Where Are They Now? Underrated Neo Soul/R&B Crooners We Loved Who Fell Off (But Shouldn’t Have)

December 6, 2012 ‐ By Clarke Gail Baines

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Montell Jordan

Go to a throwback ’90s party and you’ll soon notice that there’s no way to escape “This Is How We Do It.” But Montell Jordan has had more than just a few hits, because he also had our heads bobbin’ and feet two-stepping to tracks like “Somethin’ 4 Da Honeyz” and the later hit, “Get It On Tonite” in 1999. But after releasing a few more albums and having small bit parts in movies like The Nutty Professor and The Fighting Temptations, Jordan started focusing less on music and more on the Lord. At the end of 2010, the singer announced that he was going the Mase route, leaving his career behind to focus on the ministry, becoming a Worship Minister for a church in Atlanta. Since then, he has put together a gospel album, but don’t expect anymore “This Is How We Do It” type jams…

Photo by Moses Robinson/Getty Images for Gospel Music Association

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  • ThatGirlMeia

    Now I might be young, and all the artists listed above are great, I grew up on them. But in my opinion, Maxwell needed to be on the list

  • Dicey

    Anybody know what the deal is with Donell Jones???

  • therealnumber1

    Uhhhhhh….I know Im late but in the article about Case your first sentence reads “I used to love me some Mase”….

  • Daniel

    “We’re goin’ STRAIGHT. THRU. THE WILD WILD WEST, we’re goin’ STE-RAIGHT thru the WILD WILD WEST.”

    THere, now it’s in your head, too,

  • LV

    I hate that joe is underrated he is one of THEE BEST singers in the game he sounds awesome live and on cd which is more than I can say for some of the artist out here now.

  • Great list. *runs to YouTube to reacquaint myself with great music*

  • Chuck

    How is Jahiem on the list and has 5 albums since 2001???

  • Aint nothing wrong with that Montell, we all need to do the same.

  • Dave Hollister sings gospel music now … and listeners are still sleeping on Joe because his album Signature is the truth!

  • Bmocareful

    Yes….These men are some of the greatest R&B singers and so underrated: Avant, Donell Jones, Tevin Campbell, Joe, & Case. That’s like Mint Condition they are soo underrated.
    I would love for a record label to sign Tevin Campbell….That brotha can still sing….He is one of the best!!!!!!
    I am so surprised that Joe, Avant, Donell Jones hasn’t got further in their career and someone hasn’t worked with Tevin on a comeback. I hope a producer is reading this and reaching out to them. We need some GOOD R&B music. Yes, Trey Songz, Frank Ocean, Migual are very talented artists but bring back Avant, Donell Jones, Tevin Campbell, Joe, & Case talking about good music!

  • i dont think its really fair to say montell fell off because he turned to the pulpit. it would be great to see a brother reach the international heights of a michael, prince or even lionel, who’s still going strong in his 60’s on an international tour. i just dont know if the world will let that happen to too many of us. i would like to see that kind of work put in though, a serious us or international tour like those guys

  • Semi

    Tony Terry????

  • MzTeaze

    Who proofreads this stuff? The article about CASE starts off mentioning how much the author loved MASE another artist all together.

  • what about mario winans, RL (from next) he has an amazing voice, ginuwine or tank?… they need a part two of this article!

  • What about Mr. Sensitivity Ralph T something or another I loved him in bell biv davoe

  • Jayla

    Jaheim got on that A Pimp Named Slickback suit I’m from The Boondocks


  • blaque38

    where is Rome

  • cellyb2000

    How many times are y’all going to make this list?

  • KT

    What about Mario? He had a hit song “Let me love you” written by Ne-Yo. I know he kept releasing albums but he’s sooo underrated. I loved his Turning point album.

  • Chico Debarge, Avant, Jimmy Cozier, Uncle Sam…its so many! I think when these men either came on the scene or released a subsequent album when mainstream hip hop was becoming the go-to style of urban music. R&B has suffered in the last few years…

    • keesha

      It’s been more than a few years…

      • True…I just don’t want to admit it.

  • Tamz

    Where are Donell Jones (he is SO slept on), Carl Thomas (as someone else mentioned), Jesse Powell, and Craig David…?

  • gr8p

    Glenn Lewis, first pic he favors Norwood Young and second pic he looks like Luther Campbell. Liked that song though.

    Umm…Tevin Campbell…he looks…different *side eye*

  • JazzyBossyJen

    Usher and Bey started as young teens with the A-Teams support..of course they reached a larger status!..

  • djshawntouch

    what ever happened to Jimmy Cozier? the dude that song sometimes i love her?

  • What about Donnell Jones?

  • where’s Jon B and Donnell Jones??

    • adrienne michelle

      i was just listening to them earlier, they should do a part 2 of this article

  • Travis White

    is it me or does glen lewis look like stevie j???

    • Observing

      Looks like Stevie’s twin…lol.


  • mochaaa

    Yes glenn lewis. Funny I rediscovered him this wk. helping me get thru finals.

  • Chevonne22

    What about Calvin Richardson, Jesse Powell, and D’Angelo?

    • Who is Calvin Richardson?

      • RJA

        Calvin Richardson….Yasssss! He is most known for featuring on that Angie Stone track, “More than A Woman”

      • Chevonne22

        Calvin Richardson did a duet with Angie Stone called “More Than a Woman” and he had a good hit single out called “Keep on Pushin.” And he’s a little cutie.

        • Observing

          S3xy, not cute…lol.

      • Observing

        Check out Calvin Richardson. Just google the name of his 1st album. Then google the track listings. Then listen starting from song #1.

        He’s great. Sooo underrated. From Charlotte, NC

        He’s a crooner and he makes my heart sing though his music.

    • NickiBaby

      Jesse Powell for sure. I LOVEEEEE that song “You”, still gives me chills.

      D’Angelo’s “Lady” is one of my favorite songs to this day

    • D’Angelo aint never been labeled as “underrated”…..he’s like the R&B Jesus

    • Jesse Powell???? You said that! This list could be endless

  • Chevonne22

    I wouldn’t put Jaheim up there, he’s done pretty well at staying somewhat consistent.

  • Numero Uno

    Definitely agree about Joe, Jaheim, and Case. Great music.

  • Guest

    Tony Rich looks like the “Old Spice” guy!!!

  • Cleo

    Musiq soul child??

  • Is It 5:00 Yet?

    You guys made a mistake on Case’s page. You called him “Mase”.

  • razjon

    What about Carl Thomas?

    • Tamz

      CHIIIILLLLLLEEEE I was jamming “Giving you all my love” this morning on my way to work!! I LOVE Carl.


    some pics didnt show up


    Great list the only names missing are K-Ci & JoJo!!
    Joe & Dru Hill aka Sisqo are some of my favorites…The best of Dru Hill is a must have!!

    • Say What?

      K-Ci and JoJo are currently sharing a bottle of Smirnoff, a dimebag and reading Bossip!

    • Observing

      Sisqo was my dude. I always wished he’d do another album.

      Thinking of Beauty is her name -Dru Hill

  • Say What?

    Tevin Campbell looks like the homeless guy that JUST asked me for change!

    • sabrina

      you ain’t right! lolololololol

    • I clocked him thinkin he as the Gieco gecko…

    • realadulttalk

      Lmao–he does look a little transient.

      • Say What?

        He seems like nowadays he’s singing, “I’ll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today!”

    • Bmocareful

      Tevin Campbell is a great singer. He is actually a real R&B singer….

  • jferthefab