was The Color Purple, Alice Walker made a name for herself in a slightly different way. She, along with her husband Melvyn Rosenman, a Jewish civil rights attorney, would become the first interracial couple to be legally married in the state of Mississippi. Though the marriage ended nine years later, Walker did give birth to daughter Rebecca in 1969 and started a phenomenal career that continues today.

Judy Eddy / WENN

Kerry Washington

Part of the new wave of social activism among African-American celebrities and a vocal supporter of President Barack Obama, Kerry Washington was definitely one we were surprised to learn had seemingly only dipped her toe into the interracial waters. One of her most notable relationships was in fact with David Moscow, the child actor who starred in Big.


Robin Givens

We’re sorry, but we couldn’t help ourselves but to slip in Ms. Robin Givens into this slideshow after Mike Tyson revealed his ex-wife’s swirl secret. He claims to have caught his then-wife in bed with Brad Pitt. We’re not condoning infidelity here, but if your marriage has to come to a screeching halt, it might as well come in the arms of that hot man.


Alfre Woodard

The absolutely timeless Alfre Woodard has dazzled us on the big screen for decades. And while Woodard’s many accolades (including Golden Globes, Emmy Awards and several Academy Award nominations) have made her one of the most recognizable black actresses in Hollywood, one of the lesser known facts about this talented woman is her nearly 30 year marriage to screenwriting instructor Roderick Spencer. Their beautiful union has created two children, including daughter Mavis who served as Miss Golden Globe 2010.

Nikki Nelson/ WENN

Garcelle Beauvais

We were on the fence about including stunning Haitian-American beauty Garcelle Beauvais on our list, largely due to the bougie character she played on TV (you, Fancy, huh). But it was because of that role on one of the most popular black sitcoms of the late-90s that she earned a spot on our list with her marriage to agent Mike Nilon. Unfortunately, their union went up in flames when Beauvais discovered an extramarital affair Nilon was having (and promptly blew up his spot to his co-workers via e-mail).

Source: Getty Images

Roxie Roker

Roxie, Roxie, Roxie. No list about interracial couples would be complete without Roxie Roker. While her role on The Jeffersons catapulted her into the spotlight, she also became a television trailblazer due to her on-screen marriage to Franklin Cover (Tom Willis), a white man. The pair became the first interracial couple to be featured in primetime. But her trailblazing didn’t stop with the hit show. Roker would also marry white filmmaker and news producer Sy Kravitz and the rest is history … and one particularly awesome rocker named Lenny.


Diana Ross

She may be one of Motown’s biggest icons and a huge musical inspiration to many of today’s R&B singers, but that has never stopped Ms. Diana Ross from doing what – and who – she wants, no matter the criticism. Though Diana had been involved with her boss, Berry Gordy, for years, in the early 1970s, Ross married white music exec Robert Ellis Silberstein. A divorce would follow, as would a line of a swirlfric romances, culminating in her second marriage to Norwegian businessman Arne Naess Jr.

Carl Van Vechten

Josephine Baker

French-African-American entertainer Josephine Baker was a legend and incredibly important figure in not only opening doors for black singers, actors and dancers, but also providing support to the Civil Rights Movement, so it might come as a bit of a surprise to find out that Baker was once married to French orchestra leader Jo Bouillon.

C.Smith/ WENN.com

Whoopi Goldberg

Whoopi! How did you make this list? Easy, Goldberg has been married to three white men: Lyle Trachtenberg, David Claessen and Alvin Martin. This might come as quite the shock given Goldberg’s penchant for playing strong African-American women in movies such as The Color Purple and The Long Walk Home.


Venus Williams

Sister Serena might like men of the Common variety, but Venus? Well, she’s a different story. The tennis star had a long relationship with golfer Hank Kuehne before ending up with her most recent love interest: Cuban model Elio Pis. Ay dios mio, we gotta give credit, where credit is due; he’s quite the hottie.

Adriana M. Barraza/ WENN.com

Sharon Leal

One of the stars of Why Did I Get Married and Dreamgirls, Sharon Leal  hasn’t been afraid to explore new territory when it comes to her love life. This beauty is no stranger to a little blue-eyed loving and has been spotted out and about with dancer and choreographer Paul Becker.

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  • Secede

    Should change your name to ” Madam Racist”

  • charles reid

    But it’s not racist when it’s not against hispanics or blacks right? This writer and editor should be fired. Racism is repulsive regardless of your skin color animal

  • Lori

    I can’t believe your headliner spelled women wpmen! Great journalism there people maybe try spell check next time.
    Who cares is black women are dating white men or white woman are dating black men? It is 2015 for gosh sakes.

  • Archer Fish

    Never surprise me these Gloria Steinham-made black feminist hooking up with white dudes.

  • eyelostmyname

    I can’t believe this writer is glorifying these ho’s even if they are black!

  • PeaceCorps1

    Yep. You are sorry.

  • PeaceCorps1

    High powered whites tend to only marry whites. High powered blacks need to take a chapter from that book.

  • PeaceCorps1

    The sad part is that many top blacks marry poor others (white, Latino, Asian), but rarely do rich whites marry poor blacks.

  • Courtney Saint Alexander Ellis

    So the obvious answer is love knows no bound right? You may want to agree with me on this one.

    • PeaceCorps1

      nope. I disagree. It knows no bound when the black is rich and the nonwhites are glad to get some of it–OJ, Robin Roberts, Michael Jordan…

  • ryanDDavis

    “In 1967, nearly three decades before she would pen the Pulitzer Prize winning tour de force that was The Color Purple ” On what planet is 16 years “nearly 3 decades?” A minor point? Sure. But this site is so wrong so often! At this critical juncture in history, “Mrs. Black,” should not only fact check but dispense with the lists about nothing. SMH

  • captaindash

    I can’t believe how acceptable reverse racism is. The Eve one talked so casually about people accusing her of not liking black men, and how could she date a white guy etc. Are you shitting me? Same with people openly admitting they voted for Obama cuz he’s (HALF!!!!) black. WTF? That also very specifically means you didn’t vote for the other guy cuz he wasn’t black. That’s absolute textbook racism, yet you can say that on national TV and people just go “yeah, that makes sense”. I don’t get it. I get just as irritated when people say they’ll vote for Hillary Clinton because she’s a woman. That should have nothing to do with it. Vote for the most qualified person. If Obama fits your values (policies, not skin color), then vote for him. Vote for Hillary because you agree with her policies, not her ovaries.

    Only in America would stupidity like be normalized.

    • PeaceCorps1

      For decades only WHITE men could be voted for as President. Where was the outrage then?

  • blacklikeme

    I live in Cape Breton N.S. Canada POP. 104,000 people I am a black police officer there and state so that you know who I am and how I know these facts. Only 8% of the pop. is black but yet 47% of crime is committed by blacks, 32% of all welfare on the island is paid out to the black community, 1 in 11 blacks graduate from high school, 6% of the ones who graduate attend college and less 2% than but more than 1% actually graduate college. I was forced to come to the realization that it is time for the black community to take responsibility for the burden that they have put upon a small struggling community.I have no idea what is happening in the US but if what I’ve read here is correct then it’s time for the black communities thereto start taking responsibility for their actions.

    • PeaceCorps1

      And time for whites to stop ignoring the past wrongs and pay reparations!

      • Secede

        When are Blacks in the US going to pay reparations to the descendants of the Union soldiers who died setting them free ?

        • Masterpieced

          They were just correcting their race’s misdeed.

  • sunya

    This is a horrendous article only furthing the racist mindset.Who freaking cares who anybody dates?! Its not the 50’s you idiot who wrote the article!! Interacial relationships?? Who cares!!?

  • white girl

    So! Why is the union of a black woman and a white man a surprise? They’re both human, aren’t they?

  • Dawg

    A white saying that about another white dating a black is horribly racist, but when a black says that about another black, its righteous indignation.

    • PeaceCorps1

      Nope. I am against it all and I am black.

  • Sean Stout

    “I can’t believe you’re dating a white dude”…..imagine a white guy saying that to a white woman who dates black men. He’d be ran out of town on a rail labeled as a racist, but you can say that to white men all day long with no worries about being labeled a racist. There’s such a double standard.

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  • Ainsley Dawn Barnes

    way to stir up some un-needed racial trash with an article like this.
    who cares who people are dating. someone should write a article of morons that find this interesting enough to even write and publish this garbage.
    holy what a time waste. grow up, who even cares

  • Pilgrim

    America is a nation of immigrants. It’s a good day when racial barriers break down. I wish all these people the best.

  • Jack

    This article is disgusting. Did you not stop to think how stupid this makes you look? Heard of racist?

  • Sentry Virginia

    White, rich, and support Obama. Simple formula.

  • Catori Shadi

    Maybe if you stopped checking race in everything you do, it wouldn’t be the surprise.

    I’m a Navajo/Latina in a long term relationship with a white girl – 14 years and counting. But I don’t recall ever paying attention to the race of the person I was dating.

    • PeaceCorps1

      So your girl is half white and you make sure we all know it. Hmmmm I guess you too pay attention to it (race).

  • Guest

    What do most of these comments have to to with interacial marriages?

  • CudCareLess

    ls ANYBODY taking into account the fact that police departments get federal money based on the number of arrests that they make? lf l were a cop, l would grab the first person l saw on the street jaywalking lf l thought it meant getting a new cruiser and a bigger gun!

  • CudCareLess

    Lets see….Any bro worth his Blackness couldnt give a crap about Kery Washaton or Shanana Latecum. Garcelles Pissbury Doe-Less boy dogged her out, Robin Gave-in, Maya Angelou, Diana Boss, Terry Macmillan and Whooper Goldbird are too ugly for anybro to care about.

    • SamyyCiao

      You must be living under a rock – the world is changing – fast – women of color want to enjoy their freedom to date anyone they want – and they are – check out the Malls, Sporting Events, trains in NYC and LA, supermarkets, movies.

  • Art Estrada

    This topic/story is so stupid. PERIOD! Who cares if a black women dates or marries a white male, and vise versa. Just as long as they are smart straight human beings. This is no different from a white guy dating or marring a Asian woman or Latina etc.. I’m tired of reading or hearing about this garbage. Who gives a F?

  • Handsome White Guy

    Most of these white guys look like dweebs.. They want a normal white guy then come over here….Zoe Saldana, Tamara Tailor, Stacey Dash, Holly Robinson…..now we are talking!!!

  • loftytom

    What a pile of Racist pish.
    Why the hell should colour matter in relationships?

  • Harlan Roberts

    My wife is black and I am white. We have been together for over 20 years and have never thought much of the difference in the color of our skin except for when we go to Starbucks where she will get a vanilla chai and I, a hot chocolate. Now THAT is a comedy skit fit for SNL. We are still very much in love and have even been asked recently if we just got married. We still have that vibe.

  • Love234567

    I’m third generation black English. If I had to choose between a white English and a black American, there is no contest, the white English would win. Why? Common values, etc. being both English

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  • handsomerandyblackladbrad1953

    Tom Colvin,the one-one-millionth-of-one-percent of banksters and other corporate looters committing the REALLY HUGE U.S. CRIMES ARE ALL WHITE!!!!!PLEASE LEAVE THIS THREAD AND JOIN THE “RE-THUGLICANS’ ” AND/OR TEA BAGGERS’ AND LEAVE US INTELLIGENT FOLKS TO TRY AND THRESH OUT RACIAL PROBLEMS!!!!!!!

    • Tom Colvin

      hahahaahaah wow a GTFOH Tom Colvin!!! comment. I’ve obviously completely won my argument against the people (one person really) who were trying to dispute the established facts of the very high black serious crime (robbery, theft, armed robbery etc) and violent crime rates because now the first GTFOH commenter has shown up You can’t argue the facts of the subject at hand and win, so you go for the GTFOH chap shot and change the topic to banking and financial crimes , crimes which were not even being discussed. Then comes the gratuitous name-calling (re-thuglican , tea bagger). thank you for confirming that I thoroughly won my arguments here!! bwahahaahahahahahaah

    • Tom Colvin

      You really need to keep up on white collar Wall Street criminals. The biggest prison sentence (11years) handed down on Wall Street in many years was recently given to a Hedge Fund manager from Sri Lanka named Raj Rajaratnam , who is as dark as the average black American.. He was given the long sentence because his crimes were so huge monetarily and so extensive, Wall Street is no longer all white. Try to keep up.

  • handsomerandyblackladbrad1953

    Why are black women-white men match-ups such a big deal?(Disclosure:my white brother-in-law passed away eight years ago yesterday at 51,and a boy couldn’t have a better brother-in-law than Dan.) LOTS of gorgeous black gals date Blaine dolls (and PLENTY MORE SHOULD!!!!!!;Blaine is Barbie’s studly new Aussie boyfriend!!!!)

  • Evilin Garnett

    I have noticed a great deal of white “guys” (don’t deserve to be called men) who must be going quite a bit out of their way to troll on a site aimed toward black women. What, you saw this article and just had to come talk about crime statistics?

  • aaron

    A funny, sweet and pretty black woman is something I can’t resist. Why? I have no idea at all. They are extremely attractive to me. I’m white and not PC at all. The heart likes what it likes and nobody should have to explain that to anybody else, ever.


    I’m appalled at you “adults” on here ranting about which race is more violent. Firstly, just because some FBI agent(s) post(s) some statistical data online does that make it true? Secondly, so what? Just because 87% of [insert race here] is accused of participating in certain crimes does that mean that every person in said race is partaking in said crime?

    Thirdly, why are ya’ll on here acting like you’ve never done anything that is “wrong” or “bad?” Americans are so full of upper-crust and “better-than-thou” idiots that it’s sickening. When I finish my bachelor’s degree and Phd degree I’m moving to another country and renouncing my citizenship here. Thanks for the free student “loans” and grants -ucking stuck up country and racist pricks. If this message offends you then know that I wrote this for you to read.

    Hopefully this message does not offend you; that would indicate that you are not one of those racist, “perfect” pricks who need to die out already.

    Have nice day.
    ~24 year old American (I was not born in Africa).

  • Zaidi

    What it says a lot about us who thinks this is news!

  • Benjamin Moody

    Most black women i know don’t like white men given the history of what white men use to do to black women I think it is kind of messed up… but we all get in where we fit in. Everybody has a right to do as they please and any relationship is difficult I used to mess with white chicks but not anymore I can’t stand them

    • andJusticeForAll

      The history of what White Men used to do to Black Women? LOL. If this is true they must hate Black Men judging by what you guys do to them in the present day. Me, I find all women beautiful and appreciate them for the content of their character. The color of their skin is not a factor.

