Oh Really? Peter Says Halle Berry Should Take Some Tips On Co-Parenting From Cynthia

December 4, 2012  |  

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Everybody and their mama has formed some sort of opinion surrounding Halle Berry’s latest drama and it looks like Cynthia Bailey’s big mouthed husband is no different. The entrepreneur  had some words of advice for Halle Berry regarding the messy relationship between she and her daughter’s father Gabriel Aubry, as well how she could’ve avoided the ugly Thanksgiving Day brawl which landed Gabriel and Halle’s fiance, Oliver Martinez in the emergency room. I suppose that it makes sense that Thomas would have some insight on the matter considering that his step-daughter, Noel, is actually a product of Cynthia’s previous relationship with actor, Leon. Check out the interesting “words of wisdom” mixed with criticism Peter had for the Oscar-winning actress in his interview with UPTOWN.

On how Halle could’ve avoided the situation

“Halle Berry had the power to shut it down. This is a very volatile situation that she’s put herself in once again. He’s dropping off his daughter and all Halle had to do is come out of the house, meet the baby half way … and keep it moving and that man can go about his business.”

Why Halle should take advice from Cynthia

“Halle should take tips from my beautiful wife, Cynthia, and how she’s handled the situation with me, her daughter Noel and Leon. The way she dealt with it out the gate was I couldn’t even walk in her house until I sat down to dinner with her child’s father. She made sure that everything was so cordial before it could accelerate.”

On how Cynthia could’ve also had baby daddy drama

“He might say something. I might say something and then it jumps off,” said Peter, describing a scenario in which Leon first meets Peter unexpectedly at Cynthia’s house. “Leon would get heated because he wouldn’t have known this man that was up in the house with his little daughter.”

I guess we should just be glad Peter actually has someting positive to say abut his wife, even if this situation is none of his business.

What do you think about Peter’s words for Halle? Is he dead on or out of line?

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  • the world to me

    I don’t about taking tips from Cynthia because she needs to get a backbone in some many ways but how she handled her situation was the best thing for her because she was looking at the bigger picture. So yes, she was was right on how she handled things. Halle needs to stop looking for love and start parenting. After that a man will know that you are package along with all your baggage and she has alot. Her fiancée needs to know when to step in and when to step back

  • Missi

    Halle has lived all of her train wreak of relationships in front the the camera and we have all witnessed it. When she has a man she flaunts him and wants everyone to see her with him then when the mess hits the fan and everybody in the world has a comment she demands privacy and upset at media. It’s very possible too keep your personal business that way, she just chooses not too. She needs the media and then realizes it can be a curse as well. She must decide how she wants to handle her personal life right now because it’s getting messy. As far as Peter..what he said was correct. Everyone on the same page when it comes to the child.That’s what matters.

  • Say What?

    Everyone’s life is different. It worked that way for Peter because everyone involved in his situation acted like an adult. It’s kind of funny that he’s giving advice to Halle like he knows her.

  • Yay!

    He’s right and his view comes from good experience. Now how about he shed some light on how he managed the situation with the baby mama(s) of the 5 children he had before his wife. Way more intersting.

  • Patricia

    He is right. Besides, I am still getting a laugh off of them had the gaul to want to write a book on relationships or is it marital relationships? MadameNoire, I just want to personally thank you for writing some entertaining articles.

  • bluekissess

    So Cynthia left Leon for Moses? I’m still confused

    • Yay!

      Lol…Ma’am you r funnnnny:) Whose to say it wasn’t the other way around? Leon was like smoldering cocoa in his Like a Prayer” and “Exhale” days.

      • bluekissess

        Leon is just to fine. Peter looks like a period at the end of a sentence.

        • Jevees

          Well I’ll be D@^&. ( a period at the end of a sentence) LOL

          • bluekissess

            Hey, I call it like I see it

    • More like the black Papa Smurf!

    • Yvette

      She did not leave Leon for Peter. Peter came along several years after she and Leon broke up. I don’t know any of them personally, this is something I read in a magazine a few years ago.

      • bluekissess

        I don’t care what you read, how you read it and the time and place. She still picked Moses over Leon. She had a choice and she chose him that’s all I’m saying

  • jjac401

    Actually Peter is dead on!

  • SheBe

    I have to say that I do respect how they appear to handle the co parenting aspect of their marriage. Peter didn’t say anything wrong necessarily but it’s Peter. He’s not a favorite house hubby so people get icky when he has something to say.

  • kierah

    He didn’t say anything that was wrong. Olivier didn’t have to go outside to meet Nahla. The arrangement was that the nanny meets the child and brings her inside. Olivier was looking for some kind of confrontation. Halle, as the mom, is supposed to set the stage for peace. Even if I didn’t know my new man was going outside, I would be pissed that he broke protocol and risked my child seeing violence against her dad.

    • Yvette

      Exactly!…..Halle needs to work it out with her daughters’ father to at least be cordial and stop this foolishness. I feel bad for her little girl. She is the REAL victim here.