Black Girls Lost: 14 Celebs Who Might Need To Find Themselves

December 7, 2012  |  
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Just because you’ve achieved some level of fame, doesn’t mean that you’ve found your niche in the world. These celebrity women might still be trying to figure it out.


Karrine Steffans

With a nickname like “Superhead” there’s really no need to explain why this woman is lost. And I know some of you will argue that she wasn’t the one who called herself “Superhead” but the fact that she used the name to market her trashy books and subsequent media tours is enough to let me know that she’s all about the shine, no matter how it comes her way. I mean, what else would you say about a woman who takes pictures with the likes of Bow Wow just to keep her name in the blogosphere?

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Now, just because Rihanna is lost in the world, doesn’t mean that I don’t like her. When I look at her I just see a girl who was thrust into fame before she was necessarily mature enough to handle it. That was one thing then the Chris Brown scandal just made an already terrible situation just that much worse. Between their messy, very public love triangle, her Twitter outbursts and Bible scriptures it’s clear that Rihanna’s a woman still trying to figure out how she wants to live her life.

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Lil Mama

Ooo Lil Mama. I kind of feel sorry for her. I don’t know enough about her to know if she’s lost morally, but I do know that career wise, the girl seems a bit confused. Her music is lack luster, she was randomly a judge on “America’s Best Dance Crew,” arguably her biggest accomplishment, and who can forget about home girl stepping all out of her body to jump on the stage with Alicia Keys and Jay-Z. She’s really gotta find a niche for herself.


Montana Fishburne

Remember how shocked and disgusted we were back in 2010, when Montana Fishburne announced that, at eighteen years old, she was getting into the adult video industry? I mean honey gurl, really? Stop the madness! The whole reason she wanted to get into the game was because she saw how successful it made Kim Kardashian. But the difference between she and Kim Kardashian was that Kim slept with a relatively famous man and her tape “leaked” Montana was busting it open for random porno stars. The saddest part about her story is that she damaged the relationship with her father for a career that wasn’t even mildly successful.

Bobbi Kristina at the Los Angeles premiere of ‘Sparkle’ in August. Image: Apega/

Bobbi Kristina

I haven’t even kept up with what Bobbi Kristina’s been doing on “The Houstons,” because I vowed not to watch that train wreck. And that’s exactly why Bobbi K is on this list. Shortly after the death of her mother, she went public about the relationship with boyfriend/play brother Nick Gordon. Then there were cameras all up in her face. Her father is in and out of rehab and it just seems that she needs to chill first and then find a constructive outlet so she doesn’t end up going down the wrong road.

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Naomi Campbell

Oh Naomi! She, like Rihanna, might be another one whose fame came too soon. From the age of 15 she’s been working as a model and probably never had the chance to be a child. And maybe that’s why she never learned how to handle her emotions and interact with people. It’s obvious that no one ever told her that she couldn’t resort to putting her hands on people anytime things didn’t go her way. Then as if her assault incidents weren’t enough there’s the fact that she’s been content to date a married man for years on end.

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Halle Berry

If you’ve followed Halle’s career or listened to her interviews you know that she’s had issues with men, long before she ever started dating. Her own father was an abusive alcoholic, so it’s not hard to understand that she would have issues with the men who would come in and out of her life. From her divorces, to the most recent baby daddy drama, it’s clear that Halle has some challenges picking men who won’t turn around a act a complete fool down the road.

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Evelyn Lozada

We’ve been watching Evelyn act a fool for a couple of years now. From the catty, verbal arguments to the physical altercation to running across the tables, homegirl proved long ago that she was too old to be acting so hoodratish. She still has a lot to learn. Hopefully, her time with Iyanla will help her make the changes she needs.

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Mimi Faust

Poor Mimi. From the first couple of episodes of “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta,” I was certain that she was most basic of women. I mean any woman that would steadily keep chasing after a man as sleazy as Stevie J, is a woman who has some very real esteem issues. Little did we know that Mimi had some deep rooted issues with her mom and her dedication to Scientology. That kind of explained her attachment to that no good man. (That and the child of course.) Either way, I’m waiting for the day that Mimi realizes that Stevie ain’t about the right and decides to do better for herself.

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Man, I love Fanny! I really root for her. I happen to think she is exceptionally and talented. No one sings like her. But as we’ve seen time and time again, talent does not mean one’s life will be absent of struggle and confusion. And confusion about how to handle her fame, seems to be the issue with Fantasia. First, there was the issue of her letting her family mooch off her money. And most recently, the mess of her having an affair and eventually a child with a married man just proved that Fantasia wasn’t out here making the best decisions. I know I’m personally hoping she pulls it together.

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Keyshia Cole

Last week, Keyshia certainly wouldn’t have made this list. After all, she was the epitome of a success story, overcoming her less than stellar upbringing to find love, marry a man and have a beautiful son. Unfortunately, we had to give Keyshia a bit of a side eye when she asserted that she was biracial on “106 & Park,” after the hosts asked her why she decided to participate in “Black Girls Rock.” Now, there is nothing wrong about being proud of all the races or ethnicities but when you don’t know who your father is, and therefore don’t know his race, then you might not want to be so quick to claim your alleged white heritage.

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Tami Roman

I’m not quite sure what happened to Tami to make her that adult bully that she is today. But whatever it is, at this point, with two daughters, Tami needs to find her way. People will only be able to tolerate it for just a hot second. There’s nothing cute about a 50 year old bully.


K. Michelle

What can we say about K. Michelle. We love her and she’s definitely talented but she’s like one of those little kids who expresses every thought they have in their head. Maybe it’s not so much that she’s lost but just needs to mature into a woman who knows when to keep her mouth closed.

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Tameka Raymond

Poor Tameka. While I will acknowledge, that Tameka has been through enough to make anyone a little off, the way she handled herself during the custody battle, let us know what Tameka wasn’t all the way right. Every week she was on Twitter talking about how Usher, the father of her children was out to sabotage her. Umm Tameka, keep all of that drama in the courtroom. Then the way she was all over Twitter, still slandering Usher, during her son’s passing just looked like a woman whose priorities were all out of whack.


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