      • Benjamin Moody

        So says the white boy…good for you to each his or her reach

        • andJusticeForAll

          So says the Racist Black Man. Proving once again that when challenged the uneducated play the race card. Funny you assume I am a white man. The simple truth is this: I am a student from Kathmandu, Nepal living in NYC. You keep on keepin on though. Maybe someday YOU will judge a person by the content of their character and not by the color of their skin

          • Benjamin Moody

            What you are from Kathmandu that makes it even worse. You have no idea what you are talking about. It would be nice if people did that but they don’t. You do your thing though… peace!

  • Peter Chessell

    Outside of the good ole us of a these people are unknown .

  • Jeff

    Why is any of this “surprising”? Are you suggesting these women somehow lowered themselves by dating or marrying white men? It would be surprising if an avowed racist was in an interracial relationship, but not otherwise. Visit Canada sometime and you’ll see mixed-race couples of every combination everywhere — so many that no one is “surprised” about it.

  • Jimmie Speed

    I’m married to a beautiful non weave wearing black woman with 3 kids and a dog and it’s great. Now when that becomes relavent then so will this article…

  • Lilly

    Wow racism really does permeate every aspect of American society. I am surprised that a shallow article on interracial dating could even result in some of the disturbing views being posted below.

  • Absolute Truth

    I like strong black women and I am not black.

  • Arjay

    I think Whoopi also had relationships with Ted Danson and Frank Langella,both more notable than any of the guys she was married to.

  • Whitestuff

    Ten times more white women date/marry black men…….. Nothing New here

  • bert fromarketin

    leave it to an interracial dating/ marriage post to bring out the FBI criminal statistics…lol..lol (below)

    wtf America is ridiculous, racist, bigots..all colors of you, are idiots!

  • Layne Staley

    Holy smokes! I’d sink my pink into whoever that chocolate bunny was in Pic 1!

    • Whitestuff

      Her name is Eve.

  • Henry James Johnson Jr.

    The moral of this story should be that dating a white man doesn’t guarantee you eternal bliss as the vast majority of the women highlighted in this article saw their relationships with white men dissipate.Only in a Black forum could emphasis be placed on interracial dating.I have frequented sites catering to other race of people and I notice that they don’t even broach the subject of interracial dating.So why must we obsess ourselves with this?

  • Henry James Johnson Jr.

    I wonder why white people go out of their way to visit a Black site to argue their ignoramous racist views and try to lump us all in one category as if we’re the only race of people in America that commits crimes.These idiots are so obsessed with Black on Black crime that they are blind to the hideous white on white crimes that take place every day.Yes,violence is a problem in the Black community.We’re not in denial about that.But every time a white person commits a heinous crime it is more times than not blamed on “mental illness”as if mental illness only provokes white people to commit horrible crimes.Just the other day a white man threw his daughter off of a bridge to her death-and she was a baby!And unsurprisingly the comments posted in the article from whites were way less scathing than it would have been had this man been Black.Whites seem to be very judgmental about Black crime than white crime.People like jimc and darthgetit need to be incinerated alive!Add Tom Colvin to the mix while you’re at it.That burn white skin would look much better with some pigment in it.

  • pubpubpub

    Why do you make your site so hard to navigate? Why even put articles up if it’s so difficult to read them??!!! The page never stops moving!

    And this should be a topic of black women who married Jews, not White males.

  • bingbingwa

    Some of these are just examples of female hypergamy.

  • liyah

    This may come to the world as a surprise, but white people aren’t aliens. But on a serious note, men are all the same. Some black women say, I’m going to date a white man. Hahaha he’s going to do your dumb butt the same way that black guy did.

  • SalMoanella

    What surprises me most is Whoopi Goldberg found someone to marry her. Three times no less.

  • ChuckyD

    Add Aisha Tyler to the list.

  • Mike Thaison

    wierd how this article would have been percieved if the Title “whodve thunk White men who are dating Black women?” Its such a double standard how it can be percieved ok this way but if it were the later it would be racist.

  • roginator

    There’s a huge ‘shortage’ of eligible black men for black women who go to college and have a career.

  • Tenacean

    I’m in a serious relationship with an African-American woman who about a two years ago lost her husband to cancer…he was the pastor of a somewhat larger church in our area with a membership that was primarily African-American. She is an amazing woman. I have two observations from our experiences…a) she did NOT want to get involved with me at the start…I hung in there about a year…she absolutely resisted for reasons of race…but…and she’ll be the first to admit…finding a suitable African-American male somewhat later in life for companionship proved to be much more than just difficult…b) she was also hesitant due to her church…we dated a bit “underground” for awhile as a result and she was very upfront with me about why that was…and c) when our relationship was established…and known…she was right to be hesitant about her congregation…she caught so much flak to say the least…sad…but true…time and patience.

  • quentin

    Why is this even an issue anymore? Come on, it’s not Birmingham in the ’50’s

  • Josh Rayborn

    Robin Quivers!

  • deltamary

    Stick to your own kind—–My opinion

  • justwow

    This is so racist. Ridiculous.

  • puckster

    I find this article quite racist. Does it matter black or white or whatever color of your skin?

  • Theo

    I’m not surprised… black women like white folks as much as black men! Let’s just be real. We hate each other, but that is a subject for another article.

  • ron glass

    i know penty of black women who will not even date a black man for obvious reasons

  • ethan

    isn’t it racist tell a black woman ” I can’t believe you’re dating a white dude and you don’t like black dudes no more”??

  • Steven Gibson

    Thank goodness I’m old, fat and broke cause I’d have a hard time choosing between Halle and Heidi…..

  • Von Fahquard

    Black people and white people can date and even get married? OMG what a shock!

  • Karela Mamoud

    What a pointless, stupid, racist article. Your obsession with interracial relationship is disgusting. Focus on the issues in the Black community and let people love who they want to love.

  • Jen Feenan

    It’s sad that in 2014 we’re still pointing the finger “in surprise” at inter-racial relationships. Love has nothing to do with how much natural sunblock your skin has (cos lets face it, that’s pretty much what the difference between skins colours is), it;s about the person and their humanity.

  • Miguel

    I’m sure Zoe Saldana loves this list.

  • darthgidget

    guess they left out tat Whoopi lived with Ted Dannson (Cheers) for years. You know what they say- once you go white everything stays tight

  • al

    wow this is just an entirely racist article altogether!

  • Bhar48069

    Maya Angelou gave birth to Guy Johnson before she married Tosh Angelos.

  • Aljah Muhammad

    These are not “surprising”. Surprising would be Sister Souljah dating or marrying a white man.

  • Farnsworth

    I thought pointing out race was a no-no??

  • maserati123

    I think America needs to integrate,and remember that one day soon, we are all going to die. God made us all,and does not see us as different races,but as his children.LETS ALL MARRY A DIFFERENT RACE ,AND SEE THE WORLD UNITE.Was wonderful to see all races protest police sickness in America Thanks WHITES FOR STANDING WITH THE BLACKS.THANKS AND GOD BLESS ALL THE PEOPLE OF THE WORLD.

  • GeezThisGuy

    this article seems a bit on the racist side. if people have to make an article listing people who have relationships out of there race which means that it’s not normal or something if someone does it. i didn’t know race was a factor in love or that society should even care. when you see two people who love each other smile and be happy. people will make lists about celebs who date outside there race but won’t make lists about celebs who are abusive or racist or rapist. the person who wrote this article should do something of actual worth next time around

  • PK68

    It doesn’t matter what color they are if you’re attracted to them and they move you emotionallyphysically that’s enough. It only matter to those short sighted.

  • dude

    Meagan Good comes to mind…

  • Web MC

    I thought the title was “Who’da Thunk It?”

    For most of your examples, we’ve long since thunk it.

  • Kay

    This is a very old article!! Things have changed since 2012 ;eye roll: lol Why do they have this as a headliner? Stoke embers or not enough journalists writing relevant new articles?

  • Kay

    I just had to post this comment..why is this news? Every so often you see this type headline as if there is a disease spreading. How many african americans or caucasians are of mixed heritage? That even they are not apprised of? How do we know if all of these black women are all pure D (yep made that up) black or pure D white men ALL white. How do we know any of this? We are all human and that is we do know for sure. I wonder when Robin Thicke and Paula’s son grows up…he looks white now for what his appearance dictates to US,,,will he then with marrying another mixed heritage such as his own mother have a mixed looking darker child or could he marry a caucasian and wash the AA ancestry or the color of his ancestral mother and family right out his genealogical line? By appearance only that is. That is what this is all about. I mean really it could happen as well as with Halle’s Berry’s child and countless others of mixed heritage. We really need to stop in this day and age with the Lookie Loo’s of who is dating whom and their ethnic persuasion. This was happening before, after and during slavery which forcibly and not with fond memories. For God’s sake give this old time religion story a break. I for one and sickened by it!! Let live and what only 15 could be found? Really?

  • danny4572

    I clicked the ad to this, and was shocked that this was legit. What a pointless and disgusting article.

  • Jerome Curtis

    Lol, any article or list or whatever involving race always seems to trigger a race war. For such a mixed population, Americans seem so hung up on race. They lose their minds if somebody tells a racist joke but then come out with borderline racist bullshit like this. Why would it be a surprise for a black woman to date/marry a white man in a country with so many black women and white men? Cos they’re strong black women? So, does that make them anti-white? If anything it makes them more likely to like white men, at least the decent ones, because they ain’t petty and bitchy about race. Strange attitude.

    • Casca

      White guys are far less likely to beat them or kill them …..

  • Caroline

    Do you have any idea how racist your ‘article’ is? Your writing suggests that these women show a weakness of some kind and it negates their heritage by having a relationship with someone who isn’t of African decent. I am disappointed that you support such a racist paradigm.

  • Bryan

    What is this crap. Why are you suprised? I am an English white man, I have been out with black, asian and white girls. If a guy said to me “I am suprised that your black girlfriend is going out with you” I would ask them to explain themselves quickly else I would knock his lights out. Hey, maybe this is an American thing. I am from London with it’s very cosmopolitan population. Speechless that such a stupid article has been put online

  • bmarie

    Maya Angelou did NOT have a child w that Greek man. Her son was at least 5 before they got together. Who is writing these stories?!

  • Francis Salvatore Torchio

    I don’t know what the big deal is about. Many black women have been in inter-racial relationships for a long time including celebrities not including the women you mention. Look at Lena Horne, Eartha Kitt and Diana Sands. Why you treat this as a novelty is beyond me. I remember when Leslie Uggams married a white man from Australia in 1965, (they are still married), I heard a very ugly comment. She was seen as a traitor to her race. Such a label apparently does not apply to a black man who marries outside his race. This attitude is more appropriate to a bygone era, but apparently is still very much alive today. In a country where gays are more accepted and gay marriage is becoming more and more visible, this attitude should be abandoned.

  • Nebs

    News flash to Madamenoire, interacial relationships are a thing.

  • Andrewmag166

    As a white man this kinda offends me, really whats the big deal people are just people, why would it be a surprise these black women are dating white men? Its a really racist article, I am married to an Asian lady love knows no race, this is a dumb article.

    • PeaceCorps1

      ha ha You did not marry Black. You married a green card needing woman.

  • Craig D. Casimir

    more BS

  • Kaitlin Rush

    Why did so few of these relationship last?

    It’s hard to be in a relationship when the social standing between the groups is so far apart. Relationships are hard enough, but until we win the fight for racial justice and equality, many love relationships between blacks and whites will be fraught with too much baggage to last. Perhaps we need to get right intra-racially before we work on interracial love. Self-love comes first.

  • Colin Harvey

    Alice Walker wrote the Color purple in 1982 that is 15 years after 1967 not nearly 3 decades

  • PeaceonEarth

    I just don’t get this article, particularly its title. Why, in this day and age, is the fact anyone dates someone of a different race interesting or news? I felt like I was back in the 60s reading this! I somehow don’t think this article would ever have been written anywhere but in the US, sadly!

  • robwin01

    No list of this type should have excluded Tina Turner.

  • gmoney

    This website is race obsessed and driven by a whole bunch of myths. About 10-15 years behind the times in its commentary…

  • Dennis Macilton

    Wow…This article is stupid, who cares if an black lady marries/dates a white guy. And they say racism is dead in America. Not as long as idiots here still fan the flame.

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  • valakos

    wow that girl in the picture is really dam cute

  • cody mason

    I love the title. Who da’ thunk? Interracial relationships? Um, hello 21st century!

  • Hogspace

    “15 women who shocked us just a bit when they stepped out with white men”
    Jeez that’s some *seriously* racist sheet going on right there. Can you get away with dross like this in the USA? apparently so. I guess some people spend their life looking in the mirror and obsessing about the colour of their skin. Get the F over it.

  • Strom

    One problem is that the CDC reports that over 50% of BLACK women have and spread herpes. Woo!

  • oldgamer

    I’m going to go back to my website and run article like this called Who would Think It? 15 white people We’re Surprised Dated/Married black people. See where that get’s me, the sack no doubt.

  • Ben Servidio

    Who wrote this article? What is the point of this? It’s skin color…..are we still saying interracial marriage is abnormal, unnexpected and strange? Have we not learned by now that one cannot really choose who they are attracted to and who they enjoy being around?

    We may be more technologically advanced than 50 years ago but we haven’t made any REAL social progress. Thanks to journalists like this retard….

  • Tanner Field

    This is unfortunate. I’m a white male and I love black women…. all women for that matter no matter their creed or colour. All these women are strong black women and just because they are with white men doesn’t take that away at all. Good ol America divide and conquer!

  • Tallaman

    “French-African-American entertainer Josephine Baker”?

    See how stupid this has become? French-African-American? Really? How about African French? Or how about just French? Or American? This political correctness and oversensitivity is insane. Get real.

    • Hogspace

      Being British I’m always amazed when someone tells me (to my face) they are not “American” as I may just have called them but African American. My reply is “well I can see you are black but are you African or American”. It’s a stupid affliction.

  • Joe joe

    Wow! It’s like that article was wrote in the 50’s, very racist…way to go Madame Noire for taking a step backwards. Maybe you should hire some writers that actually have something interesting to say.

  • Jack Howard

    For this Black man…there’s NOTHING like a fine White woman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • ALoneStarTexan

      As a white man, I feel the same way about Black women! #onelove

      • Andrewmag166

        As another white man I like Asian women, and white women the least.

  • bahamianempress99

    “Hey, maybe Simon Baker is available? Those two definitely had some chemistry.” Yeah, you know, if he wasn’t married (for more than 15 years) to the mother of his three children. Jus sayin…

  • DAEB1

    Just a little bit racist? It’s this kind of bs that keeps bigotry alive and kicking. Unreal.

  • handsomerandyblackladbrad1953

    goku 49,you moron,Dr. King once had a white girlfriend,but had to split with her because they could not date in the then-segregated Southern U.S. PLEASE READ ABOUT THIS AND OTHER THINGS SO YOU’LL SOUND AT LEAST somewhat INTELLIGENT!!!!!!!!

