No One Likes A Cheater: Kenya Moore’s Man Walter Spotted All Up On Another Woman

December 5, 2012  |  

Source(s): WENN, Instagram

Unfortunately, it looks like “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star, Kenya Moore may not be getting the love, marriage and baby carriage that she’s been hoping for, not from her boyfriend Walter Jackson anyway. If you’ve been keeping up with this season of “Real Housewives of Atlanta” you probably have witnessed the 41-year-old former Miss USA expressing her desire to be married and have children as well as placing the pressure on her boyfriend Walter to make it happen. It seems that whatever plans she may have had for Walter may be coming to a screeching halt as The YBF is reporting that Walter has recently been spotted out and about on multiple occasions with a woman who has now been identified as aspiring singer/songwriter Christon Ingram. The two were most recently spotted on November 24th at an Atlanta Hawks-Clippers game together having drinks on the executive level.

It’s pretty obvious that the two are more than just friends because their posture and chemistry in the photos Christon shared on Instagram scream “couple.”


See what I mean?

It’s already been revealed that Walter has a reputation for being a player, but Kenya doesn’t look like she’s gonna spill the tea as to what is actually going on between them, though. When asked by Wendy Williams if Walter has a history of “stepping out on her” and confronted about him being seen at the game with another woman, Kenya called it a rumor; however, the photograph says otherwise. She also said:

“The thing about opening your life to a reality television show is that a lot of skeletons will be coming out of the closet. This is someone I had been dating off and on for two years so a lot of things come to light and you see that on the show.”

When asked if they were still together she responded “You’ll see it in the show” and implied that all things will be revealed as the season progresses. Perhaps their relationship was never real to begin with.

Hopefully Kenya and Walter just decided to go their separate ways and Christon is just the new chick on the scene because nobody deserves to be cheated on or disrespected, not even big-mouthed Kenya.

What do you think ? Were Kenya and Walter ever really together or is he just a cheater?

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  • feefee

    Christon look like she could be his daughter. Walter isn’t even cute Kenya can do so much better

  • Milani Matthieux

    In my opinion, he wasn’t cheating. He made it clear many times that he was just not into her. Kenya has some responsi iLife to bare here.

  • Oh right, before I forget keep your paws off other womans men, or better yet ask pheadra if you can borrow some class and style from her! She has enough to go around!

  • My idea of a miss America/miss USA has always been of classy , well educated woman. How this Kenya Moore became miss America is beyond me, because she is neither! She is so ghetto she should not even be a real housewives of Atlanta, or any other city for that matter,cause she is not even married.oh well maybe knowing the right people can open doors, even if you are not cualified for whats behind the doors

  • “all will be revealed in the show”……well, most of us know those reality shows have little to nothing to do with “reality”. more like a bad soap opera, just good entertainment for those who watch them.

  • She look like she could be his daughter.

  • Pseudonym

    On the show, is Walter ever confirmed as her exclusive boyfriend?

    It seems like they’re just “talking” (as the kids say) and she moved to Atlanta on her own despite the fact that he is obviously not that into her.

  • They were together but it was obvious they weren’t going to last!

  • Haylee

    Phaedra you better watch Apollo, Kenya is on the loose.

  • Lydia Lee

    I think Kenya and K. Michelle had padded rooms accross the hall from each other.

  • Say What?

    I think he used to be into her and then when the drawers came off he found out that her bad skin didn’t stop at her face!

    • Tamz

      You know what…lmao

  • LewisOne

    How do I put this kindly…Kenya and Walter don’t seem to be that into each other. Especially after watching how Kenya fawned so heavily over Apollo. She had Walter sitting at the table looking like SPAM burrito….not good. They should both go find REAL partners.

  • Tamz

    She was nothing but his weekend bed warmer…you could tell by his demeanor on the show that he wasn’t checking for her.

    Natalie Cole, please come get your twin.

    • jjac401

      OMG! Kenya does resemble Natalie Cole!

    • she sure does resemble N. Cole. they could be sisters for real!

  • Cleo

    I’m sorry but Walter’s big ole head and satellite ears were distracting me…how could any woman want to be involved with light skin version of moesha’s dad

    • Nice

      LMAO…Im weak @ this comment

    • Tamz

      You. Must. Go. Lmao!!!!

    • MadiRae

      I am crying right now! Moesha’s dad!? Taking us back a bit, huh? LOL

  • He wasn’t into her at all. His body language gave it away. She came off as too thirsty, moving across country for a man who never invited you to move, constantly telling him you expected a ring and a child soon, and flirting with someone’s husband in front of him to make him jealous = trying waaaaay to hard for a man who don’t give a crap!

    • BAPS

      I think he was into her once upon a time but maybe certain things about her turned him off; like you stated, she came off “too thirsty”… he had already explained to her that he was previously divorced, marriage is serious, and it takes time to make sure it’s right, it wasn’t something he wanted to rush into, especially if they had been on/off again… just watching a few episodes and seeing her behavior and attitude turned off a lot viewers, so I can imagine what he was experiencing with her or how he felt after watching certain episodes after they aired.
      I don’t think ppl should be quick to put blame or look at Walter as the bad guy, maybe it could’ve been something on Kenya’s part. But we shall what happens in the upcoming episodes.

      • BAPS


      • I don’t think he’s the bad guy at all. I just think he is less than interested in her. Good for him he seems intelligent and wise. Kenya comes off as fake and if I might say a little crazy. As soon as she locks him down she seems like the type to morph into that “Coochie crack” screaming hyena we caught a glimpse of at the model casting. Homegirl ain’t firing on all cylinders and she’s getting to the age where being crazy but beautiful isn’t cute and won’t be overlooked by men her age with something going for themselves.

        • BAPS

          yeah I agree with both of your comments

  • Meyaka

    It’s obvious that wAlter doesn’t want to do more with Kenya than he is doing now,she gotta move on

  • ConfusedByThis

    Or is the whole Kenya and Walter story another fabricated made for reality TV relationship?

    • DoinMe

      That’s what I believe. It doesn’t come across as being genuine or real. I think he’s there to promote his towing company and she needed a love-interest storyline. It appears he’s a known man-h0 in the A who isn’t trying to settle down.

  • I never thought walter was into Kenya at all, I am so glad she served him a microwaved dinner and he was tearing it up like it was gourmet….Good one Kenya!!