Oh, You Thought It Was Just Us? 14 Of The Most Ratchet White People On T.V.

December 13, 2012  |  
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With efforts like “Bury the Ratchet” underway and all the hate directed at reality TV shows like the Basketball Wives and Love & Hip-Hop franchises, you might think that black people are the only ones cutting up on the tube. Well, it ain’t so. We’re not saying just because white folks are acting a fool on reality TV too it’s OK, we’re just saying, we’re not the only ones. Here are the 14 most ratchet white people on TV.


Honey Boo Boo

Alana Thompson, more commonly known as Honey Boo Boo, and her entire family, somehow landed their own reality t.v. show after appearing on the show Toddlers & Tiaras. Never in a million years did it seem likely that a redneck family living in rural Georgia would become overnight superstars. To call this family and the show ratchet is an understatement. Who goes to a convenience store barefoot, and who feeds their child a mix of Mountain Dew and Redbull to prep for a beauty pageant? Crazy is all we can say.


Big Ang Raiola

Big Ang from the show Mob Wives is definitely an interesting character. From her clearly plastic surgery enhanced face and body to her crazy crime-infested past, Big Ang isn’t someone we’d consider to be any sort of normal. Oh, and that voice of hers..what the?


Abby Lee Miller

Abby Lee Miller is the head instructor of a self-named dance company and if you’ve ever heard anything about her or watched a few minutes of the show Dance Moms, you’ll see just how rude, short-tempered, and harsh this lady really is. We’ve never seen a person cause so many little girls to cry and anger so many parents as Abby Lee has. Granted she is passionate about her job, the way she teaches and controls her dancers goes a bit over the line.


Teresa Guidice

Teresa Guidice from the Real Housewives of New Jersey is another celeb on the list who just screams fake, in all senses of the word. Teresa is one of those women who craves and adores drama, and she brings plenty of it. From divorce rumors to and internal angst, she’s gained the title as the drama queen on RHONJ.


Brett Michaels

Bachelors dating younger women is not very uncommon in today’s world, especially when the bank account is right. However, when you have to create a show with dozens of younger scantily-dressed women in hopes of finding love, there’s a problem. To remedy his lacking relationship world, Brett Michaels hosted a couple seasons on t.v. with his own show known as Rock of Love. In the end, Brett didn’t find a single meaningful relationship.


Sonia Pizarro

There isn’t anything wrong with being a big girl, but there are some definite limits. Sonia Pizarro from the show Operation Repo is clearly glad of her shape and her overall look, but there are some times when her hair, makeup, and clothes just scream ratchet. Big girls should not chase after someone while wearing a spaghetti strap tank top. Just an FYI.

Tai Urban/WENN.com

Courtney Stodden

Any woman who is willing to marry a man who is 35 years older than her is completely out of her mind. Courtney Stodden married actor Doug Hutchison when she was just 16! The couple has appeared on Couples Therapy to patch their relationship and all seems to be just fine. In any case, Courtney definitely has a few screws loose.


Coco Marie Austin

Coco, Ice-T’s wife, has definitely made her mark in Hollywood, but mainly only because of her status and her body. Coco is in fact a model but the woman has worn some of the most ratchet and revealing outfits we’ve ever seen. If if weren’t for her curves, Coco would definitely be just another big-chested blonde.

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Crystal Harris

Crystal Harris is one of many of Hugh Hefner’s playboy girls, but she has recently become his wife. Despite her past decision to not marry Hugh the first time just hours before the wedding, she’s apparently had a change of heart. In any case, marrying a man old enough to be your grandfather is just flat out ratchet. Anything for the money though!

Dan Jackman/WENN.com

J Woww

To say the least, all of the girls on Jersey Shore are a lot to handle, but J Woww definitely takes the cake. From her huge boobs to her bondage-dominatrix-esque clothing, J Wow wasn’t afraid to put it all out there, despite the fact that millions of people were watching. Combined with drinking rampages and fist fights, sorry to say it, but J Woww is a bit crazy.