  • Adam Lee

    Exactly, can’t add anything to that comment, hit right on the nose.#

  • Boglin

    I’m more shocked that in this day and age there’s an article like this taking a stance that it’s not normal to date whoever you frikking feel like.

  • feenix219

    More reverse racism…

    why does this article even exist? why was it allowed to exist? why is any of this surprising or shocking or a big deal?

  • Mike Weiss

    I love Sanaa Lathan…Love and Basketball. So pretty. Also mARRIED TO Cleveland bROWN

  • Ropey Wyla

    A bloke is a bloke and a woman is a woman, if they find each other attractive and relate to each other personally, what is the issue or the reason to be surprised if they are different skin colours? It’s 2014 man, these kind of articles shouldn’t be getting written.

  • islandgirl

    this hilarious are they implying when a black woman marries a white man she is not strong , please that is the silliest comment I have ever heard,Just like my silly relatives asking she wondered why my husband married me well I wonder if after 30 years she is still trying to figure it out

  • dktampa

    An article describing white women who surprisingly dated black men would be met with hysterical outrage. Flip it and no big deal.

  • D.B. Cooper

    I’ll admit, I had a black girlfriend for several months, and I did feel excitement for “messing around with what I’m not supposed to mess around with.” It didn’t work out. Too much drama from a twice divorced woman, and I wasn’t interested in becoming ex-husband #3.

  • D.B. Cooper

    White males and black females are the 3rd most common interracial marriage, yet they have the lowest divorce rate of all types of marriages. The most common interracial marriage are white males and Asian females, but they still have that 50% divorce rate. The highest divorce rate is between black males and white females. Over 75% of them won’t make it.

  • RhapsodyInBlue

    What the hell difference does it make? Race is over rated.

  • Snailmailtrucker

    Woopi Goldberg is the living example of Hypocrite !

  • StankNasty

    More liberal racism.

  • RA in London

    This is one of the most stupid posts/articles I’ve seen in quite a while, maybe ever. Who cares who dates/marries/sleeps with whom . . . . Of course some people are against racial mixing, but those are extremely ignorant people. For those to whom it’s a big deal, that’s a sad statement on those individuals or segments of society, and not only in the US. People who actually care about these types of (non)topics need to get a life.

  • Jim

    Why does this article even exist? Every story and every person the writer commented on basically went “We’re shocked that so and so got married. Although they went on to have a normal relationship and eventually broke up/stayed together.” There was nothing to write about except the fact that the women mentioned are black and dating a white person! Other than that, literally nothing interesting was said!

  • WilliamGoldstein

    Ain’t it grand to be young and in love…with you, Babe!, is what I said to her the moment we woke up. We were married for 40 years.

  • Nicholas I

    Black women are definitely liked by non-whites much more than ne gro males are.

  • Nicholas I

    Since Maya Angelou was a plmp and a h@@ker, she must have “dated’ lots of white men who were scraping the bottom of the barrel.

    “Big Mike” Brown’s rap: “My favorite part is when the bodies hit the floor!”

  • Maxine Brown

    what a ridiculous article

  • A.I.

    Wow, so this is what the internet would be like if my grandparents published magazine articles.

  • ricko

    As a white English man living in the US I don’t understand why its seems still taboo for a black woman and white man to have a relationship. Can someone explain it to me

  • smokum

    Wow….How racist is this story ! So its ok for a black man to be with a white women,but if a black women is with a white man its a story.

  • Jane Tow

    I would love to know what parents would do if the child came home with Asian partner.

  • fafhrd

    I fail to see any “interracial’ in all these pictures. I only saw human race.

  • PLA

    Actually I find it surprising that White men would marry these black women! You marry UP the food chain, not down it!!

  • Run

    Actually surprised that Maya Maya Angelou married men at all…lesbihonest.

    No dis…R.I.P.

  • jomo

    love has no color.
    that said..aint a keeper among them.

  • K C

    why would it be a surprise? The only reason I would be surprised is if the woman were a racist and then dated across races.

  • Dweetta Adams

    janet jackson when black women marries out side of their race it serious !

  • Korey

    You forgot Iman! And Whoopi was also with Ten Danson for a while.

  • Nelle Fraser

    The information under Maya Angelou is not factual according to her interview wit Oprah she gave birth to her son at 16 when she was not married.

  • Miss J

    Her son was actually born in 1945 or 46 when she was 17, and he is not this gentleman’s son.

  • Cayenne Peppa Koroma

    The info is a little incorrect, Maya Angelou’s son was from a relation she had when she was a teenager. She had him at age 17.

  • KobraKai7474

    Robin Givens also dated Howard Stern… and no that is not a joke. Look it up. He even (briefly) spoke to Mike Tyson about it on his radio show.

  • MalikaiDragonSlayer

    Didn’t Maya Angelou get the name “Angelou” from her former husbands last name?

  • I dont understand this author or the article. Should I assume the title is just used to get attention? Otherwise, how does what one would hope is a well-read journalist not know that Maya Angelou was once married to a White man? Lost me at pg. 1

  • Sam_Sonite

    Thanks for the most idiotic headline of the century so far.

  • Kabc Gabc

    In the dark we are all the same. The problem is other people’s, if you are stepping out with someone, you are sleeping with them, and some folks are creeped out by anything that doesn’t fit their world view. And their world view includes peeping into the rest of the world’s personal lives.

  • Big D

    Why is it that when a black man dates a woman who isn’t black he’s considered weak and he has a problem but when a black woman does it she is still considered strong and it is okay. In fact so many black women make excuses for it while they condemn black men for doing it.

  • C W

    This article is bigoted in its premise. Don’t think so? Consider the headline “15 White Men We’re Surprised Dated/Married Black Women”

  • Dweetta Adams


  • Dweetta Adams


  • Dweetta Adams


  • michele

    There are more Black women in Hollywood who are married to white men than black men in Hollywood married to white women.

    • Jason B

      this entire website is racist. If you were not racist you would see it yourself

      • michele

        and your stupid , Troll

  • CoolApple

    Typical pop culture article. Attraction & chemistry play a huge part in the connection between all men and all women.As a white man I have always been attracted to Latin women even though I never married one. Maybe I should have.

  • Leroy Goldberg

    I do love Black women!

  • ceejay

    This story is FALSE!
    Maya Angelou had her only son when she was 17 , way before she ever knew, let alone married her first husband. Get it right, Madame…

  • Scarlett

    Insulting trash article.

    Love is love. If a guy/girl is a good person with a good heart their race should not matter when you are looking for a marriage partner, or even someone to date

  • Thomsth1010

    Ridiculous article. Can you imagine the outrage if the article had been “12 strong white women we’re surprised married black men”? Complete double standard.

  • tintruder

    Whippie Goldberger is so fugly she would have married KOKO the sign-language ape if he proposed to her.

  • Carolyn Carter

    I’d date a man of another ethnicity if he treated me with love and respect. This is a stupid article.

  • Michael B

    Does no one think this is a racist article?

  • Diahni

    Does anybody think you get to choose who you fall in love with? Gimme a break.

  • felix1999

    Why is this a “surprise”?

    Black men are typically in prison, served time and uneducated.

  • Dropthewhitey

    I am a strong black woman, who made the mistake of being married to a white dude. I swept him like a rug, walked allover him, he was my doormat and lack any thick skin. Dumped him like a rotten tomato and never been happier. My chocolate love is waiting to appreciate me!

    • guest

      Dang sounds like he may be happier too.

  • scooch

    You can see Maya Angelou above in “The Toxic Avenger” on DVD

  • Girasole

    This is quite possibly the most racist article I have ever seen. If someone created an article titled “15 WHITE women we are surprised married/dated BLACK men” this would be front page news and the author would be losing their job.

    The double standard still amazes me. This kind of crap should be flagged as racist and inappropriate content. If you want to be treated like an equal then articles/beliefs/comments like this should be rejected. Whoopie Goldberg is not a weak woman as the article implies, because she married white men. If anything, she is a strong black woman willing to stand up against racism from both sides of the racial debate.

  • Mort Leith

    Black women are just totally WAAY too high maintenance,, AND
    the most RACIST humans on the planet ! !

    Most have the stripper mentality of ‘what can I GET from THIS guy’,,
    which explains why they ACCIDENTALLY end up pregnant out of the blue to lock in that 18 year child support check…

    Sorry,, FACT ! !

    • guest

      Wow where do you live?

  • agFinder

    Do you honestly not realize when you’re being overtly, offensively racist?

  • Nicole McFarlan-pierce

    I cannot believe this article. What a bunch of garbage!! If it were worded 15 strong white women we are surprised married black men, it would have the world up in arms on such a racist article. Shame on the people who wrote this article and the double standard it brings. Love is love, not matter the color>

  • Jim

    Racist article

  • paul howard

    Why is that Obama’s mother, a white woman who raised a president, is never in the news. Nobody does any stories on her. Surely, there is at least a darn good book in there.

  • Micah Carey

    ‘The Color Purple’ was published in 1982, which is hardly three decades after her 1967 marriage.

  • FireBlogger

    By my count only two of the profiled ladies are still married to Caucasian men. Commitment is not highly valued among the group profiled in the article.

  • norman campbell

    will the racism from the Left never cease?!?!?

  • gphx

    How racist is this?

  • brooklynburrows

    this article enrages me. has so many racist undertones..

  • brooklynburrows

    this is a thread with so many racist undertones..

  • DC is Evil

    Strong? Strong what? Smelling?

    • pepjrp

      Ha. I was wondering how much they could lift?

  • male_energy

    Why is this shocking? Oh right, this website is racist.

  • Joseph Blosch

    Reverse racism is alive and well – Paula’s makes a racist remark in the past which gets huge amounts of flak, and the writer here is blatantly race baiting.

    • pepjrp

      That’s what most of the articles in these magazines are about. It builds pride and tolerance, don’t you know?

  • Joseph Blosch

    Reverse racism is alive and well – Paula’s makes a racist remark in the past which gets huge amounts of flak, and the writer here is blatantly race baiting.

  • Arcadestooge

    Incredibly stupid article. The heart wants what it wants; am I to assume that white women who have a relationship with black men are “weak”? About time we get over focusing on the differences and begin to embrace the similarities.

  • Mike in Atlanta

    “In 1967, nearly three decades before she would pen the Pulitzer Prize winning tour de force that was The Color Purple”

    The Color Purple was published 1982. That’s a decade-and-a-half.

  • Not Surprised

    Let’s thank the “true to their bigoted word” person that wrote this find out where it’s written that
    it’s OK for them to be fueling the fire for a race war and they don’t deserve to be called out for it?!

    I bet they don’t have the balls to go on national TV and explain themselves.

  • Kat S

    Looking at Eve E and her man…I have the strong feel, that she went for the money – poor dude !

  • Kat S

    Angelou is not very good looking….

    • PeaceCorps1

      This is an older picture.

  • Kat S

    All these women probably know that white men will treat them much better than their black counterparts….it’s just the way it is. But, we all know that most of those mixed relationships/marriages don’t last….

    • PeaceCorps1

      First part untrue. Second part very true. Will not last….

  • Needle

    Once you have white you never go back.

  • Edward O’Shea


  • confusedwhiteman

    wow…that seems pretty racist…why does color matter?

  • Vernon

    which way Mayan be lookin?

    • PeaceCorps1

      Maya was older when that pic was taken. How dare you?


    Where are the pics. of the men?

  • AFx

    If the title was, “15 strong white women we’re surprised dated/married black men,” there would be some serious blowback. Why is this article okay? It’s just as racist. Nothing is wrong with white men or black men, who cares?

  • Sam Cane

    Well I truly excepted our mixing a long time ago, so I’m pleased with us mixing equally, and I’m seeing this at the street level. I also think it’s the ‘ownership’ these Ladies crave. A typical white boy, will come straight home from work each day, ready to do his chores. Come Friday, he’ll sign and hand that paycheck over just like a true suburbanite.

  • Blackbelly

    ….And here I thought WSHH was the most depraved website…

  • Whyntir

    What does being a strong black person have anything to do with being with someone of a different skin colour? Are you saying that because these black women married or dated white men that they are allowing themselves to be “the property of the white man”?

    Not only does this show shameless racism, but utter stupidity.

  • Phil

    Since when did “white boy” become acceptable to call a white male over the age of 18??
    You can call my 11 year old son a “white boy”, but I’m a 41 year old white man, not a boy, and that term is extremely degrading to white men!
    Don’t think it is? Try calling an adult black male “black boy”, or an adult Hispanic male “brown boy” without them getting offended! It is most definitely offensive, and it’s unbelievable to me that is seems to be accepted!
    Don’t be a hypocrite.
    If you don’t want other races calling YOU offensive names, YOU can’t call other people offensive names! It’s as simple as that. You can’t have it both ways!!

  • Dennis

    We constantly talk about getting beyond racism in this country yet we keep reading articles like this. Why is this shocking? Nobody questions a white woman that dates black men nor do I see articles singling out black men or white men for dating outside their race. Come to think of it, there doesn’t seem to be any attention for any race or sex intermingling except for black women and white men. Is this some kind of sin? Get over it people and let’s report on real issues.

  • Sammie Jo

    wow, talk about a racist article!
    It would sure hit the fan if the article was, 15 strong white women who married black men!

  • 100%

    Who the heck is surprised??? There was no surprise for me at all.

  • TrifT

    Surprised?? Thats just Racist!

    What dating a white guy somehow makes you weak??

  • hateracismbythemedia

    This is what keeps racism rolling.. stupid stories like this.. Who cares if they married white black yellow or green… Thanks media for keeping racism in the spotlight

  • Keyettia Williams

    The only one that surprised me was Alfree but the others did not shock or surprise me at all. As a black woman I can see the appeal. Some of these brothers out here aren’t hitting on sh*t and now a days if you want a relationship that has any potential for marriage your best bet will probably be going outside. I personally like Hispanics and Asians, but I still have love for my brothers. However, Im not looking for an uneducated, no job having, 3 or 4 baby mama drama thug wannabe. Plus almost any quality black dude outside of that is most likely hooked up with a Becky or Zoe Salanda look alike anyways so its slim pickings where they’re concerned. From what i’ve seen the best bet if you don’t want to be his girlfriend for 10-15 yrs before he even thinks about marriage is to date someone who will want to get married way before then. #imjustsayin’

  • Bergie

    Why is Tina Turner not on this list?

  • It is hard for black women to find decent black men. I feel sorry for black women. Too many black men are like stray dogs when it comes to women. They simply want sex, a full belly, and a place to live.

  • allie

    this whole thing is ridiculous?! Why is this such a surprise?! Why does color STILL matter. is this a joke?!

