Is He Turning Her On? Looks Like Keri Hilson Has A New NBA Baller Boo!

December 8, 2012  |  

Serge’s Instagram

She’s pretty (and seems nice). He is fine on every day ending with “y” (and seems nice).  Keri Hilson and OKC baller Serge Ibaka, we are present for this one!

There have been rumors that Keri has been at a few Oklahoma City Thunder games since the season started and they were apparently spotted leaving a game together headed to dinner. But that’s no big deal because celebrities meet and some just get along more than others, right?  But she also serenaded Serge for his 23rd joint birthday party that he did with Angela Simmons back in September.

Well, last night, Miss Keri Baby celebrated her 30th birthday in Oklahoma City (now, she’s a big city girl so celebrating her birthday in OKC gets a raised eyebrow) with a party hosted by Keri, OKC superstar Kevin Durant and…Serge Ibaka. And yes, those are her edges looking sweat out (probably from partying) and Serge with the hood low while they’re hugged up.

There are random pictures of them in the club last night floating around but this picture just about does it for us. Oh, did you notice the seven year age difference? Keri found herself a nice tenderoni who’s also still learning the English language so I’m sure they’re having a good time…learning languages and being all “grown.”  Just having fun, people!

In the past, Keri has stated that she’d prefer not to date celebrities because she feels like those relationships are easily penetrated. But a little wooing from the right man can change your mind.

Anyway Keri, you go right ahead and enjoy the dirty 30s! You certainly did bring it in right!

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  • Damn that man is fine.

  • Kenedy

    Plus…he’s African….when he does settle down, he’ll want an African woman who can actually fry some plantain..

    • scandalous7

      omg with butter!!!!

  • Meyaka

    I will cross my fingers for her,every woman deserves a good partner.

  • IllyPhilly

    Age ain’t nothin’ but a number. That whole young men are grown teenagers not looking for love yet is just like saying all Black folk can dance and we know that ain’t true.

    • NONEYA

      You must be the person who downed all the previous comments. When you become a woman of a particular age you would know that dating a 23 athlete who is 7 yrs younger then you will never work….he is just starting to live his life!

      • mia

        + in the spotlight, on the road for 41 games not including the postseason, surrounding by groupies.

        It’s a recipe for heartbreak.

      • Na Na

        Maybe Kerri is not looking for marriage, maybe a great time with a great person. Nothing wrong with that!

        Sometimes women do too much trying to place parameters on a situation. Just be happy and let it flow.

    • mac

      Age is correlated with maturity. And it’s practically factual that men mature slower than women. Sorry.

  • Kaori

    Whether or not she is looking for something long-term is not of concern for me. But, the age difference is too much. A 23-year-old guy is like, 15 mentally.

    • mac

      !!!! and 15 is generous!!

  • mac

    lol why do older women do this to themselves, dating these babies they know good & well won’t wanna settle down? Of course, it’s gonna be all peachy in the beginning, but at some point or another, the age gap will come into play. It ALWAYS does in situations where the woman is the older one, not so much the other way around.
    That’s assuming she’s looking for something for long-term, but at 30 it’s hard to believe she isn’t.

    Anyway, here’s to hoping she doesn’t have the Kardashian/Jessica Simpson effect on the Thunder.


    23?!!!!!!? Child please this young man aint ready for a long term relationship!! She is 30 her eggs are about to fry she just better say should me your daddy!!