Pass Or Play: Tamar’s Love & War Single Reaches Number 1 On iTunes

December 7, 2012  |  

If you didn’t buy Tamar’s first album, then you’ve probably been waiting for years to see if the “Doo Wop Pop Pop” girl had the chops to make it as a solo artist. Well, Thursday when her single was released the people listened and liked it…a lot. Tamar’s single “Love & War” went to number one on iTunes. Some publications are crediting Lady Gaga with the success of the single, saying she encouraged her Twitter followers to buy the single.

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While I’m sure Gaga’s endorsement didn’t hurt, the fact that people could actually listen to the song to see if they wanted to spend their money on it speaks to Tamar’s talent. Check out the song on the next page.

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  • tesbestlife

    This song is great! Tamar BROUGHT it. It’s very rare that I hear a song for the first time and totally LOVE it. The last time this happened was with Daley’s single, Alone Togther, several months ago. But great job Tamar! She saaaaang her heart out, and I felt it! Hope you her album is just as hot.

  • Tamz

    Just took a listen, GO TAMAR!!!! I really like this song!!

  • Ambitious12

    love this!

  • O

    This song is awesome there’s no denying it. But I am particularly anxious about her releasing “Hot Sugar”. That beat, good gawdt! I need that song for when I’m home alone feeling extra special bout myself, lol.

  • yeahright

    Song sounds really good and she can really sing, but just afraid she is going to always live her life in Toni’s shadow…ijs

    • Just saying!!

      Don’t think so…they attract different audiences..

  • I’m so proud of Tamar and this track. It is so dope. I haven’t been this impressed with a singer’s vocals since the 90s when we had the Tonis, Mariahs, Whitneys. This girl has amazing range and quality. I love it!

  • Age

    The song sounds very nice. You can definitely tell she’s a Braxton

  • On_Point

    kinda sounds like Toni, but a slightly higher pitch, even though she is bit crazy at times she can sang!

  • Just saying!!

    PLAY PLAY PLAYYYY!!! OMG I have had this song on repeat since yesterday and I’m about to go listen to it again! Plus I’ve heard snippets from other songs on her album and those snippets were FIRE (and I don’t even use that word lol). I’m soooooooo happy another black female is getting a chance to show her talent. For the longest people have been thinking B is the only one out there that could sing and dance and thats frustrating so I’m glad she’s finally getting her chance to shine (no shade to B though lol love her). There are tons of talented people with so much more creativity than the people out today who need to be seen and heard and I think Tamar being like 35 and just coming out proves that! She’s been a hidden gem for a while….and how many singers would think to debut in the popular world at 35? Only a true boss lol!! Okay I’m done with my essay…I’m just really excited about this.

    • OHHH

      2ChainZ is 36 though but no woman ever mentions that. Tamar is young, 35 or not.

      • Just saying!!’s easier for men. Men don’t have the age pressure as much as women do because their looks aren’t as important. Regardless of how young 35 is things are different in the music industry and it isn’t an every day thing for a female to break out at 35! If you’re going to do that you have to have talent–hence, Tamar!! Thanks 😉

    • On_Point

      babyface hit the scene at 30….

  • Someone else should of be given this song!

    • Just saying!!


      • TeahMonae

        Exactly! And might I add, buckle up your seatbelt and have a seat!

  • GirlSixx

    She sounds just like Toni… LOVE IT!!!!!! I swear them braxton sisters are all talented..

  • bits

    The song is beyond a hit!!! GO TAMAR!!!!

  • Love tamar new track…Im so happy for her….she got her life 🙂

  • Played this song over and over and over and I love it!!!

  • T

    sounds a little like Toni but better. She need to stick to her higher range and stop that low throaty stuff Toni does.

    • Shebetter

      Yes, I thought initially Tamar and Toni sounded similar—they have the same “raspy tone” however…Tamar has much more range!!… She OUT sang Toni!

      • Just saying!!

        Hmmm Toni is a contralto and Tamar is a soprano….she’s going to hit higher notes! I get what you’re saying…but higher doesn’t mean better. She does have an incredible range though!

        • realadulttalk

          I think she’s a better singer.

  • Native_Noir

    LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!! Can’t wait for the video!!!

  • Song is good, but I’m just mad that nobody is saying anything about the fact that this has the same beat as Keyshia Cole’s “Trust & Believe”…

  • realadulttalk

    One thing no one can deny her is that she can sing her arse off…just don’t make her stand to do it. Lol

  • Nice

  • I love this song and she has some vocals on her. Gave me chills whenever she hit that “On the frontlines” part of the song. I hope this album is everything because I do plan on purchasing. Great choice for a first single.

  • She may act a fool but she can actually SING!! #raretalent

  • SheBe

    She (Tamar, her) got her life and is sharing it with us all! I’ve been playing this song since yesterday!

    • Native_Noir

      LOL, cute!

  • TeahMonae

    Tamar’s antics aside, this girl can sing and her songs are amazing. She is going to give Beyonce a run for her money because she has the personality and relatability factor that some find lacking in Bey. ( I’m a Beyonce fan by the way). Can’t wait for Tamar’s album to drop! She did that!!!