Who You Callin’ An Angry Black Woman?! Tiffney Cambridge Defends Going Off On The Game

December 6, 2012  |  

When I watched Marrying The Game Monday night, I thought rapper The Game’s fiance, Tiffney Cambridge, was a bit dramatic, but angry black woman never crossed my mind. Personally, I was thinking more Yvette from Baby Boy, but apparently the stereotype crossed Tiffney’s mind and she wants to set the record straight before the accusations start running rampant. In an interview with Sister Sister, she told the mag:

“The [show] caught me at a moment when I was really upset. I think that when we’re upset we all show our frustrations by sometimes yelling or maybe saying a curse word or something like that, but is that a representation of who I am? Am I always loud and cursing and angry Black woman? No, far from it.

“I was just mad, mad, mad at that moment, like we all get,” she said of going off on The Game about traveling out of town with his female assistant, adding, “I definitely will keep him in line.”

That last notion is up for debate considering the rapper not only still went on his trip to France, he also still took his assistant with him. But how The Game responds to Tiffney moving out of the house when he returns is still up in the air.

As for the couple’s image and how it relates to Black America, Tiffney said she’s not worried about receiving any type of backlash like her girls Shaunie O’Neal and Evelyn Lozada of Basketball Wives‘ got last season.

“I don’t have concerns about our show being boycotted or anything like that because there’s nothing inappropriate or offensive there. It’s just a realistic look into our lives,” she said. “I think a lot of the issues and the problems that we have, other people face.”

“I try not to judge people. I think that one of the worst things that you can do is to judge somebody else just by seeing them on television, so I try not to do that. I watch them for entertainment,“ she said. “I don’t watch it as a way to look into someone’s life and then judge it or say what I would do or wouldn’t do because you really never know what’s going on in a person’s life unless you are involved in it.”

Sorry Tiffney, but somebody’s judging you honey — more so for your choice of man, though, than your yelling on TV.

What’s your opinion of The Game’s fiance, Tiffney, so far?

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  • Ty

    I love Tiffney Cambridge! Wishing this beautiful, strong, talented, as well as
    intelligent/educated woman nothing but an abundance of happiness, love along
    with a great deal of success in her current and future endeavors (-:

  • scandalous7

    If a man drives me to that typical “mad black women” blow up phase, it will be time for me to leave. Period. Not letting anyone get the best of me like that.

  • GetIT

    hey, she probably knows her man more than all the people watchting the show do. He was even making comments about how pretty the women in the doctors office were like ok whats up with that?

    • everybodylook

      I don’t see anything wrong with him saying the women were beautiful. He’s in a relationship but he’s not blind or dead. I have no problem with my husband looking at other women because he’s human we all look at others if we’re in a relationship or not. We all are going to be attracted to more than one person. That’s just my OPINION.

  • I actually like her. I feel like he wouldn’t be with anyone who wasn’t strong. And if the TV was on me when I’m ‘feeling some kind of way’ about my bf, I’d come off the same way. Lots of eye rolling and n*kka pleases! lol

  • Kaori

    Tiffney needs to drop him and find someone who is mature.

    Considering how scripted these shows are, I take much of what happens and is said on an entertainment basis only.

  • The fact that all his damn homeboys is staying in their house and she hasn’t put her foot down about that baffles me! WTH, & Game not seeing him having friends in his house as a problem is even more troubling. Keepin it real is gone go hella wrong when he’s gone & she’s lonely & one of his “homeboys” steps in his place. NOT COOL.

  • realadulttalk

    This woman works many nerves for me. Angry? No Simple-minded? YES!!!!

  • lynn baker

    She is a damn nag–she has revealed herself to the world–she knew the job was hard when she took it..and after 7 years and you don’t get the person you have been in a relationship with and have kids by then it really makes you wonder what her real motive is ..she didn’t have to do the show..why would you choose to do it when you knew the relationship was not in a good place…and do you feel as a teacher with a masters degree that she brags about should act the way she has been acting on TV…tiny ain’t no teacher and you see her acting like a good wife..mother and stepmother…tiffney acts like this everyday..and that’s why the next show should be called Not marrying the game…I know first hand..believe that…

  • ambitious78

    I just don’t know about these two… From an looking on the outside point of view, they are in no place to talk about getting married. He’s immature and she is more like a momma than a wife than anything. Plus, he places his friends as a priority… Sorry, but when you place your life on public display, you have to expect some type of critiques good and bad…

    • realadulttalk

      The first time I ever saw their pic–I thought she was his momma. He prioritizes his friends…and she uses the kids as weapons. Both simple as all heck.

