‘Tamar Has The Same Thing Michael Jackson Had’: Vince Shuts Down Skin Bleaching Rumors

December 6, 2012  |  

Tamar Braxton is just another name among the laundry list of celebrities who have been accused of  being self-haters and drastically altering their appearance with plastic surgery and skin bleaching. Tamar has of course denied these rumors, but clearly not too many people are buying it. In an exclusive interview with Bossip, both Tamar and Vince open up about these allegations.

“I just want to know what time do I have to do that,” she told the site. “It’s just been crazy. If you really think about it, we’ve been shooting ‘Braxton Family Values’ for two years and then in between that it was ‘Tamar & Vince,’ and now we’re back into production with ‘Braxton Family Values.’ So, ‘When did she change her face?’ I just think I grew up and I don’t look the same that I did when I was 19.”

Vince also felt it necessary to defend his boo boo regarding these allegations.

“It just sounds stupid, you know? I’m sorry that she looks beautiful and people can’t understand it. I tell her not to look at it or read it because it’s just so ignorant. It’s not appropriate. It’s wrong. You can’t satisfy everybody. We know what goes on in our household. I would never be with a vain person like that.”

He also went on to offer an explanation as to why Tamar complexion may seem a bit lighter that it did in prior years.

“Actually Tamar has the same thing that Michael Jackson had.”

Tamar also chimed in on the condition.

“It’s vitiligo, but I don’t really like to talk about it.”

While it certainly has to be difficult to cope with having people constantly point out physical symptoms that come as a result of some form of sickness, people still don’t seem to be buying those vitiligo claims. Tamar could very well be suffering from this disease, but unfortunately this is an excuse that is frequently used by celebs who bleach their skin so many are still just giving her the side eye. Plus they can’t very well expect us to believe she hasn’t had any work done, can they?

What do you think? Is Tamar hiding behind vitiligo claims?

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  • “I’m just trying to understand how the blackness of his kids has anything
    to do with him having vitiligo or not. It amazes me how people still to
    this day after so many years are still talking about them being his
    kids or not, WHY DOES IT MATTER???”

    Because he sought a WHITE woman to supposedly have the kids with! A Black woman obviously wasn’t good enough! That’s what most people of color don’t like. MJ had self esteem issues, it was widely world known. Please stop trying to defend him, and may he R.I.P. I will always remember MJ as that little brown boy on stage dancing and singing with his brothers. MJ disappointed me when he felt that he had to have a White man looking nose and hair to be accepted. He was super talented, he didn’t need to go and do that.

  • Yes please! Look at her newer tapered NOSE! Does that come from “Vitiligo” too??? MJ hid till the day of his death that he had nose jobs, and the thing was falling off! I mean, do they think people are blind?!

  • This disease does strike more than just African Americans, light or dark. When it affects someone with lighter skin the splotches appear red. On a light skinned black woman, red blotches are very noticeable, MJ did have it, and i know someone in my extended family has it. I have even seen white people with it. So as far as Tamar saying she has it, I believe her. And i think that its nice that Vince thinks his wife is beautiful. All this hate, is just craziness. Its not like Tamar and her husband are putting food in y’all s house so why so concerned?
    And she probably got the wrong color with her make-up, had to have something that really hides and tones down that red, hence the lighter look. and if she is bleaching so what? thats her choice.

  • First of all, she is ‘light-skinned’ but is a beautiful black woman. She doesn’t act white, she’s gloriously ‘hood’ with it at times, talented, funny as all outdoors and I really love her show. The only thing I question is her attraction to Vince. Come on ladies, we know that a 10 won’t usually date a 5-6 and Vince is, well….lacking. He just needs to lose a little weight. I like his personality though and he does take good care of her so what the hell do I know? Either way, leave this girl alone! #Tamartian

  • Bren

    Oh, please! She does not have vitiligo! She just wants to be lightskinned. If all she had was vitiligo then I guess the nose fairy came in the middle of the night to slim down her nose and the weave fairy brought a blond wig to go along with her “medical” transformation.

