Someone Needs To Hide Their Black Cards! 15 Of The Most Ridiculous Things Celebrities Have Bought

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Many of us know how it feels to waste money on something we probably didn’t need – a pair of shoes that end up hurting our feet, a purse that looks stupid once we get it home… But for celebrities, frivolous spending seems almost criminal given the amounts of money they drop on unbelievably ridiculous things. These fifteen big spenders have purchased everything from white Bengal tigers to gold leggings, and at prices you wouldn’t believe.



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Chad Johnson – $100,000 “Super Truck”

For his 32nd birthday, Chad Johnson made the questionable decision to purchase, what he called, a “super truck.” What this meant, I had no idea – until I saw the photos. Chad’s “super truck” is essentially a big rig minus the trailer but with all of the same obnoxious largeness. The monstrosity was custom built over a period of six months which makes sense when you consider its many unnecessary features: pick up bed, roll bar, air horn, Ochocinco branding. Oh, and so you know, Chad’s super truck gets a whopping 6-9 miles per gallon.

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Beyoncé – $100,000 Gold Balenciaga Leggings

For Jay Z’s birthday, Beyoncé bought her hubby a $2 million Bugatti – a buy that is downright piddly compared to his supposed Father’s Day gift: a $40 million custom jet. But of all Queen Bey’s outrageous purchases, my favorite would have to be her $100,000 Balenciaga leggings (they were embellished in gold). If you remember back to 2007, she performed in them at the BET Awards.

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Lady Gaga – $50,000 Ghost Detection Machine

Lady Gaga is deathly afraid of evil spirits, so afraid that she pays paranormal experts and ghost hunters to assess the spiritual presence in her homes and hotel rooms. But none of that compares to the star dropping 50,000 real dollars on an Electro-Magnetic Field Reader; a device that can supposedly detect ghosts.

Source: WENN

Rihanna – $1 Million Hair

Black pixie cut; blonde waterfall curls; red, straight and sleek – have you ever wondered how much it costs for Rihanna to maintain her ever-changing hair? Sources say that the amount is somewhere in the range of $1 million per year – approximately 25 times more than the average American spends on yearly hair care.

Source: WENN

Kim Basinger – $20 Million Town

No outrageous celebrity purchase has ever been more over-the-top than Kim Basinger’s $20 million acquisition of an entire town in Georgia in 1989. Kim’s intent in buying the town, called Braselton, was to transform it into a tourist attraction featuring makeshift movie studios and grand film festivals. The venture was a flop: just five years after purchasing the town, Kim sold it for $1 million and declared bankruptcy.

Source: WENN

Akon – South African Diamond Mine

There’s nothing unique about blinged out music artists because the fad is so customary these days. There is, however, something unique about Akon and his 2007 purchase of a South African diamond mine. Since acquiring the mine, the star has the luxury of rocking his own mined diamonds around his neck or fingers– a convenience no other music artist is yet able to brag. Despite that, Akon is generally mum on the details (like the price), but can we agree that an African diamond mine is no cheap buy?

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Nicolas Cage – $276,000 Dinosaur Skull

Nicolas Cage is probably the most outrageous spender on this list. Prior to his 2007 financial difficulties, the actor had accumulated a 28 room Bavarian castle, a $1 million comic book collection, a Gulfstream jet, two yachts, a fleet of around 50 cars, two Bahamian islands, a dozen mansions, two king cobras, the shah of Iran’s Lamborghini, and a collection of shrunken heads. But of all Cage’s exorbitant worldly possessions, I found his acquisition of a $276,000 dinosaur skull to be most interesting. The star purchased the artifact in 2007, right before his financial demise, and actually had to outbid Leonardo Dicaprio for the rare find.

Source: WENN

Michael Vick – $85,000 Fish Pond

Between fighting dogs illegally and playing football for the Atlanta Falcons, Michael Vick found the time to purchase and have installed an $85,000 fish pond in his home. I can think of many things $85,000 can buy, and a fish pond will never be one of them. Though I’m sure Vick must be feeling the same way considering his fall from grace not only ruined his career, but drained his assets as well. Hopefully he’ll make smarter purchase decisions in the future.

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Paris Hilton – $325,000 Dog House

Yes, Paris Hilton is an heiress but that doesn’t mean her purchases are any less outrageous than anyone else’s. In 2009, she dumped $325,000 into a dog house designed to replicate her own multi-million dollar abode. The plushy duplicate includes mini designer furniture, heating, air conditioning, ceiling moldings and even a dainty black chandelier.

Source: WENN

Mike Tyson – $2 Million Bathtub, $150,000 White Bengal Tigers

Back in the day when Mike Tyson was worth $300 million, he was notorious for his frivolous – no, outrageous, spending. At the height of this ridiculousness, he bought his then-wife, Robin Givens a solid gold bathtub for $2 million; for what purpose, I do not know. But it wasn’t all about the giving; he subsequently purchased two white Bengal tigers for himself for $150,000. When asked about his past spending habits and purchase choices, Mike admitted that “there was some dumb sh–.”

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Bono – $1,700 Plane Ticket for a Hat

If any normal person were to go on vacation and leave a hat at home, the likely thing to do would be to simply go on about the trip without the hat, or maybe even purchase a hat to substitute the forgotten one. But in Bono’s case, neither option was acceptable. After leaving his favorite hat behind on a trip to Italy, the Irish star didn’t find it one bit ridiculous to pay $1,700 to fly his precious hat first class to meet him. Included in that $1,700 are the two cabs that transported the hat to and from the airport, traveling insurance, and tips.

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Kanye West – (Price Unkown) Diamond Teeth

On an episode of “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” Kanye West revealed, what may be considered, the most eccentric thing he’s ever done. After Ellen noticed something amiss with Kanye’s bottom row of teeth, the star casually explained that he’d replaced his teeth with diamonds and gold. “Why…?” Ellen asked. Because “it’s cooler” answered Kanye, “there’s just certain stuff that rock stars are supposed to do.” Okay Kanye.

Source: WENN

Chris Brown – $1.5 million Bugatti

After violently assaulting Rihanna in 2009, Chris Brown did the exact opposite thing expected of anyone who’s committed a crime and wants to maintain a low profile. He went out and bought an unbelievably expensive, ultra rare $1.5 million Bugatti Veyron in the flashiest color possible, red. He then hit the town in this little number to seemingly rub its extravagance in everyone’s face.

Source: WENN

Jay-Z — Ace of Spades

After Jay-Z renounced Cristal as hip hop’s signature drink, he adopted Armand de Brignac, an outrageously expensive champagne brand, better known by alcohol connoisseurs as the “Ace of Spades.” For one of Jay’s lavish celebrations, the rapper famously purchased just a few bottles of the bubbly for an unbelievable $250,000.

Source: WENN

Tinie Tempah — $37,500 shoes

Since becoming famous, Tinie Tempah has accumulated quite the shoe collection. But in 2011, the English rap star augmented his growing collection with the $37,500 purchase of a pair of Nike Air MAG shoes. But these weren’t just any almost $40,000 shoes, these were the first pair of limited edition “Marty McFly shoes” from Back To the Future II – though admittedly, that fact makes the purchase no less ridiculous to me.

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