Kandi Tells Us How She Really Feels About Nene: ‘She Plays The Women Of This Show Like Chess’

December 4, 2012  |  

Source: Bravo

I’m a lowkey fan of Real Housewives of Atlanta ‘s Kandi so when I read on her Bravo blog that Nene’s fans were coming for her after Sunday night’s show I was super confused. Kandi is just about the only person in the history of the RHOA franchise who can say she doesn’t seek out drama and from what I’ve seen, anything she’s had to say about Nene, she not only said it to friends but also to Nene’s face. Nevertheless, her Twitter timeline was full of accusations that the reality star is a jealous, two-faced hater, to which Kandi replied: “LOL! Whatever!”

Here’s what she wrote on her blog:

“I am not jealous of NeNe at all. I’m very happy for her success. I’m definitely not two-faced, because I have been very honest about my feelings towards NeNe all along. Clearly NeNe knows how I feel, because you heard Cynthia say that, “NeNe doesn’t understand why you don’t like her.” I think it’s a bit much to say that I don’t like her, because I don’t have any dislike for her. I just think that I’m very guarded when it comes to her.”

So why is Kandi so guarded?

“I think [Nene] plays the women of this show just like chess,” Kandi wrote. “I’m an observer. I just sit back and watch. When people think I’m not paying attention, I am. NeNe is a smart woman and she plays a game to benefit her at all times. There’s nothing wrong with that. I find it funny how over the years she’ll dog somebody out for doing the same exact thing she has already done or said, as if she has never done or said it. And then everyone starts siding with her as if they don’t remember the bulls**t she did or said.

“It frustrates me when I get people tweeting me asking, “Why do you feel that way about NeNe?” I’m like, did you just start watching RHOA or something? She’s been making snide remarks about me since I first came on the show. I’m one of those people that if we start off on the wrong foot, then you’ve pretty much set the tone for how it’s going to be, and clearly she and I started on the wrong foot. I try to be cool, because we are in the same circle. I know that we’re going to be around each other a lot, so I’m always cordial. Overall I respect NeNe, I just don’t deal with her too much.”

I have to say I think Kandi’s assessment is 100 percent on point. What reason would she have to be jealous of Nene? She’s been getting money since 1999. Nene may be the most notable member of he RHOA cast, but I would think Kandi is definitely the one bringing in the most money and it appears to me she’d rather be doing things behind the scenes that make money, like running her own businesses, than being the face of a show or two and bringing in just a couple of paychecks. Like she said, Nene is a smart business woman and if there’s nothing you can do for her, she will remove you from her life. Ring a bell Kim?

What do you think about Kandi’s take on Nene?

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  • scandalous7

    I love Kandi, the least drama. But um Kandi, what about Kim’s trifflin a$$?

  • Caramel_Cookie

    What has Nene done to Kandi compared to what Kim did, yes she has made remarks about kandi’s obsession with sex but kandi has also said stuff about Nene. Kim used Kandi, didnt pay her, didnt even show up for kandi’s performance disrespected her home among other things. When Kandi said on sunday night that Nene uses people for her own benefit I thought Kandi is obviously Jealous of Nene Because no one on the show is more of a user that Kim.

  • nursej

    Kandi is messy, otherwise why would she go behind Cynthia’s back (who btw I cant syanf b/c she too is messy)and invite tjat crazy behind Kendra to an event that Cynthia planned. Then Kandi sits at the table sips out that straw on the sane side of her mouth she talks out of…yea, that heffa messy. All of em are to be honest.

  • Justsayin

    I think kandi is jealous.Nene is chasing her dreams and it is working. Kandi dream of a solo career bombed and kim used her.

  • Tamz

    I understand what Kandi is saying but why doesn’t she talk this much smack about Kim?

