These Promoters (And Gangsters) Keep Holding Him Back: Rick Ross Cancels Tour

December 8, 2012  |  


Over the last few weeks, Rick Ross has been the subject of hip-hop news after videos surfaced of members of the Gangster Disciple gang threatening Ross.  Apparently, they’re still upset because Ross shouted out Larry Hoover, one of the founders of the, one his “BMF” track. Well more recently, a North Carolina chapter of the gang allegedly sent death threats and released their own video to Ross and the MMG camp and now, two of the North Carolina dates on the second leg of the tour have been canceled, immediately prompting people to believe it was done so as a direct results of the threats.

However, MMG reps have released a statement and none of it had to do, as expected, with any gangs:

“Rick Ross has been engaging in a tour which commenced November 2 and was initially scheduled to continue until December 2. However, the tour was extended until December 16. Unfortunately, the tour promoter abruptly cancelled the Greensboro and Charlotte, NC, dates. Rick Ross completed the first leg of the tour without incident and eagerly anticipated performing the balance of the dates, but due to apparent lack of organization and communication on the part of tour promoter, the remaining shows of the tour will be canceled.”

So perhaps the promoters were fearful of possible violence at the concerts and wanted to avoid it by canceling the shows.  It appears the problem is that the promoters canceled everything so suddenly that it didn’t allow for MMG to pick up the pieces and immediately do “damage control” with fans and venues.

Ross also reached out to and sent a message to fans: “I want to apologize to all of my fans who I missed performing for due to the cancellations and want to let them know that I will get back to their cities. I enjoyed my experience with my little bros Wale and Meek Mill and I’m ready to get back in the studio to make good music.”

This is certainly an unfortunate situation as sales for the remaining shows in MS, TN, TX, CA, MI and NY were doing fairly well.

I guess gang dudes don’t get over anything because that song is beyond old at this point. Let the man make his money while the fans enjoy a show.

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  • kierah

    Quit digging in this gangsta life if ain’t a gangsta! He made one withdrawal too many from the ganster files, I guess.

  • I was very confused as to how things got to this point. So, I did a little ‘research’. Here is a list of my poorly organized thoughts and thangs:

    1) The artist ‘Rick Ross’ was ridiculed by the gangster community, as well as by some within the hip-hop community, for having a professional history in law enforcement as a security guard, then taking on a personal of a real life gangster street legend and using that as a platform to launch himself as an artist and creative professional.

    2) Rick Ross is, neither, the artist ‘Rick Ross’ real name, nor does he have the real-life reputation or history of being s street gangster, as the real Ricky Ross does.

    3) This real life Rick Ross is/was a gangster, formerly incarcerated drug trafficker, and is currently in his second lawsuit with the artist in pursuit of monetary compensation for the use of his likeness in namesake and image.

    The first lawsuit between the real Rick Ross and the artist ‘Rick Ross’ was resolved in favor of the artist. The real-life RR initiated another one of which depositions are currently in progress. The real-life RR is salty about it. Now, these street organizations linked to the real RR are threatening the artist.

    3) Actual, real-life, gang members of the 40+ year old international black race-based street gang, Gangster Disciples, have been making online, anonymous threats towards the artist Rick Ross.

    4) The real Rick Ross, of course, has street connections, high street credibility and is, at least, connect to the Los Angeles-based Crips and Bloods, which are also, both, international black-race based gangs. The Crips and Bloods are allies of the Gangster Disciples.

    5) The artist ‘Rick Ross’ is, at least, college educated and started out pursing careers on a more traditional, and respectable, path in sports entertainment and law enforcement. He later, respectfully, entered the thug, gangster-rap, music industry using the moniker ‘Rick Ross’. There seems to be no criminal activity involved with him establishing his career as an entertainer.

    6) The only run-in with the law the artist ‘Rick Ross’ seems to have is a 2008 arrest for gun and marijuana possession, but nothing heavy like actual arms or drug trafficking.