Brian To/WENN.com

Kendra Wilkinson

We definitely don’t want to hate on Playboy bunnies, it just strikes us as completely ratchet for a young beautiful girl to date someone as old as Hugh Hefner. After describing sex with an almost 70 year old man as “eh,” Kendra decided on a more normal life. She’s now married to Hank Basket and has two children, though her past still makes us think “ratchet!”

Judy Eddy/WENN.com

Heidi Montag

Heidi Montag was once a normal girl, even during her time on The Hills. After the fame hit and the money started readily flowing in, Heidi opted for plastic surgery that she really didn’t need. Heidi had 10 plastic surgery procedures in one day and decided that she wanted her boobs to be as big as the first letter of her name.

Daniel Tanner/ WENN.com

Kim Kardashian

We have a love-hate relationship with Kim Kardashian and though her love life, for now, has seemed to settled down, with her finding a a happy medium, we can’t help but remember the amount of guy hopping she’s done in her lifetime. Of course, when you’re famous just because of your last name, you can go from guy to guy as much as you want. Her 72-day marriage to Kris Humphries definitely keeps Kim in a negative light, as does that see-through skirt she recently wore.


Ramona Singer

Ramona Singer from Real Housewives of New York doesn’t fit the true definition of a housewife. Ramona owns plenty of businesses and definitely loves her money.She has a mind of her own and isn’t afraid to say what she’s thinking, but the girl has got an attitude of a goddess and has pulled plenty of moves on the show that have us screaming, ratch on ratch on ratch.

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  • Sepp

    Sonia is actually Spanish. Sonia Pizarro Lopez. But ratchetness doesn’t discriminate. It doesn’t matter what you think you are, it matters what you REALLY are. For example, I can think I am rich all I want but does that make my pockets any fatter? NOPE. She is Puerto Rican but doesn’t represent all Latinos because I am part Mexican and although I know people like her, there are plenty who aren’t and just love being Latino. Black people, we need to stop pretending we are the only ones who can be downtrodden and making fun of other races. In the eyes of a racist, we are all the same. Stop that crap. No one race has the right to look down on another. Smh.

    • Census worker

      According to the U.S. Census, one can be White of Latin descent, or black or Latin descent. We know Latinos want to be their own race but it is not. I worked for the U.S. Census.

  • Drea

    Along with Sonia, I’d also like to add that Kim Kardashian isn’t white either. She’s Armenian. Armenia is on the western side of Asia, at the edge of the Middle East. Thus making her of Asiatic descent. MN get your facts together.

  • racism_goes_both_ways

    If a white based magazine wrote an article like this about black people they would be shamed across the world. But when a black mag does it, its just business as usual? I call BS on this.

  • Alicia Faye

    Abby lee miller shouldn’t be on the list. Like ou said she’s just passionate about her job and name sake!!! She don’t allow any of those mothers on her show to clown her and her company.

  • CDK

    To the writer/editors of this rag:

    You DO understand it is called racism when you bundle people together by race in order to ridicule them collectively, right? (bundled by trash factor, sure, ok.)

    What would be the reader reaction if a “white” rag published an article titled “Oh, You Thought It Was Just Us? 14 Of The Most Ratchet (wretched?) Black People On T.V.” and see how it sounds.
    Yup, just change one word in your own article’s title.

  • sydney

    sonia isnt white..

    • JJ

      Shes not even as white as Obama and GZ, she has no white in her at all,,, but I do agree about Brett Michaels, but the left the door open to bring up Ray Jay, and Flavor Flave,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  • Muh-Liss-Uh

    Big Ang is not ratchet! She has the most sense out of any reality star out there. Stop judging please

  • Kristine

    I guess whoever wrote this, has no idea that there are different races of people…5 of the 15 “white women” were either Mexican. Italian, or Puerto-Rican.

  • katie bacigalupi

    Haha! Trying to deflect how uncivilized black people are. Love these articles.

  • katie bacigalupi

    Fukc this racist a$$ article. Can’t people go on about their days and not point out what color people are. Its always blacks trying to take the attention off their crusty, children out of wedlock, welfare, murdering, crack addicted a$$es.