  • AfricanBambi

    actually, Vince has the same voice Michael Jackson had. (No shade to mike, RIP)

  • eva

    And also MJ had to stay out of the sun always using umbrellas because it was dangerous for him to be in the sun the only reason people didn’t believe him is because it’s a rare disease that scientists have yet to find the cause so there’s no info on it and because he had appearance issues its clear Tamar is lying its sad nobody had his back before but now they are using him when its convenient

  • eva

    Um vitilligo is genetic you can’t just say I have vitilligo and expect people to believe it without saying who in your family has it Michael’s grandfather had it cousins and his oldest son Michael Jr may have it both of his underarms have white blotches and I believe it may be on his neck too Michael’s autopsy proved he had vitilligo and lupus but no one reported that right? There are actually pics and videos that show his with blotches but people act like they don’t see it in his rehearsal video of captain eo he’s face is brown but his whole neck is white in Remember the time his feet is brown with blotches while his face is white and there are also pics of MJ showing the black spots left on his feet in the 2000s. Like his mother said Michael bleached with cream or got surgery on his upper body to even his skin tone but the rest he left alone also Black or White promo pics show the vitilligo on his hands. It’s very clear MJ wore ns of makeup during off the wall and thriller and also when they auctioned his glove their was brown makeup spots all on the inside where his vitilligo supposedly started. Tamara & Vince need more people Tamar has already made it clear on the show that Vince.LOVES white women so it wouldn’t be surprising if she was bleaching or at least wearing light makeup getting rhinoplasties because of him. But the most amusing part of this is that no one believed MJ had it but now all of a sudden people are claiming it less than 3% of the population has vitilligo and like I said its not contagious it’s genetic this is an excuse for her I don’t understand she’s already light skinned. Nonetheless MJ had appearance issues however in the last 10 years of his life if still followed him you know he came to terms with it and truly accepted himself as black

  • heffaplease

    All of you haters below need to have several seats.. and if your already sitting down ..stand up and sit down again .. maybe it didn’t activate correctly. Her skin color has nothing to do with you! She has a husband so stop hating she dont want your man. lol.. You can always tell a single baby momma by the hater juice they spill… Better get downty!

    • scandalous7

      this must go on funniest comments

  • GymJunkie43

    I don’t get it. Middle class people have to lie to get the insurance to pay for plastic surgery IE calling a nose job a deviated septum. Whatevery happened to “I’m rich, I felt like it….keep it moving” ?!

  • Kim

    How the hell is her vitiligo completely even. I have quite a few family member with vitiligo and you skin does not turn all one shade all of a sudden. It takes time and it occurs in patches.

    What does she mean when does she have time. Hell you have time to shower daily don’t you. Tamar is wacky but Vince I kinda expected more from you.

  • Cam

    “I got revitiligo. It’s the opposite of what Michael Jackson got. Lucky bastard…”-Uncle Ruckus LOL

  • firefly

    ‘I would not be with a vain person like that’?!?!?!? chronically weaved up, caked with make up and on a reality show…if that is not the definition of humility, I don’t know what is.

  • Shaybaby

    So Tamar got vitiligo? Oh… cuz I thought she was a white woman in her past life… smdh

  • she went from looking as beautiful as her sis toni to looking like latoya jackson!! lol btw in my opinion..SHE CANT SING ALL THAT WELL EITHER!!!

  • All it takes is reading about Vitiligo and anyone who is a comprehensive reader will know she does not have this condition. Did she refuse the treatments that are available that can give you your color back? Aside from the skin lightening in patches, another way to tell if they do indeed have this disorder is looking at their eyebrows, eyelashes, and the change in color of your retina (according to the MAYO Clinic).

    • This is true. My mom’s eyebrows and eyelashes are white. Have been for decades.

