Looks Like Allison’s Still Going To Need Those Food Stamps: Chris Bosh Favored In Child Support Ruling

December 6, 2012  |  

Source(s): WENN, Fan Daily

Chris Bosh has been frequenting headlines for his baby mama drama more so than his athletic ability these days. But, it seems that this may all change soon considering a judge has finally made a ruling regarding the three-year court battle that has been going on between him and Allison Mathis who is the mother of their three-year-old daughter. If you recall, the latest drama between the two has been the result of the courts questioning Bosh’s actual state of residency.

Back in August, we reported that despite Bosh having been a player for the Miami Heat for three years, he was claiming to be a resident of the state of Texas as opposed to a resident of Florida where one would assume is where he actually spends most of his time. Bosh’s bizarre request wouldn’t matter so much except that the being a Texas resident part would only require him to award his child’s mother with $2,600 per month in child support, while being a resident of Florida would require him to cough up  3% of his monthly take-home pay, which is about $30,000 per month.

Obviously everyone including Allison peeped his motive for wanting to be listed as a Texas resident, hence the reason why the two were still going back and forth to court, up until yesterday that is. According to Gossip Extra, a judge ruled in favor of his request to be considered a Texas resident.

The unemployed Allison Mathis clearly isn’t taking this ruling well. Jane Carey, Mathis’s attorney described the ruling as a “miscarriage of justice,” shared that they would be appealing and expressed her feelings regarding child support policy in the state of Texas.

“Everybody knows that Texas is rough on horses and women,” Carey said. “Now, I guess that any young man in Florida who makes big money should get a Texas address before they have a baby… They’ll save a lot of money that way.”

It is difficult to call this one. While I certainly don’t believe that a 3-year-old child needs $30,000 per month to be taken care of, it also seems a little cowardly that Bosh would go to those extremes to keep from supporting the child that he helped to create, especially when Allison is petitioning for food stamps.

What do you think? Was Chris justified in his actions?

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  • CarlaKah

    You need to take several seats and read a few books. I answered your question already.

    • He pays,$2600 a month in c.s.He pays all medical expenses,all school supplies and extra curriculum activities,all expenses when she visits HIM,Plus he gave the b/m $250k,while working OFF THE BOOKS.So what book do i need to read to figure out that your issue is not what he`s providing for his child,but what he`s not providing for the b/m who does not enjoy “WIFE” benefits,when she never was a “WIFE”.Since you can`t defend your argument,you want to insult me.Typical bitter baby-mama stella.

      • CarlaKah

        I have no children, nor do I want to have them out of wedlock. You obviously have a lot of growing to do. I already stated that the move to Texas, to make sure all he has to pay is $2600 a month in c.s, is vindictive to me. He obviously moved to pay as little as possible and his son will read about it. He is the working parent so, he SHOULD pay for school, medical bills, travelling expenses and the 250k might as well have gone to the legal bills, because this has been going on for a long time. You may need to read a book or two on mature responsibility, vindictiveness and narcissism. The child deserves the best which is 3%, 30k not 2.6k.

        • It took you two months to come up with” THAT” response.WOW! I thought you were going to come up with some mind-blowing “FACTS” that would refute everything i said.Instead you came up with the same entitiled baby-mama drivel.Listen the JUDGE has spoken,so how you “FEEL” about it isn`t worth a damn,it`s what you can legally PROVE.I don`t need to read a book on responsibility,i was taught that as a child,thank `ya very much.

          • CarlaKah

            Dude I totally forgot about this whole conversation. I guess you didn’t. Enjoy our life! If you have one. I’m over this.

            • It`s easy to recall this conversation when it`s posted on a blog,DUH!And yes ,i am enjoying my life primarily because “I” do not have baby mama,bitter blk woman i can`t get rid of issues.Thak `ya very much.

  • Stop Hatin on Allison

    Any single moms reading this article? How many could benefit from $2,600.00/month? I could! Stop frontin. And for any pathetic men stalking this site and preparing to innundate me with your $0.02…..save it for the kids YOU ain’t properly supportin!

  • Chris

    YES! I agree with the judge.

  • ATTN FELLAS:The “child is entitled to the father`s lifestyle” is a claoked way of saying the “mother is entitled to his lifestyle”.Feathermiss please explain where chris bosh is NOT providing for his child.He pays all expenses,plus he gave the mother a quarter of a million dollars that “disappeared “in 2 YEARS.So i fail to see where he is deliquent in his duties as father.Oh ,that`s right,the MOTHER dosen`t enjoy his lifestyle.Well if she demanded MARRAIGE first,that wouldn`t be a problem.Live&learn.

