Say What Now? 5 Crazy Things We Learned During Part 1 Of The Basketball Wives LA Reunion

December 11, 2012  |  
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Though the second season of Basketball Wives LA wasn’t as entertaining as viewers — and VH1– had hoped, the reunion definitely kept  quite a few people’s attention last night. Just when we thought we knew everything there was to know about the seven basketball wives, sidepieces, jumpoffs, girlfriends, groupies, and video vixens, they turned around and exposed some interesting secrets during part 1 of the 2-part reunion. Let’s just say we will be tuning in next Monday to tie up the rest of these loose ends. Check out the craziest things we learned during last night’s reunion.

Source: Blog.VH1

Everyone clearly brings their own sylist

This is the first time I had this eureka moment and maybe it’s because the BBW Miami cast generally knows how to dress, but how is it that Malaysia, Brooke, Laura, and Gloria could look so on point last night and Jackie and Bambi sat on the stage looking like they just hit up Rainbow’s 75% off rack before the show. Ya’ll know about Rainbow right?

Bambi looked like she should have been named Mermaid and Jackie’s thigh-high boots, trench coat, and way too visible white eyelet bra were very Julia Roberts Pretty Woman. Draya also had that stripper look poppin’ but I must say the hair was crute. Still, why won’t VH1 save these ladies from themselves?

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Malaysia is the actual show, except Gloria is the reason there is a show

Malaysia had the most hilarious attempt at throwing hesistant shade ever seen on last night’s reunion. When a viewer questioned her motives to become more relevant, she was quick to point out that she is the actual show, as in the only legitimate basketball wife around. Sensing the jump-off wrath that was about to be upon her, Malaysia got to stumbling and clearing that statement up real quick, acknowledging that Jackie is also a wife and there are now other wives on the show. Ol’ girl should’ve just owned her first statement. It ain’t like she was lying.

Somewhere along the way though, Gloria got buck and decided to let everyone know she was the real reason there was a spinoff to begin with and basically everyone on stage owes their fame to her boring self.  As expected, they weren’t hearing it.

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Laura’s been a BBW for three years?

Fact checkers are still out as far as this point is concerned, but last night, Gloria let it slip that Laura has been a basketball wife for three years while trying to check Bambi. I can’t tell if this was one of those B.S. lies she said just because the cameras were rolling or if that was real confirmation of Laura’s claim earlier this year that she and Gilbert are already married.

The thing is, while Laura and Gloria think this makes her look better, I wanna know how you marry a man who had a gag order out on you so you wouldn’t talk about him on the show. I don’t know what you’re thinking, but that sounds like the makings of a 48-month marriage to me. Oh yeah, and Laura claims to be 33. I think her math might be a smidge off their too.

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Even grown a** women dream of being rappers

Here and now I apologize to all the grown men I’ve clowned for their 40-year-old rap dreams because Jackie proved last night it’s not just a man thing — unfortunately.

We heard the rumors Jackie had a rap track out before last night, we were just hoping it wasn’t true. But low and behold trench coat mafia got behind the mic and attempted to freestyle and, expectantly, embarrassed her thirsty self once again, spitting rhymes about wanting to be friends with Bambi. On the other side, Bambi’s rap was slightly better but the Vannah Black getup threw the whole thing off.

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If you’re a h*e you have to own it

Hey, we don’t make the rules, we just hear about them. I’m guessing this was Gloria’s first time hearing about them too or else she would have fessed up to some of the slander Bambi spread about her “busting it open for sweatshirts” in the studio. This isn’t the first time we’ve heard about how Gloria gets down and though she’s never denied doing so, she’s never admitted it either. If ol’ girl owned it she might still be on the show next season. #JustSayin

What was your highlight of last night’s reunion?


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  • love2cats

    Could someone please tell me what, “busting it out for tee shirts” means?

  • Ms. Bee

    LMAO 50 Shades of trashy realness! Yes gawd.

  • MLS2698

    I’ve got ” bread boxes ” that are better shaped than Laura!

  • SmokingCigarettes

    Bambi looks like a combo of Jessica Rabbitt and the little mermaid

  • realadulttalk

    Bambi is not a woman I ever considered attractive, but last night she looked like a man in drag!! And not good drag–that bad drag where you can still tell it’s a man.

    • Voice of reason

      I didn’t like Bambi’s look either, however I like her. All of the women talk about each other. Laura, if she wasn’t able to forgive Jackie, shoulda kept it moving. Laura never stepped to Bambi for trashing her. I guess jackie wasnt a threat. Bambi definitely doesn’t look like a man, but she does over do it at times. I like her..but laura?
      Shes a bully.

  • C

    Bambi was looking like a hood mermaid.

  • Trisha_B

    Why is Bambi even sitting on the stage? She did an interview how she didn’t want to be apart of BBWLA, she’s just on as Maylasia’s friend, reason why she didn’t want to be in credits. but she’s always trying to make herself known. Like go sit your big mermaid, big gum a ss down in the back somewhere. She always have something to say when she don’t know what’s going on! & her theatrics last night was theee most! omg…& Jackie, how old are you? Too d amn old to be on stage w/ your boobs hanging out in that leather get-up smh…Draya shouldn’t have apologized to Brooke, brooke needs to grow up. It wasn’t that serious

  • Kitsy

    They need to cancel this show. I didn’t even realize it was still on.

  • JaneDoe

    Gloria, Gloria, Gloria smh. So many things but so little time as I sit behind my desk. Anyhoo, Gloria is a hoe. Matt you married a hoe congratulations. I don’t think Draya should have apologized bc I don’t feel she did anything wrong. She should have stuck to her guns. Brooke, whatever along with everybody else. I hope the Govans don’t return. Even tho its entertainment I could truely do w/o their pitiful faces.

  • baddvixentype

    oK Bamabi is lookin like someones lil boy dressed in drag in this last shot. #AHotDaymnMess

    • JaneDoe

      I like Bambi tho lol.. But yes that fit and hair was a HAM. I like how Gloria kept her mouth shut after her whorish ways were ousted. She will not step to Bambi. Thats one brawl I would love to see

  • Melyssa

    I couldn’t get pass Bambi cheap sequin getup, but then again she probably didn’t get her CHECK yet.. *lol* Malaysia AS ALWAYS delivers glamourously she should’ve hooked her bestie up though.

  • Ms. MLA

    Bambi looked like a Wendy Williams wanna be “how u doin”

    • denise

      Totally agree I think Wendy found her twin

  • Ms. Bee

    Okay Jackie with the couture garbage bag winter collection gown. Serve, boo.

    • GirlSixx


    • almondebrown

      OK! DEAD! DEAD! DEAD! at the “couture garbage bag winter collection”. lololololololol ahhhhhhh lololololololol….I.Can’t.Breathe. lmaoooooo


    When did Bambionce join the cast?

    • Tamz

      You know what…lmao

  • Tamz

    Gloria got on my absolute last nerves last night…and why was Jackie dressed like a bootleg Coach bag?

    • Ms. MLA

      Ok this comment about Jackie almost made me spit out my coffee at my computer this morning…highly hilarious

    • realadulttalk

      You are not allowed to comment anymore!!!! Lmao