  • Sonia Pizarro is Puerto Rican. Even if she was white, we wouldn’t claim her. Scary, scary woman.

  • Caramel

    I wanna see Abbey actually dance . . . how you be a dance instructor at 400lbs?

  • The Honey Boo Boo family may eventually improve race relations since they have damned sure made me embarrassed to be white!

  • Proud to be Southern

    Sonia Pizarro isn’t “white” she is a latina

  • Brad

    You idiots!!! The word should be “wretched” not “rachet”. OMG!

  • Courtney Stodden must be trying to be the next Anna Nicole.

  • Adolf

    The sonia pizarro woman is mestiza, not white.

  • juan doe

    Good Lord people, are you trying to say “wretched”? What is “ratchet”? Just a breakdown of our language…again.

  • restlessvagabond

    “To call this family and the show ratchet is an understatement. Who goes to a convenience store barefoot, and who feeds their child a mix of Mountain Dew and Redbull to prep for a beauty pageant? Crazy is all we can say.”

    I’m certainly no fan of this family and the antics they portray on TV. On the other hand, the matriarch of the family is putting away every spare cent they make from these shows for her children’s futures instead of spending it on lavish things for them to have now. Money hasn’t changed their family or how they live, and that is impressive. The Mountain Dew and Red Bull thing I can’t stand though.

  • Teresa looks like she is a Kardashian boy trying to be a girl. Definition of ratchet!!

  • puffidredz

    Well going to a convenience store barefooted was the thing when I was a kid in the 80s & 90s. The only reason why we don’t see it too much anymore is because of city regulations; stores don’t want to be responsible and risk getting sued if a customer cuts their foot on glass or gets a nail jammed in their foot. But I still walk outside barefooted in the summer. Never though it was ratchet it just feels comfortable as I hate wearing shoes =/

  • Sonia Pizarro is not white wtf? who is making these list seriously. I don’t think they even watch TV so your opinions on these people is not even valid.

  • OBKB

    Uhhhh Kendra Wilkinson only has one child.

  • Passer by

    It’s so weird to happen across this site where everything is divided and defined by race. I never think in these us vs them terms. It’s a curiosity.

  • Goober

    So in Ebonics,,, what does “Rachet ” mean?

  • Goober

    I gotta say something here. If a white entertainment site said the same things in reference to black people, they would be shut down for being racist. This just ain’t right.

    • UcantBthatdumb?

      It happens everyday in America you moron, turn on the news it just has a different spin to it, educate yourself before spewing ignorance. Smoking Gun, ever heard of it?

  • Goober

    Teresa = Loud mouth nobody.

  • Goober

    Thisfat dictator that scares the crap out of kids should work as a corrections officer in a women’s prison.

  • Goober

    Big Ang looks like the Mother on that old show, Dinosaurs!!!!

  • Pen

    Kim kardashian ….not white. Sonia…….not white. Why do black folks think everybody that ain’t black is white?

    • OBKB

      Kim K is Armenian. Armenians are classified as white.

    • Goober

      Kardashian is Armenian…..Eastern European. Is considered WHITE.

  • Shauna

    Well, I take back the Snooki comment. I keep forgetting she’s actually Columbian…

  • Shauna

    y’all forgot kim zolciak and snooki

  • DoNotTread73


  • I guess “ratchet” is just a funny negro thing for “wretched”, or am I missing something here?

    • Goober

      I agree. The “Negroes” have a langauge all of their own.

  • oj9561


  • Destiny

    Where is Snooki? She should’ve been #1.

  • eatuallup

    Again, not white. This gorda Sonia is latina not a gringa.

  • eatuallup

    What qualifies this heffer to be a dance intructor? Abby is not white she is bovine.

  • eatuallup

    What qualifies this heffer to be a dance intructor? Abby is not white she is bovine.

    • JessieMae

      Her mother owned a dance studio and she danced all her life, though she may not look like it now

  • eatuallup

    Big Ang is not white she is olive.

