What ‘Chu Say Boo? Caption This Pic Of Bey And Hov With Savannah And Lebron

December 6, 2012  |  
Source: Getty Images

Last night, Lebron James was honored as Sports Illustrated’s 2012 Sportsman of the Year and he and his fiancee Savannah had some interesting company at the ceremony. Sitting next to the basketball couple were hip-hop’s leading man and woman, Jay-Z and Beyonce. That’s a lot of money in one row.

All of the pics from last night show the foursome appearing to have a pretty jolly good time and we can’t help but wonder just what do these four folks talk — or at least think — about when they get together. Plus, from the look on Savannah’s face, it appears she’s got something on her mind that’s very different from the rest of the crowd wouldn’t you say?

Caption this pic and tell us what you think is going down.

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  • iT3ach

    Savannah: “Aww Lawd I shouldn’t have had that asparagus at dinner…” *hold it in, hold it in*

  • byoslf

    the b.s. i put up with trying to get this last name. did i remeber to hit record on the dvr? wtf is that on her head? man i’m bored!

  • Taylor Lea Thomas

    “It’s safe to assume that the two kings sitting in the front row will be shutting down New York tonight! Jay, drinks on you for everyone at 40/40, right?” *audience laughs*

    *Savannah leans over to Lebron and whispers in his ear as she moves closer while holding on to him tightly*
    “Listen, I’m happy for you, really I am. But after all these years, I finally got MY ring! We have a wedding to plan. Next year is MY damn year!”

    “Yes dear.” *smile now gone from his face*

  • She’s got a “how much longer is this gon’ take?” look on her face. She looks really bored.

  • Savannah: When is this negro ACTUALLY going to marry me. I wonder will it happen in 2013.

  • MyThoughts

    MC/Guest Speaker/Video voice-over: “He got the number 23 on his jersey expectin’ a ring to come wit it”

    Crowd: Ahahahaha!

    Lebron/Savannah: Das dat sh*t I don’t like.

  • Syreeta

    Savannah : We movin on up like George and Weezy !!!!!!

  • Just saying!!

    Savannah: “Let me hold onto this man before this chick tries to steal him from up under me”. Not that I think B is like that but you could easily picture that from her body language LOL!!!

  • Cleo

    I love this pic, that is all lol

  • Savannah thinking “I can’t get this danggone popcorn from out my teeth”

    Beyonce’s thinking “Dang I hope nobody notices I cut my mop and dyed it blonde because my usual weavetologist was sick”

    Lebron’s thinking “when in the hell they gonna get me a chair big enough for my giant azz?”

    • Native_Noir


  • Shaybaby

    Savannah: *thinks to herself* What the hell kinda pantsuit this chick got on right now?

    • kierah

      Savannah *thinks to herself* What piece from the Jaclyn Smith collection is this chick wearing? The fumes from the polyester are about to burn my thigh.