Forget-Me-Nots: Favorite Episodes And Moments From “Girlfriends”

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These are the women we screamed at through our televisions more than probably any other characters over the last 10-15 years.  Toni Childs, Lynn Searcy, Mya Wilkes and Joan Carol Clayton were such an interesting mix of women that in many ways, you wonder how they remained friends. Opposites attracting are one thing but these women each had a level of crazy that probably should have kept them apart. But it didn’t and we are glad about it! Check out some of our favorite moments and episodes – did yours make the list?

“Some Enchanted Evening”

Joan has finally found who she thinks is “the one” in her actor boyfriend Ellis but after a sun shower has her running for cover, she meets a man who clearly tickles her fancy in the moment.  She soon finds out that he’s Ellis’ agent Brock and sort of tries but fails miserably to act like nothing is between them.  She and Brock start a very brief affair but she breaks up with Ellis because of her quick but definitely love for her Brock, her enchanted love.  Their relationship lasts for a few episodes but it ends when Brock reveals he doesn’t want children, a huge dealbreaker for Joan.

Girlfriends Are Forever

At the end of the first season, Joan and Toni were at odds because Joan accidentally revealed to Toni’s boyfriend Greg that she was engaged to another man while Greg and Toni were still together (unbeknownst to Joan).  In return, Toni attempts to sleep with Joan’s boyfriend, Sean.  As the second season begins, they get back together as friends but Joan finds herself needing therapy; the therapist ultimately tells Joan that her stress levels are a result of her friendship and she needs to let Toni go.  As she finds her way to that level of “happy,” Toni finds herself in a spiral.  Both ladies wind up in church where a sermon from Donnie McClurkin pulls them, honestly, back together again.

Mya’s voicemail

The basics: Joan and her ex-boyfriend Sean are re-connected when he moves back to Los Angeles from New York. However, he tells her he’s engaged as a way to put finality on their break up, only to be busted at a restaurant.  She seeks comfort in a young mailroom assistant she’d met at the law firm by breaking her three month rule. However, the ultimate moment in this episode is at the end when Mya arrives home and her husband Darnell plays back a message on the answering machine.  That message is a conversation Mya is having with the other girls about an affair she had with a man named Stan and whether or not she should tell Darnell. The choice was made for her: Darnell kicked her out of the house and then divorced her.  It was actually “good” to see that not only do women cheat too but that men have feelings and that actions yield consequences.

The Wedding

This episode really showcased how selfish Joan could be if the relationship with a man didn’t involve her.  She’d been having some problems with Ellis, namely the fact that she found out he was working on a movie with his child’s mother (remember, this is the child he found out about while with Joan).  But Toni was getting married and this was her opportunity to show that even if she were jealous – and she was – that she could put it all to the side and be there for her friend. But after a blowup with Ellis about him not being there for her actually proves Joan wrong, she leaves the wedding site to make things right with Ellis. Toni, who is already nervous about marrying Todd, decides that she doesn’t need Joan at the wedding. On bended knee (not really but basically), Joan begs for Toni’s forgiveness and is able to walk down the aisle as a bridesmaid (her dress had been torn to shreds but she did wear a really cute pink dress instead).

Work Those Hips

Just for laughs, we had to post this episode. Joan finally meets up with a man she met online and he seems like a great guy. But when she goes to his house and does a “peep” test, she finds a girdle under the bed. No, he doesn’t have a girlfriend – he has hips! Oh goodness, this episode is absolutely hilarious!

Got Me Some Lynn last week y’all

Lynn, the resident sex freak had been dating Omar (a poet, played by Common) when she experienced a “rush” by witnessing Sivad, another poet, at an open mic night. When she and Sivad go out on their date, he reveals that he is celibate and tells Lynn that she should move on if she can’t handle it.  Not one to back down from the challenge of a man, Lynn goes one step further and tells him that she’s a virgin.  But hell hath no fury like a bitter man because back at the poetry house, Omar unleashed a poem that tore Lynn’s “virginity” story to pieces and even pretty much called her a Slore.  Thankfully, Sivad was one of those “Enlightened” brothers and was wiling to let it go in order to see their relationship thrive (which it did for quite some time – it was Lynn’s most successful relationship).

Girl Fight

Toni and Mya are still trying to find their way to friendship and as a favor to Joan, Mya tells the bouncer at a popular to let Toni in the club. After a disagreement about who the bouncer was pointing at and Toni defending Joan, the girls wind up in a fight outside the club. All the women, except Joan.  While the other three women fought, Joan just stood on the sidelines…and went to get band-aids when the fight was over.  The entire ordeal actually was the pathway to Toni and Mya becoming real friends.

