Dang Boy! I Didn’t Know You Had It Like That: 10 Celeb Men Whose Bodies Look Better Than We Thought

December 4, 2012  |  
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There’s something very hot about a guy who looks like your everyday Joe Schmo and then pulls off his shirt to show…BLOW BLING BLOW: abs of perfection, poppin’ pecs and biceps and triceps that could hurt a fool that comes very incorrect at you. You know, the modern day Popeye. It’s also something that could make you give a certain celebrity the eye when you weren’t really paying them any mind before. Check out these 10 fellas and you’ll know what I mean…


And to think, I’ve never looked at Miguel as anything but the guy with the great voice who sings “Sure Thing” and “Adorn,” the new baby-making jams. But who knew he had a body like this? The singer showcased his very well put together biceps and triceps, and a nice set of abs that I think we can all appreciate. Heeeeey Miguel!


Don’t let the songwriting skills and the sweet love songs fool you, Ne-Yo’s got body for days! Just because he doesn’t show it off like Trey Songz doesn’t mean anything. He surprised everybody when he showed off his body and his strenuous workouts, the “Screwdriver workout,“and had all eyes watching when he debuted his “Lazy Love” video shirtless and delicious. Ain’t nothing lazy about this body and those pecs! You better work Ne-Yo…


Let’s keep it real. Back when Drake, aka Aubrey Graham, was playing Wheelchair Jimmy on “Degrassi,” like most young and tall men, he was extremely scrawny. And while there’s nothing wrong with being slim, once he became a successful rapper, he decided to step his game up. You can now find him posting photos of himself lifting big weights, playing basketball with friends, and showing off all his hard work on stage. And I’m not mad at him (but I’m still mad at that Aaliyah face tattoo, that’s still just too creepy for me…)

Donald Glover

When you’ve spent years in the background writing for famous shows like “30 Rock,” most people would expect for you to come out looking very nerdish.  While Donald Glover doesn’t come off looking like Mr. GQ, I was very shocked to see that the “Community” star and rapper (Childish Gambino) had a Chippendales worthy body. Even with the hair on his chest, I’m absolutely loving what I see.

Nick Cannon

Not too many years ago, Nick Cannon was the fool dancing around in a wannabe pimp suit for the “Gigolo” video with his hair pressed, and trying to get the girl in movies like Drumline and Love Don’t Cost A Thing. In all those years, Cannon was another scrawny one (and pretty corny), with his clothes basically barely staying on his behind. But milk DOES a body good! Cannon is definitely more built than in the past, and if he could just be a little less corny, he could be a hottie…ah well, I’ll settle for sneaking a peek at the body Mariah’s working with.

Jim Jones

Don’t front, you know you watched that proposal episode of “Love and Hip Hop” and had your jaw dropping to the floor. The shower scene was indeed random, but who else was thinking DAAAAAAAMN!? When did Jim Jones get all this body? I’m sure Chrissy can tell us, but I can finally see why she stayed around for so long and put up with his mess. Wait, no, I still don’t get it, but I still like that body though!


I actually haven’t seen Chingy since “Pullin’ Me Back,” and I’m sure most of you don’t know what he’s been up to since “Right Thurr,” but after looking at the following picture, we know the answer is that Chingy has been in the gym. Posting pictures of himself in the mirror, Chingy is clearly proud of the body he has been working hard on in the gym lifting weights for. He’s got that, “Straight out the penitentiary” look going on…kidding! But seriously, I’m liking what I see. How about you?

Tyler, The Creator

If you don’t know Tyler, The Creator, just Google his name, listen to one of his songs, and prepare to be highly offended. The 21-year-old Odd Future member and close pal of Frank Ocean (another Odd Future member), is a rapper, video director, music producer and more, and he’s also built! He’s made it clear many times in the past that he doesn’t work out, but with all the thrashing and jumping around he does on stage, I can see why Tyler is so buff-tastic.

John Legend

While I love John Legend as a musician, honestly, he’s pretty stale. He doesn’t show off much body, his music isn’t really risque, and he keeps it pretty PG in life on the regular. So maybe that’s why I was surprised to see that the singer, who spends so much time behind the piano, has a nice six pack and sweet set of arms on him. I’d like to think it’s from a lot of hardcore exercise, but I’m sure it’s from all the shopping and bag holding he does for his lady, Chrissy Teigen.


After years of rocking crochet beanies and tight sweaters, I had an inkling that Common was rocking a delicious body, but I definitely got a definite answer after watching him in Just Wright. And if that’s not enough, after watching him battle it out on one of my favorite shows, “Hell On A Wheels,” it’s clear that Common has been working hard inside and outside the studio. But I must say, I would like my Common beefcake without the chest hair…just saying. Call me!


