Dust Yourself Off And Try Again: Dating Tips For The Divorced Women

December 10, 2012  |  
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A divorce can definitely leave a bad taste in your mouth just as it can leave you with a bad outlook on your dating life. While ending a marriage is definitely a hard pill to swallow, see it as a new opportunity to eventually find your true one. If you’re looking to re-enter the dating scene after a divorce, here are 14 tips to help get rid of the dating rust.


Don’t hang on to your divorce

Yes, you are divorced and no, it’s not something to be entirely proud of, but don’t let it hold you back when you re-enter the dating scene. Remember your past and learn from it, but don’t let your divorce keep you from finding new happiness. Dwelling will only hold you back.


Be sure you’re over your ex

Before you ever hit the dating scene, make sure you’re 100% over your ex. While you may still care about him and think about the relationship,  make sure you’re not still head-over-heels in love. Emotional baggage is a no-no.


Get your self-esteem in check

A divorce can leave you feeling down and out and it certainly takes a toll on your confidence and self-esteem. Take some time to regain confidence in yourself. Guys want a confident woman, and most importantly, a confident woman is usually a happy one.


Know your dating intentions

Everyone dates for different reasons, and you’ll want to know your own intentions right off the bat. Are you looking just to meet new guys and test the waters? Do you want a serious relationship? Is a short-term relationship more appealing? Make sure you establish your intentions before diving in.


Take things slowly

Getting back into dating successfully may mean going on a lot of dates and potentially hitting it off with a guy or two. This isn’t a huge problem, but be sure to take a new relationship slowly. Rushing into a new partnership can be damaging.


Don’t become a Negative Nancy

There’s plenty of fish and the sea and no, all of the good ones aren’t taken. Just because your past marriage failed doesn’t mean that a future one will. Go into the dating scene with a positive attitude and outlook.


Seek a feeling of contentment while you’re single

If you were married to your ex for awhile, you’re probably new to being single and the feelings and experiences may seem extremely unknown. Before you start going on dates and talking to guys, be content with being single. This way you avoid coming off as being super needy and clingy.


Try out online dating sites

If you’ve been married for awhile, it’s unlikely that you’ve had the chance to experience online dating Nowadays this is the way of the dating world for a majority of people. You may find more success this way since your search for potential men will be widened.


Don’t be afraid to date around

Now is your time to really take the dating game by the horns. Don’t hesitate for a second to date a few guys at once. There is no rush to settle for just one! If one guy is super attractive to you while the other offers you amazing conversation and plenty of laughs, date both of them!


Get ready to be anxious and fearful

A divorce can and will likely change your outlook on relationships and after becoming a newly single woman, you may find that dating and the thought of it makes you anxious and fearful. Expect these emotions and embrace them, as they are quite normal. Reduce dating stress and anxiety by taking things slow.


Don’t think every guy is your ex

No two men are the same so it’s highly unlikely that you’ll run into a guy that is exactly like your ex. Don’t let your sour relationship with your ex shed a negative light on the new guys you meet. Trust and believing in new people is important.


Don’t hide your past

Again, you’re probably not proud of your divorce, but don’t hide it from the men you go on dates with. It’s likely that you’ll be asked about your past relationships, and there’s nothing wrong with saying that you went through a divorce. Hiding your past only sets your future relationships for failure.


Know when you’re ready

No matter if you’ve been divorced for six months or six years, it can be hard to know when you’re truly ready to get back into dating. When deciding if it’s time to get back out into the dating world, go with your gut feeling. When thoughts of going on a date and meeting new guys pops into your head, get the ball rolling!


Avoid seeking out a rebound

If you’re newly divorced, it’s likely that you probably want to erase and mask all of the trouble and hardships that have come about. However, looking for a rebound guy is not the way out. You’ll only end up hurting yourself.

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