  • Smiley

    How can you doubt their story because of the evenness of their skin color when you see them on tv? Their in the entertainment industry so of course their using makeup to even their skin tone just as any other artist does when appearing on camera, whether it’s to cover acne marks, uneven skin or yes, possibly vitiligo. Journalist and politicians do it too and stage makeup is quite thick to accomodate the hot lights their under when filming. Here in Detroit we have a popular news anchor who documented his struggle with vitiligo (a brown-skinned black man) and he’s on tv everyday with brown makeup on his face so as not to startle viewers. Meanwhile his hands look like he’s wearing those white gloves you see on the usher board. I can’t say who has what but it is possible. Wearing makeup on tv is nothing new and generally common knowledge. If you doubt their claims let it be for a logical reason and not because, maybe in Tamar’s case, you don’t like the personality.

    • but why not wear makeup that matched her true color if she is simply covering up the Vitiligo? it’s her right and her business t do whatever to her face, but why try and push a lie on the public because you like to lighten your skin? she can’t be that afraid of derogatory comments.


    Tamar Braxton surely does not have vitiligo, if you watch the show she actually went to the dermatologist and he said she had acne,(it was visible) which probably gave her dark marks, which she LIGHTENED and will probably continue to lighten because that’s what dermatologist prescribe.


  • justme

    She has “vitilicrazyo”!!

    • Native_Noir


  • kierah

    Maybe she does and maybe she doesn’t.One of the treatments for vitiligo is de-pigmentation. Through medications, your pigment will come out of your skin. The skin gets lighter so that it will look more even. That’s what MJ had done to his skin color.

    • Sher

      Now, finally a sensible answer to the question. Thank you…phew!!

    • My mom and sister actually have vitiligo, she and my mom had it as long as I can remember. They are both dark brown and have pure white patches along the back of their necks. You don’t just one day wake up and have vitiligo its a gradual disease and it wouldn’t make sense for homegirl Tamar to peel herself high yellow like she’s done seeing as vitiligo makes black skin pure white. It makes much more sense that Michael Jackson had it so he made himself completely white to match those portions of his skin affected by vitiligo.

  • Na Na

    First of all Tamar is NOT beautiful Vince! Maybe she was 6 surgeries ago but ummm…..and why are they defending these skin bleaching rumors but completely overlooking the millions in plastic surgery that she sports as a face everyday? Yall really get the side eye for thinking one is better than the other.

    • Cleo

      She really pretty before all the surgeries, same for Toni. They were naturally beautiful women, now they look like cartoon characters especially Tamar with all that fake stuff

      • Cleo


      • I saw pics of Tamaras wedding, and the only thing I can confidently say she got done was prolly a nose job, homegirl didnt get that much done to her face, give it a rest ya’ll

    • Heffaplease

      and why are you even worried about Tamar or anyone other than yourself? I know you can look in the mirror and find somethings you can fix. This is a Married Woman who doesn’t want your man. If she had surgery or not HOW DOES IT AFFECT YOU? SMH getcha life and have several

      • Na Na

        Because this article is about Tamar and not about me. Maybe one day I’ll have enough money for people to talk about….but today its Tamar.

  • JustSayin

    Yes; she does have what Michael Jackson has… a great dermatologist. Now; what is her excuse for those awful lace front wigs? Cuz; Michael Jackson stayed whipping his hair back & forth with no problem.

    • I just spit out my drink reading this!!! LMFAO!!

    • You a fool for that one! LMAO!

    • Native_Noir

      #DEAD! Yall killing me tonight, my stomach hurts.

    • LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL! I can’t breathh! I pictured Mike whipping his hair! He sure did! LOL


    BULL SH*T!! I dont believe it she is bleaching her skin, she has had cheek implants, a nose job and face lift!!

    • Yes, she got the whole enchilada!

  • sammi_lu

    That vitiligo is going to be a ‘hard-sell’ especially after those before and after pics of her hit the net…unless someone can confirm that vitiligo is like collateral damage after plastic surgery on ‘our’ skin?

    • What she got is a case of the several chemical peels. Ain’t nothing wrong with her but vanity and perhaps a touch of body dis-morphia.

  • Candacey Doris

    Vitiligo doesn’t usually happen evenly. But i’m not that interested in someone ele’s skin tone. If she’s happy, let’s keep it moving

  • realadulttalk

    Seriously? Vitiligo tends to be in patches–not an entire surface. Much like when MJ said it–we don’t believe you–you need more people. I guess she has alopecia as well–hence her ever-decreasing hairline.

