The BeyHive Won’t Like This: Wendy Williams Says Beyonce Sounds Like She Has A Fifth Grade Education

December 6, 2012  |  

Source: WENN

Wendy, Wendy Wendy. The daytime talk show host may have hit her hottest topic of all this week when she brought up Beyonce’s new HBO documentary. Though Wendy considers herself a member of the Beyhive, she had to tell it like it t-i-s when it comes to King Bey and her lack of grammatical flair. Speaking on her anticipation for the special, Wendy served up a side of nice helping of shade when she said:

I am a Beyonce fan. I’m gonna be watching this documentary cause fortunately one of the TVs in our kitchen has closed captioning so I’ll be able to understand what she says. You know Beyonce can’t talk. Beyonce sounds like she has a fifth grade education. She can’t talk. Honestly. We really do have the closed captioning for times like that.

I want to say dang, Wendy, but I can’t. You know why? Because the truth is, she ain’t lying.

Bey does a lot of things well — perfect even (don’t hate on that booty pop!) — but speaking just is not one of them. I mean hey, we can’t all be perfect, we just have to stay in our lane and speaking, unfortunately, is not Bey’s. I think she knows it so hopefully there won’t be too many confessionals in this special. As long as she’s not staring in her laptop camera again talking about “sometimes I wonder why God gave me this gift” I can rock with her documentary — no closed captioning hopefully.

What do you think about Wendy’s Bey shade?

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  • Just saying!!

    Hmmm I am thinkin about this because you might actually have a point. But the problem is how do you then explain her writing? (including her tumblr notes and letter to Michelle)

  • Wendy Williams… please note that in real life your hairline does not come before or under your part.. So now we know it’s a wig and you put it on wrong..

  • Sasha

    Well, maybe she can’t speak all that well but she certainly can get $50 million dollar deals. Luckily I don’t need her to talk to me. Wendy is just a water.

  • Trixie

    Wendy is right. I admire her speaking the truth and about another black person. So taboo in Hollyweird. I won’t listen to beyonce speak. It almost killed my dog one time. The kid is also fugly let’s get real. Also Jayzeeeeee is a drug dealing racist.

  • I am an English Professor at a State College in my state. I have heard Ms. Knowles speak on several occasions and her command of the English language is spot on. She is articulate and well spoken. She uses regional dialect (colloquialism) like most of us, but a fifth grade speaking vocabulary comment by Ms Williams was intended to hurt and grab attention. It saddens me that a women this age would use her forum as a bully pulpit! For me this comment says more about Ms. Williams than Ms Knowles!

    • Just saying!!

      What college do you speak at?

      • Just saying!!

        **or teach at rather

    • candy

      Well said Professor Kerr.

    • AfricanAtlantian

      WTF?! Sounds like a marauding Bey-Stan has started flaunting credentials. I know of plenty of education professionals (including professors) who are idiots….

  • Co-Co Diva

    Wendy is freakin hilarious….

  • FromUR2UB

    Well, Beyonce may not have a gift for speech, but she has made the most of every other gift and opportunity she was given. If it’s simply about truth, some people think Wendy Williams looks like a man. So if she’s going to throw a stone she’d better be able to take one.

  • DLB

    “Bey does a lot of things well — perfect even (don’t hate on that booty pop!)” Is this what Black people should consider as being perfect?

    • scandalous7

      thank you very much

    • AfricanAtlantian

      Amen,… “Well well!”

      Someone’s trying to a start church up in here.

  • BAP

    hell she do sound like a 5th grader,maybe even below but she JSUT SMART ENOUGH to make herself a billionaire so i guess she can be clueless in other arenas

  • Guest

    It’s just the truth!! Luckily she can change that anytime she gets ready by determining to focus on being a better speaker and getting help for it. Many celebrities came on the scene sounding raggedy and got speech and allocution lessons and now we can at least understand them.

  • 1Val

    Slow news day. Next.

  • LewisOne

    Beyonce is the beautiful performer. Solange is probably the brains (it appears that she reads). God is the great equalizer… can’t have everything.

    • TRUTH IS

      God is the great equalizer…I love this…..isnt that the truth!!

      • Leticia

        @208726af7d8dd316ec27dd5d6a13dffa:disqus Co sigh

  • Ladybug94

    Well she is correct on this point.