  • thetruth@yahoo.com

    Come on Kandi, Kim minipulated you from the beginning. NeNe didn’t have a problem with you nor did you have one with her. Kim used you when you first came on the show with Tardy For The Party. Kim knew dang well NENE sugguested that it be recorded. That is when the veiwers found out NeNe can sing. Now dont get me wrong NeNe has gone to far when acting silly or immulating Kims behavior and it hurt Kims fellings. But Kim did far worse to NeNe. First causing all the drama between Kandi and NeNE then causing NeNe and Sheri to fall out. Kim goes and talks about NeNe to all the ladies and its sad because None of the ladies stick up for NeNe. They all sit back and listen and watch or join in. Kandi has instigated a lot of drama, she the chick who through a rock and hide her hand. Kandi through shade with NeNe everytime NeNe even tried to squash the whole beef/Miss Understanding whatever it is going on between the two. All I know is KIM started it all
    AND Yes I would be defensive too if I knew most of my caste mates found time to insult me behind my back. Calling me Mouse, Big, Broke, Ghetto, Cant Dress etc…. NeNe has every right to protect her feelings because these women can do some serious emotional damage. And sit back and act like what . Kandi you say you so much bigger and have no time for the drama really take a look at how you judged NeNe let others assist you in making and assessment about NeNe and allow the first drama Kim and Tardy For The Party set the tone for what may have a friendship with NeNe.

  • kierah

    Kandi is pretty much accurate about Nene, but who on that show isn’t a hypocrite?
    It makes no sense to just call out Nene. The reason Nene wasn’t cool with Kandi was because of Kandi’s closeness with Kim. It is all soooo middle school!
    Kandi doesn’t just sit back and observe though. Kandi is an instigator, for real! Then she sits back and lets the other women look like the shrews.

  • think

    Hmm.. well maybe I’m in the minority of folks who find Kandi to be a total instigator actually. She always asks these instigating questions, and then pretends to be not a part of the drama. For example, “SOOO, how did your meeting with so and so go”. If anything, Kandi plays the women of the show like chess, IMO

  • Beejcee

    what happened to my comment? Did I break the rules?

  • Kandi’s assessment described all the women on the show not just Nene.

  • Royaltee

    I believe that Kandi is biased when it comes to NeNe. How can you befriend Kim after all she’s done from ripping you off, to insulting your new home, but you had one issue with Nene and it’s a different story. Kandi used to be a fave of mine but now she is just as messy as the other ladies. for example on the last episode if Cynthia and her husband are planning a trip and you know Cynthia does not care for Kenya why are you inviting her??? to be messy thats why. She portrays that “I fly above the drama image” but in reality she doesn’t she’s just as bad as the rest of them.

  • Haylee

    Kandi needs needs to sit down she wants to treat NeNe like she does not matter to her but has kissed Kim azz the entire time she has been on the show. They all say things about each other so stop acting like no one else does it. Kim has talk much sh** about you on national tv and all you did was kiss her but. Kim used you and you still cried for her to be your friend so it does seems as though you have something against NeNe.

    • kds0116

      When I started off, I was just going to read and not comment because pretty much everyone is on point with their assessments. But when I came across this one from Haylee! I had to say “you better say that girl>>>>>!!!!” This is so how I feel about Kandi kissing Kim’s behind. I have always said that, except I went a little “unpopular” further to say that I believe Kandy had a “girl crush” on Kim the reason why she kept trying to stay in behind her like she was trying to get a whiff. I believe Kandi was asked, either on the “Watch What Happens” show or RHOA, if she had ever taken a swim in the womens pool or if she would ever, and she said “yes”

  • Yvette

    I have been watching RHOA since it started and Kandi is absolutely correct. When Kandi started the show in season 2, NeNe immediately had an issue with her. The person who better watch out is Cynthia because NeNe will flip on her in a heartbeat. I am not a fan of Kim’s, but those of us that have been watching from the beginning know full well it is NeNe who really started the beef between her and Kim by making fun of Kim’s singing behind her back and then when Kim confronted her about it she got defensive. So yes, Kandi is correct in her diagnosis of NeNe.

    • Kitsy

      “The person who better watch out is Cynthia”

      Yesssss! Nene is too self-centered and petty to be anyone’s true friend. I don’t think she values Cynthia’s friendship nearly as much as Cynthia values hers (matter-of-fact, Cynthia’s lap dog-like devotion to Nene is a bit disturbing).