    • SitDownAnthony

      You…as a male (stalkin a women’s lifestyle online forum but whateva) oughtta know that a woman cannot ‘demand’ marriage and succeed in a proposal. It’s funny how you and others looking down their noses at this lady seem to conveniently have forgotten that. And for You…and the other Phonies frontin like their morals coincide with Mother Teresa’s – how many of Y’ALL have sucessfully abstained from sexual relations until marriage? I wanna hear from y’all. Everyone else…have several seats.

      • To your first statement:That`s an assault (albiet)subtlely against my manhood that has no relevance to the topic at hand.Now what you must understand hater of me,is that if she wanted wifely benefits,she should have been a WIFE first.Unprotected sex with a man you are not married to makes you a FOOL.And my sexual history has nothing to do with this topic,but if you must know,i use a little thing called A CONDOM!!!SAFE SEX IS NECESSARY!!Thank you for your time.

  • Paternal involvement is priceless. Critical studies have shown that the absence of a biological father increases a daughter’s vulnerability to rape and sexual abuse by 900% and increases the likelihood of teenage pregnancy by 164%.

    Fathers need to be a part of their children’s lives to provide the best future for them.

  • NiceNasty

    I feel like this article is so one-sided, due to the fact that the writer is making it seem like this man doesn’t want to take care of his child. When in reality this chick is jus using this child as a pawn to get money so she can live like a superstar. I mean can we look at the FACTS here before everybody starts dogging the man. First off, this man offered to pay for her to go to school to get a degree (on his dime), while he still shelled out child support. But she decided that she didn’t want to do that, so he GAVE her $250,000 for whatever reason it was(still while paying you child support). And she jus blew it on god knows what, I guess thinking that he was jus going to give you more. But when he didn’t now she mad? No I think she’s jus pissed at the fact that he married somebody else, and now she wants to be a bish about it. Oh and mind you that this man is PAYING for ALL of the childs expenses, meaning whatever money she has/gets will go to self. So think about it if she is getting $2,600 a month, in 1 year that’s $31,200. Meaning if she jus saved that money in 3 years alone she’ll have $93,600 to do as she pleases with. The thing that bothes me the most is that if she would have gotten the degree, I’m pretty sure he would have used his connections to help get her a nice job.

  • CarlaKah

    It is his kid….. He needs to pay for his kid. And if the world doesn’t end his kid will google this in the future and he’ll have to explain…

    • Please explain where he DOSEN`T provide for his child.

      • CarlaKah

        Please explain why you can read and understand my comment #atthesamedamn time ?

        • I`m not sure if you meant what you typed,but i can read and write in english.

          • CarlaKah

            I meant what I said. He needs to pay for his kid. and this mess won’t be cute to explain the future. Doesn’t mean he is paying NOTHING now. It is just the move to Texas that seems absolutely vindictive to me,

            • Ok,please explain where he is NOT paying for his kid.

              • CarlaKah

                No need to explain. Read my comments please

              • CarlaKah

                No need to explain. Read my comments please

              • CarlaKah

                No need to explain. Read my comments please

  • feather

    Also I want to add only a broke woman will say that $2,600/month is a lot of money. If you send your child to a proper private school…this will not even cover the school. If you child lived in a have way decent neighborhood…it will not cover your expenses.

    Her child’s father is a multi millionaire.

    • Trisha_B

      But when the child’s father is paying for the kid’s schooling plus everything else, on top of giving me $2,600 a month, i would be very satisfied. Since i would also be working, i could put money towards anything my kid needs. Chris shouldn’t be the only provider for his child b/c she also has a mother that doesn’t have any disabilities that interfere w/ her having a job.

      • featherimiss

        That’s the same ignorant logic…that men give women that don’t want to pay. I bought the baby some diapers.

        That’s good that you would be satisfied. But I would not. My child’s father is a multi millionaire. Therefore my child is entitled to this lifestyle. Period!!

        Once again same on Chris Bosh for evening letting this have to go to court. He should have paid because he is a good man and father.

  • feather

    The comments about her getting a job is not a factor.

    Why should he be released of his responsibility. Other men pay 3%of the their salary. The brother making $50,000/hour is paying…I bet you would not be saying he shouldn’t have to pay his share. I don’t understand why this millionaire is paying less than my children’s father for 1 child.

