SMH: 7-Year-Old Allegedly Beaten To Death By Parents For Not Doing His Homework

December 6, 2012  |  


In extremely sad and disturbing news, a 7-year-old Las Vegas boy,  Roderick “RJ” Arrington has lost his life and his mother and step father are facing serious jail time in relation to his passing. Police arrested the child’s mother, Dina Palmer, 27, and her husband Markiece Palmer, 34, and they both have been charged with murder.

It is being reported that the incident occurred after Roderick lied to his parents about having done his homework and reading a Bible verse. Allegedly Dina stood by and allowed Marckiece to violently shake and beat the second grader until he was unresponsive. The shaking endured by the boy is said to have caused severe brain swelling and bleeding and produced symptoms similar to that of shaken baby syndrome.

According to KLAS News Now, the arrest report revealed that this isn’t the first occurrence of abuse endured by Roderick at the hands of parents.

“Open abrasions on [Arrington’s] buttocks, severe bruising to his thighs, marks and bruises on his back and shoulders and evidence of previous beatings.”

According to police, Roderick was beaten with a belt, spatula and possibly a wooden paddle. Once the parents realized that RJ was unresponsive, they quickly called their Pastor who shared that he was shocked that the Palmers called him before they called the police. RJ died in the hospital the afternoon following the incident.

The grandmother of the child, Latanza Harris, revealed to KLAS that Marckiece frequently demonstrated patterns of “abusive controlling behavior” and that “Marckiece worked to control Dina, stopping her from using the phone without supervision, demanding money and separating her from her family.” Latanza also revealed that she is trying to forgive herself for sending RJ back to his mother.

“I just have to forgive myself for letting him come back out here because it was a struggle to let him go.”

Both Dina and Marckiece are facing child abuse, neglect and murder charges.

What happened to RJ is extremely tragic and unfortunate, particularly considering that his mother may have been able to do something to prevent his death. Hopefully the rest of this family will be able to move forward as they prepare to lay this him to rest.

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  • WhatzAGalToMakeOfIt

    I was abused as a child….to the point where now @ 32; I *LITERALLY* wonder if my [married] parents got a ‘thrill’ outta it. The Child Abuse rules of the 80’s were waaaay looser. They wouldn’t stop with em thick-a$$ leather belts UNTIL I was a-weepin and a-wailin. The emotional scars never fully heal. I have enough rage to write heavy metal music (and I will). I have enough pain to be an excellent candidate for suicide (but I won’t). I have a non-deletable love and hate for ALL men…cuz I am thoroughly convinced that as an articulate, strong-willed, ambitious female in this society who happens to be a single mom….that any interested in me are nothin but a Sociopath like Marckiece who will use, beat up, and ultimately abandon me. As a widowed now-single mother….I guess I’ll just hafta sacrifice pursuit of a committed relationship to protect my chldren. It seems to be only broke sociopaths that even go for ‘us’.

  • Prissy

    How much you want to bet someone is going to blame the devil (and NOT the idiot of a parent). Now was this a “blessing” from God?? I LOVE (sarcasm) to see what religious holy moly people have to say about stuff like this.

  • sabrina

    This hearts my heart soo much. RIP lil man </3

  • FromUR2UB

    What was that grandmother thinking? She had to have seen the scars on him, and knew that if that man wouldn’t let her grown daughter use the phone without “supervision”, her grandchild had to be in danger. The mother sounds loopy anyway. Some men think they should be able to discipline a woman’s children even before they’ve built a relationship with the children. And women who allow men to discipline their children before he has done anything to demonstrate that he genuinely cares about them, are fools. Stories like this remnd me of male bears, that kill the offspring of another male bear, so that he can mate with the mother and produce his own offspring. Men are often theatened by another man’s children, especially the male children.

    • Deborah Bland

      Perhaps I was wrong, but I never allowed my boyfriend, now husband ,to discipline my child. I told his from the onset of our relationship I was not looking for a dad for my son. I also told him after we married that if he could not find time to spend doing father/son activities my child, he was not permitted to come home late and yell at him for things that “bothered him”. Yes it put strain on our relationship, and as a Christian wife with a Muslim husband we often disagreed on parenting issues. As an adult, my son often thanks me for sticking by him as his mother and not giving the role of taskmaster/disciplinarian to my husband.I was abused as a child and refused to allow my son to suffer the same fate.