    • almondebrown

      LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL at “ever-decreasing hairline”. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!

    • (psssst, Jay Z said that..not MJ)

      • realadulttalk

        I meant when MJ said he had vitiligo. Lol

  • Kaori

    Yea, no. I do not believe that she has vitiligo. Neither do I believe that Michael Jackson had it either.

  • Lese

    Michael Jackson did have the disease. People didn’t want to believe him, but until the results of his autopsy came out that people actually realized he was telling the truth. And he also had lupus and arthritis. I really felt for MJ because his whole life was displayed for the world to see. He couldn’t keep personal things private even if he wanted to. But her claiming vitiligo….im not believing that. MJ was a gradual thing, tho he used makeup or whatever to even out his tone. It wasn’t a over night thing, like one day he’s doing thriller, the next he’s white as snow.

    • kierah

      It was gradual. What do you think the glove was all about?

    • MeMe

      So the disease changed his nose and over straightened his hair too? Yes he did have the disease but he also made the choice to make himself appear more “white” and I put it in quote as it was an epic fail. This however will never take away the fact that he was a musical genius.

      • NubiaDiva

        No MJ changed his nose. His hair has been weaves and wigs since the pepsi fire. You cannot regrow hair on a scalp that has 2nd and 3rd degree burns. Though he tried until the end. He did not make the choice to “turn white”. He was losing pigmentation in splotches. His mother said he looked “like a cow” Who would want to live with that? As far as him trying to stay Black.. He tried. Look at “Thriller” all through the film his skin is very dark. That was the dark makeup he used to correct his skin tone. There are pics on the net of him sweating it off on stage. As the disease progressed it was easier to go lighter. Google a recent pic of Dennis Rodman. That is what it looks like when vitiligo sufferers try to stay Black. I have a dear friend who suffers with this. For Black people so much of our identity is our color. Just be thankful that this is a choice you don’t have to make.

  • Cleo

    Neither of them have/ had the disease and I strongly believe that!! Micheal Jackson had some serious identity issue and wanted to be white, while thinks its cuter to be extremely fair in complexion. I think she looks a hot mess but that’s her own business, I love my brown skin and that’s all that matters

    • TRUTH IS

      Point taken…look at his kids!!! No one ounce of black! Obviously you dont need a working brain to be a stan of these “I have more money than god” celebrities. They feel they can do whatever and fool John Public. I refuse to be a sheep!!

      • Lese

        I’m just trying to understand how the blackness of his kids has anything to do with him having vitiligo or not. It amazes me how people still to this day after so many years are still talking about them being his kids or not, WHY DOES IT MATTER??? He raised them, he fed them, THEIR HIS DAMN KIDS!! Whether they were from his sack or not, he raised them. It’s ok for Madonna or Angelina Jolie to shop for kids in Africa but burn MJ to hell for having white kids. And how can any one have more money than God?? I understand where you’re coming from, but money means nothing to God…its just us putting these celebrities on pedestals cuz they have money. Dont make them a better person. But about them being his biological kids or not….when he died…did they cry? Now that he’s gone, do they miss him?? That was still their father. I would like anyone to ask these questions to his kids and see how they would feel about your question.

        • Cleo

          The difference between Michael Jackson and Angelina is Michael them as his own children like he was their biological father we know Angelina adopted her children. If Michael would have said they were adopted it would be different. Claiming full white children as your own biological children as full black man is odd. Whether people want to admit it or not Michael had self hate and self image issue steamed from his childhood hence all the nose jobs. He did want black children that would carry those same genes her was tormented for having.

        • But the difference was Michael Jackson SAID those were his biological kids, and that Blanket had a black mom. Both are lies.