    • Goober

      Big Ang is of Italian descent. She also is considered WHITE.

  • Don

    ratchet? spellcheck fail.

    • asdfasd

      hmmmm last time I checked it is spelled “ratchet”. how do you spell it?

    • asdfasd

      hmmmm last time I checked it is spelled “ratchet”. how do you spell it?

      • asvab

        wretched! cant you people spell?

        • UrRacistUnoIT

          It is a slang term, so no “wretched” isn’t correct, “we” people have just schooled you, idiot.

  • Ratchet has no shade.

  • Nick

    Us white people are so crazy

  • Kim Kashian isn’t white though…. Oh and y’all need to add ‘Tanning Mom’

  • ratchet

    If you’re not “black”, you’re “white”. I didn’t realize the world only consisted of two ethnicities and colors… This is ratchet in itself.

    • anonymous

      That’s what I’m sayin! Sonia is a ratchet hot mess, but she’s a Latina…I’m pretty sure I’ve heard them speak Spanish on the show!

  • ummmmmmmmm

    Sonia Pizarro
    Cleary isn’t white….

  • JB#3

    Seriously MN?? Honey Boo Boo is a child and it’s just plain wrong to include in her in this list.

    • scandalous7

      Agree/ disagree…lets be clear, hooney boo boo is ratchet, but then again she is a child like u said.

  • chanela

    why is sonia pizzaro on here? that repo show is hilarious but why not just title it “non black ratchets”? the show was on the spanish channel at first , shes latina

  • chanela

    i hope you all know that brett michaels wears a sew in weave….

    • NO! He does? How you know that?

      • chanela

        i forgot where i read it at, but i think he did an interview talking about it.lol

    • Destiny

      Yes Mam he does. Lol. Thats RATCHET all by itself.

  • chanela

    WTF!!! that teresa chick looks creepY!!!!!

  • TraceFace

    The first time I saw Big Ang on tv, I thought she was a man! So I said good for him! But when I found out she was a woman who paid for plastic surgery to look like that: RATCHET! And that voice! Sounds like she’s been chain smoking cigarettes from the womb!

  • Tamz

    I like Big Ang, although she looks like a Muppet!!!

    • roo08

      hehe yeah she wins you over pretty quickly. I saw on interview of her on good morning america and she was really charming (she dialed down the ridiculousness way down of course). I was really…surprised. Her husband was pretty cute too wtf..

      • Guest

        If Big Ang was black would she win people over? Or would she be bashed like people do most black reality stars? Even the one’s where bashing isn’t even warranted?

        • roo08

          Yeah you’re projecting.. And uh ever heard of Nene Leakes? I don’t watch many “ratchet” reality shows apart from housewives of Atlanta and from that show alone Nene and Phaedra have personally charmed me with their personalities. Nene used to act a mess in the past too. Big Ang isn’t charming on her show (ive only watched snippets though) but she is in interviews when she tones herself down for press. Nene is pretty much the same way.

      • Guest

        If Big Ang was black would she win people over? Or would she be bashed like people do most black reality stars? Even the one’s where bashing isn’t even warranted?

  • Sonia is not white she is Puerto Rican.

    • tmw

      Well usually they think they’re white when it’s convinient. So let’s just say white. With a black grandma in the closet somewhere. lol

      • deanna

        That is a very racist comment! I do not know any Latino people who claim to be white and would be offended at this comment. Mexicans, Puerto Ricans, Dominicans, etc. are all very proud of their heritage and never try to be someone they are not. How would you feel if someone made such an ignorant comment about your race? Then you would have a problem and it would be wrong…Right? But it is fine for you to be racist and make ignorant comments. Wow!

