Pretty Girls Gone Bad: Beautiful Women Who Unexpectedly Got Into Ugly Fights

December 5, 2012 ‐ By Meghan Williams

Some of these women may seem like they’d never get into a fight, in the words of the Real Housewife of Atlanta’s Sheree Whitfield, don’t let the cute face fool you. Although these ladies may be pretty, they’re definitely not afraid to break a nail or suffer a scratch while delivering a beat down at any time.

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  • lisa

    why are most black?Oh I forgot ww dont behave stupidly

  • Kaori

    If these WOMEN weren’t ‘pretty girls’, would it have been more expected for them to get into a fight?

  • Guest

    I thought you said pretty girls!! T. Taylor looks like a hoodrat!! Oh please!!

  • MImi

    The title of this article just has me rolling….it implies that “pretty” girls are not expected to fight but “ugly/unattractive” girls are. Let me tell you…no one is above giving or taking an a$$ whoppin when it is deserved. LMBO!!!!

  • WhatHuh?

    This list says “pretty girls” yet Lindsay Lohan is on here?? I’m done

  • IllyPhilly

    Pretty, ugly, young, old, if you are not five ears old at your cubby fighting over the blue crayon you’re a loser. Celebs fighting celebs is never really fighting anyway. It’s hugging and weave pulling until the camera guys break it up. And some beg for it to hurry up and end (yeah you paws on ’em guy)

  • sexcgenius

    I reguse to read this BS. Why is the writing highlighting barbaric behavior? Is the best she thinks blacks have to offer?

  • pretty girl/ugly girl if you fight just to be a butt-hole, you’re stupid.

    • IllyPhilly


  • WAIT! Sean Penn was with a BLACK CHICK?! I thought he was some type of super RACIST, or some sh**?! Didnt Madonna say he was racist?…
    Welp, goes on to prove you cant believe everything you hear/read…

    • I know right?

    • MImi

      No he is not a racist. He actually moved to Haiti after the earthquake in 2010 and has been helping rebuilding the country.

      • OH! Okay! Kudos to Mr. Penn then! In both aspects!

      • Kaori

        That doesn’t make him not racist, if it were true that he is.

        • MImi

          Well I can’t say for sure he is not a racist but if someone has dated black women and is trying to rebuild a a country full of black people than I wouldn’t think he is racist. Racist people usually don’t help people they hate. I have yet to meet a racist that wanted to date me and/or help me with anything. He is being a humanitarian by helping Haiti….racist people are not humanitarians because they usually hate anyone that don’t look like them so my guess is that he is not a racist.