      • Cleo

        Exactly!! People will believe anything Michael did not father those dang children, yes he was their provide, but not their biological parent. People need to wake up and stop buying the crap these celebs are feeding them. I guess all the Braxton sisters have the disease as well since their since is much lighter and I guess they had difficulty breathing since they all have nose jobs smh

        • Lese

          Its really not the point of believing if MJ fathered these kids or not,
          its the point that people like you are still making a issue out of this,
          WHO THE HELL CARES?? People have been talking about this for years,
          have we gotten any closer to the answer?? NO! He fed em, their his kids.
          PERIOD. Its like the deal with Beyonce and her giving birth to her
          child. Do I think she did…idk, do I really care?HELL NO! That’s her
          damn business! And not every celebrities situation is the same. I mean

    • Lese

      Whether you believe it or not has no validity against what the truth is. I mean….why keep on this lie of him having the disease once he was pronounced dead?? They came out and finally told the public after finishing with the autopsy, he did in fact have the disease as well as lupus, arthritis and some other things. I watched his death trial everyday, just seeing what kind of craziness they would say towards this man. All I know people he surrounded himself with slowly damaged him. But he’s gone, so I think people should let him rest in peace. And get over what they think he was going thru physically and mentally.

      • TRUTH IS

        $$$ works wonders…..

        • Lese

          Money means nothing when your dead. Did you see how fast they showed the video of him catching his hair on fire back in 84? These people came out the wood work with footage and interviews, never before seen of this man. And in trial showed this man’s naked dead body. I couldnt imagine having my son’s life and personal stuff displayed for the world to see, just after his death. I mean push the knife in deeper. They wasn’t thinking of his family when they showed all that mess!! So like I said….why didn’t they just finally after all this time jus say, this man was a liar….he aint have shyt! He used all the bleaching cream in the world to get that white??? Like I said…money means nothing when you’re dead

  • Say What?

    Tamar should also have what Mitt Romney had after Nov 6th, which was a seat!

    • Tamz


    • RJA

      ok so as much as i didn’t feel like laughing after reading that horrible story about the 7 y.o. boy, this got me dying!!! thank u for the laugh

    • Bam!! LOL!!

    • Native_Noir

      LMAO! I’m weak!

    • Heffaplease

      And your a nobody so you are already having a seat.. in other words stay seated and continue to sip that hateraid- Tamartian

    • MIMI126

      LMAO !!!

    • BOOM!!

  • rzakia

    I think Sammy Sosa has “vitiligo” as well.

    • realadulttalk

      Yup–I’m pretty sure you are right. Lmao

      • Sheena

        Aw hell naw! tamar aint bit more got vitiligo than I have over grown breast syndrome! gtfoh!!!

        • realadulttalk

          It’s called being facetious dear…which is why vitiligo is in quotes and I said Lmao.

    • CarlaKah

      no, that was bleaching he admitted it

  • Laine

    People, google Vitiligo and then tell me if Tamar and Michael Jackson have that condition !! With Vitiligo you get light white spots, that in time gradually (very slowly, it takes years !!) turn bigger and bigger. I don’t think it’s Vitiligo when your skin in its totality turns lighter…..

    • The media reporter of Fox 2 here in MI has vitiligo, now THAT is a proper depiction of it, his hands are a pasty white, and he has to actually wear dark skinned makeup, so keep the patches on his face one single color, MJ DID have vitiligo, for someone to turn THAT white with just bleaching cream would of contracted skin cancer long before they reach that stage, bleaching cream takes time and dedication, you are literally stripping the melanin from your skin, you cant be out in the sun, certain light exposure can literally burn your skin, exfoliating could cause brusing, thats the effects of bleaching cream

      in Tamar case, homegirl is actually a pretty light caramel in skin color, she obviously just uses the wrong color of makeup, which makes her look lighter, or more washed out the womans leg color remains the same in all her appearences, ya’ll acting like she looks straight up caucasian, the Braxtons are light brown skinned color, the darkest among them is prolly Tawanda

      • YES

        Thank you! Your reply is the truth! I agree 100%!!!!

      • Its called a chemical peel google it.

    • CarlaKah

      I’ve had it on my thigh it took weeks to grow not years…. then after a few months it went back to being a little spot (after treatment from a dermatologist)…. Whatever the case… it wasn’t even.

    • Bunni

      actually Michael Jackson bleached his skin as a result of vitiligo……..