  • heyheynow

    I happen to like NeNe probably because she’s tall and tall chicks rule…but in this situation I can see where Kandi is coming from…and Kandi is being real it’s not like she’s talking about
    NeNe behind her back if she tells Cynthia something clearly Cynthia will probably text the info to NeNe before they finish lunch. However NeNe is up and coming don’t act like the chick didn’t make it. However Kandi probably does have more money…not sure what my point was just that sometimes in life it’s ok to not like people..as grown women you can tolerate one another and that’s what Kandi is doing..the end

  • JaneDoe

    These women are just like most women we know.. All have different personalities. If you know better do better. Kandi obviously is a bit more humble than Nene so she chooses to keep it moving. Instead of whining about who doesn’t like who and why aren’t we friends; let it the hell go, be cordial, and keep it moving.. Goodness.

    • Yvette

      I could not have said it better JaneDoe. Most of these women are mothers too. I need them to set better examples for their children.


    Kandi is correct in her assessment, and has at least been consistent with her *side eye in regards to Nene. It’s justified and necessary when dealing with folks like her. I cram to understand WHY she would waste her time attempting to share logic or reason with the lot who would support Nene.?!?! Just because Nene aint on the pole or selling rocks to make a dollar, DOES NOT mean that the “persona” (and lack of character) she projects in >>conjunction with her hustle<< needs be celebrated. Nobody wants struggle and hard times for our people, but we MUST get over the notion that coins in the bank and a modicum of celebrity makes someone above reproach. Isn't that what the young folks call d*** riding? Kandi, please do, keep Nene and everyone that looks like her at a distance.
    That new nasal whisper voice, coy grin, and girly shoulder shrug isnt reflective of a renewed mind. Nene is just comfortable and confident in her coinage right now and isnt lashing out "as much" due to insecurity. yeah i as long with it…..

  • I agree with Kandi about Nene being smart, but I also think that over the years Nene has seen herself act a fool and is trying to change that I am glad she does not live in the past some of us should try that more. Kandi is a carrier to me yes she sits back and listens to see what she can carry back to whatever woman is not present. I am sorry maybe I should say snake. That is the worst kind of woman to me because that to me says she has no loyalty. We all know Kim is out for Kim and only Kim and Kandi thought that was a friendship so what does that say about her judgement of character. I am proud of all of them for making it out so to speak but none of them are above reproach and each of them could take a long hard look at themselves. With the exception of Cynthia she is the only one on the show that seems to be very classy and sincere.

  • beck0974

    All of that still doesn’t negate the fact that if anyone befriended anyone for “reasons” it’s Kim. Kim was ONLY friends with Kandi to get her record produced. That’s it. They’re not friends or anything. Kim stole money from Kandi when she didn’t pay her for producing “Tardy for the Party”. Kandi manages to overlook that still manages to have a friendship with Kim, but she can’t seem to muster to same “better person” notion with Nene. Why is that? They had issues at their first meeting, and that’s it. Kim has lied, cheated, and stole from Kandi and she’s still cool with her. I don’t understand that at all.

    • KJ23

      It seems that after the “Tardy for the Party” song, and the lack of funds that Kim was willing to pay for it, Kandi was beginning to get cool on Kim. Kandi will say that she hasn’t seen or talked to Kim in a while on the show, and Kim commented on that too, so it seemed like their friendship was ending. But hey, what do I know? I’m just a watcher, I’ve never seen them interact, so you could be right.

    • Guest

      I agree, i always wondered y kandi let this woman play her. She clearly is a user nd later! This y i stopped liking lands.

  • Kitsy

    Kandi is 100% correct about Nene and she has absolutely no reason to be jealous of her.

    I used to love Nene during the first season of RHOA but that changed by the end of Season 2 when she showed how petty and evil she was when she turned against Kim, who had been her friend for years! No matter how angry I may be at my friend I could never attack her the way Nene attacked Kim. She was angry and jealous because things were working-out for Kim and her life was coming apart. Now that she has attained some “success” she’s trying to act like she’s so far above the BS, but she’s the main Sh*t-Starter. And she looks plain ridiculous with the way she’s walking around announcing that she has “made it”, when all she has is a bit part on a sitcom that is not highly rated; and the million dollars she reportedly made is peanuts compared to how much Andy Cohen and Bravo is raking in for RHOA alone! She truly acts like someone who’s not accustomed to anything.

  • truth

    Kandi is spot-on! Nene is a loud- mouth beyotch, who is gonna’ catch a bad on any day now!