  • Realist

    What is a big deal about black woman dating black men? I find people arguing about this in every blog I have visited. You don’t fall in love with the skin color of the person. So racists.

  • matthewsteena

    Where do you think they got that from? Your white savior. all the self hate blacks acquired, originated from whites. So don’t give them all this credit now when they tell you how pretty you are lol.

  • Derek

    This is a little ironic that there’s such a double standard here. On the separate page, “Pro-black men who we’re surprised dated or married white women”, there’s more of a “shame-on-him” tone to the article. Yet in this section where the focus is on black women with white men, it’s more of a, “Congratulations girl, he’s hot!”. The hypocrisy is obvious. Why should the Black men feel ashamed? Because this is a site for Black women? If so, why should the author lavish so heavily over white men? I can hear the response….”We love Black men also.” But those same Black men that marry white women also still love Black women. Get over this double-standard ladies. It’s unbecoming.

  • Mirquella Santos

    I am Black and Latino and I would die to be in the arm of Brad Pitt. Robin Givens is so lucky.

    • PeaceCorps1


  • license2breal

    ok i need everybody to click on number 2 and tell me who would date that no matter if u black or white ? uggh!!!

  • Conway

    Um . . Maya Angelou had her son Guy well before her marriage. He was around eight years old or so when they met.

  • amelle

    BLACK WOMEN DATE WHO EVER YOU WANT!! STOP CARING ABOUT WHAT THE FAMILY OR SOCIETY WANT OR YOU’LL STAY ALONE!! IF YOU LOVE SOMEONE BE WITH THEM THEIR RACE, GENDER, RELIGION DOESN’T MATTER! Im SICK to death of all this stay humble to black men bullshit, stick with a brother??? we are not all related. Jesus help these people, its because so many black women think like this people have such strong negative opinions and stereotypes of us, just STOP please your making it hard for those of us who live in the 21st century.

  • Guest

    All this demonstrates is that people have different view points on the matter. Now if all the posters in the link you provided were the same as the ones who posted here you might have a point but different people saying different things only emphasizes why who should not generalize. The people in that forum cannot speak for the ones in this forum and vice versa

  • tae

    how is Kerry Washington an surprise tho. have y’all seen her roles.

  • Ummmm….yuck

  • JaneJane

    Fact Check: Maya gave birth to her son at 17 years old, not during that particular marriage. It is detailed in Why the Cage Bird Sings and she has spoken of being a teenage mother before..

  • weezy mcbreezy

    not suprising at all. more and more black women are tired of the slacker black man who has relied on welfare forever. plus white men are more sensitive, caring and much better upbringings. it’s unfortunate everyone doesn’t have the same opportunities but as a black woman i can’t wait around for a black man to ever get his situation worked out.

    • PeaceCorps1

      are you married yet? Hmmm

  • Ontoyourgame

    Whoopie dated Ted Danson, I’m surprised that was left out.

  • yojoe

    If you go white,you know your right !!

  • yojoe

    Leave the intelligent ladies alone. If you go white, you know you right !

  • BillRiedel

    This story just continues to perpetuate racial separation. What difference does it make what race each person is in a twosome? By SEPARATING people by either black or white, you are being racist and continuing that problem. Who cares if blacks are dating whites, either men or women?

  • dslpltdor

    This just more proof that you wing nuts will never really get it . It’s impossible to try to be something you aren’t and Rubio isn’t going to get it done either . here a token there a token , wake up people have instincts you just know when a snake is in the room . You know what I mean ? Oh that’s right .. probably not ..

  • What if FoxNews posted a montage like this one showing white people who had married black people? Racist, anyone?

  • This article is a HUGE reach for validation. It doesn’t surprise me at all that most of the women on this list date white guys. The only halfway surprise is Venus, and even then, tennis isn’t exactly the realm of black folks so it’s not that big of a surprise. Black women, if you want a white man, just go get you one. Stop trying to make yourself feel better about it with weak straw man arguments like this article.

  • George Penwell

    Ha, ha. They’re counting Whoopi Golgberg as a woman?

    Her existance on earth was born of the necessity of having some one to compare the likes of M. Obama and O. Winfry to.

    • PeaceCorps1


  • George Penwell

    Who’da thunk it? Or who’da cared? You guys actually read this crap?

    • ieshapatterson

      for the looks of it,you do as well.

  • naturallylisa

    I hope that women of all colors and persuasions will be as bold as these to look past “color” towards the person within….strong women indeed!!!

  • GaJanie

    Do you know how offensive this is? What if the title read “15 white women we’re surprised dated/married black men.”

  • shermonda

    A lot of dark skinned black people marry white because they are ashamed of their skin color. They don’t want to marry another dark skinned person because they know the kids will come out unattractive and nappy headed.

  • Rani

    You forgot Paula Patten & Robin Thicke.

  • What is surprising is that any man, white or black, actually dated Maya Angelou at any time!

  • anonymouse

    Your info on Maya Angelou is wrong. Her son Guy was the result of teenage relationship with a black guy. She married Tosh afterwards but they had no children together. Later she married another white man whose name escapes me now.

  • StinkingKoons


  • Kellye

    This has to be of the most blatantly ignorant, narrow-minded pieces I have seen. Just because a woman loves being black or has
    even fought for civil rights doesn’t mean she can’t also love a man who is not
    black. In fact, many of these civil/women’s rights advocates have fought for
    that exact thing: to be with whomever their hearts, bodies, minds see fit.

    Why is any black oman dating any non-black/white man newsworthy or even moderately
    entertaining? I am black, 32, college-educated, a member of a BGLO, even went
    to an HBCU for the first few years of college (my parents met at the same
    HBCU)…I am dating a white man…that’s as interesting as the fact that I’m
    having Greek yogurt and peaches for breakfast. Move on, people! Get a clue. The
    fact is, at times, there are white men who are much more appreciative,
    supportive, affectionate, adoring than SOME black men.

    Stop calling it being “down with the swirl,” or having “jungle fever” (the most ignorant
    of phrases). It’s dating or loving or marrying. I’d rather see Robin Givens
    with a loving white man than with a black man who beats the snot out of her.

    Grow up.

  • Kellye

    Roxie Roker got the role as “Helen” on “The Jeffersons,” in part, because of her marriage to Sy Kravitz. She was asked in an interview how her audition went and how she felt about being the first interracial couple on T.V. She said the producer told her about the role, asked if she was comfortable, and she pulled out a picture of her husband.

  • Hmmm…..only a weak woman would date a white man?

    Racist much?

  • sick of it

    Are we still talking about interracial couples, if this is so shocking to you come to Jamaica, your head would explode. Its 2013 MN get over it ,

  • TinaSF

    What better way to support civil rights and equality between the races, especially in the 1950s, than for a black woman to marry a man of another race. Judging from some of the comments, Maya Angelou’s actions are brave in even the 21st century; just imagine the courage
    she needed in the 1950s.

  • Wasn’t she also with Ted Danson for a while?

  • Pugiron

    Why is Venus Williams on this list?/ He’s not a woman!


    haha…black women are traitors…i bet they got called the N-word during sex.

  • lauradet

    Dating, mating or marrying a white man is just not my cup of tea, but if other sisters want to do so, so be it.

  • Anna

    This is so asinine. This website spends way too much time slandering interracial relationships. This is 2013, if Black men or women choose to be in a relationship with someone outside of their race that is their business. You don’t see white websites obsessing over this. Get over it!

  • Anna

    This is so asinine. This website spends way too much time slandering interracial relationships. This is 2013, if Black men or women choose to be in a relationship with someone outside of their race that is their business. You don’t see white websites obsessing over this. Get over it!

  • Anna

    This is so asinine. This website spends way too much time slandering interracial relationships. This is 2013, if Black men or women choose to be in a relationship with someone outside of their race that is their business. You don’t see white websites obsessing over this. Get over it!

  • roo08

    I don’t understand why anyone should be surprised if a particular person dates another race. I’ve seen all sorts of interracial couples in my life time to not be surprised anymore.

  • U forgot to include Iman and David Bowie…..

  • shannie4888

    Love is love.

  • eyeEEsha

    I’m pretty sure the date on Alice Walker writing the Color Purple is extremely wrong.

  • LOL

    Lmao. If ANYONE was surprised Kerry Washington likes white men, you are terrible at seeing the obvious.

  • crazygemini12

    I doubt the COUPLE gave birth to the child.

  • What always kills me with MN’s obsession with interracial dating is the childish undertone that it’s somehow “wrong” and the black people that do it has some sort of malady of the mind. It’s actually funny to me now.

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  • maggie

    Who care about these black women dating white men? At the end of it, that white man is not going to give you land, business or legacy. Aren’t those the ways your footprint is society is passed on after you die? Sexual relations have almost no influence on race relations.

  • Ladybug94

    I don’t think anyone was surprised by Diana Ross, Whoopi Goldberg and Josephine Baker. I remember when Whoopi dated Ted Danson and Diana Ross dated white men ever since the 70s. The shocker for me was Maya Angelou and Alice Walker.

  • get real

    You kneegrow bed wench. If he call me an N then you would have to help him get off the ground and transport him to the nearest hospital. You pathetic wench u.

    • Guest

      I think your posturing accurately espouses the crux of the matter… A lot of the anger that BM direct at BW who date WM is due to the fact that they hate WM and they think the BW should too. Look at the names this woman was called when she was not even disrespectful toward the poster. Anger has distorted his perception. How can you expect to cure hatred with hatred.

    • alexandre1

      you use some disgusting sexist s..t words

  • lateshia childs

    I thought that comment was not right about a strong black woman being with the other race. I really do thank you for the topic and it was great to see some past African American women who dated white men. I’m a black female that like dating white men which is why I like this topic. I’m happy for EVE trying something new I think her and her new man make a cute couple.

  • Meyaka

    Let me clarify ,the times when I was dating white guys and they had something negative to say about black men,they never utter the n-word,they would cuss them out like they would cuss out a white,Asian or Arab guy,I was only saying that if they did spat the “n word” I would not have gave a damn.

    • get real

      That’s exactly what u said. But whatever it takes to show the lice carrier that your down huh? Anything to show the lice carrier that u want acceptance huh? One day blk women will get their tongues out of white boys bootyholes.

      • PeaceCorps1

        Ha ha lice carrier!

  • tyrone

    @ Meyaka , if he called another black person a n gga how does he really feel about you.smh

    • Meyaka

      Ah ah! Here is the thing,I really don’t give a damn about how white people feel about me,I don’t have those inferiority complex,they are humans just like me and will be treated accordingly,so stop shaking your head. The white men I dated never exhibited racist behavior or even used the n word,my example above was hypothetical and if it happened in real life,I wouldn’t give a cookie because I don’t condone reverse racism either.

      • get real

        Gosh u are stupid. “Reverse Racism” is some sh** Fox news made up in order to respond to real racism. There’s no such thing. People get being prejudice and racism confused. White people can NEVER experience “racism” because it is a system put in place to disenfranchise blks while whites benefit from it. Girl u are so white washed that it ain’t funny

  • Miss_Understood

    I honestly am only “shocked” by Maya Angelou…definitely not surprised by Whoopi or Kerry…this is probably wrong but I believe I have a sixth sense for telling that a Black person prefers a White person

  • Hazel

    Dr. Angelo’s husband is NOT the father of her son. The chronicled this in her book “I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings”. She was a single mother for years before she married.

  • Gye Nyame

    Any man that would use the term ni**a in front of you, has no respect for you, your culture or your history and you’d be a fool to defend him, sorry.

    • Meyaka

      Any racial slur is disrespectful to me regardless of who utters it, my example above was hypothetical,but like I said if I was with a white guy and a black person called him a cracker and he replied by calling them the n word,I would not intervene and it get upset,don’t dish it if you can’t take it. Simple

      • get real

        Who cares what the blk person called him, how could u even look him in the face after that? “I’m not mad baby u did right by calling him the N word”. That’s slavery bed wench sh**. I tell people all the time that there’s still some wenches out here in 2012 that will date white boys that call blk N’s.. I don’t give a frogs fat behind about him being called a saltine.

        • Meyaka

          Lmao dude don’t get so emotional.

          • get real

            Don’t run and laugh now, that someone is cross examining your “oh I love me some massa” bed wench mentality.

            • Meyaka

              You called me names,that’s no cross examination lol. I don’t live in your world babae, your struggles are not mine,so I can’t go back and forth on something I can’t identify with and I refuse to join in your e-thuggin ^^ 🙂

        • mama

          That’s the problem. Any other racial or ethnic slur is to be ignored, but the “””NNN””” word cannot be uttered without repercussion. How dare you say you don’t give a frog’s fat behind about him being called a ‘saltine’? And it’s NOT a saltine reference; it’s a slave-owner reference! Despicable.

        • alexandre1

          If you want to hate, you’ll aways find a reason to. Especially if you never think that you might be doing what you hate in others.

      • Gye Nyame

        If you truly believe that you don’t respect yourself or the legacy of AA, and any person that could say that in anger, will say it to you someday. I don’t consider myself a ni**a, but I respect those that died so that me and my children would never have to be called such a hateful word. And if you have studied history and you think a black man calling a white man a cracker, and a white man calling a black man a ni**a is on the same level…you really need your head checked.

        • Meyaka

          You are entitled to your opinion :),I’m not A.A and i don’t have those complexes .

          • Gye Nyame

            You don’t have to be AA to respect their legacy and culture. I’m not Jewish and I can empathize with their experience so the fact that you can make that comment simply speaks to your character, I don’t know what complexes have to do with your ignorant statement. Btw if you’re not AA or of African descent then stop commenting on articles that are geared towards us and our experience.

            • Meyaka

              Look ,you are searching for something you will not find in me ,let it go, I don’t care to explain myself to you at all, If we can’t agree in the simple basis that no one should go around carrying racial hatred towards anyone,we can’t talk about nothing. I don’t live in the world where blacks hates/disrespect whites but whites MUST like or respect blacks , you’re part of that and that’s fine,but spare me the outrageous act because I have witness more racism from A.A than any other race my entire LIFE,I didn’t even read past your first sentence,let it go I don’t care.

              • Gye Nyame

                You’re absolutely right, I was searching for someone that had enough character, wisdom, and maturity to realize that statement was ignorant and offensive, but you’ve proven you have none of the above…take care.

                • Meyaka


          • Gye Nyame

            You don’t have to be AA to respect their legacy and culture. I’m not Jewish and I can empathize with their experience so the fact that you can make that comment simply speaks to your character, I don’t know what complexes have to do with your ignorant statement. Btw if you’re not AA or of African descent then stop commenting on articles that are geared towards us and our experience.

