You’re Still Around?! Celebrities We Just Knew Would be One-Hit Wonders

December 11, 2012 ‐ By Ashley Page


Celebrities come and go and while some get lucky, others have their moment of fame and fade out quite quickly. For some that minute of fame is enough to make them life-long millionaires, for others, the moment isn’t enough to sustain the life of the rich and famous. In any case, here are 14 very well-known celebrities that we thought for sure would be one-hit wonders, but turned out to be anything but.

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  • P!NK is old hat and she thinks she’s cool.. Cause she is a rebel chick! *HINT TO PINK* Your lame! Really lame!

  • Ke$ha is absolutely annoying! Sorry.. Her song Dinosaur all her like ” O M G” Were stuck in CLUELESS circa 1996 and sound like my head is like ummm, like filled with helium and stuff! Want a BJ.. She is is embarrassing to women!

  • mac

    ….half these people ARE one hit wonders.

  • Cherry

    I agree with heyheynow, RiRi definitely should put down roots and live on this list because she is the prime example of somebody with zero talent being touted as one with. She’s the worse offender in my opinion because she gets the most hype as being a ‘real’ artist. Just one question, does she have a perpetual cold? Because I’m concerned as to why she is so nasally sounding at all times. Anyhoo, Nikki and Solja Boy should also rent spots on this list because they are just embarrassing, and even though it hurts my heart because I really want to believe in her I will have to say Cici should also rent a spot here even though I feel like I want to give here a chance to try, just one more time ……..

  • scandalous7

    Pink is the SHYT

  • Ay

    I wish most of these artists would go away………………….

  • Trisha_B

    I”m so happy Rihanna is getting success. The girl worked hard for where she’s at. Some people shouldn’t be on this list b/c their buzz is gone. Keri Hilson was never really that big, she had like 2 big hits after that she was just face. She should have stayed as a producer/song writer. & Soulja Boy is just blah. No one is checking for him anymore

    • heyheynow

      here we go with the fascination with rihanna knew someone who say it…Rihanna has zero talent..after being in the game since she was what 17 still has luke dance moves..and in the past three years we’ve found out she is crazy

      • Trisha_B

        This is your opinion, & that was mine. I like Rihanna’s music. Not everybody is a dancer.

      • whogoingcheckme.

        I also like Rhianna’s music . To say she has zero talent and has the success that she has is a bit mean spirited and sounds like AA jealousy and hate. You just said that CB can sing but Rihanna cant check your damn ears again cus they both in the same damn boat. You are obviously a hater and a CB supporter.

  • Tonya

    So True. I actually believed all these artists would’ve been one hit wonders with the exception of Justin Bieber and Wiz Khalifa. Justin Bieber’s first single One Time was pretty successful then Baby was released and things blew up for him. I knew Tween girls would love him, plus the fact that Justin Timberlake and Usher wanted to sign him, as we all know he chose Usher. I figured he would release a couple albums but nothing too long term. I was bumping to Wiz way before black & yellow, so he never fit the one hit wonder category.

    I also thought these artist would’ve been one hit wonders:
    Bruno Mars
    Jennifer Lopez
    Chris Brown
    Kelly Clarkson

    • heyheynow

      you’re adding chris brown really? although he beats women and has social issues who else can dance and sing like him and still look good at the same time….uh and please don’t say weak trey songs. chris is right up there with usher and justin also kelly clarkson..she was voted on by America so I think she gets a pass everyone else yeah you’re right

      • Ms kai

        CB can dance no doubt…….u are def pushing it with the singing….boy cant carry a tuner in a bucket. his latest efforts are auto tune to death.

  • TLC

    LOL Not mine…I never listen to her music.

  • Lola

    That Nicki Minaj has maintained “success” in the music industry calls into question our collective intelligence – ALL OF US!!

    • TLC

      LOL Not mine…I never listen to her music.

      • Lola

        But you read about her though, just as I do. SMH. The more we read about Minaj, the more the Media writes about her which, in turn, adds to her “success”.

        • We dont read about her we run into cause she is pushed on us and put into everything and then we resort to responding cause we are sick and tired of hearing about her cause she is a talentless, ridiculous person who is taking up space for someone who actually deserves it!! I cant wait for her to go away!! Its like Joan Rivers, Lil Kim and RuPaul all Mixed together 🙁

    • LOL I cannot agree more!! She is not even Lady Gaga weird/cool when she dresses like a retard or starts barking and making weird sounds and not understanding her random blabber c*** music. She fills the airwaves and spreads like HERP E S

  • Miss_Understood

    I would have bet my first-born child that Soulja Boy was a one hit wonder-good thing I don’t have any kids

  • sabrina

    Bieber’s first single was actually One Time — not Baby, which was released after. One Time was my jam though!!!!! He did gain more popularity with Baby though.

  • KJ23

    I agree whole heartily with this article. Not saying that any of these artists are horrible, but I thought that all of them were going to be one hit wonders. I’m glad that many of them persisted.

  • the only ones i can say belong on here is Wiz and Solja (the spelling isn’t important cause i dont care for the boy) Boy… the rest are actually pretty decent artists.