What Kinda Ish Is This?! Danish Tennis Player Stuffs Bra And Butt To Imitate Serena Williams On The Court

December 10, 2012  |  

Source: AP Images

Imitation may be the best form of flattery, but there’s a fine line between imitation and mockery and I feel like Danish tennis player Caroline Wozniacki has definitely crossed it.

In a recent exhibition match against Maria Sharapova, the 22-year-old opted to stuff her bra and her underwear in order to imitate Serena’s curvaceous body. I’m sure, like me, your first question is, what the eff for?

That I don’t have the exact answer to, except to say that Wozniacki appears to have a knack for reenacting other tennis players, having also imitated Rafael Nadal’s cramps at the 2011 US Open and apparently she also pulled the same Serena Williams stunt in a prior match against Andy Roddick. Still, I’m asking what is this really about?

I hate to get all into the objectification of the African American female body, but I feel Wozniacki leaves me no choice. If we’re being honest, no one else in the realm of tennis elite looks like Serena Williams — skin tone or body type — except of course her sister, Venus, who still doesn’t boast quite the same muscular figure. There’s something highly innapropriate about this form of mockery, particularly from another woman, and especially from a foreign white woman. Were a man stuffing his shirt and backside to mimic the female form, there would be an outrage, but for some reason Wozniacki seems to be getting some sort of comedic pass. I want to know who’s actually laughing.

I guess we should just be happy Wozniacki didn’t don blackface but I’m still not giving her antics the OK. And though I know this isn’t Wimbledon, it’s quite interesting that this type of behavior is deemed appropriate but c-walking is bad sportsmanship? I’ll echo the sentiments of most who observed this fuckery and say if Wozniacki really wanted to imitate Serena, perhaps she should have won her match. Instead, Sharapova whooped her 6-2, 7-6. Maybe Wozniacki thought if she had Serena’s body she would have stomped the competition. I’ll chalk that assumption up as yet another one of her many recent fails.

Check out video of Caroline Wozniacki on the court. How do you feel about her impression?

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  • ashley79

    must be a slow news day. she did this over 2 months ago! they even asked Serena how she felt about it. Serena even played a twittter prank talking about Wozniacki got engage. how is this different than Ellen making fun of Sofía Vergara at Halloween?

  • OK


  • Ladybug94

    I think it’s between her and Serena. I don’t know what their relationship is or isn’t and regardless people make fun of people all the time.

  • Dayuum, white girls want black men, black women’s body, black women smooth skin, black women strength and confidence. They envy us so bad !!!!

  • I’m bout to die laughing at this fool!!! ROFLL!!! I guess she say if we wear weaves, she can wear fake @sses, lmao!! Y’all take stuff too serious! We know this fool can’t see Serena on her best day! She looks like a damn fool and I’m laughing at her dumb @ss!

  • Angela Locario

    Awwww… Haters gonna always hate! When your game is on point like Serena’s is, you have no time to be asinine!

  • metalkitty84

    Not only was that completely inappropriate but it was disrespectful and completely uncalled for. I really hope the WTA fines her ignorant a$$ as much as they like to fine Serena.

  • Miss Anonymous

    Too bad she did all that work and didnt imitate Serena’s butt kicking tennis skills. I know Serena sitting back with her feet kicked back smirking at this daft lady.

  • Missnewbooty

    Base line, this is inappropriate and the officials should not have allowed this mockery of another athlete and the game. Having said that. The issue is not Serena’s body, it is her inappropriate parade of it on the tennis court. She should be restricted to wearing athletic and sport regulated clothing..this ain’t no runway! When you make yourself a specticle (which she has been doing) you open yourself up to this type of crazy ish…

  • Ms_Mara

    Sit down, clown.

  • This is unacceptable. It’s not funny. It’s shameful and it doesn’t make her look good. I am interested to know why she even did that.

  • Instead of trying to imitate Serena’s body, she might try and take notes and mimic her talent- she doesn’t even come close to Serena on the court.

  • LadeeTea

    white girls always tryna imitate a sista what up with that?

  • She should have gotten fined…hatin little flat chick!

  • Chilipepper299

    White girl hating on a black girls butt and breasts…what else is new. If you looked like a Ragu Spaghetti stick you’d be hatin’ too.

  • Pitiful and foul.

  • Ronilove

    Po’ lil white girl, we know you want to be us. That is all.