    I understand why black women are doing bad in areas of poverty, being married, etc. You don’t value yourself. Yes her child and she should receive the $30,000, he decided to have unprotected sex. It’s not gold digging…it’s getting what is due for your child. The child should have the same advantages that both parents can provide. Remember $30,000 is not alot of money to the father…I bet he party on $30,000.

    You don’t hear white women saying…she need to get a job. No she need to take care of herself and her child. And this is looking out for the best interest of her child.

    Chris Bosch is a low life. We really need more black men to start being the leader of our families. And yes Black women we have the power, by making them accountable.

  • Candacey Doris

    I think this woman needs to get a job and stop trying to live off child support. The money is for the child, not rent. She wanted 30k because then she could live like she always thought she was supposed to. Well tough luck now get an application for macys or something. Tired of hearing about this woman.

  • Texas standard child support is 20% of net income for one child, and 25% for two. I don’t know where the 3% is coming from.

    • Candacey Doris

      From the fact that they had a deal in the beginning where instead of the original amount the doctor set, he gave her a quarter million to pay off the house and car etc. and agreed to pay for the child’s bills (school, medical dental) in exchange the monthly amount was lowered to 3%. At least i think that’s how it went down.

    • Guest01

      thank you. as a texas resident whose husband pays child support for 1 kid, i can attest to the 20% requirement. I don’t know where they made 3% up from. as far ms. mathis, she needs to stop playing the system, or trying to. i dont know how she feels entitled to more when that man is doing EXACTLY what he should be doing and thats taking care of his child. He paid her a lump sum, brought her a house, takes care of all of the childs needs and wants, and pays her $2600.00 a month. someone is being greedy. you cant get a back door alimony settlement when you were never in matrimony. i applaud the judge, bosh’s lawyer and bosh for being smart enough to take care of his kid and not falling for supporting the BBW lifestyle.

  • ava

    Just like a black man .always trying to get out of taking care of their kids

    • realadulttalk

      Hmm, I’d say it’s more like a gold-digger trying to use her child to have her life financed.

    • Gina

      Exactly! Black men hate taking care of their kids.

    • Gina

      Exactly! Black men hate taking care of their kids.

      • You are like the fifth person to say that.PLEASE explain the part where this man is not taking care of his child!

  • Tonya

    Allyson needs to GET A JOB!!! Chris Bosh is supporting his daughter, not his daughter and Allyson. I’m so sick and tired of these greedy baby mamas.

  • anon

    Her mother is Deborah Mathis, a celebrity and well connected individual. Allison is college educated, and she can come up with some type hustle to earn a living?

  • I agree with the judge in this case. Too many times females have babies by athletes to get rich and it’s not right. I would hate for my son to get caught up with a trick like that! I always warn young men about these tricks!! She got what she deserved and she should be happy, that’s still more than many!!

  • realadulttalk

    I will never understand you women who come on and say things like “that’s just a small portion of his income” Do you see the keywords there? HIS INCOME!! Why should he support a woman he never even bothered to marry? A woman who could have protected herself (just like he could have) from being an unwed mother. A woman who probably saw him as a forever meal ticket. Why should he do that? What child needs 30k/month?? How many require that per year? I’d be surprised if any of you felt the same if Chris was your brother or son. This woman would be every gold-digger in the book. I feel no sympathy for this woman…NONE!

  • What the article is leaving out he was paying her 4600.00 and she and her atty. accepted a large sum of 250k when the baby was one years old and with that the judge decreased her monthly support to 2600.00. So she did this to herself. Also he is from Texas he didn’t do this on a whim.

  • kierah

    If you make the kind of money these top athletes make, they shouldn’t gladly pay more than the requirement. It is miserly not to do so. $30,000 is just 3 PERCENT of his monthly take home pay. It is no hardship to give that to the mother of your child so that they can live well.

    • Shay

      I agree. I believe you should take care of your child to the best of your abilities. She could get a job, but it won’t pay nearly what he’s earning. He’s living like a millionaire while his daughter isn’t. He think he won now, but wait until that child is older and figure things out for herself.

    • kierah

      * “they SHOULD gladly pay more”

  • Charla

    The only thing I have to say is in regards to the residency. Many people claim a permanent residence in another state if they know they will eventually move back there. My husband and I file taxes in our home state because he’s military and we don’t plan to stay in our current state for to long.

  • DTJ

    Why didn’t she get a JOB? I don’t care if my future husband is wealthy I will ALWAYS be in a position to provide for myself and my family in case of situations like this. I’m sorry but I do not have sympathy for a woman who felt she didn’t need to contribute her and her childs life OUTSIDE of Chris Bosh’s income. She should’ve had a back up plan

    • kierah

      She had a job. She got laid off.

