Guess Everyone Wants A Hand In Exploiting The Church – Lifetime Announces New Show, ‘Preachers’ Daughters’

December 7, 2012  |  

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Last Friday we told you guys about TLC’s latest reality show entitled The Sisterhood , which is said to follow the lives of some pretty popular and well to do preachers wives aka First Ladies and the challenges they face in their efforts to balance family life with church life. Although everyone knew something like this would come eventually, the announcement left many (mainly church folk) in an uproar as something deep down in their spirits told them that nothing good can become of the church and reality television. I’m pretty sure this news won’t sit well with them either as Lifetime recently announced they’ve also picked up a new reality show. This one is entitled Preachers’ Daughters, will follow the lives the teenage daughters of pastors.

According to the press release, the storyline will explore the various pressures and conflicts that arise while growing up as a PK and still attempting to remain true to “household beliefs:”

“A profound and hard-hitting, but often humorous, look at the daily pressures typical teenagers face, Preachers’ Daughters captures the intense moral, social, sexual and spiritual conflicts these daughters endure as they weigh whether or not to break free from the strong beliefs, time-honored traditions and rituals their loving, but strict, parents have raised them on.”

The show is said to premiere next year on Lifetime and will be comprised of eight hour-long episodes and will be produced by Thinkfactory Media.

Call me a killjoy, but I feel like growing as a teen in the church is already challenging, growing up as a preacher’s kid is even more challenging, but doing all of this while on national television is a recipe for absolute disaster. One would hope that the parents of these girls have a big say in how much of their kids’ lives will be exploited on the show.

What do you think of the church becoming a frequent subject in reality television? Could it be some sort of blessing in disguise?

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  • DTJ

    People fail to realize God is NOT in the church but WITHIN the believer. The reason churches are being exploited is that the members of the congregation are falsifying themselves as children of God and the pastors and wives have strayed from their walk. No one is immune from Lucifer. He exploits weaknesses in Man at any given moment. The reason “church goers” are enraged…their sins WILL come to light

  • angchronicles

    For centuries the church, the temple, God’s house has been made a mockery. In 1Samuel, Eli the priest had two sons that had sex with the ushers, stole from the offering plate, and disobeyed their father. And Eli honored his rebellious children rather than God. So much for that house of prayer…falling.

  • Patricia

    People are already not taking the church serious. They think the church is a joke already. The world is have ball laughing at the church at the church’s expense. Sad.

  • Patricia

    When is this foolishness going to stop? Churches supposed to be the light of the world not the other way around. Some of these churches are just as bad as the world. Now you have churches cashing in on this foolishness of reality television. You cannot minister to the lost when you are stooping to this kind of foolishness. Don’t tell me the networks are saying it will be a clean show with no cussing, brawling or fighting. They all start out the same way until they want a rating boost. These people will fall for this foolishness and do it anyway. It is really sad this is what it all comes down to. Money, Greed and five minutes of fame it seem to be what everybody is cashing in on. Wow. Unbelievable how people will sell their souls for a dollar.

    • Bless Day

      Amen Patricia
      The church wives daughters sons should not be on a reality show.They need to go Pray

  • Prissy

    And this is another reason why religion is dumb .

    • SMHgurl24

      you base your view on the actions of a few an wanna say an entire community is dumb? religious or not you need to find some way to get common sense

  • Kaori

    Doesn’t the church exploit enough people on their own?

  • ieshapatterson

    Smd anything to make a buck,huh?

  • Say What?

    Preacher kids are FREAKS! I remember this one kid from school, whose dad was a preacher and he would regularly take girls to the church to sleep with and his dad was no better sleeping with half the congregation. Between the two of them sleeping around so much it made me read the bible cause I was sure that there must be a commandment that said, “Thou Shall Not Waste A Nut!”