        • Ogechi

          75% of the latinos i know wish to be something they’re not. They can’t do this, or can’t wear that, or are simply ashamed because “i have dark skin”. This girl on my soccer team said she hates wearing red lipstick or any lipstick because she’s dark and it “only looks good on light girls”. being the only black girl on my soccer team, i hear all kinds of borderline racist comments. Half of them don’t mean it, they probably don’t even know how offensive they sound. but i do know that the latinos i know hate the concept of being dark or tan. The only latinos who actually like who they are, are the ones that can pass for white. Its like they want the latino culture without actually being latino. They’d just rather look white and speak spanish. Its something i’ve never understood. I’m talking about Mexicans mainly. like 80% of the latinos i know are mexican. for the latinos i know that are from central america, they are more “accepting” of their true heritage. if they are dark they are proud. most people don’t know, but more slaves were sent to latin america than ever were sent to america. mexicos first president was half black. google it. also google veracruz and yanga, they’re port cities in mexico where slaves were brought in. i believe thats where the highest population of black mexicans are in mexico. just google black latinos.

          And also in reference to the comment above, you can be white and latino at the same time. just like i can be nigerian and american at the same time. spanish people, as in people from spain, are considered latino in the us, so thats the easiest example. Also, most Argentineans I know identify as white, and they look like it too. there indeed is a such thing as a “white latino”. its not that complicated. you’re white but your family has been latin america for several generations.

          so i agree, the latinos i know are white when it’s convenient or wish they were.

          • Lulu

            Thank you! I’m a multi-race Latin person living in the US and it’s interesting to hear other Latin people and American people convince themselves not to be a particular race. As you mentioned more slaves were brought to Latin America than to the US. There are black Latin people as there are white Latin people. Like you mentioned Argentina has a huge white population mostly due to the fact not as many slaves were brought to Argentina and because after WWII a large amount of Spaniards and Italians and Germans immigrated to the country. Latin America is a complicated region. A lot of people fail to see that a huge portion of the DR is indeed black. And a lot of people from the DR don’t necessarily like to be called black. Why? Well this answer is rooted in the country’s history with Haiti. There is a long standing rivalry between the two countries and so a lot of Dominicans don’t want to be compared to Haitians to they refuse to identify as black. Many people don’t know that the countries have gone to war. Google the ‘perejil’ war.

            So yeah like you said some Latin countries do accept their African roots. Where I’m from most of us are dark and damn proud. We’re proud of our African roots our West Indian roots our indigenous roots and our Asian roots. We’re a true melting pot.

            Also another thing to mention. I’ve been living in NY for some time and I’m sick of being called Spanish. I’m not from Spain. I don’t even look like I’m from Spain. And every time someone calls me Spanish and I look them in the eye and I tell them where Spanish people are from. So calling me Spanish is like calling Americans English. Doesn’t make much sense when I put it into that perspective.

    • Destiny


  • thegoodluckpig

    sonia is definitely puerto rican

  • baddvixentype

    Hef and Crystal are not married yet and kendra ony has 1 child…this information is free, how could someone write something without checking facts smdh

    • TinaMarie0672

      Yes they just recently married.. the first time she backed out but she did it for real this time

  • Kitsy

    How could you leave out Kim Zolciak. She is THE most ratchet white woman on TV.

    And Kendra Wilkinson has 2 kids? Since when?

    • Tamz

      Yes, I would have omitted Kendra (she has the goofiest laugh ever and I love it!!) and added that wig wearing hag Kim…

    • Numero Uno

      YES!!! Kim should have topped the list. lol

    • scandalous7

      speaking of Kim, I know im not the only one who heard her say the N word on her last episode of rhwoa, i know it!

  • get real

    For every “white ratchness” on TV, there’s 100 _____(insert one of white America’s favorite white men). _____ (insert one of white America’s female darlings. But our ratchness is in every movie, every sitcom, every BET video, every channel, every reality show etc. So the “white folks do it” stuff means nothing to me because that’s not even 14 of what u see from them. But its just about all u see from us. And the white people that control the media will makesure of that.

  • that sonia lady is puzzling to me. why would anyone want to wear that garish makeup is beyond my comprehension

    • TheLadyEbony

      She looks like Bette Davis in Whatever Happened to Baby Jane.

      • Charles Volcher

        Now that there is going to be 3 more Star Wars movie Disney should take Honey Boo Boo’s mom and have her play a Jabba like chracter