Hoping For A Fairy Tale Relationship? Well, Keep Waiting…

December 10, 2012  |  

From SingleBlackMale

So many girls are raised thinking that the world is perfect and they will grow up to be a princess. I know that when I have my daughter, I’ll probably tell her stories of Persia, Ancient Egypt and Sparta. I don’t really want my daughter to grow up to be a Princess; I want her to grow up to be a Spartan woman. I don’t want to be the father who tells his daughter all of these tales of happy endings, and she gets older only to find out they were all lies. Most of those stories from our youth were great, I think there was some truth to them, but I don’t think it was explained all that well.

“I can remember stories, those things my mother said
She told me fairy tales, before I went to bed
She spoke of happy endings, then tucked me in real tight
She turned my night light on, and kissed my face good night
My mind would fill with visions, of perfect paradise
She told me everything, she said he’d be so nice
He’d ride up on his horse and, take me away one night
I’d be so happy with him, we’d ride clean out of sight
She never said that we would, curse, cry and scream and lie
She never said that maybe, someday he’d say goodbye”
(Anita Baker – Fairy Tales)

I always loved that song as a child.  Now, take for example, Cinderella, Belle, Ariel, Jasmine, Mulan, Pocahontas, and Nala. I’m going to break this down in a way that will relate this to the real world in the most realest way ever.

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  • bits

    The fairy tale syndrome is why most of my girlfriends have not found the “right” man yet. They are stuck in the fairy thinking that they should wait for their prince charming who will sweep them off of their feet, make babies with them and put them in a house with a picket fence and apple pie cooling in the kitchen window. Its sad because most women miss out on great men but refuse the men because the man doesn’t want to get married. As an adult you have to learn to meet people where they are. this doesn’t mean settling for mr. loser but it does mean throwing some of the princess crap out of the window and realizing that a ring should not mean the world to you.

  • ANTMilf

    I never believed in fairy tales, I’m too much of a tomboy to believe in one.

  • rzakia

    What is the point of this article? Does the author want us to teach our daughters that basically they are going to have to lie, cheat, and trick a man into marrying them? I find this article pretty ridiculous. I’m not saying that life is perfect and we need to teach our daughters or sons for that matter that everything in life is going to go his or her way but this article goes too far. This author needs to go back and rethink his premise.

  • Cleo

    Doing thee most is what I call it.

  • Nope

    Most women have their wedding ring set, wedding ceremony, future family mapped out, template of the man they want, and oftentimes style of wedding dress in mind long before they even (if they even) met a man. Basically every man plays a lot of catch up in a relationship or ‘relationship’.

  • L-Boogie

    Fairy tales are for kids.


    Fairy tale is a stretch but why so much relationships turn out to be nightmares?!?


    Fairy tale is a stretch but why so much relationships turn out to be nightmares?!?