        • Hilda Ward

          so you respect those who died so you could have a better life, yet where is the respect for the hundreds of thousands of whites, men and women that gave their lives to end slavery. They fought and died for so you could live free, and love and marry who you choose. Yet you speak of all whites with bitterness. This article is disgusting, and sounds very racist.

      • PeaceCorps1

        Yep. You are simple.

    • Realist

      So you don’t have respect for your own culture and history because black people love to say the N word. I have never said that word in my life. It disgust me. Lets not start with this N word subject!!

    • Skeletor X

      Yet black men can say it in front of women and you idolize them… hmmm

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  • Kelligurl

    Whoopi’s 1st husband was NOT white. He was a light skinned black man! I read it in a news article many years ago. She also said that in her book.

  • I woudn’t mind a white guy with a black guy’s d___k

  • Noomi61

    Maya Angelou has been married to 2 different white men: one in the 50s & one in the 70s. Her first husband who you mention, Tosh Angelos, is not her son’s father. She had given birth to her son years before their marriage.

  • taquarius

    Bossip need to do more research. Sade, and Nina Simone also.

  • Gina

    I remember a time when me and my white boyfriend went out to eat at a restaurant and I saw this black guy with his Hispanic girlfriend and he had the nerve to turn his face up at me as if I did something wrong to him, when he was dating a woman of another race too. Why do black men get so mad when they see pretty black women with white men?

    • Kaori

      Because they (Black men) think they own Black women.

    • Meyaka

      The same reason men think they can cheat but out vaginas must remain dry until further notice…

    • amelle

      THANK YOU!!! OMG they get to date out and its nothing but when a black does it everyone goes on like its an abomination to nature or something???

    • SimpleTruth27

      We really don’t. A concept perpetuated by black women to make themselves fee special. You’re the east desired race of women, and most black men don’t worry because there are plenty of fine non black women out there. You’re obviously lying to placate your ego.

  • Beauty is skin deep but some of these guys are ugly.

  • Maybe it’s just me but whenever there is an article here about interracial dating there seems to be a battle in the comments from the viewers. I would like to say that I don’t think MN is obsessed with white people or men or getting their approval. I think Mn is trying to open the minds of the viewers. I think that AA are great and there is something about a AA man with strong character and qualities but I think we as women should be open minded to date other races. I see that as AA are open to dating other races they broaden their choices for a spouse? partner while narrowing ours. I am a 23 year old college student in Louisiana and I must say the pickings here are very slim.I just think we are AA should be open to a relationship no matter the race of the person that has shown an interest in you.

  • Fresh45

    I do believe people should date whoever makes them happy and I know who you date probably has nothing to do with how pro black you are,this is going to sound really ignorant but when you see someone who is very pro black,then you see they’re married to or are dating a white person or a none black person,it makes you give them the side eye a little. You kind of wonder why they’re with a none black person, since they’re all about the uplifting and empowerment of black people. I’m not saying these people are wrong for being with none black people,it just really surprising that they’re not. I’m not sure if Kerry Washington likes brothers but I would love to be her man.

    • Cleo

      I feel you, I’ll will give any black person the side eye hollering black power but yet they run home to their white spouse

    • sabrina

      She’s currently dating a black man I believe!

      • Fresh45

        In the recent interviews I’ve seen her in,whenever they ask about her love life,she always say “I don’t talk about my personal business”. You might be right but I’ve never seen pictures of her with a brother or read anything about her dating one.

  • Meyaka

    Good for them,be with the person who loves and respect you regardless of their color.

  • Kelendrea

    my bad so many typos.

  • Kelendrea

    You know what I am not suprised….White men love black women…And frankly the higher you go up the social class ladder the more like you will find your self with a white man..education wise also. I am tall dark skinned and a college student. I get white guys who drool over me all the time at my university. THe black men I come across want a light skin or red bone. To each his own but frankly I am starting to fall for these white men are met. Never in a million years did I see myself being with them but now I am much more open and I have to say I love itt..Dont know if I will go back.

    • tyrone

      Your grammar , spelling and sentence structure demonstrate that you are not college educated. Therefore , I do not believe you or your story of all these white men drooling over you. Yeah right.

      • How silly is that statement. Maybe English isn’t her thing. Alot of educated people don’t have good grammer I am one of them. Or others can’t do basic math. Look at Geogre Bush. I have always attracted more non black men than black men. I a a dark skinned black woman. They don’t seem to be as color struck, but it could be something else altogether.

        • Meyaka

          Thank you,simpletons I tell you, we all should treat this blog as our English class since we are being evaluated and all… Silly asses

      • get real

        Yeah u can tell she’s lying.

        • J


      • London


      • ieshapatterson

        lol pretell,what does her english skills have to do with this story?? lol you sound jealous man.

      • amelle

        how does her spelling etc. differs from yours, its understandable isn’t it? a college education isn’t about grammar its about and in depth advanced level learning into a subject.

  • Kaori

    Of course you would be surprised when you put people in boxes of who and what they should like.

  • Trisha_B

    I can’t wait to see the difference in comments from this post & the men post LOL.

    • bishop

      Lol! In this post, its all “thatta girl”, “you go girl” and “love knows no color”….for the men its “self hating”, “sell out”, “and what would your mamma say”….lol. black women need to re-evaluate their way of thinking.

      • Trisha_B

        lmao yesss!

      • Herm Cain

        Exactly they are stubborn and hypocritical in their views why can’t love have no color when a brother dates out its either she wants his money or hes self hating you can tell from these post some sisters have low self esteem and just want some form of attention from whoever will give it I say everybody date whoever you want don’t be biased though

        • Nisha

          I’m hopeful that more and more when black women see black men with women of other races they smile and keep it movin’…cause at the end of the day, it shouldn’t matter to us who you date…I could personally care less myself. I have my own relationship to be in!

        • Jennifer Cobb

          Blanket statement.

      • Maybe some black women, but all black women aren’t saying this. Some black women don’t care either way. And black men do it too. I know one married to a white women and still talking white devil bs.

  • shauntee

    None of these are shocking…..I date other races frequently. I have no problem with black men, I date men who are attracted to me regardless of their race. Why is this news anyway?

  • Cleo

    Why am I biased as heck when it comes to sistas dating out lol, I say go for it and he doesn’t have to be white either. I think black women see interracial dating differently from black men anyway. Black men feel as if they have some trophy, while black women just wants a man who’s stable and treat her good. Black men bash black women so much and stay comparing us to the others when we want to be nothing like them. Where as men if other races don’t particularly nit pick.. Natural hair, darker skin, and full lips is just fine to them. I say do you black women!!

    • bishop

      You’re either niave or stupid. Men off all races are going to nitpick at something. Fact, more AA marriages are between black men and black women and I’m part of that statistic. Are you even married?

      • bishop


      • Cleo

        You have completely missed my point.

        • kofybean

          Your point is that black men are bad for doing it, and black women are good for doing it. That point came through quite clearly.

          • ieshapatterson

            rolls eyes* that’s NOT what she’s saying.all she’s saying is,a lot of black men who date/marry outside of their race,do it because they have hatred towards black women.all she’s saying is black women need to keep their options up.

            • kofybean

              So I will try not to laugh, and you try not to roll your eyes… deal?

              Here is what I said, “…point is that black men are bad for doing it”
              Here is what you said, “…a lot of black men …do it because they have hatred towards black women…”

              Here is what I said, “…black women are good for doing it”
              Here is what you said, “… black women need to keep their options up.”

              So do you wish to change your interpretation of the comment? Or would you like to go forward with arguing that our two points are different?

              • ieshapatterson

                actually,i wasn’t talking about that comment,i was talking about your previous one.you know the one where you say she has “serious” hate for black men because she calls them out for dating outside of their race.

    • Kelendrea

      Cleo you are so right..yes all want is someone who can take care of us…some black men have become more vocal on the fact they have issues with black women…White men love the full lips, dark skin…it is something different and they are attracted to it..I find that the white men I come across stare from time to time…they appreciate beauty when they see it. Thats what we want, a loving, stable, father and husband. Dont get me wrong there is an exception. I have seen wonderful black men out there. My brother is an example…he was def. raised in a good home…Dont let the media raise your kids.

      • Cleo

        My point exactly, a lot of black men are extremely influenced by the media. Their favorite rapper tells them to get a Becky they all want to run out and get one lol. But yet expect loyalty from black women. I think single black women should explore their options.. And he doesn’t have to be white either their is more than black and white guys

      • kofybean

        “Black men feel as if they have some trophy”
        “Black men bash black women ”
        “Black men…stay comparing us to the others”
        “black men are extremely influenced by the media”
        “Where as men [of] other races don’t particularly nit pick”

        You have some serious hate for black men you might wanna take a look at. Or don’t… doesn’t matter.

        • amelle

          Im not grouping because obviously its not all black men but its the truth, did you know most stereotypes of black women came from a lot of black guys mouths they bash us the most, they are the reason people think we are all aggressive, uneducated, fat and bald. They are ALWAYS complaining about our hair they fuss about our skin tone saying light is better. So many want a black girl of white woman standards, im sorry but im not going to torture my hair and bleach my skin becasue a bunch of stubborn shallow black guys want me to look like a white when i can be with a man who likes me the way i am??.

          • Derek

            Also keep in my mind that a lot of the stereotypes of Black men come from Black women. “He ain’t s**t.” “He’s too dark.”, etc, etc. It works both ways. Black women have been let off the hook for too long. Own up to your own part in the degradation of our family structure. Black men didn’t do it alone.

    • Cindie

      You got that right, Cleo!

    • The color of the person doesn’t matter, only the beauty on the inside. I’m happily married but everyday I encounter women of all colors, shapes and sizes who definitely fit the bill for being beautiful inside and out.

  • Prissy

    Whoopi has stated PLENTY of times on “The View” she gravitated towards the men who found her attractive and liked her which just so happened to be White men. You Tube the video of the early 90s when she got an award for “Ghost” NAACP Awards (one of those) and they did a tribute to her. Patrick Swayze presented the award. Her speech was AMAZING. Our community has been dogging her out for her looks ( I think she is beautiful) for YEARS. LOVE her. AND I don’t feel that “sting” as Jill Scott so eloquently put it in her interview with Essence when I see Black women with White men. I feel it when I see Black Men with White Women. Irks my spirit to the core.

    • Cleo

      I love whoopi, I think it’s sad how she gets treated. She’s an amazing actress and by far the smartest woman on the view.

    • Very True! Jill Scott lost my respect when we said that. Just let folks love! if i thought like that I wouldn’t of found my Hubs.

    • PeaceCorps1

      Amen Ms. Prissy. You win the award for this.

  • John

    blk ppl are really obssed with white ppl!!

    • Kelendrea

      Nope..I can actually say its the other way around..trust me..especially white men they are so intrigued by black women…the ones they find attractive that is. Its not like I live somewhere in Kentucky or Nebraska..I live in Maryland but still find white men staring all the time.

      • PeaceCorps1

        But they are NOT taking you home to mama. That is the difference.

  • Ebony Davitt

    I really dislike the fact that you call them Strong black women but also talk about how shocking it is that women like them would date white men. You marry/date who you love; marrying a white man does not make you “less strong”. Anyone trying to call Maya Angelou less strong for marrying a white man is a damn fool

    • Adrian Khan (The Soca Warrior)

      Yes it does.Because black women will not speak out against white men,when they are taking the pink tootsie roll from them.I can only imagine the chit they let white guys get away with saying about blacks.

      • That is bs. I know plenty who will speak out against white men. In fact I bet a higher percentage of them don’t speak out against black men. There are some people who treat men based on the way they treat them and not on race of their skin.

      • Ebony Davitt

        I know for sure that with the white men I’ve dated the n-word is not an option, the door is over there if you plan on continuing saying racist terms like that.

      • amelle

        HAHAHAHA oh baby no no no, you have no clue, we CORRECT them and men who date black women usually have the correct idea about them, if a cultural thing confuses them its THEY who are usually shy to say anything race wise.

      • Caressa Clark

        Yeah, my white ex guy was cool at first. Then slowly, once I was already very much in love with him… the slick comments about black people started coming out. The comments progressively got worse. He harbored a particular hate towards black men which seemed to boil down to his belief that they were more endowed than white men. I came to the sad realization that you can not love one gender of the race and hate the other gender. If we had stayed together, I am sure that ‘n’ word would have been eventually directed at me. I’m still down with the swirl, but really, black women (myself included) really need to be careful when stepping out. It is not good for the self esteem to realize you are in love with a damn white supremacist.

        • PeaceCorps1

          Yes Lord. I have dated out of my race and little comments would infuriate me. It was never the N word, but it was little subtleties to test how far they could go. I nipped it and bounced.

  • IllyPhilly

    MN changed the title up for this one so this. The man’s title was something like Pro-Black celebs who date white chicks. I just wanted to mention that without that heading on this list this is just regular folk dating. LOL. Next topic: Black celebs who adopted white kids, of course after white celebs who adopted black children because MN does have tons of articles about white folk news.

    • Welp, we know that list will be loaded and needing multiple editions of the “White Celebrities Who Have Adopted Children of Other Racial Backgrounds.”

  • Danielle

    I’m just waiting on some people to say something completely inappropriate, crazy, or idiotic when it comes to this subject. The heart wants what it wants.

    • Adrian Khan (The Soca Warrior)

      Only if they are not black men.

      • Kelendrea

        silly comment but lol ^^

  • BeatingADeadHorse

    Talk are really reaching with these down with the swirl articles lately.MN makes sistas look so desperate when it comes to white men.Let’s be real most white guys aren’t checking for black women.The white man is not the black woman’s knight and shining armor cut bull.I love my brothas

    • He may not be a “savior” but he is a nice distraction.

      • Coco black

        Agree lol!!….I love my people but its good to have options and alternatives.

    • ieshapatterson

      And that’s your opinion.but i know a boat load of white guys,who LOVE them some chocolate girls.plus,your knight is the one who loves you and wants only you.skin shouldn’t matter.

      • Johndie

        u know a boat load of white guys who would love to stick his pink peen in you just like all other race of guys! out of all the races there are why is everyone caught up on white!!!

        • ieshapatterson

          Lol I’m not caught up with white men.i go
          for whoever wants me.black women need to wake up and realize,that black men aren’t the only men for us.

          • PeaceCorps1

            It takes two. Black women can want it all they want but if the others are not marrying us then it is one sided.

        • Fresh45

          I know the answer to why everyone is so hung up on white but I still ask myself that same question. Whites have been given the perfect image in this world and they are also treated as if they’re perfect. In some people’s minds,getting with a white person is like hitting the lottery,they truly believe they’ve came up. Even though there are plenty of things to point to,show that they aren’t perfect,they’re treated as if they are. I love white people and I also like white women but there’s nothing more special about them than there is about women of other races.There are so many different kinds of people in this world but people only seem to praise the white ones. You never or rarely see stupid list like this about famous black people that have dated or married none black and none white people..

