Survey Says…Yes: Can You Tell If A Man Is A Cheater Just By Looking Looking At Him?

December 7, 2012 ‐ By Charing Ball
"Man caught cheating pf"

There are a lot of things women think they can tell about a man just by looking at him: his shoes are said to be an indicator of how much he makes; his hands are said to be a tell-tale sign of how big his manly parts are. But can you look at a dude and tell if he is going to cheat on you?

Reuters is reporting that an Australian research paper, which appears in the journal, Biology Letters, has determined that women do possess the ability to make more accurate correlations between the way a man looks and actual acts of infidelity.

According to Reuters:

” In the study, 34 men and 34 women were shown colour photographs of 189 Caucasian adult faces and asked to rate them for faithfulness. The researchers compared their answers to the self-reported sexual histories of the 189 individuals and found that the women participants were better able to tell who was faithful and who was not.

“We provide the first evidence that faithfulness judgments, based solely on facial appearance, have a kernel of truth,” they wrote in the paper. Men, on the other hand, seemed to have no clue. They tended to perceive attractive, feminine women to be unfaithful, when there was no evidence that they were, the scientists noted.”

First off, men are totally clueless.

But more to the point, the Reuters articles goes on to state that more masculine-looking men were regarded as more likely to be perceived as cheaters. This is the first time I’ve heard about the ability to look at a dude and tell he is a cheater. However, and considering that I believe all men are dogs, thus capable of cheating, I am more than willing to give credence to the idea that there are certain characteristics a cheater might harbor more than non-cheaters.

Some may point to obvious signs like new attention to–or an increase in–grooming, suddenly being withdrawn and argumentative, secret late night “work-related” phone calls and sudden and frequent absences away from the house, as sure fire signs a man might be a cheater. However, new research suggests that there are other possible social cues, which could provide insight into if he is a habitual cheater or not. According to an article from Essence, a Miami-based researcher has determined that the company a man keeps can be an indication of a man’s fidelity. In fact, 77 percent of men who cheat have best friends or even fathers, who also strayed.

And another survey, conducted by, a dating site for married people, surveyed over 11,000 cheating fathers and came up with a profile of what a cheating man looks like. Based on their research, a cheating man is likely to be in his 40s, has been married for more than 10 years and has children over the ages of 10 years old. He is also likely to work in the fields of IT/engineer, law, medicine, finance and most surprisingly, education.  It’s a damn shame when you can’t even count on a school teacher to be faithful.

But beyond social cues, the Australian research paper says that how masculine-looking a man may be is the primary way women in the study made their judgments.  I can see that. When I think of masculine men I think of alpha males. And what do I know about alpha males? Well, they tend to be aggressive and competitive in nature. Generally speaking, alpha males tend to have lots of options in partners of the opposite (sometimes same) sex. And also generally speaking, alpha males are good hunters, always on the pursuit for conquests and trophies. Therefore, it is more likely that I too would see a picture of a masculine man and instantly peg him as a cheater. But again, I would need to see how this breaks down percentage-wise before taking the full Tom Cruise in the Minority Report experience to dating.

What are your thoughts? Do you think you can tell if a man cheats just by looking at him?

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  • frommymouth2urears

    If he looks like a cheater, he must be a cheater? We are willing to accept any flawed logic because someone did some “research”? This article sounds like it was done by some sad/lonely people…what happened to not judging a book by its cover?

  • GM_I

    “Men, on the other hand, seemed to have no clue. They tended to perceive attractive, feminine women to be unfaithful, when there was no evidence that they were, the scientists noted. The Reuters articles goes on to state that more masculine-looking men were regarded as more likely to be perceived as cheaters”

    So, how is that any different than what sciientist/the article is stating men do to women??? The writer & the researchers are basically saying women are justified in deeming a man a cheater based off him being successful, having a good job, being the tall, dark & handsome cliche or other masculine qualitites many women want in a man, but us men cant think the same thing about women who are attractive, with great bodies or posses the feminine qualities that men want in a woman as cheaters….just another article/study of female contradiction, dictating the thinking or doing of something is only wrong when men do it but perfectly understandable, justifiable and makes absolute sense when a woman does the exact same thing SMDH at the hypcrisy!!!

    • Bagay Bon

      I was about to say that. Their excusing women and blaming men for the same f*cking attitude.

  • IllyPhilly

    Sure just as fast as you can tell he’s a homicidal maniac, Taurus, and drives a pinto.

    • bluekissess

      lol is this the BEST article that MN could find

    • Mona Lisa

      Naaah. Gemini in a Ford TAURUS.