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  • Hope Floats

    What’s with black people and this “baby-makin” slang phrase? This is one of the reasons most black people view sex so casually and matter-of-factly. SMH

  • boonevincent .

    Tyler The Creator doesn’t workout, sure.

  • LiiSH

    Nick Cannon’s corny made him a millionaire… IJS

    • Phoenix

      Becaue idiots give a hack cash

      Hitler wasn’t digging for coin change at a drive-thru either.

  • Breyun Stokeling

    lol i know its rude but all i can think is what a bunch of butterfaces!

  • boss

    I threw up a little when I saw John legend…

  • were we women suppose to get excited or something? 3/4 of the guys you mentioned are gay, so why are you guys acting like you were giving women eye candy..just stating the obvious, also they have money to take care of their bodies and their are a million and one regular ppl with better looking bodies than these

  • Miss_Understood

    They all look strange…almost as if they would be okay if they weren’t in good shape…I’m so confused, this is just like that photo Tommy Davidson flexing and the one of Steve Harvey with no shirt on…smh

  • Common….yessssss!

  • YESSSSSSSSS Miguel!!!! Woooooo chile!!! Chuck Berry perm and ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Meh….

  • sammi_lu

    I won’t lie, I clicked on this article a little thirsty this morning. After a few pages..thirst has quenched, in fact I don’t know if I’ll ever be thirsty again.

  • Nick Cannon! YUM!

  • Lani

    Somebody had to have photoshopped tyler the creator’s head onto a male models body…..i refuse to believe with all the sense the good Lord gave that that’s really him!

    • LMAOOOO I don’t know why this has me rolling at my desk right now!!!

  • wow

  • toya

    Miguel Miguel Miguel.. <3

  • Cleo

    I don’t really like abs and I find non of these men attractive

  • bluekissess

    Somebody put all the names in a hat because I’m NOT feeling it. MN has failed AGAIN

  • Amanda Konnik

    Oh, I was so gonna just ignore the comments, especially with Ne-Yo starting it off… but then a big boo, uh oh uh oh! I’ve even got Common as one of my M!en, but that frolet thing on his chest, there just has to be a better image out there of him. A wee bit anti climatic if you as me.

    • thats what we have Nair for, when he go to sleep remove it and when he wake up and ask be like ‘Gee, i dont know…’

      • LaLaLaMeansILoveYou

        uh-uh…you guys must be from this “metro-male” generation or something…where I’m from it was ok for a man to have some hair on his chest, absolutely nothing wrong with it. Not that I want a Grizzly Adams or anything but unless you’re a professional swimmer then let it be.

        If my husband had hair on his chest and I ever caught him shaving/NAIRing it off, I’d ask him if he wanted to borrow some of my nail polish and mascara too when he was done. Even the author of this article had me going wth with the “Even with all the hair on his chest….” comment on Donald Glover. SMH at you young folk today and I’m not even that old lol

        • “If my husband had hair on his chest and I ever caught him shaving/NAIRing it off, I’d ask him if he wanted to borrow some of my nail polish and mascara too when he was done.” so, the simple removal of hair from a man’s body determines his sexuality? just like women,there are men who do not like hair on their bodies.

          • MLS2698

            People’s bodies develop and hair is there for a purpose. Now if it causes odor, which chest hair doesn’t, I suggest cutting it off. But really, what’s all the obsession about cutting hair? It’s how you know a man is a man. Even a male lion has a more distinctive crowning glory of flowing hair. Hair is s-e-x, which creates life! You ever followed a trail of hair from a man’s abdomen South to…….well, you know where.

            • lol! no and i would never do that! to each their own though.

        • Miss_Understood

          Scientific Fact:
          Body Hair=Funk…More Hair Follicles–>Increased Stank Molecules

          • lol! i don’t care what anyone does with their body;i commented to LaLa because of her generalization of men who shave and gay men.

  • Kay

    Nope, dryer than the Sahara. Bad list

  • thatonegirl

    Donald Glover is MINE sorry ladies, lol. I love a nerdy guy that’s packing a little heat ;).

    • Nkontrolikejanetdamnit

      I agree! He is the main reason I watch Community on Thursday nights. Troy Barnes can get it.

  • IllyPhilly

    These guys made my nipples soft.

  • Kaori

    Eh, not feeling these guys, especially Jim Jones, Chingy, Tyler, The Creator, and Common.

    Nick Cannon isn’t bad, but he just seems too goofy.

  • Say What?

    Can I be the first to go eww at this list? I barely wanna see half of these guys with their shirts on.