    7) The artist has been chastised, harassed, by people within the street gang and hip-hop community for having had a career in law enforcement, and initially denying this fact.

    8) Rick Ross is authentic in his talent, and musicality (the creative instrumental aspect) but not totally authentic in his image and, perhaps, some of what he suggests in his lyrical content and videos. But, isn’t this a standard occurrence this these days in the music entertainment industry – some artists fake the funk to make it, and people, generally, don’t seem to mind?

    9) Surely, there is another thug, gangster, named Rick, Ricky, Ricardo, Richard, Ross. Does Rick Ross owe them, too?

    10) How did ‘Rick Ross’ the artist, impact any business venture(s) of the actual Rick Ross?

    • 18) The only aspect of the artist Rick Ross that’s deceiving is that people thought he was a gangster – which he’s denied. But, really, who’s to say that he wasn’t, or isn’t and he just don’t want you to know?

      Unfortunately, it’s something people are easily confused about, even those threatening him; due to (IMO) his physical traits and the stereotypes attached to them, of which any individual of any race will perceive and act upon.

      19) The artist ‘Rick Ross’ is likely a low-to-lower-middle socio-economic derived black person from some version of ghetto-urban-rural-suburban black America life who may, or may not, have become an actual thug along the way. Essentially, he found economic success along the way, on her own merit.

      20) Many, outside a certain demographic, would not determine any difference between a person of the type of profile above with one of an actual street drug-trafficking gangster. Specifically when it comes to black people, it’s all the same to a lot of people. Mind you, thugs are everywhere. And thug does not = gangster.

      21) It’s not the artist’s fault that the main-stream masses were easily fooled, are indifferent, or that they are fascinated/amused by/admiring of black gangster-thugs and/or their music. In that respect, the artist is, simply, a ingenuous business man.

      22) And it’s not like he’s portraying the real Rick Ross’ life, verbatim – just a generic ambiance of thug-gangster life. It’s not like he’s portray that aspect of society, that profile, the ambiance of the actual Rick Ross, that reality, in any more of a derogatory, negative or corrupt fashion than it already is.

      I don’t get what ‘damages’ the real RR is suing for. The people whom he sold those drugs to, and their families, and anyone negatively impacted by his drug empire should be suing him for $10 million.

      23) What if the artist has genuinely evolved into gangster-hood in his own right. I mean, how hard is is for black man, especially from his background, to accomplish?

      24) Are there no other former law enforcement professionals who’ve pursued the avenues of gangster-hood, thug-life or hip-hop? What’s the big hooplah over his former profession and calling him a snitch? As if gangsters and thugs don’t snitch on each other.

      25) Just because Rick Ross didn’t play by ‘street rules’, of which he was likely never REALLY fully aware of, doesn’t warrant this type of uprising.

      • MLS2698

        Damn! I couldn’t read the essay, but he scurrrrrred, though!

      • sheena

        Now why would you write all this on here? ctfu

    • I’m gonna have to correct you on #5 because he while he did attend my alma mater Albany State University he dropped out and never finished. He was supposedly on a football scholarship but rarely played.

      But a lot of the things you stated do kind of make since. You gave more information than the article its self lol.

  • Kaori

    These rappers falsely represent themselves and then people wonder why they aren’t taken seriously in a serious matter?

  • .:*whitneyeclectic*:.

    *in my Dead Mike from CB4 voice* “The chickens have come home to roost.”

  • Trisha_B

    Sad that this post is about a serious issue like death threats & gangsters, & people want to say good b/c they won’t have to see him smh…Good move on Rick’s and/or promoters part. This could have put a lot of people in danger. Who knows what they could have had planned. Who cares that he puts out the image of being a tough guy, why purposely put yourself in a situation that would result in violence. Maybe he’s realizing he’s making too much money to play w/ these fools. That whole gangster lifestyle is old. It really isn’t worth it. Maybe Ross should consider changing up some lyrics

    • IllyPhilly

      Or stop CB4ing his life.

