No, Just No: Stacey Dash Randomly Returns With New Show (And A Trailer For It) Called “Stacey Dash Is Normal”

December 10, 2012  |  

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After months of drawing the ire of past fans and side eyes from damn near everybody for using her support for Mitt Romney as an opportunity to get attention, Stacey Dash’s favorite candidate has lost, and Dash is back to the drawing board when it comes to trying to get people to pay attention to her again. She’s tried her hand at music, tried to explain why the Republican Party lost so badly in November as a surprise co-host on The View, and now, she’s trying to get back on television–one way or the other. Enter Stacey Dash Is Normal, the new show (not sure if it will be a web series or if she has her fingers crossed that a network will pick it up) starring the actress who is seen playing a very angry black woman cussing just about any and every person out that she can find, smoking weed out of an apple, and sleeping with a man who has an epiphany after the fact that he just might be gay. It’s clear that the trailer is supposed to be funny, but it just comes off mad awkward because it seems to be a phony attempt to be something like “Curb Your Enthusiasm”–but Dash isn’t funny on a Larry David level. I mean damn, she’s not even funny on a Doug Williams level, but hey, whatever works. The show has been created by Dash and her colleague Abe Schwartz and is the first real acting project we’ve seen her do since Vh1’s Single Ladies. But no classy and stylish Val Stokes. This time around, Dash is showcasing a more over-the-top version of herself, and who knows, maybe this is the Dash everybody talks about behind the scenes (Enter D.B. Woodside calling out Dash for being super-cray on-set). Either way, I’ll pass if and when it gets picked up as an actual series on TV or online. But hey, you might like it. Check out the trailer and let us know what you think!

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  • Elkat

    She’s hot, but I didn’t think it was funny. But then, it’s a trailer so maybe there’s hope?

  • This looks like a student film made in the 90’s at UCLA.

  • looks really funny actually

  • PJ

    i would watch it it seems hilarious, but where all the blk at??

  • I’m a shame to say this…but I want to watch this. I’ll stand at the corner with my dunce cap. *walks away*

  • Delightfully Anachronistic

    That looked funny as h*ll to me, I laughed out loud. I would watch, it’s more honest than previous roles. Rather watch this than some reality show/single black desperate jumpoff show. Look up the word satire, she’s not supposed to be normal. Duh.

  • Cleo

    She is so thirsty!

  • Dee

    If you have to put it out there that you are normal then there are a few loose screws up there…

  • ANTMilf

    No Stacey is NOT normal and hasn’t been normal since she supported Mr. Binder Full of Women and Big Bird’s would be assassin.

    • Nikki

      I’ve never liked this woman. For some reason, I always got a bad vibe about her… Now I know why!