  • Wow this is just to much for me at ah lost for words right now

  • MLS2698

    I can’t stand bull-ish type of women who let men ( especially a man who isn’t related) beat their children! Like he is some type of disciplinarian, and she can’t correct her own child. * cuss under my breath *

  • meta

    my heart going out to family…this what im talking about black females no man is greater than GOD…IM HURTING FOR THE GRANDMOTHER…

  • Trisha_B

    How could the mother allow this man to beat the child that’s not even his? I bet they weren’t married long & i bet if they have any kids together, he doesn’t beat them. Some women need to learn to grow a back bone & not have these men control them & their kids

  • sosoerious


  • Certainly that definitely wasn’t a reason to hit the child, but certainly wasn’t any of your business thats what child protective services are for see a child being abused give em’ a call or the enforcements to report child abuse. I am the mother of a four year old and my child is in good hands of both parents, but if I make the slightest angry peep to my child if he has done something people want to give a bad name. Everyone has their own way of disciplining their children but abusing shouldn’t be one.

    • SuZQ

      Yes, because cps has done such a great job protecting little black children so far…honestly there needs to be more or better.

  • realadulttalk

    What is wrong with people??? That poor baby–I am so saddened by the amount of stories that mimic this one as of late. I need to pray more for humanity.

  • This is a damn shame!

  • Native_Noir

    Crying at my desk…smh. Enough is f*&%$# enough already!!!! I am sick of hearing about these MONSTERS hurting these babies! Here I am wanting a baby soooo bad, having already lost one, not even knowing if I CAN carry to full term! I have so much love to give and possibly can’t have a baby of my OWN but these M&^$%#F&^$#%@ are blessed with babies and treat them this way!!!!! Poor baby…I just can’t…. Sorry yall. Had to get that out.

    • Say What?

      My condolences.

      • Native_Noir

        Thank u.

    • kierah


      • Native_Noir

        Thank you.

    • ANTMilf

      I’m so sorry that you went through that, it sux that deserving parents like you, my cousin and her husband and one of my friends can’t conceive a baby, but cruel, heartless people like her are blessed with babies. I’m a mother myself and I can’t imagine hurting my daughter, ever! Keep praying to God that he’ll bless you with that gift.

  • ANTMilf

    His parents deserve the same fate! Whatever happened to PUNISHMENT?! The boy didn’t even deserve to die, may he RIP!

  • Meyaka

    Disgusting,I hope they rot in jail.

  • Nikki

    How sad! Poor boy barely even started school… Call me crazy, but I’ll never spank my kids.

    • Native_Noir

      Me either. My parents didn’t touch us and we all came out fine and very disciplined. So parent DON’T HAVE to spank and d*mn sure shouldn’t be beating!

    • sweettea

      There’s a difference between abuse and discipline. A swat on the butt is fine but these long drawn out beatings with foreign objects is unacceptable.It’s like they forgot he was just a kid.

      • Nikki

        I know that there’s a difference, but I don’t think kids need to be spanked. I was spanked, and I know that my parents took it too far. They spanked me out of anger instead of teaching me a lesson, and I’m afraid I’ll do the same thing to my kid. I lived in fear of my parents–that’s not normal.

      • kierah

        They forgot he was a human being.

  • Say What?

    I couldn’t finish reading this. He reminds me of my nephew and I had to stop after they described what happened to him. There is no punishment severe enough for these two. Damn I might just tear up today. :-

    • RJA

      I can’t stop crying :'(… he reminds me of my nephew as well. what a beautiful little man. May he rest in peace

      • RJA

        This story ruined my day

        • Say What?

          Ditto. 🙁

    • SociopathsLOVESingleMoms

      If it’s any comfort…..even the most slimy scum of prison immates have a special way of dealing with ‘newbies’ in for crimes against 1. babies or 2. the elderly
      These sick muth#u(kas are gon wish they weren’t ever born – ANNNNND that they had no bodily orifices by the time it’s all said and done.

  • sammi_lu

    Look at that precious smile. Beyond words..just sad.