    • Trisha_B

      That’s what i’m saying. What if something was to happen to Chris, like if he got injured & couldn’t play basketball anymore, the money would surely decrease. What would she do then?

      • kierah

        His contract is guaranteed (unless he did something crazy to nullify his contract which hardly ever happens). He would still be a multi-millionaire. He would still get his $16 MILLION for this year, as well as what ever remains on his contract.

        • Ann

          True his contract is guaranteed, but I hope he and his wife is not spending money like it is no tomorrow. I hope he is smart with his money. He may be getting paid $16 million, but if he does not have his spending under control, buying foolish things, making it rain at the club, buying expensive alcohol, paying child support for other children, he will make the front page of MadameNoire and other mainstream magazines. It happens all the time these athlete and entertainmers make millions and ended up broke.

    • Candacey Doris

      Agreed! Have a degree and a job to fall back on. People cheat and leave, it’s not new. And this woman wasn’t even married. He offered to pay for college and literally gave her thousands of dollars. Now she’s getting what everyone that acts the fool gets.

  • MadiRae

    30,000 a month? That should go toward college and not monthly expenses. But I disagree with the Texas residency. It seems shady on his part.

  • Trisha_B

    You skipped the part where the judge saw that Chris has always been paying his taxes in Texas & that was the big deciding factor. Allyson doesn’t need those food stamps. She chooses to be on those food stamps b/c she’s living like an ex wife instead of an ex girlfriend. W/ that $30k, i’m pretty sure she would be using it more on herself than her daughter. That’s someone’s yearly salary in a month, that girl wouldn’t go back to work. She still hasn’t found a job yet. Chris is paying $2,600 plus their daughter’s extracurricular activities, medical bills, schooling, etc. So in a sense he’s paying more than than $2,600. Chris takes care of his daughter, he’s just not taking care of Allyson. I’m sure his daughter doesn’t need for anything. Where did that $250K go that he gave her? She shouldn’t have been at risk of loosing her house. She should have took him up on that offer to go to college, get a degree to get a better paying job (he was going to pay all the bills & her tuition) she probably would have still had a job now.

    • MiMi

      Texas doesn’t have state taxes. But you are right if his Federal tax forms list Texas as his residence.

    • Snatched!

      Yes $2600 is more enough to support a child… If that was even actual child support. It’s not really cuz the things related SOLELY to the child is ALREADY PAID FOR!! Bosh pays for all of trinity’s expenses! Health, dental, supplies, schooling/daycare, etc. so the money goes to Allison to do whatever else she feels is needed with it!! Allison screwed herself first by not demanding marriage before having a baby which gave bosh enough time to see her true colors: her manipulative bad attitude and greed. She used to brag about being rich and treated people like crap and acting like she was queen of England when they were together! She embarrassed chris a lot too which became too much fir him. She also made the careless decision to ball out on the $250k he gave her to BUY a house and car. But she decided to get stuff she can’t afford to keep like that house she’s in foreclosure of, a brand new Beamer, A DOZEN TRIPS AND VACATIONS, and moving in a handful of family members with no jobs to also mooch of her (including a man she was “allegedly” dating). She should have been responsible to buy within her means and that 2600 would be all hers (on top of any other income if she got a job) cuz bosh pays for trinity expenses! AND PLEASE LET’S NOT FORGET that bosh offered to PAY FOR HER TO GO TO COLLEGE to get a degree so she have a better chance at securing a good job and taking car of herself. She refused. Why? Cuz she just knew that she would win the $30k and didn’t expect to lose. She was content in believing that being the baby momma to a rich athlete will allow her to sit on her butt and live the good life! This bish never really worked. That construction company was owned by her uncle, who paid her under the table, and the courts caught her trying to manipulate her “laid off” bit! She had him write and official doc to say she was laid off and worked minimal hours! The courts looked into it and caught her! That’s why they asked why she didn’t apply for unemployment. Because She didn’t want to get caught defrauding the government! She wont file either cuz she had NO PROPER PAY STUBS! With all this and more the courts didn’t have a problem ruling in boshs favour! She tried to play the game and it back fired. Some win and some lose! Adrienne won cuz she played the game right!! And people can’t be mad that she buys luxuries! She has every right cuz she IS THE WIFE!! Trinity is fine! That little girl will want for nothing! Her dad does take care of her and more! But she will want to be with her dad more and more cuz her momma is greedy, impatient, and dumb. She squandered the money she should have held onto before knowing for sure if she was getting 30k! And she should have taken that college offer! Oh well, what’s your next move Allison?