  • cola

    I am a professional athlete…basketball to be specific. Racism in sports is all too real. It saddens me when i read comments from my own people making excuses for this behavior. I played for a SEC conference school for a white coach that i love dearly by the way. We playe away in iowa for a non conference game. My coach brought it to our attention that the opposing coach said in the paper that they werent worried about us because we didnt have fundamental basketball players but fast track athletes and they would be us because we were just physically superior athletes not basketball players. Excuse me but i have been playing basketball since i was 7 years old. Needless to say we whooped their fundamental asses on their own court by 40. Its sad, but please lets not give excuses for the poor taste and disrespect for what we work hard for.

  • anonymous

    I don’t know why people think this stuff is funny.

  • FromUR2UB

    Never heard of her, but now I have.

  • IllyPhilly

    She’ll be pregnant by Lil’ Wayne soon.

    • Native_Noir


  • All that fake @$$ & +!++!es still couldn’t help her win the match!! Smh.. that’s what she get for trying to be funny!

  • Cleo

    This heffa wishes she had a body like Serena let alone her tennis record girl go find The Lord in a hopeless place

  • thatonegirl

    But can she win like Serena?. Let’s see if she can imitate that.


    Houston, We have a major problem!!

  • Na Na

    This is really ashamed how everyday people wake up to go out of their way to offend Black people. Like seriously, wtf. How can an entire universe feel so piss poor towards a group of people whom they’ve never met. Its to the point where I actually don’t care anymore. The match loosing, stringy haired broad obviously desires something that Serena has.

    • Mina

      They are scared of our power and at the same time in awe of us. They can’t help to be some stupid over something so beautiful as we are.

    • WORD!

  • Ebby

    That BISH needs to go somewhere and sit down. Don’t come back BISH!

  • Miss_Understood

    Hunny you are not Funny…take the L and the flat back and keep it moving

  • I found it hilarious! Just like when Serena decided to stop wearing panties on the court? Serena went from being a respected player to a big joke with a bunch of awards.

    • Wooooosaaaaaah

      Sorry you can’t be a big joke with a bunch of awards lmao. I’m pretty sure homegirl would not go on the court as a tennis player and not wear panties. I don’t think you look at the picture closely. A Black woman is still killing the tennis game. You should be proud and not expect her to act a certain way because then when you get to the top, you can just be yourself too 😀

  • maggie

    Serena should come out with a taped & plastered chest and behind . . we’ll see if this inappropriate pale becky will like it

  • Pivyque

    I am wondering why she feels the need to imitate other players. I guess it’s for attention. I am not sure why they allowed her to do that, but maybe all that stuffing slowed her down and caused her to lose the match.

  • JaneDoe

    She can imitate her all she wants to but one thing is for sure she can’t imitate her talent.. Wait until Serena gets a hold of her

    • IllyPhilly


  • Kaori

    This is unacceptable.

    • Sure is! And not one person with common sense in the audience or in charge of the game couldn’t tell that was inappropriate?

      • Kaori

        No, because she was making fun of a Black woman and that was okay with them.

  • nursej

    Serena shouldnt have cripped walked and dis heffa shouldn’t have been allowed to play this way. Especially considering serena has been made to change clothes on.occasion, but dont try to make two wrongs right.

    • kierah

      This is rude, but I don’t condone what Serena did either.

      This incident happened at an exhibition match, not Centre Court at Wimbledon. The match doesn’t count towards their rankings and is strictly for entertainment.
      I’m sure Serena will take it to her when they meet for real!

    • Chilipepper299

      Man I agree to the hundredth power. WHY did she have to crip walk? I wanted to poke my eyes out. Come on. She has to exhibit more class than that. Its bad enough other races have stereotypes about blacks, but we’re perpetuating this ‘ish ourselves with this ignorant behavior. All black people don’t come from the hood AND the ones that do aren’t all gangstas and super hood and ‘ghetto.’ Just ugggh I hated that.

      • LW

        But she is and there’s is nothing wrong with her making her choices about her Black Identity rather than clean it up for the White folks’ liking. IJS. She wasn’t embarrassed. Why should you be?

        • jray

          so what about her dating white men were is the black identity in that

      • UgggghToYourComment

        If she’d Riverdanced….or perhaps bowed-and-courtesied; would you be satisfied? CHILL out Chilipeper. She has proven her athletic prowess; and if she wants to do a quick two-step reppin her ‘hood….who are you to judge? I wanted to smack your hands typing your bougie drivel as soon as you got to the ‘class’ comment. Are YOU black, or the Oreo African American variety?

    • LadeeTea

      she from Compton, what you expect..