  • kr

    allegedly she didn’t get her GED and surprising she reached so much success. Y we didn’t know sooner..Mathew Knowles the JOE JACKSON of the 21st century

  • Tonya

    I like Beyonce but she can’t speak well at all. Everytime she’s about to do an interview, I cringe. A couple years ago, she did an interview with Latina Magazine, where she said that she wishes she was born Latina. Of course, black people went off. It wasn’t that she wished she was born Latina, the girl doesn’t know how to speak or express herself well in interviews. Her dad, as a manager should have picked up on this. She needs diction classes ASAP and it’s def. not the accent. She sounds uneducated when she speaks. My 3 year old daughter can form sentences and express herself better.

  • Jolt

    Lmao. I guess if you have enough knowledge to keep tracks if millions youre set for life. Truth be told I agree, those little note pages from her tumblr tell us this

  • AJ389

    Jealousy is a hurtin’ thang.

  • Kay

    What a very rude man smh

  • Trisha_B

    A part of being an entertainer is doing interviews. Beyonce can only do scripted interviews. Interviews where i know what she’s going to say next b/c she’s giving the politically correct answer. But have yall noticed that Beyonce doesn’t do radio interviews? She doesn’t do those b/c those are usually informal, where questions aren’t pre made. Beyonce can’t handle that. She wouldn’t know what to say b/c her parents aren’t there feeding her lines. The girl should really think about going back to school. & people want to get on little Willow b/c she messed up on 1 word on 106 when she was just 11

  • realadulttalk

    It’s not shade–it’s truth. I really hope Jay or a nanny is teaching Blue to talk.

  • Ce1999

    I’m not the biggest Bey fan, but I haven’t heard enough her public-speaking nor have I seen her personality enough to even be sure. She’s so guarded from speaking publicly that it makes me wonder, but I won’t throw under the bus for what I don’t know.

  • Cleo

    Everyone knows she is not that articulate, that’s why she rarely gives interviews… Have you ever seen Beyonce on Leno or Conan giving a random chit chat interview?? Most of her stuff is set up before hand like the pierce Morgan interview a few years ago

  • Chassie

    Now that I think about it, she sure can’t say”algebra”

    • Noni

      hahaha thats cause “[she] don’t know much about ajibra! but [she] knows.. 1 +1= 2”

      • Chassie

        every time i hear that song, I get angry no one in the studio told her to try that line again

    • Miss K

      And when she sang: “I don’t know much about algebra, but I know that 1+1=2” she wasn’t lying, because that’s arithmetic.

      *hopping on the Bey shade wagon* lol

  • Chassie

    The question becomes: is it shade if it’s true? I love Bey, but her speaking- and handwriting- make me cringe

  • IllyPhilly

    She’s a robot. “They” tell her to just nod and smile and speak stupidly.

  • Meyaka

    Btw,her interview with Larry king back in 09 (I think) was the funniest thing in the world.

  • Candacey Doris

    Beyonce may not be the best speaker, but what business is that of Wendy’s? She’s the talk show host, not Beyonce. Beyonce is just the million dollar singer. So tell me, who’s winning here?

    • realadulttalk

      She’s a talk show host and Beyonce is an entertainer. I’m desperately trying to understand the nature of your comment.

      • Candacey Doris

        Wendy can hate on Beyonce all she wants but Beyonce is a multi millionaire and Wendy is a mannish looking talk show host. Wendy can keep on trying to stay relevant by hating but in my opinion it’s not working.

  • Just saying!!

    I don’t think this is anything new. While most kids were focused on getting education she was trying to break into the music industry and now she struggles to express herself verbally. I think that’s partially her parents fault though. I couldn’t let my kids sacrifice their education for a dream that may or may not happen. Fortunately it worked wonders for her though!


    *I can hear the stans coming in droves* ROFl CTFU @ closed caption. Naw its more like one word, pause, thinking whats the next word….teheh…BeDunce is a dunce! Jay Zero sounds way more intelligent!!

    • Heather

      Jay Zero? You mean Jay Zillionaire.

      • TRUTH IS

        American and it’s high value placed on extrinsic values not intrinsic….very sad!!!

  • jjac401

    I would rather her Bey speak (and yes she could use diction classes so she can learn t ennunciate) than to look at freaky looking Wendy. Someone should tell Wendy that she looks like a man in drag!