        • I don’t know why they focus a lot on white and black men. There are a variety to choose from.

          • PeaceCorps1

            Honey the other men are not taking us home.

      • ieshapatterson

        Lol i don’t beg.I’m a nice person and I’m cute.and guys of all races like that,so that’s why men of ALL races come at me.plus,you sound bitter and mean.chill out or no man will want you.

        • BeatingADeadHorse

          I’m far from bitter I always meet quality brothas.But talk black women keep trying force your point on white men

          • ieshapatterson

            lol1- i NEVER forced my opinion down anybody’s throat.
            2-i called you bitter,because you sound like it.if your not into inter racial dating/marriage,then fine,but don’t get mad,when other black women go for it.

        • PeaceCorps1

          They come at you but you are still not wearing a wedding ring…. Hmmm

      • Kaori

        This must be ‘Get Real’ because he has a habit of calling women ‘bed wenches’.

      • Nisha

        And not all white women are checkin’ for brothas either. Just last week I saw a brotha starin’ down this young white woman and she looked at him with disgust…y’all make yourselves look pretty ridiculous and desperate sometimes.

      • Some have? Non black man has never asked you out? Really? I find that hard to believe. Maybe that is your reality. It isn’t mine. I am not saying there is undying love for us, but black women are dating and marrying non black men. It is not rare I see it everytime I go out. And some of them do have blogs, sites and facebook clubs. Damn, you really believe that non black man won’t find you attractive or even want to sleep with you. Maybe your self-esteem is low. White men couldn’t keep there hands off of black women even in slavery.

      • PeaceCorps1

        They do not love it enough to marry it. Wanting sex is not love.

    • Meyaka

      They may not be checking for you,baby I have two rings on my finger and they still trying to take me out,same with my sisters,homegirls,and family.

      • Gina

        Amen!!!!!!!! It’s not just white men either, it’s all races of men. If you’re cute black woman they will smile and try to talk to you.

        • roo08

          yes because they are MEN. They see a cute girl and they aren’t hung up on race, what else would happen?!

          • PeaceCorps1

            Maybe they feel you are eager and easy?

    • I got something completely different from the article. It is basically saying that you wouldn’t think these sisters were with white men because they seem black, proud and down. It is basically questioning whether black women can be strong and with non black men. I think it is basically saying we have options. Black women have the highest single rates. Black men date ir much more than black women with lower quality have you seen the women they are with. They are uneducated, overweight and lack class most of the time. Who is desperate for a white mate. The majority of black women aren’t checking for whitemen either. But why should black women dating out bother you? It would leave more brothers for you to pick from when their is a big shortage.

      • Jane Vain

        If that was the case, why do white men get so upset. They wouldn’t care about ugly white women dating black men.

  • I’ll be glad when the day comes that everyone realizes that love knows no color. You cant force yourself to fall in love with someone simply because they are black. Your political and cultural beliefs will fall by the wayside when you find that right one no matter the race. maya angelou and alice walker are examples from this list. Is ANYBODY going to second guess how maya feels about black people??

    • Mitchell Joni

      Hell yes I question her! She never gave a damn about African men like Frederick Douglass never gave a damn about African women. That is the biggest problem with African-Americans in general is not the loving other ethnicity, but loving the genders of their ethnicity. There has always been segregation the African-Americans when it came to genders and that is a troubling problem they don’t want to solve.

  • KO

    Why is it so important to date or marry someone of your same color? Love has no color! And if you ask me disliking someone because of their color is wrong. Now that’s racist.

    • PeaceCorps1

      If that is true, then why is it that the white stars marry their own almost exclusively?

  • Laine

    “This might come as quite the shock given Goldberg’s penchant for playing strong African-American women in movies…”… So what ?? You can’t be a strong black woman AND me married to or be in a relationship with a non- black man…?? Please… !!!

    • IllyPhilly

      Here, here. Plus one

      • Kaori

        *Hear, hear.

    • Coco black

      Thank you for pointing that out….I thought it was just me who thought that was a ridiculous thing to say!! So we can only be strong if with a man of the same race..nonsense!

      • crob000

        That has been relationships possible and makes sense of it yet so far by there by the voting scene , my change to think of any as any less change by zero% This makes all folks of area at threat.

        Them scheme coarcterture

        which you do offer early show the right of in indib indual taxels, More than most

        • crob000

          I dont even remember posting this, sorry. It looks drunk and weird atm. A bunch of missing sentences and yea I would just ignore it.

    • MLS2698

      Someone showed me a poem that Maya Angelou supposedly had written about blacks wearing clothing labels made by whites ( the Tommy Hilfiger one), but I questioned it because I knew she had been married to a white man. You should have seen the look on the person’s face, because they had no clue. I’m still not sure about the poem. Does anyone know?

      • I know what poem you are talking about. It floated around heavily in emails. I tried searching for it online and couldn’t find anything. Its probably another hoax, i.e. the Willie Lynch Letter

        • PeaceCorps1

          Lynch letter is NOT a hoax.

        • JzzE1 .

          The Lynch letter is real

      • jim c

        Black culture ? lol….Black girls having kids to collect welfare,50% of all murders in USA are by blacks,68% of total crime by 13% of population…Maya called it culture………

        • Unbias?

          White girls getting preganant to be on MTV’s next season of Teen Mom, 78% of sexual crimes commited my white men……….white culture? lol

          • Unbias?

            78% of sexual crimes against children committed by white men

            • Tom Colvin

              78 percent white men? ooooh… white men are about 70 percent of the male population so theyre only slightly overrepresented as opposed to the huge overrepresentation of black men (13%) regarding murders. white males are the most law abiding group per their percentage of the population except for probably Asian males.

              • Marc Lawrence

                Blah, blah, blah…

              • CudCareLess

                Tom (a name like that implies total whiteness and obliviousness) How hard is it to be law abiding when the lawmakers and law enforcers look JUST LIKE YOU? You people still dont get it. The playing field has NEVER been level and having a 400 year head start doesnt hurt either. Dont believe the hype of Fox news and the biased media. Oh and get off the internet with that 12 year old girl.

              • PeaceCorps1

                Do police murderers count? Does killing during colonial periods count? Whites have killed since the start of history.

                • mel

                  Since the start of history? So have Africans. And Asians. And Indians. But Tom was talking about the here and now.

                  • PeaceCorps1

                    Here and now? As in starting in the 1960s or yesterday? You do not get to decide when to count white folks’ sins. That is the problem. White folk do not want folk to look into their past cultural sins.

                    • mel

                      And you do? Beginning with the start of history? Jeesh. Good luck with that.

                    • Jim Ray

                      Quit being a victim, grow up, and turn the page. Quit cryin’ and start tryin’. (Hey! I just came up with that. I think I could sell that.)

            • Tom Colvin

              this figure is not true. I checked the FBI crimes statistics and came up with FBI/UCS table 41A 2011 arrests by race . in “crimes against the family and children” blacks arrests are slightly over fifty% of the number of white arrests, a 1 to 2 ratio. So even if no other races committed these crimes ( of course they do, their numbers were on the report also) whites would only commit 2/3 or 66 percent of these crimes.

              • urgoingdown

                You are either purposely trying to give false information or have absolutely no idea how to read the FBI’s chart. You are trying to break the FBI’s whole numbers down into percentages without taking recidivism into account. Sorry, NOPE. Saying 50% of crimes are committed by black people is not the same as saying 50% of black people commit crimes. The FBI’s numbers show there are more whites arrested for almost every crime. If you want some statistics, try these (also from the FBI): White individuals were arrested more often for violent crimes than individuals of any other race, accounting for 59.4 percent of those arrested. In 2011 69.2 percent of ALL INDIVIDUALS ARRESTED were white, 28.4 percent were black and 2.4 percent were other races. Again, these percentages are not taking recidivism into account. These are percentages of crime not of population.

                • Tom Colvin

                  Wrong. You need to learn how to read statistics not me Blacks have a LARGER raw number of arrests for robbery than the white arrest number for robbery and a LARGER raw number of arrests for murder than the white raw number of arrests for murder. fbi stats say that blacks commit 50% of ALL the murders in this country. They are 50% of the white arrest number for rape, way over-representing their population. You do realize that blacks are 13% versus whites at least 70% of the population, so whites could have a much larger TOTAL number of arrests than blacks do in every category of crime and still have a lower crime rate than blacks, . You are so off base, you are laughable. – Blacks have 7-9 times the violent crime rate of whites (fbi) . Blacks need to quit playing games of denial and start owning these fbi /DOJ statistics, as a black Wall Street Journal columnist, Jason Riley, did in a recent column (“the other Ferguson tragedy”) . In the column he quoted my same numbers on black murders and black versus white violent crime rates.

                  • urgoingdown

                    ” Blacks have a LARGER raw number of arrests for robbery and murder than the white raw number of arrests in the case of both crimes.” Yes, TWO categories.

                    Here are the RAW NUMBERS according to the FBI:

                    Murder and non-negligent manslaughter: total 8,341 white 4,000 black 4,149

                    Robbery: total 82,436 white 35,443 black 45,827

                    These two offences and gambling are the ONLY that blacks commit at a higher number. ALL OTHER VIOLENT CRIMES AND NON VIOLENT CRIMES ARE COMMITTED AT A HIGHER NUMBER BY WHITES THAN BLACKS.

                    These include forcible rape: total 14,611 whites 9,504 blacks 4,811.

                    Burglary: white 151,934 black 72,244.

                    Aggravated assault: white 194,981 black 102,597.

                    Other assaults: white 625,330 black 304,083.

                    Whites had more arrests for vandalism, weapons charges, motor vehicle theft, fraud, prostitution, arson, sexual offenses, offenses against family and children, etc., etc., etc..

                    Violent crime: total 410,608 white 243,928 black 157,384

                    property crime: total 1,265,509 white 861,756 black 372,993

                    These total numbers do not take into account the rate of recidivism for either race. They are simply the total number of arrest for each crime. Whether Jim Bob or Leroy went on crime sprees and committed multiple crimes is not taken into account, therefor you cannot get correct percentages of criminals per race from these numbers. And these numbers show that more crimes, by whole number and/or percentage were committed by white people.

                    “They are 50% of the white arrest number for rape” Wrong again. Read the chart. The numbers the FBI posted prove you wrong.

                    “In the column he quoted my same numbers on black murders and black versus white violent crime rates.” So you are getting your numbers from him instead of the FBI? Choosing to believe bullshit because it backs up your claims, especially when the actual truth is laid out in front of you, makes you willfully stupid, not right.

                    • Tom Colvin

                      dude ive looked up the fbi numbers myself, with my own eyes and brain… im more than capable of reading their charts. I don’t need to read your numbers.

                    • urgoingdown

                      They aren’t MY numbers. They were taken from the same chart you claim to have read…but apparently didn’t understand.

                    • loftytom

                      You’re not very bright pal, thick even.

                    • urgoingdown

                      Thick? Why? Because I had the audacity to state facts instead of letting someone else’s bullshit stand or because I stated facts you can’t or don’t want to understand?

                    • PeaceCorps1

                      Read Hoover’s history…

                    • meliorist

                      Dude, you’re embarrassing yourself. You say white men commit crime at a higher rate than black men, but the figures you quote contradict what you are saying. You obviously haven’t taken the time to understand the data. You need to pause and engage your brain before spouting nonsense.

                      Here’s how it works:

                      If 70 white men commit 41 violent crimes, and 13 black men commit 15 violent crimes, which group (white or black) is committing violent crimes at the higher rate? It’s easy to calculate 41/70 = 0.59 violent crimes for each man in the white group, and 15/13 = 1.15 violent crimes for each member of the black group, so the black men are committing violent crimes at nearly twice the rate of the white men.

                      Applied to the population, using the FBI numbers you have quoted, the result is the same. You take the raw number of crimes for each group and you divide it by the number of members of the group. The result is that, according to the FBI statistics that you quoted, black men are involved in most types of crime at a much higher rate than white men. Recidivism doesn’t come into it, because these statistics refer to crimes, not criminals.

                      If you’re planning to take the GMAT or GRE any time soon, I would advise you to delay until you have thoroughly revised the Quantitative section, because your understanding of descriptive statistics, on current evidence, is rusty.

                    • urgoingdown

                      “You say white men commit crime at a higher rate than black men” Nope, I said the FBI says more crimes are committed by whites in the USA. This has nothing to do with percentages by race, which cannot be determined by these numbers because recidivism is not taken into account. These numbers simply show how many crimes were committed by whites, blacks and others…and more crimes were committed by whites. Period.

                    • meliorist

                      I see. So it wasn’t an innocent misunderstanding on your part, but you were deliberately spreading fog by making a dishonest non-point.

                    • urgoingdown

                      I stated the facts. The FBI’s chart shows more whites committed crimes in the USA. It does not break it down into percentages, these are the actual arrests broken down by race. You and your ilk are the ones who deliberately spread fog and are being dishonest. And your “percentages” are a nonpoint in this case because this particular chart does not give you the information needed in order to come up with the percentages. In other words, coming up with an answer when you do not have all of the information either makes you illogical or a liar.
                      (By the way, the reason I was referring to recidivism is because the argument was whether or not a higher percentage of blacks than whites commit crimes. You cannot find that number unless you know the rate of recidivism. Saying 50% of crimes are committed by black people is not the same as saying 50% of black people commit crimes. Again, this chart simply shows that whites committed more crimes. Period.)

                    • Tom Colvin

                      ok let me repeat myself for the second or third time……..You obviously CAN see that there are many more criminals among the black population because the % of blacks in their population involved with arrest conviction is higher than the % of whites in their population by multiples of 2 and 3. Racism does not account for multiples of 2 or 3 or more. Sorry. I’m still not really clear of what your point is with your recidivism angle. Apparently you have trouble admitting the reality that a much higher % of your black population are criminals as compared to whites and their white criminals. Facts are stubborn things.

                    • urgoingdown

                      You have 100 apples. You pick 10 worms out of your 100 apples. Does that mean 10 of your apples had worms? NO. You could have gotten 3, 4 maybe even 5 worms out of one apple. Just recently there was an article about some dumb criminal who posted his crimes on Facebook and got arrested. He was charged with over 200 crimes. Each crime is listed as an individual crime. It was one guy NOT 200. That is how recidivism becomes crucial when trying to figure out the percentage of a group that is criminal. YOU DO NOT HAVE THE INFO NECESSARY TO DETERMINE THE “FACTS” YOU ARE CLAIMING. No matter how badly you want it to be true.