      • JMO

        Adrienne played the game very well! She is very smart and knows how to play her part. She stayed proper and patient to get the ring first (SIGNED!), then the wedding (SEALED!), and then the child (DELIVERED!) to secure her place!! Well done! Now she is truly living the good life and reaping the benefits! House, cars, exotic trips, jewelry, shoes, bags & tags, preferential treatment, servents, famous friends, and adored by many! Just the best if EVERYTHING! Well deserved and within her right cuz she is THE WIFE! She can now brag about whatever unlike Allison who started braggjng way to early and worked backwards before being secured. Now Allison better come up with plan c (plan a was securing boah and plan b was getting a 30k check every month! lol) and get it together before bosh pull a d.wade on her butt and leave her completely on her own!

        • Dawnn

          I hope that Bosh is smart with his money and not end up being broke. I wonder if Adrienne will be around for that if Bosh become broke? Based what I have read, I can’t remember the source, the wife is spending money like water. I know she can legally spend it, but she needs to consider in case Bosh get cut from a team, with the possibility of not getting pick up by another team, or get sick or injury that can end his career.

  • baddvixentype

    i think he does for his child. i think he doesnt want to be supporting her in the process. 30,000 is not needed a month to take care of a child. she’d be benefiting from the money more then his child. i think he made a smart move.

  • Jaytee

    You know sad thing is if this young lady is really on food stamps, his DAUGHTER is on food stamps. For the child’s mother to collect food stamps, her financial situation was deemed poor by the state providing the food stamps. I’m not saying he should pay $30,000 a month but obviously this was a tactic of her attorney to have him contribute more to the household his child is raised in. He just looks like a trifling man to me…I would be embarrassed to be making all the money Bosh makes and to have the world know my child is eating from a food stamp card. Shame on him.

    • realadulttalk

      Lmao…I’m the only one who saw this as a contrived move on her part? I’d bet that either A) she doesn’t list her child support on her food stamp app or B) what she is receiving in stamps is so low that it couldn’t be helping her (but it does look good sprawled across headlines when attempting to make him look bad).

      • She blew 250k in 2 years while working and receiving 2600.00 a month.

        • realadulttalk

          Yup (I don’t think you meant to reply to me) 🙂 She is a bottom-feeder and now wants sympathy. I wonder how many designer shoes and handbags she currently owns.

    • She is on food stamps because she doesn’t want to work. She is setting a poor example for her daughter-thinking a man going to support you. She put her business out there so Bosh shouldn’t be embarrassed, she should be for being abled-bodied and lazy!

    • Ms_Sunshine9898

      Themed the mother can’t afford to keep her child why not pass her along to her father until she can get back on her feet????? Because it’s easy dollars to ask for more child support. . . .

    • Candacey Doris

      Bosh pays the school bill and all the child’s other bills. The only thing that woman has to do is buy groceries and keep the lights on. $2600 is enough for that. So why should he feel ashamed?

  • DLB

    Why shouldn’t Chris Bosh pay $30,000/month for child support, assuming he doesn’t have physical custody of the child (meaning he is only seeing the child once a month, weekends, every other weekend, etc.)? Assuming, the information in these articles are correct, he doesn’t have 50% custody of his daughter (no primary physical custody). If Holly Berry has to pay $20,000/month to a man who she has 50% custody of her daughter with, then Bosh should pay $30,000/month (if this is true) for his daughter. I used to work for a CA county’s child support agency. Child support is based on income & timeshare. This needs to continue to be fought out. If he is spends part of his residency in Florida (should be at least 6 months, but don’t know FL’s laws), he should be able to pay more. I don’t know the whole story to their situation, but it would have been nice to try to at least work something out behind close doors. Whether the mother is responsible or not for some issues, he could have been the bigger person out of respect for his child to do the right thing, at least increase it somewhat. People will reap what they sow.

    • inessa

      How is giving more money to a lazy mum respecting his child? why can’t SHE be the bigger person?

      • realadulttalk

        Exactly! Why should he continue to finance a grown woman’s life???

    • Annie

      Clearly if people were in this situation they would not be commenting. Its based on his income and child’s expenses. He is not paying enough. He is making millions and he is giving her his pocket change. She must have ticked him off….She can petition this again….She should.