    • kierah

      People tell Wendy that all the time! She doesn’t give a rat’s behind. When she was on the radio she would do a male character Wendell when people used to call up questioning her sex. When someone would call asking how man had a baby, she would say in a serious tone that she birthed Lil Kev through her nose. LOL!

      • jjac401

        WOW! For some reason I thought she (Wendy) was unaware of her strange manly Drag style apperance. So being viewed as an attractive real woman isn’t important to her. So sad!

        • Miss K

          I think it’s more that Wendy can’t be bothered with any ignorant criticism of her physique. She is a tall, fabulous AA woman who happens to have a few surgical augmentations. Her personality far outshines any shade that’s thrown her way!

  • Yay!

    Lol… Wendy never misses an opportunity to go in… I get her point, though. Her view is shared by many educated AA’s (myself included), who have found themselves cringing while listening to Bey talk about how much she likes chicken…*deep sigh*…. Bey is a world renowned artist and deserving of her success. Whether she cares or not she’s representing a culture. The least she can do is learn to have grammar-friendly, unscripted interviews. As small-town as her idols Michael Jackson and Tina Turner were, they learned to speak with dignity every time they went public. I hope one day she learns too.

    • kierah

      Artists used to undergo media training before a single was released.

      • Guest

        There was a time when they did….I wish they would bring it back…

    • Someone who doesn’t speak like they’ve been to a public speaking class have no dignity?

      • Yay!

        Dear, when someone can’t express themselves ( a 30+ yo at that) in their native tongue due to low or no education. Dignity tends to be the least thing your listeners tend to gather about you. Ever heard of the phrase ‘you’re only as good as you word’? There is double meaning in there.

      • AfricanAtlantian

        [It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to speak and remove any doubt…]

  • I never have a problem understanding her. Is it her accent that makes it hard for people to understand or her sentence structure?

    • Beejcee

      No it is not her accent. I am from Arkansas and I have a southern drawl, it is her announciation. She needs diction classes.

      • iReezy


        • Uuuh…

          I think Beejcee meant enunciation. I’m just taking a wild guess at it though.

        • Uuuh…

          …and actually it’s “proNUNciation” – no “O” before the “u.” I’m just saying…

    • Na Na

      Accent? is Beyonce not American?

      • realadulttalk

        What does that have to do with having an accent??

      • Heather

        People from the south, not all, but many of them have a drawl which a lot of people mistake for ‘uneducated’. Some of my family members sound like Beyonce and they are College graduates. Also, not everyone can get rid of that drawl. I understand Beyonce when she speaks even though she can be a little uncomfortable in interviews.

        • Na Na

          Exactly, which is referred to as a dialect or a drawl. An accent is from a foreign place. Yall be trying to go so hard and half the time don’t even know what your talking about.

          • Dee

            A dialect is derivative of another language (for example, Spanglish). A drawl is an accent. Having a drawl doesn’t mean that you necessarily change the words into something else, it just means you pronounce things differently and put an “accent” on some words. Beyonce has an accent, but that’s not what makes it painful to listen to her.

  • Beejcee

    Wendy is correct. I’ve been told that Beyonce is a magnificent entertainer, and that is great. But she can’t act her way out of a paper bag (Obsessed anyone?) She needs diction classes if she wants to speak more than 4 words at a time and speech, diction and acting classes if she wants to become an actor. IJS It certainly worked for Terrence J, such a big difference from Think Like A Man to that entertainment show he co-hosts!

    • Kenedy

      If i see those notes she writes one more time…..

  • Say What?

    While Beyonce is not the best public speaker Wendy isn’t the best transgendered individual either, I mean we can still clearly see the Adam’s apple. See nobody’s perfect.

    • DLB


    • PB Queen


  • olivia

    Read the first few pages of Wendy’s autobiography and then let’s discuss who talks (or in this case writes) like they have a 5th grade education. That was the most poorly written book I have ever had the misfortune of skimming through.

    BTW there is nothing wrong with the way that Beyonce speaks…SMH

    • Calikush

      Hey, she ain’t lyin’! Just sayin’! I have to agree with Wendy! It is what it is!

    • Dee

      I think Maya Rudolph’s skit on SNL where she acts as Beyonce is spot on and shows you how painful it is to listen to her talk.

      • realadulttalk