“Party Over Here”

In the later seasons, Joan has quit her job as a lawyer and has become a restauranteur as co-owner (along with William) of The J Spot.  Well, she’s finally “arrived” as an important person in Los Angeles and she’s decided to live it up by going to all A-list parties.  She and Toni, who is now a mother on the verge of losing custody of her child in a divorce battle with Todd, have been having a terrible keeping their friendship but Joan continues to show her a$$.”  She goes to a party “in the hills” where she realizes she’s overdressed and people are clearly judging her choice in outfit. To deal with being uncomfortable, she gets wasted and winds up vomiting and then sleep on the lawn. She runs into a writer she briefly dated (and slept with for a cover of a magazine) and when she finds herself needing him for a ride, he calls her pathetic and steps over her to get to the party. She wakes up the next day at the party and tries to get back to town quickly to speak up in Toni’s defense in her custody hearing. She not only misses the appointment but the camel’s back finally breaks in their friendship.  This is also the last time we see Jill Marie Jones on the show.

Joan Finally Gets Her Turn

The beginning of season seven finds Joan in New Orleans building and restoring homes in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. There, she meets a teacher named Aaron and through the season, he proves to be the one man who can fully handle Joan.  They’re in love, they buy a home and of course, Joan is ready to be married. She gets so over the moon about the idea of marrying Aaron that she actually proposed to him.  A conversation he previously had with Mya and Lynn makes him hesitant to respond only because he wants to propose to her and be traditional.  In the meantime, Joan takes a step back and has a “moment” with Brock, her former enchanted love.  But they realize that its not going to happen and thankfully, Aaron’s sincere proposal is right on time.  Joan has finally…got her man.

By the way, the next season he’s called off to Iraq (yes, he’s a military dude) but that entire final season was a dud so we’ll just ignore it.

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  • kierah

    I thought Maya and Darnell’s relationship was the most realistic. His pain when he realized Maya did him dirty was so palpable.

    Loved Toni and Joan’s friendship, although I don’t know too many friendships strong enough to withstand all they went through.

    Lynn was good for quirky comic relief ie The Lynn Spin, the kangaroo, and Vosco (man and dog)
    And William as the 5th girlfriend was pretty awesome too. He had to hear some things that most men would gladly pop their eardrums to un-hear.

  • Cleo

    When Stan is stalking mya, and she was like Stan Stan go away I died lol and when Lynn was living with William

  • DinaLineth

    To this very day, I still refer to some slore-ish women of having “An alphabet soup of men”

  • Trisha_B

    I was watching re-runs yesterday!!! I love this show. I would always die when Toni would call Jabari every other name w/ a J besides Jabari. I want a movie!!!

    • Jabooboo was my favorite one of all them names

    • kierah

      Jujubee, Jumanji, Gymboree!!

      • toya

        Jafeefee, Jungle gym, jeep cherokee, lol

        • eden morales

          how about Joana Man? hahaha! that gets me! currently downloading every episode from season 1

  • GMOM

    Wish they’d bring it back or at least a made for TV movie to wrap it all up.

  • IllyPhilly

    I loved this show, it was like a reincarnation of Living Single. Those are my girly series of DVD’s I watch through and through.

  • thatonegirl

    The “Work those Hips” and the episodes where Mya was trying to keep her affair away from Darnell were EVERYTHING to me and I always found it funny how Toni could never get Jabri’s name right.

  • thatonegirl

    The “Work those Hips” and the episodes where Mya was trying to keep her affair away from Darnell were EVERYTHING to me and I always found it funny how Toni could never get Jabri’s name right.

  • Niki

    I loved this show. I have seen all the episodes. My favorite one was when Joan and Ellis argued when she failed to finish the marathon was she training for. She blamed it on Ellis, with Toni, Mya and Lynn present she told Ellis off. Lynn said she was a;ways there for the aftermath but never for the actual fight. It was funny!!!!

  • Guest

    I remember watching this show. My dad hated me watching this because I was only 12 and my dad thought this show was too mature for me.

    • NONEYA

      It was to mature, I was in my 30’s and cold totally relate to the show at 12 you should have been watching Teen Nick!

    • Reese

      I think I was younger than that when I was watching it. I wanted to be like Toni Childs, when I grew up.

  • cat

    We need this show to come back just like “Martin” but all we got are the reality show that the women fight and argue over nothing.


    Girlfriends my all time favorite show…..there so many great shows and moments.
    Joan pretending to be on her cell and then it rings…..Toni never pronouncing Jabaris name right…Maya & Darrel splitting up & getting back together…Joan and all her men…William firing Maya…and all those darn great handbags, wide legs pants & Joans awesome natural hair!!

    • TRUTH IS

      Yes, yes….I love Girlfriends and watch reruns all the time. I rather watch it than these mindless shows!!

  • AnonyChick

    Man, I LOVED ‘Girlfriends’!!!! It’s a shame how it ended just like that. I still laugh when I watch re-runs!

  • brooklyarcher

    the episode wen toni laid it on the alter…i still cry my eyes out.

    • YES! Girl that made me cry SO hard that i called my sister boo-hoo-ing to apologize over something we got into it over.