                    • Tom Colvin

                      “percentage of crimes not percentage of the community “…..”he was charged with over 200 crimes” (the dumb criminal on fb)……. posting replies to you is like wiping my nose on a grindstone….. it never ends…..yes I DO have the info to tell you that the black community has a much higher percentage of criminals per 100k blacks than white haves per their 100k white people….. a much higher percentage ……..I think this is my fourth time stating this, some people need more than three times….there are official government statistics that are publicized every few years in the media but are available anytime if you look for them, about the % of black people caught up in the criminal justice system versus the % of white people involved with justice system and these stats include obviously crimes from ALL levels of seriousness…anything you can be arrested and jailed for, which is a broad range… . You only have to commit one crime, NOT 100 OR 200 CRIMES to be caught up in the criminal justice system (arrest , jail/prison. parole probation)….. the stats are something like one on three black males according to these stats are caught up in the criminal justice system…….and something like around one in 16 white men are caught up in the criminal justice system. so to your first quote about how my fbi stats show “percentage of crimes not percentage of the community” YES A MUCH HIGHER PERCENTAGE OF YOUR FRICKING BLACK COMMUNITY ARE COMMITTING CRIMES – ONE IN THREE BLACKS AS OPPOSED TO ONE IN 16 WHITES …… NOW WE MOVE TO THE AREA OF SERIOUS AND VIOLENT CRIMES…Your fb clown example was not charged with 200 murders or rapes was he? my stats were fbi 2011 JUST ONE YEAR OF STATS. does an individual black or white man have a chance to go out and kill or rape a man or woman at any point during 2011, be arrested for it and then have another chance to kill or rape 5 10 or 12 or “200”more people before the year 2011 ends? O f course not, if he is caught AND ARRESTED it will usually be within a week and he will be locked up the rest of 2011. Don’t you understand your recidivism argument only works for petty lower level crimes, and even than as I have shown you in stats covering ALL levels of crimes, stats that DO NOT COUNT CRIMES , THE RAW TOTAL NUMBERS OF CRIMES, BUT RATHER THE NUMBER OF PEOPLE BY RACE WHO ARE CRIMINALS CAUGHT UP IN THE JUSTICE SYSTEM, MEANING THEY MAY HAVE COMMITTED ONLY ONE CRIME, OR 200 CRIMES,BLACKS ARE STILL WAY WAY OVERREPRESENTED. Per your fb dumb criminal example are sops and prosecutors only charging the black fb dumb criminal with 200 crimes or are they also charging the white fb dumb criminal with 200 crimes when he is caught in the same situation ? if they are doing it with both criminlas yo of course have no argument.The basis of you premise seems to be or rather really has to be that , per your fb dumb criminal example , racist white cops and prosecutors are going around charging blacks with the maximum number of possible crimes they can (the 200 crimes of the fb dumbass) but with whites they are charging then with only one or two crimes when they could have charged them with 10 50 or “200” crimes. The basis of all your crapola that yo uhave posted here, but you don’t seem to have the nerve to actually say it, is that a racist system is making the black community look baD through statistics. If that ere the cas ethen that would show up in the stats that I related to you a the top of the page – total number from each race caiught up n the criminal justice syste. But you se it does NOT show up there. Those numbers are very lopsided just as lopsided against blacks as the raw number of total crimes stats are lopsided against them. Man up , dude and own the black criminal problem in your black community.

                    • urgoingdown

                      Wow. You wrote an entire book and are still wrong.

                      1. “FIRST OF ALL the fb dumb criminal was arrested only once and charges with 200 crimes he was not arrested 200 times so oops there goes your whole argument that the statistics would be swayed unfairly.”

                      The chart lists the number of crimes…NOT number of perps…which is exactly what I was referring to. There were more crimes committed by white people. You cannot get the percentage of criminals per group using these numbers.



                      A higher number of blacks are prosecuted and incarcerated for crimes…but there are more crimes committed by whites. Find that odd? Look at situations such as the “affluenza” kid and the gentleman in Texas who shot a prostitute in the back of the neck because she didn’t have sex with him and took his money…who was acquitted. There is a reason black/brown people are caught up in the system and white criminals (like Zimmerman) walk away from their crimes like nothing happened until people speak out about it. But even with that the numbers show MORE CRIMES ARE COMMITTED BY WHITES.

                      3. “if they are doing it with both criminals you of course have no argument.”

                      Recidivism effects the number of criminals…not the number of crimes. The numbers still show that more crimes are committed by whites than any other race.

                      4. “is that a racist system is making the black community look bad through statistics.”

                      Nope. What I am saying is that a racist system is the reason so many black/brown people are incarcerated, and for harsher sentences, than whites who commit more crimes in this country than any other race.
                      Much like you, the criminal justice system seems to think black/brown crime is inexcusable…whereas white crimes can be ignored altogether or at least are worthy of less scrutiny and punishment. Hence the idea that you and those like you have that black/brown criminals are running amok! That fact can be seen in most comments sections on most news sites. There will be hundreds of vile, racist, ignorant rants on any story having anything to do with black crime. Crickets on the ones dealing with white crime…which is the majority unless you frequent sites like Stormfront.

                    • smithsj

                      If you’re only talking numbers, that has no merit. Yeah, California has more crimes than South Dakota. That means nothing. They have more people. How many people in CA commit crimes out of all the people in CA who COULD commit crimes (the rate) does mean something if you make that same comparison to SD. Their higher crime rate means you’re more likely to be a crime victim in CA than in SD. If the reverse were true, you can bet people would be trying to understand what is going on in South Dakota!

                    • urgoingdown

                      Regardless, you still can’t determine “the rate” without complete and correct information, which no one has collected.

                  • DR MCAT

                    Okay now that you’ve had the opportunity to rant on about race (trying your hardest to let the world know how violent I am–as you imply) you can calm down now. Although I am non-violent, educated, and peace-seeking American who happens to be brown I will not try to fight your notion that we are all a bunch of wild and rapacious monkeys who are on the verge of murdering innocent people. Meanwhile, I will take a nap before I resume my homework in chemistry, biology, international relations, and interpersonal communications.
                    ~future biomedical scientist AKA the the black violent animal.

                  • PeaceCorps1

                    Why are you on this site? It is NOIRE (Black)

                • Tom Colvin

                  Recidivism? how does that have to do with anything. a crime is a crime and an arrest is an arrest. Most of the crimes in EACH community , black and white are done by relatively small groups of young men, doing crimes over and over. Black Community versus White community, there’s a huge gap between total crime rates of each group. Blacks may have a somewhat higher recidivism rate than whites, but so what? You’re really in the realm of rationalization here.

                  • urgoingdown

                    You actually just repeated my point about recidivism…although I don’t think you actually understand what you are saying.
                    This is exactly why you cannot get the percentages you were using from the actual numbers. The chart shows the exact number of crimes by race, not the exact number of people committing the crimes by race. Nearly 70% (69.2) of all crimes were committed by whites. Period.

                    • Tom Colvin

                      you have no point. young men commit most of the violent and serious crimes in both the white and black communities, and they commit crimes over and over . They’re career criminals. Nobody ever said it was a large number of black people per 100k blacks doing all these crimes. There isn’t a large number of white career criminals either per 100k whites. Except in the white community the number of career white criminals is much smaller per 100k white people – that’s the main reason for the gap in crime rates, not a slightly higher recidivism rate ,if true, among black career criminals. Instead of having to go through all these tortuous mental contortions of rationalizations just admit your black community has a big problem with black crime, especially violent crime, and that the white community does not have a problem with white crime. In fact they under-represent their population dramatically in almost every category of crime. Whites have problems- crime is not one of them. With a higher income rate, higher savings rate, and higher level of education, that simply makes perfect sense.. WSJ columnist Jason Riley, a black man , did just that, he told the truth about black crime rates.. I respect him for that. . I don’t respect black people who are in deliberate denial of the facts on crime in America.

                    • Tom Colvin

                      and just common sense makes recidivism basically irrelevant if you’re trying to refute my posts. The statistics I gave in my posts are from FBI uniform crime reports for 2011 , one year of stats, not the combined murders rapes and robberies or crimes against the family and children ,by race, for 10 or 15 years. if a black man or woman commits a murder or a rape in 2011 and is arrested for it within a couple days or weeks, or months, he or she is going to be removed from the general public for the remainder of 2011, with no chance to commit more crimes, as the case winds its way to trial. so a black or white guy is overwhelmingly likely to be only going to be able to commit and get arrested for one murder or rape in year 2011. ……. ” these are percentages of crimes not percentages of the community”-roughly your quote …Your point seems to be that just a few blacks are committing a huge number of violent/serious crimes (crime/jail-release/crime/jail-release) and that there are no more actual criminals or even less criminals per 100k of blacks than there are white criminals per 100k of whites. That is simply not borne out by the facts when you look at the number of black men per 100k black men that are either in jail or on parole or probation, the total number ensnared in the criminal justice system compared to the number of white men per 100k white men caught up in the justice system. . It is higher than that of white males by multiple numbers , 3 to 1, 4 to 1 something like that. Even when you take out the relatively small number of crimes that are racism-based arrests and prosecutions, the number is still higher than whites by serious multiples.

                    • Craven Moorehead

                      ONE crime = ONE arrest = ONE incarceration – all taking place in ONE year . . . work with this premise.

                    • Tom Colvin

                      yeah that is my premise Craven Moorehead, Recidivism really only comes into play as far as having an effect on crime statistics with minor petty crimes. The commenter is apparently trying to claim that just a tiny, tiny % of blacks commit a huge, gigantic number of crimes,, making blacks look bad, because those white people have their white criminal types doing less crimes per criminal but spread out among a huge number of all white families because whites are just generally criminal as opposed to black people, who are not. Seriously this has to be what he is saying. Recidivism comes into play in yearly crime statistics when you’re talking about petty crimes like getting busted for smoking pot in public shoplifting under 20 dollars or mouthing off to the police or loitering or urinating in public where an individual black or white male can be arrested multiple times per month for these crimes.. Not with serious level rape and murder where the person is overwhelmingly likely to only get a chance to commit one of these crimes per year with the rest of the year locked up

                    • urgoingdown

                      “The commenter is apparently trying to claim that just a tiny, tiny % of blacks commit a huge, gigantic number of crimes,, making blacks look bad, because those white people have their white criminal types doing less crimes per criminal but spread out among a huge number of all white families because whites are just generally criminal as opposed to black people, who are not. ” No, that is not what I was saying. According to the FBI more crime is committed by whites in the USA. I DID NOT say there was a higher percentage of whites who are criminal because you cannot determine the percentage of criminals by race with the information given. This is because the numbers are not broken down into how many crimes were committed by the same person. Saying 50% of a group commits crimes is not the same as saying 50% of crimes are committed by a certain group.

                      “Recidivism comes into play in yearly crime statistics when you’re talking about petty crimes like getting busted for smoking pot in public shoplifting under 20 dollars or mouthing off to the police or loitering or urinating in public where an individual black or white male can be arrested multiple times per month for these crimes.. Not with serious level rape and murder where the person is overwhelmingly likely to only get a chance to commit one of these crimes per year with the rest of the year locked up”
                      There are plenty of people who are charged with multiple felonies on a daily basis. Your comment is ludicrous. Some are even charged with crimes while incarcerated.

                    • Tom Colvin

                      urgoingdown I don’t even bother to read your replies. Instead of replying to my posts with your nonsense you should take that time you would spend doing that and instead just reread this above post several times and my other posts here as well. Do it daily if needed , until you finally understand.

                    • urgoingdown

                      You didn’t bother replying because you made up as much as you could in the book you wrote to my other comment. You should have read my responses because I showed you where you are wrong…several times. Try reading them instead of holding on to bogus notions and forming your opinions on garbage.

                • mel

                  Eeewww. You want to remove recidivists from the equation? Why? If a group has a greater number of recidivists, doesn’t that mean something?

                  • urgoingdown

                    I was quoting the person I was responding to.

            • Paulmatthew22

              and there are 6 times more white men than black men in the U.S…So your point is? Oh well,.I guess I should be asking Adrian Peterson

            • St Martyr

              FACTS??? As a black woman involved in research…pleeease tell me. Cause the South doesn’t sound good for…ALL..that stuff.

            • bingbingwa

              How about the statistic of children are twice as likely to be beaten by their mother than the father.

          • ron glass

            78 % ??? your opinion does not belong here

        • mjmartin

          jim: I guess Whites don’t do these kinds of things?? What about the other half of the 50% of murderers?? White girls never have babies to collect Welfare. I like the way you prove your points.

          • Tom Colvin

            you don’t seem to understand statistics. even if white men and a few white women committed ALL of the other fifty percent of the murders (they don’t), they would still be underrepresenting their 70% of the population.

            • mikey7777

              I know right,don’t worry none of these lib dumbazzes know jack about what you are trying to say.Numbers and factual statistics hurt their pea sized brains.Since all these lib dumbed down colleges and government so -called schools lie about everything and fill their brains with nonsense.SO since blacks make roughly 13% to 15% of the USA population look what happens when they really put up big numbers ,like south africa for example ,WHITES ARE ON THE GENOCIDE LIST ,and never mind what they did to whites in haiti…exterminated every last white male and raped and bred out the white woman.And these lib idiots and white guilt laden fools cry about Hitler wiping out the jews.LMFAO!

              • herbygee

                You’re both insane and a disgusting racist.

              • St Martyr


                • sallyfield

                  it’s insane how many people flat out disregard all the facts that have been given and just blindly call you racists. everyone’s so terrified to be called a racist they ignore the truth. what a pathetic time to be alive

              • urgoingdown

                You are weapons grade stupid…

        • Caroline

          I’m going to blow your minds….All Americans share the same culture. All peoples who live within America share similar values, language, foods etc. It is not inherent that black people are, for example, more criminal, it is inherent in American culture that black people or even certain socio economic groups have certain behaviours. It is inherent in a system that doesn’t historically value certain people and it is inevitable that certain behaviours present. However, if American culture ceased being racist (or fearful and acquisitive) then we would see other behaviours present. In a capitalist paradigm it is important that the people on the lowest strata remain there, for cheap labour, be it prison workers or illegal workers, it is important that they lack confidence and education, so that they can be paid less etc. America needs this to be so to remain rich. If it isn’t going to be A, then it will be B who will be on the lowest, underprivileged, having their DNA decided as being inherently lazy, criminal, animal, less than, etc etc. It is all a lie people. We are all more than that.

          • Jerome Curtis

            White Americans taking advantage of and vilifying black Americans? Not exactly a big revelation. The situation is improving of course, but then it should have improved a lot more a long time ago, so depending on your outlook things could be positive or negative. The fact that black Americans have become so much more sophisticated and successful the more their rights have improved should tell the white racists something, they can throw all their bullshit statistics at us as much as they like but all they’re doing is defeating their own argument, because all they prove is that black people have become less and less criminal over the years as they get treated more like everybody else.