  • Meyaka

    People are so on edge,getting upset at an Internet comment,a song and other silly matters… Leave him be.

  • MLS2698

    Looks like ” sweet fatback ” is punkin’ out!

    • IllyPhilly

      Now you know all rappers are BAN’s and should get Oscars for all the acting hard they do.

  • JtotheO

    “I guess gang dudes don’t get over anything because that song is beyond old at this point. Let the man make his money while the fans enjoy a show.”

    Just a clarification.

    Initially the Gangster Disciples were apparently angered a few years ago by the BMF track in which Rick Ross compares his (now completely debunked) status to Larry Hoover (a notorious drug dealer, and founder of the Black Mafia Family as well as alleged crip gang affiliate). However, what most recently got there goat and regenerated this beef was the imagery that Ross featured on his most recent “Black Bar Mitzvah” mixtape, which resembles the six-point star (Star of David) an image by which the Gangster Disciples also represent themselves by. This lead to the subsequent video they posted warning Ross to stay out of the cities that they have members in. The warning video that the gang shot (no pun intended) was a corollary of both the BMF track, and (to an even greater degree) the most recent mixtape artwork.

    • Miss Anonymous

      I would take Ross more seriously if he said he just didnt want to come to NC. *to the tipped offness of some of my friends* I mean its not like they are Just in NC there are alot of them all over because some joined the army or have a family member in the army so wouldnt they be all over the place? I takes just one dude with a gun to shoot someone so maybe I need better clarification. (Especially since NC aint all that big considering Cali and Texas)

    • Larry Hoover is not the founder of BMF, he is the Founder of the GD’s 2 completely different organizations, and it is not a crip gang affiliate. they are Folks thats it and they in every city on the east of the Mississippi river for sure and they are in about half of the west coast. and it was more then the star and name dropping. he been false claiming GD’s since he first came into the rap game (talking bout he a BOS), he just drew the last line that is all, and your confusion with BMF and GD’s is one of the main reason they want his head, because now people who have no idea thinks they can talk on the subject when they have idea about. Big Meech is one of the founders of BMF, Larry Hoover is One of the founders of GD and they are not affiliated with cripsor each other. in no way,but they do get along with crips sometimes more then they do with others

  • Kaori

    “Apparently, they’re still upset because Ross shouted out Larry Hoover, one of the founders of the, one his “BMF” track.”

    Larry Hoover founded the BMF track?

    A real ninja would go out there and risk getting killed. I mean, I thought these guys were tough and carry guns.

    • OMG, for real?

      • Kaori

        Hahahah. No, I am just kidding around.

  • IllyPhilly

    He gave out coupons for two for one meals at KFC as reparations.

    • Nikki

      He might have teamed up with his good friend, Nicki Minaj, because according to Media Take Out, she hooked up with KFC. Apparently, there’s a Pink Friday bucket with her picture on it.

      • IllyPhilly


  • Personally feel this would be a good time for him to hire a personal trainer and nutrionist ’cause it’s not healthy or attractive no matter how correct the wardrobes. That way when he tours again it will give tjem something new to look at.

    • Trisha_B

      He posted a pic yesterday & it seems like he’s been slimming down. It could have been the outfit he had on. But he looked smaller.

  • Breasticles!!! I am DEAD!!! Lmao!!!

  • kimchase

    Well if he did cancel due to the threats he received than that’s a smart move. His life is more important than a performance. If it was the promoters fault then like he said he will be back in those cities at a later date.

    • Miss Anonymous

      Wasnt he a corrections officer? He should be use to getting threats. SMH anyone who takes Rick Ross serious needs to be evaluated cause Officer Ricky aint bout that life.

  • Say What?

    The fact that he won’t be showing his breasticles on stage in various cities is actual a good thing in my book!

    • Meyaka

      Rolling !!!!!