Don’t Worry About The Mistletoe: How To Have A Fabulous Holiday…Solo

December 25, 2012  |  
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This holiday season, as you see couples enjoying hot cider together, window shopping and going on winter getaways, skip the resentment. All that ever gets you is more bitter, which everyone can smell from a mile away, and which happens to be a repellant for men…The secret to attracting love is loving yourself and your life, and that’s no different this time of year. So here is how to love being single around the holidays.

Get thoughtful gifts

It’s so rewarding to give someone exactly what they wanted—something that will enhance their life, make their day to day easier, or happier, or even an experience they’ll remember forever. You know all that love and warmth you wish you were getting from a guy right now? Direct it into buying everyone you love the perfect gift, and you will get it back.

Catch up with family

A boyfriend takes up a lot of your time. That is why usually, when in a relationship, you lose touch with a lot of people. But your family and long-time friends are the ones who have always been there and will always be there. People are taking time off work right now. Call up a relative or long distance friend you’re overdue for a catch up with. Call them all if you can! You know the warm fuzzy feeling that can come after a great phone call, or Skype session.

Be “the catch” at the holiday parties

It’s fun to be the hot, single friend who everybody is trying to set up. Own that. Don’t make your singleness something to be pitied—make it something to be celebrated and envied. Make yourself look real hot. Flirt and mingle. Enjoy yourself. Be the woman who nobody can catch, not the one who couldn’t catch a man.

See your friends

Finally make time for the friends you’ve been meaning to see forever. Don’t let your life feel empty right now. You may think everybody is busy with their boyfriends or girlfriends or family, but you’d be surprised who else could use a little break from all the family occasions.

Catch up on movies

Nobody is in town and nobody is really at the bars. It’s the perfect time to go see all the movies you’ve wanted to see, without feeling guilty you’re missing out on something. You could probably even get away with going by yourself. Like I said, nobody is in town…


While everyone else is fattening up because they have to go to not only their family meals but their partner’s, you could be the person who comes back from the holidays having everyone ask, “What did she do?!” with your new toned arms.

Give love everywhere

Stop sneering at happy couples. Stop avoiding looking at the heart-shaped jewelry in windows. Cut that self-deprecating thinking and behavior. Smile at people! Smile at everyone! Again, people are attracted to happiness. Even if you don’t attract a man this holiday season, people will just want to be around you because you’re content with your life. Strangers will want to chat with you. People will smile back at you. The world starts to feel like your oyster when you radiate love—everybody wants to know you, speak to you, hang out with you or help you.


If not to simply give back to your community, to remind yourself that there are bigger problems in the world than just the fact that you’re single! Plus, it feels good.

Buy yourself something big

You’re saving a lot of money by not having a man to buy gifts for, and perhaps his family. Splurge on something for yourself! While everyone else is going broke shopping for others, treat yourself.

Learn to cook

With all the cocktail parties and dinners and brunches, you either get to shine as a cook around the holidays, or are reminded even more that “Kitchen” is like a foreign language to you. Your calendar is not filled with dates, your kitchen table isn’t graced by the presence of a man who doesn’t have patience for you to cook elaborate meals, and you probably have time off work. Learn to cook! Use all the parties you’re invited to as an incentive to get better and show off your masterpieces.

Do “outdoorsy” stuff

Prove to yourself that you haven’t lost your gusto for life just because you are single! There’s nothing more empowering than trying something new. Maybe even something that scares you. Try ice skating if you never have, get a group of friends together to go inner tubing, learn to snowboard.

Put together a fabulous winter wardrobe

Hey, as a single girl, you never know whom you’ll meet at a holiday event. What a perfect excuse to have tons of great holiday dresses…Go to your favorite less-pricy shop and pick up at least three new, flattering and eye-catching holiday dresses!

Follow your parent’s traditions

If you can’t be with your parents for the holidays, follow all their traditions. Make the recipes your mom would make, buy the same decorations, and play the same music. It’s so fulfilling to know how happy your parents would be to see you enjoying the traditions they taught you.

Rent a cabin with your other single friends

When dealing with couples, everybody wants their own room, private bathroom, etc. But when traveling with a big group of single friends, the fun is people don’t mind sharing a room with others, or crashing on the couch, or cramming eight people into a two bedroom cabin. Take advantage of the easy-going nature of (most) singles and get a cabin party started!

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