          • darthgidget

            so black crime is caused by society not valuing black men? How about its caused by black men not valuing society.

            • Should a poor and disenfranchised black man value a society that is
              built to break him down? Even white social scientists and the government
              that their is systemic racism against black people in America. But..
              you cant see it? Open your eyes.

          • Dane

            “All Americans share the same culture. All peoples who live within America share similar values, language, foods etc.” Really Caroline? That is possibly the most ignorant thing I’ve heard in a year. I don’t share the same values as a tight-knit Korean neighborhood. I don’t share the same language as the Creole. I don’t eat Hasidic foods. I dont share the same culture as Native Americans still living in reservations, practising their own culture. We are all different, we make group associations which are not common to the whole. Thats from where the term “sub-culture” comes.

        • maserati123

          You have to be an illiterate WHITE REPUBLICAN ,and living in a trailer park in Mississippi.grasslands.RACIST IDIOT.

          • darthgidget

            if he were living in a trailer in Mississippi chances are good that he would be black.

            • maserati123

              Well I won’t know this, but being black is an act of God,and racist people need to know this.

        • urgoingdown

          Those statistics are completely wrong, Jim c. And must have hurt when you pulled them out of your arse.

        • yeah.. with poverty comes crime.. what started the cycle of poverty in the black community? Hmmm.. systemic white racism? How about this stat.. 99.999% of crimes against humanity and mother nature were committed by whites… please dont get me started..

        • PeaceCorps1

          How many whites killed blacks in slavery, lynching and as legal policing?

        • blacknmad

          do some research because none of that bullshit you just said is true.

      • Stephen Dale

        yep. its called “stupid is as stupid does “. one of her better works.

    • Jazz

      Ok, so since you said that, remember you can’t comment when you see a black man with a white woman and assume he isn’t a strong black man. We can’t keep subscribing to the double standards.

      • Laine

        I never think that when I see a black man with a non- black woman! We are all of the human race, it should not matter at all !!

        • mikey7777

          YES i LOVE IT NOW THAT BLACKS ARE RUNNING AROUND GANGBANGIN AND BURNING AND LOOTING STORES AND NEIGHBORHOODS AND FlaSHMOBBING AND PLAYING THE KNOCK-OUT GAME and every white wannabe azzhole trying to act and talk like an illiterate uneducated dumbdowned black thug ,all of a sudden we are all apart of the human race.Sorry blacks are savages ,simple as that ,forgotten by evolution for a reason.

          • danny4572


          • Henry James Johnson Jr.

            “Sorry blacks are savages ,simple as that ,forgotten by evolution for a reason”.You need a reality check and that should be in the form of opening up a History book and reading about all the savage,downright barbaric acts committed against humanity by whites.Forgotten by evolution?Fool,Black evolution gave birth to you mongrels.Without us it wouldn’t be a you.Say what you will about Black murderers but you will be hard pressed to find one Black student who woke up one morning with the evil intent of going to a grammar school and killing 20 something children.We don’t think prehistoric like that.Now that is savage!You seem pretty disgusted that whites are now trying to mimic a”an illiterate uneducated dumbdowned black thug “.Well guess what?Blacks have been mimicking the savage ways of whites for years and that is why we are in the situation we are in today.It’s nice to see you’re stressing yourself over what someone else does with their life.It’s probbaly because you don’t have a fcking life of your own!So like the true emasculated weak white coward you are you want to express your racist views over the internet behind your computer.Take them damn Huggies off and man up,coward.

    • Betty D. Matta

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    • Mort Leith

      Typical Racist comment,, you just PROVED my post above…

      • darthgidget

        I asked a white soldier why she dated black men once and she told me it was because a black soldier would spend his whole paycheck on a white woman hooping to get into her pants.

        • urgoingdown

          You do realize you just implied that white women dating black men are gold digging wh***s, right…?

        • Henry James Johnson Jr.

          “hooping”.Even with spell check you still couldn’t get it right.Get your weak white a$$ a life.

    • Cindy Otis

      I stopped reading this article after that line. If the “author” is going to be so clearly racist why should we bother reading it? A strong black woman can’t date/marry whoever she wants to?!?! It takes a STRONG black woman to marry a white man – believe that. So black should only marry black eh? Following that idiotic train of thought we wouldn’t have Barack Obama, Bob Marley, Jimi Hendrix, Halle Berry, Alicia Keys, …. Follow your heart and love who you want to, no matter what color they are.

      • kudjo

        WOW mulattoes the beacons of the black race!

        • Kabc Gabc

          That’s what I don’t get. Obama was born to a white woman, raised by whites, probably moreso than privileged whites that were his predecessors some who had black nannies. But it would be a shock if he married a white woman?

        • PeaceCorps1

          ha ha I get it Kudjo. Yep, that sounded stupid to me too. lol

      • Kabc Gabc

        And what’s with the “blue-eyed” stuff? Not all whites are blue-eyed. Seems like a reference to Malcolm X, and if you read his autobiography (with help from Alex Haley), you’ll see that he abandoned that stereotype before his death.

        • Nicholas I

          But Alex Haley didn’t even write Roots. It’s a jewbook.

          • JustMe

            What an Appalling Bigoted Phrase *Jewbook* Sadly Anti Semitism is alive and well ,and its not even 70 years sine the world *Officially* knew about the Holocaust ,,

            • Nicholas I

              What’s “the Holocaust”? Anyway, what’s your major malfunction? What’s the big deal? A book written by a jew is a jewbook.

              • JustMe

                Your*e my major malfunction and the pea that passed for your one tiny brain cell just died with that comment ,,, Wha’ts the Holocaust anyway?* your’e not only crass your’e a cretin ,,,,too low to notice

                • Nicholas I

                  If you don’t know, just say so. You’re the one who brought up this “Holocaust” thing.

      • drjy2k

        Well said!!! This piece is not only racist, but sexist!! “dipped her toe in the interracial waters”!!!!???? Suddenly, it’s 1960!!! (A Plymouth car commercial line in 1959)

      • Jane Vain

        Jimi Hendrix wan’t mixed race with white. He was at least 75% black.

      • Jerome Curtis

        That’s what I said, if anything strong black women marry white men, my reason was that strong women aren’t petty and bitter about race, but I think the point you’re making is that they’ll probably have to put up with a lot of crap from blacks and whites, which is so true as well. Never thought of that though, good point, that without mixed race relationships society would have been deprived of so many great, super talented, groundbreaking people throughout history, Well, wouldn’t call Halle Berry groundbreaking but you get the idea 🙂

      • PeaceCorps1

        All these were born of white mamas. Where are the white men marrying/dating black women? That is why I do not like interracial dating. It is too one sided.

    • alt-K

      Agreed. I was thinking the exact same thing

    • goku49

      you can be strong and date out of your race but then you lose some credibility when you speak about civil rights. Just sayin!

      • Yt

        Civil rights is about unity, not division. So how can embracing all people for who they are truly regardless of their skin color diminish a person’s stance on civil rights?

        • goku49

          unity may be a byproduct of the Civil Rights movement. As for “So how can embracing all people for who they are truly regardless of their skin color diminish a person’s stance on civil rights…” We are limited to our experiences. Being a non person of color does not mean that you relate or can experience what it is like to be a person of color. Intention might be good but that in itself is limited. At the end of the day they are not and have not been fighting the same battle. Just sayin!

          • JustMe

            There are a group of people that have been persecuted since Biblical times and we come in all colours , Jews ,,and talking about Civil Rights , *The Lynching of Leon Frank* is a book that shows the hatred born to a white man who’s Jewish by those good Ol Boys in the South ,just sayin ,,,,,

            • goku49

              Many people have been persecuted before and after biblical times. I don’t understand your reference to the book and the point that you are trying to make. Franks death had/has nothing to do with civil rights, this article or even validity in our ongoing debate, let alone black women dating non black men. Try again…

          • alexandre1

            The fact that they may not know what it’s like does not mean they were not fighting the same battle – this is as illogical as saying you can’t appreciate a picture you didn’t paint yourself.

            • goku49

              You said it all…the fact that they do not know what its like means they are not fighting the same battle. It as logical saying a man understands the pain of child birth or the devastation of reconstructive surgery because of breast cancer.

      • big d

        There are plenty of people of all different races that were involved in civil rights. Don’t forget plenty of white people have died to help blacks achieve freedom also. The underground railroad wasn’t ran by only black people. When the clan killed those 3 students down south in the 60’s don’t forget some of them were white. Just because some people are friends or even date outside their race doesn’t mean they don’t know what it’s like to be black.

        • goku49

          To me its hypocritical to date a white person while screaming black power. That would be reverse racism 🙂

          • Jane Vain

            That’s correct Goku. You are the strongest of them all.

            • goku49

              are you talking about my ability to sense bullsh!t when I see it…?

              • Jane Vain


                • goku49

                  Jane doe you are funny! stick around

        • Jane Vain

          “Don’t forget plenty of white people have died to help blacks achieve freedom also”………………….That’s a lie.

          • Lucy’s Brother

            btw: The most famous speech in human history: A white man talking about tens of thousands of mostly white men who died, 150 years ago, largely because of the enslavement of innocent black people:

            “…It is rather for us to be here dedicated to the great task remaining before us—that from these honored dead we take increased devotion to THAT CAUSE for which they gave the last full measure of devotion—that we here highly resolve that these dead shall not have died in vain—that this nation, under God, shall have A NEW BIRTH OF FREEDOM—and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.” ( — 21 months before he himself was ruthlessly murdered as a direct consequence of his abolishment of slavery.)

            Anyone who suggests the skin colour of your spouse diminishes your credibility on civil rights is themselves an ignorant (racist) bigot.

            • Jane Vain

              That isn’t the most famous speech. MLK “I have a dream is”. You’re acting as if white people should be credited for it. Sorry, but it was mainly black people fighting for freedom, not some random white people who felt sorry.

              • alexandre1

                Abraham Lincoln was a random white who felt sorry?

                • Henry James Johnson Jr.

                  Rumor has it that Abraham Lincoln was part Black.Google it.

                  • PeaceCorps1

                    If the person does not claim his blackness then let’s stop putting it on them. It is like we are wishing and begging to have them be a part of us. STOP!

            • goku49

              so what gives your spouse credibility in civil rights outside of them marrying someone who is black, their emotions, their experience being or understanding what it is to be black?

      • DuBois

        You’re saying that a person who dates interracially loses credibility when they speak about civil rights? Really? Let’s see if I can think of any famous quotes that are associated with the civil-rights movement.

        Oh, here’s one!

        “I have a dream that my four little children
        will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color
        of their skin but by the content of their character.

        I have a dream today.

        I have a dream that one day down in Alabama with its vicious racists,
        with its governor having his lips dripping with the words of
        interposition and nullification one day right there in Alabama little
        black boys and black girls will be able to join hands with little white
        boys and little white girls as sisters and brothers.

        I have a dream today.”

        Explain to me exactly how the sentiment behind this quote is in conflict with interracial dating.

        • goku49

          Yes if you are dating someone that is not black and talk about black civil rights you lose credibility and are a hypocrite. Would you take advice from a doctor (pulmonologist) who smokes, would you take weight loss tips from someone who was overweight, would take financial advise from someone who was constantly in debt.

          • Nicholas I

            And would you take advice from a proctologist who wasn’t a sodomite?

          • islandgirl

            how simplistic this view so once a person is dating someone of a different race or is of another race beside black the have no right to speak about civil rights, so people should not marry because of love

          • Ropey Wyla

            People like you are the reason racism still exists, you have a twisted and immature view of the world and you are the hypocrite because you are damaging the cause you claim to champion. How sad it must be to be so full of idiotic, self defeating hatred.

            • goku49

              People like me are the reason why people like you are proven wrong. Were you not the one who said “jew speech” but claim that I am racist..!

        • goku49

          Your quotes by both Martin and Malcom do not support your point that you can be strong and date outside your race. I understand the world that you would like to live in where race does not matter and in fact so would l but the reality of the situation is we dont …sorry. My analogies are to simply identify or point out that you can not say one thing and do the other. Credibility is key but I guess you dont understand that yet.

          • DuBois

            Actually, they very much do support my point, but I guess you don’t understand that yet, so we might as well bring our exchange to a close. (Especially as you’re bringing in straw men, like the idea that I said that race doesn’t matter in our world, which I never said.)

        • smart

          Of course. The gvmt hired that guy for a propaganda weapon to stifle the black independence movement…duh

        • Nicholas I


        • Lucy’s Brother


          (Again: Anyone [‘goku49’] who suggests the skin colour of your spouse diminishes your credibility on civil rights is themselves an ignorant bigot.)

        • PeaceCorps1

          Friends not dating.

    • Ole Buck

      The most amazing thing is that any man, (white, black, orange, green) could possibly find anything remotely attractive about Whoopie Goldberg. You might recall in the “Color Purple” one of the other women looks at her and states, “You sho are ugly” It was hardly a stretch.

      • PeaceCorps1

        That is such hatred! Color Purple was not written with Whoopi as the character–dummy.

        • Ole Buck

          Not hatred. Just the facts. Whoopie was cast perfectly in that role. Do you think some beautiful actress (like Hallie Berry) could have been cast for that part?
          There is nothing whatsoever attractive about that cow. As far as hatred she often has gone off on her TV show spewing hatred for anybody who dares to disagree with her opinion.

          • PeaceCorps1

            Soooo, mixed race Halle is the only black women you could use in this situation? Hmmm. Yep you have issues..

            • Ole Buck

              Oh Hallie is not black enough for you? She just came to mind because she is (in my mind) one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood. You sound jealous. How about Obama? is he black enough for you?

              • PeaceCorps1

                I am just saying that it is insulting to name a half white person as the most beautiful black person. She would never be named as the most beautiful white person. They would vote a 100% white girl for that honor.

                • Ole Buck

                  Who is “they”? Is it insulting to say Obama is first black president? And just so you know, Hallie is absolutely one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood. She is nearly 50 too.

                  I look at her and see beauty. You have to worry about who her ancestors are. So who is post racial here?

                  • PeaceCorps1

                    Fact. First black president = Obama.
                    Opinion. Halle Half breed = Most beautiful Black woman.

                    • Ole Buck

                      Fact: Obama is half black.
                      Fact: Berry half black.
                      Everybody can see what you did.

                      You have a problem

    • Kabc Gabc

      And they didn’t even mention her and Ted Danson…

    • Theo

      “You can’t be a strong black woman” That pretty much sums I up in my opinion. Can someone, black woman preferably, define what “strong black woman” means? Who are you being strong for? I have met more lonely “strong black women” than any other kind. Try just relaxing and enjoy life. You are not enduring any more or less than any of your ethnic counterparts.

    • PeaceCorps1

      Whoopi may indeed be attracted to brothers, but people date who are attracted back to them.