Pimp in Distress: 14 Things We Learned From Katt Williams’ Breakdown

December 12, 2012 ‐ By Meg Butler

Source: WENN

We feel bad for Katt Williams, really bad. At first it was fun to watch him showing out all over the western seaboard, but eventually we realized he was clearly in the middle of a very public meltdown and there was no one there to help him. Though a lot of bad things have come out of Katt’s constant screw-ups, we have gained some important information and learned a few things along the way— not the least of which being crack is beyond wack. But here are a few other interesting tidbits that revealed themselves while Katt went on a rampage.

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  • robroy

    Kat isn’t funny. Just very sad. I hop he gets help.

  • Peaches

    If the reports that Katt Williams is suffering from a mental disorder are true, matter of fact even if the break down has been caused by drugs I dont think this article is in any way appropriate. This is a man who is clearly going through some very real issues and to do a write up essentially mocking and taking the p!ss of those issues is uncalled for celebrity or not!

  • LOL @ YOLO County, California. But seriously Katt is a great comedian but whether it’s drugs or not I think he might have some mental issues. I hope someone around him gets him some help.

  • ill say it again


  • ill say it again

    Man this aint even funny..yea it is BUT..he got issues but talent..stop knocking a brother while hes down…smh (This is what wrong with us) I love me some Katt

  • FromUR2UB

    If he were a woman, people would be calling him all kinds of crazy. A woman can’t even have a history of dating various men, without people making her sound like she has a tick and a twitchy eye. Women don’t draw the kind of sympathy that men do, when they have mental disorders.

  • Say What?

    I learned that just like women, when men have breakdowns it’s rough on their edges. 🙁

  • Ronilove

    In all fairness, the hair thing…maybe he is going natural and needs some transition tips. Hook him up with CurlyNikki.

  • IllyPhilly

    A Pimp Name Slickback is all I think about when I think of him. LMAO

  • Vic

    “Check Katt William’s Wikipedia page — go ahead, I’ll wait. It says Katt Williams is 39 years old. ”
    But anybody could have written that. Wikipedia can be edited by anyone at any time.