  • Still Standin Strong

    I like her. She holding hers down and you can’t take that away from her. Obviously she sees in him what he can’t show to the world because of how he makes his $, and doesn’t judge him because of that. So we can’t judge her for standing her ground. Its either that or lose him to the hoochies and the world

  • bluekissess

    She annoys me. She is the nagging gf/wife from hell. For the longest time her excuse is that she’s “busy” planning a wedding but then all of a sudden wants to take a trip? She has book smarts but that doesn’t change the fact that she chose The Game as a father to her kids and her future husband. I’m sure this wasn’t the first time this has happened. I don’t know who’s worse Tiffany or Chrissy. No event or moment in time will change a man. It’s up to them to change. Both of those women annoy me. The show has taught me not to nag

    • pretty1908

      the show has taught me also not to settle! is being single that bad that you will subject yourself to be mistreated and baited along for years like a lost child? watching chrissy and tiffany has shown a lot women why it is crucial that we have standards and don’t bend or change out of fear of losing man who really doesn’t want to be kept.

      • bluekissess

        Totally agree

    • NinaNeedsNoDisqus

      Chrissy and Tiffney are both women significantly older than their partners,trying to train their boos to behave the way they want instead of accepting them they way they are and now are nagging their way to the alter because the 40’s are knocking.They don’t fool me.These women are the mother-wife type that dictates to you how you should feel,how you should react,how you should behave and gets upset when you fall short of this and your actions are not in line with how she ‘thinks’ you should respond.But both are loving,loyal and been with their men through the good,bad and WORST with leaves these men conflicted.The Game said in the beginning of the first show ‘Tiffney taught me how to be a man,I feel indebted to her’.That sentence right there speak volumes about their relationship….He’s not in love,he’s in obligation.

  • JaneDoe

    What was she suppose to say shut and let him run all over her? At some point you have to check the other person and she did.. Some woman won’t even do that..

    • NinaNeedsNoDisqus

      “What was she suppose to say shut and let him run all over her?”…Actually yes!It’s not fair but those are the rules when it comes to men with money.He still went on the trip without her AND with the female assistant,so what did she accomplish with all that yelling??And he stayed longer than one day.Not only that but he totally dismissed the argument she was making and he walked out on her while she was speaking.You weren’t witnessing a woman checking her man,you witnessed a woman trying not to be seen as the doormat she is on TV.Most women with a rich man are doormats unless they are somewhat equally yoked.Not right but that’s how it goes.The problem Tiffney has is she treats this man like he’s Ray Ray on the corner that lives with her and has no job telling him what he can and cannot do.That will get her nowhere with this type of man which is why they STILL ain’t married.She needs to sit back and watch Vanessa Bryant.And again I think the way these rich men treat women is wrong but if these women continue to value expensive bags, shoes and luxury cars much more necessary than respect and loyalty things will not change.

      • Sanaa

        It’s not just rich men; when women have more money than their man, men face the same issue. Honestly, when people get into relationships in which one partner has significantly more income these issues are present. I do agree with what you said about equally yoked in that even if one partner is not as wealthy, they are equally independent and self sustaining and obviously not likely to become ANYBODY’S doormat.

  • There are literally a handful of women on reality televison that I respect and Tiffney Cambridge is one of them. Even if she left her man, she would still be fine becuase she WORKS AND HAS A MASTER’S DEGREE. I could careless about her choices on men.

    • Kenedy

      But why would such an educated woman stoop to the level of “The Game” & put up with his childishness? I know she’s an elementary school teacher & is used to dealing with children….but come on…the father of your kids, acting like he does??? I question her choice in men AND her intelligence